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Sunday Chanda sacked as Vice-Chairperson Media and Publicity Committee of the PF

General News Sunday Chanda sacked as Vice-Chairperson Media and Publicity Committee of the PF

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Outspoken Vice-Chairperson for Media and Publicity Committee of the ruling PF has been relived off his duties.

Mr. Chanda writes on PF facebook page that he has been informed by the chairperson of the committee Fr. Frank Bwalya that he is no longer his vice a decision he says was made during a meeting which he did not even attend.

Mr. Chanda has since pledged his unflinching support for President Lungu and the PF.

Below is a statement pick from PF Facebook page.

I am no Longer Vice-Chairperson- Media & Publicity Committee

Dear Colleagues and Comrades,

I have been informed by Father Frank Bwalya – Chairperson for the Media Committee that I’m nolonger the Vice Chairperson for the a Media and Publicity Committee.

I have gladly accepted the resolution of a meeting which was held today. I was unable to be in the meeting due to circumstances beyond my control.

The Committee shall elect a Vice Chairperson to support Father Frank Bwalya in discharging his functions as Chairperson for Information.

I will support Father Bwalya as and when I’m required to do so.

My unflinching support for President Edgar Lungu remains strongest and so does my allegiance to the PF.

Thank you very much each one of you for the support that you rendered to me when I discharged my functions as Vice Chairperson of our media committee.
God bless.

Sunday Chanda”


    • He wanted to be imitating the childish George Chellah . But he was seeing where George ended up with his language.

    • But what is surprising is that Frank Bwalya has also adopted the boastful for being in power kind of writing of George Chellah. He is as bad as Sunday Chanda and is not doing EL any good with his lies and twisting of issues. It is not even what is called spinning. Maybe he should fire himself as well.

    • I am not a PF fan but this is the best thing that have done to clean up their act…Sunday was shallow and full of hate speech. Next, they need to tame Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri and Chishimba Kambwili, stop abusing the PoA and public media only then may be can they redeem themselves otherwise, August 2016, Edgar and his lot are going

  1. It is just the beginning of what you are yet to go through. Your selection of words to use in most of your statements is pathetic and the party has to serve its face. On this PF has scored. Soon and very soon HE may find you irrelevant too. However, Good luck ba Sunday, but my advise is slow down. Liaise with your colleagues who were on that seat before for good advise.

  2. Now people are getting formal information on social media. Can we wait until we get it from credible sources so that there will be no contradicting statements.

    • Why information about Chanda should be treated differently?
      By the way, who is the “credible sources” within PF? Kambwili? You?

    • Very true!

      Because maybe tomorrow our clueless, U turn, flip-flop, me too, visionless drunkard President will re-instate him!

      And Kambwili will say it is GLOBAL!

      But seriously, it should have been this Farter Bwalya that is always spewing toxic hot air that should GO!

  3. He is a coward, now he speaks humbly and yet he has been the most vocal and loudest. Indeed time is the master. Good for you Chanda, now you will learn that yapping too much is not wise. How I wish we were told the reasons for sacking.

  4. Quite flowery, was his rendering of issues. Enjoyed and shall sadly miss his robust and incessant attacks on the hapless Zambia political opposition and the surrogate toothless grand coalition.

  5. Whatever goes up comes down. Welcome to the reality of life ba Sunday Chanda. Life is always full of ups and downs, hence the importance of NOT demeaning others when we hold top positions in society.

  6. This is good riddance. Sunday Chanda has been a PF Vuvuzela who has in most cases made listening to the ZNBC Main News an “Irritating Affair”. The public media has been giving him space to “Make Noise”all in the name of defending his party the PF with very illogical arguments. I cannot wait for the day that Mumbi Phiri will be silenced too. She is a “”Pain in the Ass!

  7. This is good riddance. Sunday Chanda has been a PF Vuvuzela who has in most cases made listening to the ZNBC Main News an “Irritating Affair”. The public media has been giving him space to “Make Noise”all in the name of defending his party the PF with very illogical arguments. I cannot wait for the day that Mumbi Phiri will be silenced too. She is a “Pain in the Ass”! These chaps should learn from Brian Hapunda who was used by the PF and then dumped.

  8. Amazing, everyone is united that this is good news. Such characters don’t belong anywhere, not in the ruling party and not in the UPND. He is not patriotic just like Mumbi, Kambwili and Chama. Only thing is that the one who fired him is almost just as bad.

  9. It reminds of the controversial spokesman for Mugabe Dr Jonathan Moyo. Wiponta or else you might spoil your chance of coming back. Dr Moyo came back.

  10. What a way to go for you ka sunday mouth piece! This is the begining of the scrumble for the pf (poor failures) party. However, we shud expect more probably before august. A party where every one thinks is percievd to be more equal than the other.. What a party full of indespline moral fibres at its highest hierachy! Jst come this 11 August, Kuyabebele ba swine..

  11. Meanwhile we want you to answer charges brought against you by one good comrade, next president of Zambia, Mr. HH. Waanina aatekela kacende…

  12. Emwe guys takwaba ukucelebrata umunenu ngayazanda, its not african. Mwandi Sunday sorry, keep on fighting for mother Zambia. But next time U have the job like this one pliz pliz pliz Don’t report wat the presido tells you wen he is drunk.

  13. Chabipa mune. Na wemwine, ulenasha bu muselela kwa kaba. Plus I’m sure you hinted to ka shikofu Bwalya that you want his job. Filya tabachita. So what next? UPND? Mmmn..mwalapwisha ama political parties.

  14. Eh ! this man was hated , no sympathy even from his fellow party cadres !!! and now the ZMK1,000,000 Bill to pay HH !! where does he get this colossal sum of money sure ???

  15. Some of you folks here do prophesy. Just yesterday (6th January 2016) someone here said that soon Chanda will be fired as he had too much bluster. No sooner had the message entered the network than the said Chanda been fired. He was too overzealous to a point of being a bitchy lapdog and tried too hard to prove his loyalty to his paymasters. How true the saying that those who dine with the devil must always carry a long spoon!

  16. Some of you here are prophets. Yesterday someone said Chanda would be fired and lo and behold it has come to pass. I hope Chanda takes time off to reflect on his morbid and vicious attacks on his perceived political enemies in the opposition and takes stalk of his mortality. His rabid and lapdog style of political demagoguery was to say the least nauseating and the political landscape will be better off without him even for just a 24 hour period.

  17. …I just hope this is not a hoax…..but if it is true then it reminds me of the time PF Executive cried foul that one of their own is responsible of leaking information to opposition and other online publication like ZWD…even the post newspaper…..at one time they even suspected Haampunda…..OP must have been used to track Sunday Chanda…despite chilling articles against HH authored by him….ZWD never attacked him in anyway…
    …that revelation of the security loan saga and recent ECL movement…the coming in of 89 Kabulonga road joint and the likes….

  18. Though by a small extent, it is a relief some idiocy will reduced from this PF media team who are made up of diabolical liars

  19. My brother, NO ONE can sympathise with your departure from your position. I hope the Bogus Father/Priest will have to learn from there, including whoever will serve the party as a media liaison. You ought to serve the party diligently with competence & expertise without putting the party’s name & that of the president into disrepute. Be sober & watchful. We don’t just yap anyhow even wen its not necessary to do so. Sometimes, keeping quiet is a sign of being intelligent. The rights of equal citizenship secured by political justice are not subject to the calculus of others. Never let oneself to be a victim of irresponsible leadership. Its better to live with a foolish friend than to live with a clever enemy. You deserve it. Thanks!




  21. Well! Hard luck. Its a lesson enough to everyone to conduct oneself in a professional manner befitting the job one is given. Thanks!

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