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Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs- Part 3

Columns Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba...

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala and politician Emmanuel Mwamba

By Henry Kanyanta Sosala

  1. Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs Part 1
  2. Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs Part 2

Examining Events during President Michael Chilufya Sata’s Reign

This was the darkest epoch in Bemba history when Bemba chieftaincy was at the brink of complete and total ruin. This was a time when the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs publicly defamed, antagonized, humiliated and dishonoured me and Bashilubemba (hereditary councilors) of whom social anthropologist,

Andrew Roberts wrote: ‘’The senior Bakabilo are no mere servants of Chitimukulu, but are themselves the hereditary holders of historic titles, some as old as the Chitimukuluship itself. Since they are essential to the maintenance of chieftainship through their control of chiefly appointments and their responsibility for chiefly rituals, they are in a real sense the source of chiefly legitimacy.’’

The positions of Senior Chief Mwamba and Senior Chief Nkula are of very strategic importance in deciding who next Chitimukulu should be. And therefore, it was just too much of a coincidence because when the PF came into power in 2011, Senior Chief Nkula Musungu II, who had undergone all the rituals pertaining to the throne of Nkula was demoted to be Chief Chikwanda. And the fake issues of rituals led to my subsequent de-gazetting and these maneuvers came up in 2013 merely two months before the selection of the next Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu!.

In Parliament on 21st June 2013, when in answer to Honourable Dr. Chituwo on the reasons for my de-gazetting, Honourable Luo said:

‘’ I should not create my own way of handling matters. According to the law that I am supposed to follow, the royal establishment chooses a chief who is initiated through customary tradition. In the Bemba tradition, when a person is selected to be a chief, that person has to go through the traditional rituals before he can be called a chief. He is also given what are called the instruments of power, and the instruments of power in the Bemba Chiefdom are called Babenye.’’

On the other hand, President Sata claimed that he had de-gazetted me because I had not undergone initiation. But again and again Bashilubemba had been stating that: ‘’I could not go through the rituals because my superior had only gone through the process almost at the end of his life and after his demise the rituals could only be performed after the burial.’’ And Bashilubemba were adamant that President Sata was merely interfering in traditional affairs with intent to destroy Bemba chieftaincy.

However, President Sata stated:

‘’Professor Luo should have a better understanding of the Bemba succession process since she hails from the royal family.’’ (The Post 9th May 2013).

(She is actually from the Bisa and not the Bemba royal family). In fact, the President was adamant that Professor Luo ‘’ had a better understanding of the Bemba succession process, which had been in existence for over 200 years than Bashilubemba.’’

How true are Dr. Kaunda’s words on abuse of power:

‘’The attraction of power is that it extends the range of a man’s personality and allows him to fulfill himself through the personality of others. Power enables men to multiply the impact of their personalities on the world and other men. Hence it is often the source of pride and arrogance. People in power use the vast power at their disposal to mould the lives of the subjects to the point where they cease to be free persons and become, as it were, limbs and organs of their bodies; there will expressed through theirs and their voices speaking through their mouths. ’’

And what was amazing was that when President Sata entered State House in 2011, Yulaya Mumba, suddenly and automatically became the most senior Bemba royal family expert and champion.
In the Supreme Court Judgement No. 25 of 2008 between Chief Mpepo (Ackson Chilufya Mwamba), appellant and Senior Chief Mwamba (Paison Chilekwa Yambayamba), respondent reads on J18__ 623:

’’In the case of the Bemba customary law of succession, it is generally agreed by the parties that a chief below Chitimukulu, it can be Senior Chief Mwamba, Senior Chief Nkula or indeed any other, is chosen or appointed by the Paramount Chief-in-council. When the choice of a Chitimukulu is an issue, the body mandated to make the appointment is known as Bashilubemba. The composition of the two bodies, including the necessary quorum for transaction of business, was not part of the evidence. Besides, what the evidence failed to establish is the role of Chandamukulu, the Queen Mother (including Mukukamfumu, the Queen for Chinsali side), in the selection process of Chitimukulu and the chiefs below Chitimukulu,’’

Dr. Audrey wrote in Political System of the Bemba Tribe:

‘’Authority, power and prerogatives depend upon descent and kinship and all branches of the royal clan can claim connection with the original family of which a traditional Chitimukulu was head. The Chitimukulu is the oldest name of a royal chief. It is the name carried by the most senior members of the crocodile totem and as such it demands the most respect. The sway of the Chitimukulu is as much moral and spiritual as temporal. His temporal power too is the greatest of the chiefs. He lives in and rules Ulubemba, the stronghold of the tribe and all appointments of chiefs to help him hold the widening sphere of Bemba rule comes from him.’’

On the other hand, the Chiluba regime ignored Chitimukulu-in-council as the only legitimate appointing authority of Bemba chiefs and recognized Mr. Paison Chilekwa Yambayamba as ‘’Senior Chief Mwamba’’ under Statutory Instrument 102 of 2000 dated 3rd October 2000. However, the Supreme Court Judgement No. 25 of 2008 between Chief Mpepo (also known as Ackson Chilufya Mwamba) Appellant And Senior Chief Mwamba (also known as Paison Chilekwa Yambayamba) respondent ruled that ‘’It was wrong for former President Chiluba to recognize the plaintiful as Senior Chief Mwamba because that was against the wishes and decision of the Paramount Chief-in-council and therefore a contravention of Section 3 of the Chiefs’ Act. It was pointed out that there was no dispute at trial that the appointing authority of chiefs subordinate to Chitimukulu was the Paramount Chief-in-council and not the President of Zambia or indeed the High Court of Zambia. In this view, the President should have referred the matter to the Paramount Chief-in-council for review and hence customary law was not followed.’’ (p. J 11- 616).

However, deliberately wielding his wild powers over the Bemba traditional system and the Supreme Court ruling, President Michael Sata gazetted Chileshe Yulaya Mumba as Chief Chewe (SI 126 of 2011 of 11th November 2011) and Grimson Mwila as Chimbuka(SI 24 of 2013 of 28th February 2013), without even the slightest courtesy of notifying the Bemba Royal Establishment.

It’s here where one realizes the undeniable reality that the entire nation, including all institutions are held on the presidential hook! For example, the attorney –general, who is supposed to be the government’s legal expert could do not advise the President about this terrible and shameless abuse of office. Why should the government’s legal advisor let the President misuse his Executive powers and sink so low as to interfere with a tribal arrangement that has been in existence for more than 200 years!

What about the lawyers who have grouped themselves into what is supposed to be a very powerful legal body to defend the interests of the marginalized, i.e, the Law Association of Zambia? The answer is simple: they could not put their careers on line since they have families to look after.

J13 __618 of the Supreme Court judgement reads:

‘’Alluding to the case of Ignatius Muhau Vs Attorney General and National Airports Corporation, a case founded on the principle of judicial review and where it stated that the court cannot enquire into the merits or demerits of the decision made by a body with the power to make decision. Professor Mvunga, S,C., submitted that the decision of Bashilubemba would not be attacked on any ground of illegality, impropriety or unreasonableness in the Wednesbury sense……’’

We have already heard from the’’ Bemba cultural expert,’’ Honourable Nkandu Luo declare in Parliament, ‘’ According to the law that I am supposed to follow, the royal establishment chooses a chief who is initiated through customary tradition. In the Bemba tradition, when a person is selected to be a chief, that person has to go through the traditional rituals before he can be called a chief. He is also given what are called the instruments of power, and the instruments of power in the Bemba Chiefdom are called Babenye.’’ On the other hand, President Sata claimed that he had de-gazetted me because I had not undergone initiation.

On the other hand, Andrew Roberts wrote:

‘’The senior Bakabilo are no mere servants of Chitimukulu, but are themselves the hereditary holders of historic titles, some as old as the Chitimukuluship itself. Since they are essential to the maintenance of chieftainship through their control of chiefly appointments and their responsibility for chiefly rituals, they are in a real sense the source of chiefly legitimacy.’’

Indeed, according to President Sata and Honourable Luo I was de-gazetted because I had not been initiated in accordance with Bemba customs. But the question is: Who performed the rituals on PF cadre Chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka to make them qualify to be gazetted as Bemba chiefs? If on the other hand, they had undergone through Bisa rituals, did they qualify to be gazetted as Bemba chiefs?

And consequently it has now clearly come to light that there was a calculated deliberate scheme to ruin the Bemba chieftainship because on 17th June 2015, Senior Chief Nkula, Chief Chikwanda, Chief Mukwikile, Chief Luchembe, Chief Munkonge and myself paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Honourable Katema at his office and the files of the PF cadre chiefs, Chewe and Chimbuka do not have family trees. And therefore these two according to Dr. Audrey ‘’have no connection with the original family of which a traditional Chitimukulu was head,’’ where then do these PF cadre chiefs derive their royal heritage to qualify as Bemba chiefs since they are not members of the Bemba royal family?

The family tree is of crucial importance as far as claims to the royal heritage is concerned. For example, the gospel of Matthew in the Bible begins with the genealogy f our Lord Jesus Christ. And by showing Christ as descended from king David, Matthew wants to explicate that Jesus is the royal heir to the throne.

The answer came from the horse’s mouth. Kingsley Kaswende reported on Yulaya Mumba, the PF-cadre Chief Chewe:

‘’..in making a claim for Chitimukuluship, Chief Chewe, for instance, seems to consider an alternative scenario in his case, ‘In fact we from Ichinga do not consider Chitimukulu from the miti clan as a royal. We can do without your Chitimukulu and the boundary will be east of the Chambeshi river. Nkula-chewe-Kaponge-we-Chinga. Chief Chewe will be the overall Paramount chief of Ichinga country’.’’ (Bulletin magazine Volume IV. Issue 3 April 2014). And furthermore, the government approved their traditional ceremony called, ‘’ukulambalala,’’ as opposed to the Bemba ‘’Ukusefya Pa Ngwena.’’

And so, the recent constituted Bisa nationalism had the strategic evil plan of transferring the Bemba paramountcy to Chileshe Yulaya Mumba, a man of common stock and therefore reduce the Bemba tribe to nothingness. And furthermore, Albert Mumbi, who was gazetted as Chief Tungati was transferred to act as Chief Mumpolokoso because the people rose against him was recruited by the Luo-cartel to make another division and another ceremony was approved called ‘’ukusefya Pa Chishamwamba.’’ He was promised to be promoted to a position of Seniorchief inspite of being on the lowest rung according to Bemba hierarchy. His task was to include Bemba chiefdoms of Mumpolokoso, Shibwalya Kapila, Tungati, Chipalo and Senior Chief Shimumbi to break away from the authority of Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu.

Let me give you the clear picture of the strategy: In Muchinga, Yulaya was to be the Paramount chief over Senior Chief Nkula, Chief Chikwanda, chief Mpepo, Chief Luchembe, Chief Mukwikile, Chief Mubanga and Chief Nkweto. ( Mr. Geoffrey Ng’andu the current Chief Mukwikile was to be deployed in the diplomatic service in order to create an opening for Yulaya’s appointee, but he was only to serve for a period of one year and to be recalled and that could have been the end of his story).

And this meant that Mwinelubemba was supposed to remain only with Senior Chief Mwamba, chief Nkolemfumu, Chief Makasa, Chief Chimbola, and Chief Munkonge. And the socaled ‘’Senior Chief Mumpolokoso’’ had one time travelled to appoint Chief Chimbola as Chitimukulu.

An ancient scholar, Eliphaz said,

‘’God upsets the plans of the crafty, so that nothing they try seems to succeed. He traps the wise in their own schemes and what they thought would succeed, doesn’t.’’ (Job 5: 12, 13).

And the great physicist, Albert Einstein once said,

‘’God doesn’t play dice.’’

Examining Events during President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Reign

And just two days after President Lungu took office, he gazetted me as Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga II. And it was indeed a great relief and it brought jubilation among the Bemba people since the tension had finally come to an end. But unfortunately we were not aware that we were just fooling ourselves, because the baton in the relay race of hating the Bemba chiefs had been safely passed on from Honourable Nkandu Luo to Honourable Joseph Katema, the current Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.

And since a long period had lapsed since as Bemba chiefs we had met, I called Ilamfya Supreme Council on 16th March 2015, the Bemba highest decision making body which was best described in the African Weekly newspaper of 14th December 1955, in an article titled ‘’Motion to Restrict Politicians Opposed’’ reads:

We tabled many issues which included PF cadre chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka, which we all thought were straight forward since there were Supreme Court rulings. And the issue of the so-called ‘’Senior chief Mumpolokoso,’’ who had even refused to attend the Council inspite of my having sent two Bashilubemba to deliver the invitation personally. The Supreme Council instructed me to send the minutes and the resultant resolution to the Ministry.

On the 17th June 2015, Senior Chief Nkula, Chief Chikwanda, Chief Mukwikile, Chief Luchembe, Chief Munkonge and myself paid a courtesy call on Honourable Katema at his office to find out why no action had been taken since about three months had lapsed. The Minister promised to act on our issues, but all of us were surprised when we noted his flippant attitude.

During my installation ceremony, Steven Mvula and Kelvin Kachingwe reported,

Here I suppose Honourable Katema was playing with the words of a Catholic priest, Father Joe Komakoma who described traditional rulers as ‘’Easy-to-fool chiefs.’’ (The Post 8th March 2001).
And in our private meeting, President Lungu told me that he had heard about our concerns, but he was only waiting for the necessary documentation from the Minister, Honourable Katema. And on another occasion at State House the President insisted that he could not act without proper papers and on that occasion, he tried to ring the Minister, but he was out of coverage and instructed Mr. Amos Chanda, who contacted his wife, and was told that the Minister was attending some primitive ceremony in some remote area of Eastern Province.

And as recently as 15th December 2015, when President Lungu came to commission a Zesco project at Kasama, we as Bemba chiefs raised the same issue, but the President retaliated that he had not yet received the papers from the Minister.

…To be Continued….

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  1. This is interesting as to where it is all going. Do I sense a rift between PF and the Bembas as we head into 2016 general elections.

    This is interesting times indeed. I think this year’s elections will be fascinating.

    Can’t Saint for continuation

    • You are so right in your observation. it looks like there is a problem and Lungu’s inertia is being exposed. The PF seems to be deliberately frustrating the Chitimukulu and this has resulted in all these articles by the Paramount chief to expose their lies. I am also glad that he has expose how Bembas do not support their own contrary to popular belief that they stand together.

    • I come form a village which was started by my grandfather in the late 1800s. It is named after him. Subsequent headmen have been within the family and there’s a criteria used to select headmen. This is a very well respected custom and works very well all the time. However, when govt comes in to interfere without understanding the process, it causes unwanted tension and problems to the otherwise, peaceful people. What I suspect MCS did was to create a separate kingdom in Muchinga so that his chosen ones would have the same recognition as Chitimukulu. This was systematically undertaken by the Bemba leaning crooks; Luo and now Katema. ECL in the mean time has no clue because he is disinterested in everything, but alcohol. Governing a country requires sober minded people with clear thinking…

    • Cont’d

      Governing a country requires sober minded people with clear thinking and reasoning. Let us not repeat this mess upon ourselves this time around! This Bemba mess will take long to resolve.

  2. Well observed the observer. The PF seems to have turned into a snake that without realizing has started eating it`s own tail.

  3. Okay, I have been following this since the first article and its already very clear to me to where this is heading. Zambia is a democracy, meaning; people choose their leaders. The President of the ruling government is the overall leader of the entire country. He has representatives such as the cabinet, different ministries headed by MP’s, mayors, Governors, councilors, etc.

    This who monarchy idea (Barotse Royal Establishment, Bemba Royal Establishment) nonsense belongs to the past. With all due respect, why do we vote for a president and then still be subjected to ancient traditional leaders with all those ungodly rituals that they go through to become senior chiefs? Zambia is a democratic Christian nation and not a Monarchy!! Traditional leaders can keep their culture but they…

    • kwena imwe yama mwaliluba. Ati ungodly practices. you are a negropean, washed in the white mans world. there is no hope for you am afraid.



  4. His HIGHNESS is just reminding us that POWER COMES FROM THE PEOPLE – hence 2016 – a year when those with power – will carry the day – NOT THOSE WHOM POWER HAS GOTTEN TO THEIR HEADS!!!

  5. PF is not a Government I have a always stated that PF is a group of criminals using a political party to syphon money from Zambia while pretending to serve the people of Zambia. These Guys starting from their president are very corrupt to the born ,that’s why Zambia is not developing. They don’t care about you and I. They know they can use tribalism when election time comes and abandon there tribesmen after election and start filling their pockets with Dollars. Zambians wake up what creates wealth are policies and strong institutions of Governance and not Tribalism.zambians will make a huge mistake if they vote back PF.I personally know how disorganized and crooked these PF guys after studying them how they behave during the last Pf convention in kabwe.

  6. Traditional leaders can keep their culture but they should not impose such traditions to us free people. Besides, I dont trust people who celebrate people like Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Machiavelli. The first article started by praising such violent people. The Chief eve made a quote from Hitler’s “infamous” demonic book “Mein Kampf”, which he (the Chief) described as “a must for every student of politics”

    “’Popular support is the first element which is necessary for the creation of authority. But an authority resting on that foundation alone is still quite frail, uncertain and vacillating. Hence everyone who finds himself vested with an authority that is based only on popular support must take measures to improve and consolidate the foundations of that authority by the…

  7. Contd..
    ..”Hence everyone who finds himself vested with an authority that is based only on popular support must take measures to improve and consolidate the foundations of that authority by the creation of force. Accordingly, we must look upon power, that is to say, the capacity to use force, as the second foundation on which all authority is based”!! Really?

    No wonder Hitler killer over 6 million Jews and other millions of people to secure his power. Is this what the Chitimukulu wants at all costs? Is he trying to bring about Bemba Supremacy like Hitler tried with the whole Nazi pure race trash? This man is dangerous and for the first time, I agree with Sata in trying to block him. Be warned Zambians!!!

    • by the way check your facts, the number of six million jews killed in those concentration camps has been revised. it now stnds at about 1-2 million. infact there is no histroticl proof that any people were gased during the second world war. Read history carefully and stay up to date. try nd keep up. Am tired of carrying your a.s.s through these history lessons.
      Infact i urge you to read mein kampf also, you might just learn something valuble from there.

    • Mr Intelligent, I am with you on this one. Listen how this chief describes the rituals of other tribes, in his own words ” primitive” and he shamelessly goes on to describe other people’s places as ” remote.” I can only think he wants to manipulate his Bemba politicians for his own grand plan as the Fuhrer of Zambia dominated by the Bemba hegemony and supremacy. I think he is wrong and has just exposed his true colours. He is a danger to our sovereignty and the state. he must be watched carefully with the full machinery of the state.

  8. Comment: it seems Edgar Lungu want conclude this issue but his minister don’t want this end. Here in bembaland we all that president is a right one but the question is who is with the president? We know what is happening with this minister’s mind, first it was luo now it is katema. We believe that the president can’t act using is own power but wait for proper document, because if he act usin is own power the minister will stand against the president and some people will judge him to say that He has abused is office. Now let me tell this minister this job you are working will finish you, so watch whatever you are doing.

    • @ndeloleshafye: The President can order Katema to send him the documents but he hasn’t. Why? I believe they are working together to undermine the Chitimukulu, hence his speaking out through these articles.

    • @Ndeloleshafye

      You don’t seem to understand that the minister are lower than the President and that the President can order a minister to do what is right.

  9. Mr Intelligent should LEARN from AND ANALYSE HISTORY in ALL its GLORY and UGLINESS. History is real and recorded mostly Most of all- It is PERMANENT.You cant change it.You should learn it, apply it to the present, to avoid the bad part of it occurring in the future.

  10. PF cadres hold your horses, he is not done yet. There is this sinking feeling developing that the Chitimukulu will say don’t vote for PF they are snakes. It is a fact of course that they are snakes but let the man finish. Like I said yesterday still waiting for the gist, the crescendo. Can’t wait.

  11. I smell a rat here. There is a reason why Luo and now Katema are not keen to act on this issue. In fact even ECL is aware but cannot just tell off the royal establishment because of short sightedness, the chiefdom was promised during campaigns that all will be well. Govt shoul just swallow the bitter pill especially if they need support from Mwinelubemba before he throws his weight on GBM camp.

  12. In Zambia some chiefs are called PF cadre Chiefs by Mwinelubemba. I wonder then how many permanent secretaries, directors, District Commissioners, mayors, headmen, CEOs, police officer and defense personnel are PF cadres. Is it order for a minister Joseph Katema to attend a PRIMITIVE CEREMONY in some REMOTE area in EASTERN Province?

  13. The chief should not cry too loudly. The Wina brothers did a similar disservice and treachery to Barotseland in order to secure their stay in UNIP in 1964.

    • Just because the Wina brothers did it to Barotseland does not make it alright. If Lozis didn’t complain that’s a matter for them. Let Chitimukulu bring out this teachery especially for those of us who are interested.

  14. Whom the gods is about to punish, he first makes them mad….this is unprecedented of this extremely intelligent and quite respected elder and chief. I have a feeling not even the Office of the President saw these articles coming….he has really been forced to just say it loud….August 2016, kaya!

  15. Luo Cartel? Bisa Royal not Bemba Royal!! Phew! Look here Mr Sosala as you really are in a Democratic country, all you have done in this article is exposed yourself in particular your unquestionable snobbery. First and foremost, Zambia does not have parallel seats of power. Chiefs are supposed to be figureheads that represent our past. Her Majesty The Queen of England and the Commonwealth is effectively, constitutionally only a figure head and does not interfere in Gov’t matters. The Zambian should forthwith, follow this change in our Constitution because a huge nonsense has come out of respecting Chief houses in our democratic system. Luo, Bisa Royal (which as a Nyendwa, I respect), is far more intelligent than you.

  16. The gov’t should stop this Royal madness in Zambia. Decentralising Gov’t power into people like Sosala will cause an ungovernable country. This man is bitter and starts his write ups on the wrongs done against him just before elections. The bottom line is you are where you think you ought to be Sosala, thanks to President Lungu who unwisely showed up Hon. Luo to please you. But you are a greedy man now bent on gaining more power for yourself shamefully in a poor country like Zambia you want to be fanned and carried about on the backs of your poor people while sitting on an ugly crocodile seat. I note with much sorrow, that for your support in your righteousness you quote white scholars. Obviously because the people you want to rule are not white enough!

  17. In fact if Bemba people really want to follow the obvious foolishness this man has shown here then they should vote otherwise. UPND complained that Chiefs are not supposed to be politically used to side with Party’s seeking office, but the comments of the ‘hopeful’ UPND’ers on this page is saddening. Last year, chiefs were wrong to ask their tribes to vote on their recommendations, but now it’s euphoria and salivating on the prospect of just that!! So UPND is Tribal after all!!

    • @Ntalu. The issue of tribe IS the issue of this piece. It seems you not able to assess what you are reading accurately enough to be telling other people what they should say. UPND ARE TRIBALIST. END OF.

    • Tone down Mr Patriot. Although I do not agree with Chitimukulu’s arrogance in some areas, he is only trying to defend his chieftain from political interference especially from those with historical grudges/agendas like Sata , Nkandu Luo and now Katema – but then again you are a Nyendwa.

  18. I find it interesting the level of hypocrisy and double standards that the CHITIMUKULU has exhibited within this series of his articles. On one hand he contends that only the Bashilubemba have the legitimate authority to preside over the matters relating to the Bemba Chiefdom and that government should not try to interfere in its dealing yet on the other he wants the government to help him consolidate his own power base by “dealing” with those chiefs he purportedly does not recognize and calls them PF cadres. If there are court orders as he has claimed on the matter why doesn’t use them to evict the so called PF cadres chiefs instead turning to the same politicians that he does not want to interfere in the dealings of his traditional matters. I think ba CHITIMUKULU is losing it and…

  19. should not overrate himself that he can influence the voting of “his” people or tribesmen as it were. The lessons are there to be learnt from other chiefs that tried to do that, he should not embarrass himself.

  20. It is interesting to read Peters comments, this is the person who has always written on how Wonderful the late president and PF have been, but now that the Chitimukulu has exposed the underhand methods of the late president against the Bemba royal family he is commenting in the way he is. We all know who the architect of division was and now its close to home you are now complaining Peter, stop these double standards and aim to create a àZambia where men are not judged by their tribe but the intelligence of their brains and how they conduct themselves.

  21. It seems some people are choosing not to understand where Chitimukulu is coming from especially in regards to attempts by Sata and his Luo cartel to realign the Bemba chieftain. Yes he has over stepped his mark in some areas but I agree with him on political interference. The Bembas have a succession system whic he, as paramount chief, has to defend . What’s wrong with that? If you don’t like what he writes then don’t read it.

Comments are closed.

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