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8 Zambian firshermen sent to jail in Zimbabwe for illegal fishing in Kariba Dam

Rural News 8 Zambian firshermen sent to jail in Zimbabwe for illegal fishing in...

Lake Kariba
Lake Kariba

EIGHT Zambian fishermen have been sentenced to two-year imprisonment with hard labour by a Zimbabwean Court for fishing illegally in that country’s water.

The fishermen, from Siavonga District, were on January 4, this year, arrested by the Zimbabwean authorities for allegedly fishing illegally on that country’s side of Lake Kariba.

Southern Province Police Chief Goldwin Phiri was however unreachable for a comment by press time.

But Siavonga District Commissioner (DC) Lovemore Kanyama yesterday confirmed the sentencing of the fishermen in an interview.

Mr Kanyama said the fishermen appeared in a Zimbabwean Court on Monday, this week, and were sentenced to two-year imprisonment with hard labour.

Two boats that the fishermen were using to catch Kapenta were confiscated and forfeited to the Zimbabwean government.

“My appeal to the Zimbabwean government is to have mercy to the youths (fishermen) by allowing them to pay a fine to the offence which they committed, “he said.

Mr Kanyama however clarified that allowing the convicts to pay a fine each was not one way of encouraging illegal fishing.

He said Zambia and Zimbabwe had a long historical and cordial bilateral relationship which could be utilised to resolve certain matters.

A few months ago, more than 100 Zambian fishermen were arrested by Congolese marines on Lake Tanganyika in Northern Province for fishing illegally in that country’s waters.

About eight boats and fishing equipment were seized by the Congolese authorities.

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    • They are very lucky! On the Zambezi river, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, they would have been shot dead and fed to the crocs.

  1. In view of this, lets stop selling Maize to Zimbabbwe immediately. Arrest all Zimbabweans selling sweets at Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka. Arrest all Zimbabwean workers illegally working at most of the lodges in the Lower Zambezi. Burn to ashes the Zimbabwe Market in Livingstone.


    • what is wrong with Zambians why don’t we support each other.Nigerians support each other, South africans support each other ,Americans support each other but a Zambian will say good for you! The sentence is too harsh.Unless there was a big sign posted all over the Kariba dam in the fishermans local language saying DO NOT FISH..those boys did not do anything wrong.The sentence is too harsh and the Zambian government should do something about it.

  3. Where is Harry Kalaba & his diplomatic team. Use the relationship between Kadansa & Bob to at least bring our brothers to come & serve their sentences back home. Or should we think its a way of reducing the chuundu voting numbers?

    • Do you people really think this useless government cares about this?

      Lungu and Kalaba are much too busy stealing as much as they can before they are kicked out in August.

      Those fishermen will have to spend the two years in filthy Zimbabwe jails with no food for a simple mistake and not a finger will be lifted to help them.

  4. We are our brothers’ keepers. Why do Zambians (bloggers) sound so arrogant as their fellow citizens suffer in foreign land? Let me dare you to tell me how many of you can arm themselves to defend their country in case of external attack?

    • Luapula & parts of northern will go to Congo, Muchinga & the other part of northen will go to tanzania, eastern will go to malawi, parts of western will go to namibia, the other part of western & northwestern will go to angola. It will only be southern, central & copperbelt left to defend zambia. That’s how diverse (& divided) we are.

  5. That’s Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe I have always known. Does fish in lake Kariba know where the boundary of the two countries is, so that Zambian fish, if ever there is such a thing, remains in the Zambian side of the lake, while Zimbabwean fish returns the favour by paying no courtesy calls to the other side???

  6. Our fishermen strayed. They should have confiscated their boats, nets and catch, fined them and let them go.
    There is a message Zimbabwe is sending to Zambia. Only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs know it. When is the joint permanent commission between Zambia and Zimbabwe sitting? This issue can be resolved amicably.
    How has the Zambian government been treating the many Zimbabweans caught illegally staying in Zambia? Maybe that is the message Zimbabwe is sending. This matter can best be handled by diplomats and not kaponyas as seen by the language used in their postings.

  7. Zambia and Zimbabwe share a lake with a border that none of the two countries made. It’s artificial. The two countries should actually have an accord to share natural resources on their borders like one family. Zimbabwean should start acting like they understand Africa’s history not like colonialists. Release these boys you Mugabe worshipping chicken hearted cowards

  8. Hash, Zambian should learn from this story.. Those SA and a Zimbabwean caught capturing animals and ferrying them to SA on a lihgt aircraft must be punished and the alircraft confiscated

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