Lungu knows I’ll be stronger opponent – HH

President Edgar Lungu greets Hakainde Hichilema

President Edgar Lungu greets Hakainde Hichilema
President Edgar Lungu greets Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that President Edgar Lungu is panicking and having sleepless nights knowing he will face a stronger opponent in the August 11 general election.

Mr. Hichilema says he is at peace knowing too well that the people of Zambia are on his side after being dissatisfied with the PF government.

The UPND leader has called for peaceful campaigns ahead of the forthcoming tripartite elections, adding that there is need to heed to the counsel given by the church and other stakeholders for political parties to conduct mature campaigns devoid of violence.

Meanwhile, The ruling PF says it is too strong and organized for any opposition political party alliance to pose a threat to its wining the August 11th general elections.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says his party does not even think an alliance among opposition political parties can last long enough to contest this year’s general elections.

Father Bwalya states that his party already knows that the issue of a presidential candidate and running mate will be a problem for any alliance that is formed among opposition political parties.

In an interview with Qfm News Father Bwalya who is also PF Central Committee chairperson for Information notes that opposition parties are well known to be selfish when it comes to these matters.

Father Bwalya states that the ruling PF is also not worried about a small fraction of the opposition MMD going to the opposition UPND because it has a bigger part of the MMD on its side.
He says this is besides the ruling PF being confident that former President Rupiah Banda will not betray President Edgar Lungu whom he helped to ascend to power last year.

Asked whether Mr. Banda has confirmed supporting the ruling PF as he did during last year’s January 20th presidential election, Father Bwalya could not categorically state whether he has or not.

Father Bwalya however notes that his party is aware that Mr. Banda who is also a member of the MMD does appreciate the good leadership of President Lungu.

He says the ruling PF also knows that Mr. Banda will continue providing support and advice to President Lungu and will standby the Zambian people who are benefiting from the leadership of President Lungu.


  1. RB is in control and he is the one pulling all the shorts, EL is not a leader os PF anymore.
    He is contoled by RB and the thungs who put him there, These thungs need their money back and RB wants his immunite back. Lungu is a shadow in state house but PF supporters play a bind eye to this.
    Honestly at the moment, I think HH will make a batter president than lungu, Lungu has turned out to be the worst preident of Zambia so far.
    EL is a failier in life and he has just confirmed it by his perfomance in state house.

    • HH can engage in political demagoguery all he wants, but he is not going anywhere near plot 1.

      I would advise that he starts writing his political obituary as he is headed for a record fifth straight defeat.
      Go well HH and may your political soul rest in eternal peace….amen

    • Imagine a Zambia in which K5 buys £1 and K3 buys $1, a Zambia in which education is well funded to avoid unnecessary stoppages and strikes, a Zambia in which all citizens enjoy freedoms without aligning themselves to a ruling party, a Zambia free of corruption at all levels of government, a Zambia where doing business is as easy as riding a bicycle, a Zambia where tribal hatred will be outlawed………..These are not mere imaginations because under the Late Mwanawasa Zambia had achieved 85% of them.

      Well folks now is the time to stop imagining, and turn your imagination into reality by voting UPND and HH team to deliver all your wishes and imaginations.

      2016 vote UPND and the HH team.

    • All those despising HH here know for a fact HH is going to win these elections because the rigging that happened in January will not be allowed this time around.

      Kudos , Gen and the rest of the PF supporters are the same people PF put in important position to destroy Zambia to the level it is today. They can not just fathom the fact that after 11 August their jobs will be no more.

      Whether these PF minons like it or not the HH team is winning these election.

      Viva UPND and the HH team.

    • you are right! you shall be an opponent until planet earth stops rotating. forget being a president one day………


    • Sampa, and all Sata backed team should join UPND, what an insult to Sata that the likes of Dora after his death have hijacked PF? I have never seen such stupid team like PF cadres to accept such nonsense. this is why they will not win this election.

      Sata is cursing them in his grave that RB is in control after humiliating him for so long. the insults from Dora that Zambians have now forgotten.

      Zambians get serious, Vote PF and MMD out. They are both failed parties. with no leadership but thieves.

  2. Every Zambian knows that hh will just come and blame everything on pf if he became president. Imagine wasting 5years on a blame game at the expense of development. We are better off continue with pf.
    What different things is Upnd going to bring apart from filling up all jobs with the chuundu chaitwa.

    • #HH Techilema
      Continuing with the likes of Kabwili? You must be sick in your head ! I for one feel like throwing up when I think of the current chipatepate leadership taking the country into oblivion!!

    • @ Joel

      I totally agree that PF is not the alpha and the omega…… but UPND is certainly not the alternative for our country.
      UPND is a very devisive entity and Zed under it will experience unprecedented maginalization, tribal divisions and general instability of our motherland

    • I certainly agree that in an event the unthinkable had to happen that the opposition came to power, all what Zambians will be told is that we are trying to correct the problems we found. Meanwhile, the so called rich people in UPND will be consolidating their fallen empires!
      Just look at the vuvuvela called wanzelu, he is hallucinating that the Kwacha will suddenly buy the dollar at K3 and the pound at K5, what he doesn’t say is how which the PF wouldn’t like to happen if it were that simple.
      In fact it’s HH who has realised that President Lungu has been working very hard and quietly whilst Ichilema has been day dreaming.

    • If HH thinks he is stronger now why is his party positioning itself to go into an alliance with other opposition political parties? The Closes HH came to Plot 1 was in the January 2015 bi-elections. He had campaigned for 3 full months flying allover the country… with the help of VJ he rigged in Southern Province, but yet he was still beaten by a man who had just campaigned for 3 weeks with limited resources. This time around EL has enough time to plan his campaign. So HH is the one having sleepless nights because even the chief rigger VJ wont do much to help him rig because the OP will be watching him very closely.

  3. HH, zambians cant bring you closer to Zamtel and Zambia Railways again. If you didnt bring the culture of selling companies how many HEPs, trains, mines and banks will this country going to have? If you have ideas revamping the economy why didnt you resustain those companies?

    • HH sold companies? The level of ignorance among Zambians is just alarming.

      The decision to sell parastatals was governments under Chiliba after pressure from IMF. HH was hired by government to value the companies before they were sold. So I don’t know how that makes him the one that sold the companies

      Viva. HH

  4. HH can no be a factor.Lets not look at were he has failed for him to be finished.Rather we look at were he stumbled.His coming back home from the diaspora was after he was finished and rejected by zunguz.His entry into politics was by grabbing p residence from a deceased family.He further used tribalism to ensure that he remains untouchable.He has used superstitious powers in the name of Manson to blind Christians and stoped them from attending chech to gain support.List can go on.In short he carries rejection,finished,tribal and satanic tag on him.He is using temptations instead of campaign to win voters.His mission is to sacrifice Zambia to his masters.

    • Comment:@ EDND HH. Let me tell u the truth my Bro, am in MUCHINGA province pipo hv said that we ar no longer interested with PF. pipo want HH now. forget a bout the tribalis
      m u ar talking about. this is one zambia one nation. All tribal ar in muchinga u won’t find tribal fighting against each other NOOOO. pipo leave in hormone here.

  5. Even me I know that you are a strong opponent among opposition leaders to Lungu but the way things are ,the wind is not changing Mr HH will lose. Do not be over confidence other wise you will collapse.

  6. Yeah, yeah HH you are so at peace so much so that you have sued Leading Newspapers and Gov’t MPs for that sticky problem you have which all citizens know leads to your downfall! This is a Confidence Con.

    • @Patriot, its people like you with the brain the size of a grain of rice who are contributing to the mismanagement of out country.

    • Get real mate. Upholding President Lungu’s Presidency over the potential of a Dictator completely destroying the country is a far better way to use my brain. Suggest you balance mismanagement against destruction. Honourable conduct by Lungu and Inflaming conflict and violence in Zambia by HH.

    • @patriot, you expect HH to stay quiet after these PF vuvuzela media spray slander and accusations about him nationwide through their publications?

      He has to take them to court and make them pay heavily so that they don’t make it a habit.

      In the same way your example of a spokesman Chimbwili is trying to defend himself for careless remarks on PF TV

    • @Chils, I respect HH’s right to Justice. I respect even more President Lungu asking PF for cessation to Tribal allegations against other parties. On that note I believe that HH who has previously defined himself along Tribal lines and sided with the Barotseland issue should not have taken court action as it is merely drawing the issue more into the minds of the people.

      Finally, HH is a pugilist per excellence and has played the Media game rather well in the past. It therefore rankles to see him protest so!

    • 2016 is for HH.The fact that you commenting on HH everyday,every hour,and every second is you know he is a big threat to your interests.Zambians now can not buy yo tribal song.It is too out dated.the might PF will fall like Goliath.HH will rise like young david.

  7. I fully understand the fact that pf is at panic, Kambwili has by himself ended up his immunity, frank spends sleepless nights and lungu now spends night along independence avenue so as to acquaint himself to life after state house. VIVA HH VIVA UPND!

  8. If HH has big brains why didnt he revamp those companies but opted to give them away cheaply? wait for campaign period

  9. Halusa Hagain (HH) you are at a loss and you are lost. I can only ask that you don’t attack innocent Zambians after your final defeat and political burial in August. Under 5 chap

    • yo Gimic is not working.Yo tribal song and discouragements will not help ba PF.Engage in building the economy people will not eat yo tribal story.Bye bye PF.Viva flight 2016HH.

  10. HH has confessed that he can NOT win an election but is glad to be a strong opponent to EL. It is always good to know your strengths and weaken. HH is maturing ..i think.

  11. All those saying HH can never be a president are obviously in love with poverty such that you have become used to it under the current regime. Those living in diaspora are well off I assume. They’ll speak negativity even when they know that their family & friends are suffering back home.

    Zambians will speak with one voice on Aug 11. They’ll choose to live in extreme poverty for the next 5 years or they’ll vote for change.

    • @ Jarrow

      We are better off with what we’ve got now than ‘Pie in the Sky,’ after 8 long years of terrible recession in the West, I hardly think anyone in the Diaspora has been having it easy. We are just beginning to thaw and warnings are in place by Western gov’t that we are not clear if recession yet.

      We all should seek stable gov’t not a flash in the pan with false promise. Even HH will do no better in this economic climate and the hothouse political climate inimical to the Zambian political scene.

    • It is a question of who is better able to manage the country’s meagre resources in a time of crisis such as now. Definitely not a fellow that calls for austerity measures while building a $10M church, holding an expensive constitution amendment signing ceremony in a station while allowing folks to only work half a day, ferrying musicians and cadres with him to the US, the list of endless poor priortization of expenditures is endless. We haven’t even yet thrown in the corruption element in his government

      Viva HH

    • @Spark Jarrow et al, please do remind our dear compatriots who purport to support ECL and his PF government that Michael Sata, the founder of the PF party, suffered far more villification and demonisation by the vast majority of the officials and supporters of the MMD in power at the time. Their notorious chorus then, as is the case with these cowards who loath HH so much, was: “Sata will NEVER rule Zambia…” Come September 20, 2011, as we all know, such prophets of doom and gloom against Sata were stung and clothed in untold shame! History has a way of teaching its own lessons indeed.

  12. HH is not a factor and someone worth having sleepless nights for. Between Nawakwi and HH, I think Nawakwi can probably do even better except that bamayo also feels she is too experienced in politics and hence can’t work with someone who attempted the presidency bid first time and got it.
    If we assessed President Lungu work as President quantitative, i score him 9 out of 10 because tge man is just prolific! Remember that he has not even done a year in office but the output is so enormous and that’s the more reason Zambians will reaffirm and renew his Presidency so that our children will have a solid future. Already am amazed at the rate Zambia is transforming seriously.

    • And because “…HH is not a factor and someone worth having sleepless nights for…” you are mentioning him at least ten times per day?
      Just to convince yourself or to assure fellow boneheads?

    • @IQ000
      Supporting another one of your choice is not bonehead evidence. But using performance to pick a side is Brain Box stuff.

  13. Some boys were riding bicycles wen one said if hh was to become president things can change but then he was quick to stress that anyway he cant win he left me wondering i only hope the boy had good reasons to say that

    • That’s because he noticed how smooth the road he was riding on was. Mental checked himself and gave praise where due!


  15. PF is in panic mode.. They can’t believe that people have removed the tribal tag which sata put on HH…and now they want to turn and look like champions of removing tribalism in Zambia. It in the wise counsel of HH wbich has attracted the international community to monitor PF hate speech. Now they are afraid of being cited for genocide. Viva UPND viva HH vote wisely 2016

  16. Its almost shocking how people’s prejudices can over ride objectivity. I note opposition to HH that is based on primitive stereotyped ignorance. Is it a wonder that Zambia is where it is? People pulling down any progressive articulations in preference of rent, corrupt, blind following politics.
    Keeping the PF in power, in my opinion, is not an option. Those who have the progression of this country at heart, should reject stagnation. The PF does not in any way belong to, or espouse any civilisation that recognises the right to exist and express oneself as a human being.

  17. Twice in the past presidential elections I have voted for pf.

    This time around 11/08 /2016 I am voting for upnd.

    I have already seen the best of pf!

    • @18 what we know already is that a ballot is secret and when people like you openly declare your choice simply means that you are a non voter. Whether you say you are votng on tribe rather than development won’t change the fact that pf is winning again.

  18. Roads, Hospitals/Health Posts, Schools etc despite grobal economic challenges are constructed/worked on. What more do I need. PF & ECL (even if he is not my tribe mate) deserves my vote.

  19. HH’s problem today and in the previous elections is that he has not come out convincely with clear policies of how he is going to help or rule Zambia. Most of the time is telling people to vote for him because the govt has failed without clearly telling people how is going to change the tables. The policy I’ve heard from him is free education from grade 1 to university. How he is going to achieve that, he has not explained. You his supporters, help me to come up with clear policies directions that will convince people to vote for him and not asking for a sympathy vote.

  20. EL is wining come August 2016.PF should watch HH from rigging in southern province.The report shows that UPND rigged in southern province.There is no way pipo could vote like that in a by elections.Something was wrong.The turnout is southern was 70-80% where the rest of the country was 25%-30%.HH was 100% sure that he was going to win in 2015 bcoz of the rigging by chaps in southern province.Pf should send the monitors from other provinces n close monitor southern province,N/western & western.VJ took advantage of the situation.Most UPND volunteered as PF monitoring agents meanwhile they were UPND chaps.please ba EL start monitoring southern province before it’s too late.becareful with fake PF in southern province otherwise HH will score 600,000 votes in southern if not monitored.U’re…

  21. @Moscow shut up.lets debate on the eats southern this or Tonga this.we leave in a civilized country.Abash stone age politics.HH will win because his message is clear he wants to work on the economy.

  22. The problem is we easily forget this time around we are voting like our brothers and sisters from Southern province, For hh to say he is winning i pity we are also going to show our southern province friends that we also are able to vote. I can’t vote for hh because if his role during privatisation period.

  23. Just chill bwana will be in State House in 2016.PF supporters have nothing to point at to convince anyone that they deserve a second term of office.LOSERS!!

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