Ministry of Education saddened with poor G9 results for Lusaka

Pupils from Woodlands A basic school siging at Dr Chiluba's funeral
Pupils from Woodlands A basic school siging at Dr Chiluba's funeral

General Education Spokesperson Hillary Chipango says the Ministry of Education is saddened by poor results that Lusaka Province has recorded for grade nine pupils who sat for examinations last year.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview today, Mr. Chipango noted that General Education Minister John Phiri has since directed the Ministry of Directorates of Standards and Curriculum to institute investigations as to why grade nine results are poor.

He however indicated that the grade nines who sat for examinations last year were the first ones to write examinations under the new curriculum which was introduced in 2014.

Mr. Chipango added that the introduction of the new curriculum in 2014 was accompanied with the introduction of new subjects such as Social Studies and could have been one of the reasons grade nine pupils in Lusaka Province have not performed well as most of them were still adjusting to the change.

He noted that the Ministry has learnt something from a few mistakes on how the introduction of a new curriculum was handled adding that the Ministry will do its best this year to ensure that pupils acquire better results.

Mr. Chipango stated however that the Ministry can only come up with measures to assist the grade nines writing examinations this year once the cause for last year’s poor results is ascertained.


    • Here is the answer to your useless & hopeless investigation:

      1] Unpaid disgruntled teachers
      2] Pupils living in poverty & trying very hard to attend school & succeed on empty stomachs
      3] A govt patting its back for another successful year of producing dropouts – increasing the numbers of illiterate Gullible voters!!!!! Mumbi Phiri has already told us the profile of PF VOTERS.
      So stop shedding crocodile tears – we know you are popping the champagne!!

    • Why the PF will lose the coming elections to UPND:
      1. Country black-outs due to lack of foresight
      2. Poor school results
      3. Lies about building new universities and lies also about MORE Money in the pocket, which turned into NO MONEY IN THE POCKET
      4. Kambwili’s arrogance

  1. A curriculum issues affecting mostly lusaka?? Most likely they are being spoiled by shopping mall trips and the general upgrading of Lusaka life!!

  2. Poor results it an indication that things are not ok
    – headteachers have turned schools into personal atms, others bank him/her withdraws. its all schools in zambia especially ones in urban areas Worse in solwezi where primary schools dont even bank money eg kandundu primary school.
    -this frustrates teachers who in turn have i dont care~ when others eat money without job.this is a major cause
    -change pta/cash collection system let the projects,spending,banking,aproving, be monitored by district office who shud report to peo

  3. Poor results ? I dont see the statistics ? please show the number who sat , passed /failed and compare to previous years. This information is incomplete

  4. Mr Minister, you forced a new curriculum if am not mistaken, especially on technology and within a period the students had to sit for exams. That change could have massive effect on the outcomes. Anyways, do your own survey, there could also be other reasons associated to “bad results.”

  5. Start eliminating process: change of curriculum should not only affect Lusaka, unless there is a reason for Lusaka not to be able to adjust quickly – both teachers and pupils. Look for other reasons, as advanced by some of the bloggers here – life style disease!

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