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Father Frank Bwalya drops the title of “Father ” from his name

General News Father Frank Bwalya drops the title of "Father " from his name

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya has dropped his title of “Father” because some people in the political arena have a problem with his title of a Father in the catholic church, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Bwalya says he will not hesitate to drop his title because it can be easily done and he sees no problem to do so in respect with people who have a problem with his title.

He has however implored all local and international media organizations to with immediate effect to start quoting him as PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya or PF Chairperson for Information Frank Bwalya.

He further emphasized on anyone mentioning his name in the media to respect his decision and say Frank Bwalya not father Frank Bwalya.

Below here is a full statement made available to the media by Father Bwalya.

I wish to inform you dear friends that for purposes of quoting me please do so as PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya or PF Chairperson for Information Frank Bwalya.

And when you mention my name without the above portfolios please just use Frank Bwalya. What I am essentially saying is that you should drop my title of “Father” for purposes of quoting me in the media.

Some people have a problem and I see no problem to drop the title. However, kindly note that this is not by any means to suggest any development regarding my status. I would appreciate your consideration on this one.


    • Keep the title Fr., it is better than DR.
      We used to tell Never Mumba to keep his title Pastor, but he decided to go for Dr. Mumba, and now he is devalued like Kwacha, some people mistake him to Dr. Cosmo Mumba.
      With title of Fr., you get immune to titles like Chikkala… so..so..so

    • Confused guy..but that is typical PF behavior. Appoint Kanene, no revote appointment. Increase ZESCO tariffs, no reduce tariffs, increase mine taxes, no reduce mine taxes. I am Fr Frank Bwaly, no remove the Father title.. Mwebantu…no wonder we not developing!

    • His correct title is Father Emeritus Frank Bwalya.
      How do you all people including Frank himself forget the existence of EMERITUS and its meaning???

    • Why??? Is the bishop asking him to be a better man? Lying, insults, tribalism should not be associated with the old faith, I think that’s what the bishop has told this miserable crook. Remember how he hated Sata when he refused to sponsor him to higher education above? Very corrupt cap living off the poor. No Bishop can take this.

    • Remember how he summarily cut the head of a chicken and spilled bloood, sprinkling it? A twisted man cant be a father as these people follow the ways of Jesus, Bishop is right chuck him out.

  1. You are simply a buffon & MEGALOMANIAC!! You are the ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN HANGING ONTO THAT TITLE since you left the Church – no one in their right mind would have thought of prefixing you name as you left the calling a long time ago!!

    Jesus was a “Kachema” of people, whilst you are a kachema of blood thirsty nit wits!!!

  2. It’s now clear for everyone to see that this man was never called. If it was a calling from above, he would have not prioritized politics at the expense of Salvation. Mat 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. But alas the man has gone the exact opposite. Remember to come back to the pulpit as soon as possible before death strikes you outside

  3. Regardless of your current status,according to Hebrews,the office of Priesthood is for life,you may not be serving but once ordained you are a Priest forever it cannot be revoked of dropped.

  4. Apostle Paul wrote in one of his letters to the congregations that “Don’ t you know that there are so many people even today who still crucify Christ”. And it’ s such people like Frank Bwalya who began well, though we do not know if it was out of pretense or not. He could have done better to remain a vessel in the powerful hand of God by being a custodian of the good message of Christ than serving the devil. By the way, was he honest when he entered into the preaching work or he had an evil hidden agenda which is reflecting today in his life ? Anyway, God knows better because the Bible stipulates that ”you shall know them by their fruits” and Frank Bwalya’ s fruits are a good example. He has devastated the image of the priesthood in the church and God will soon devastate…

  5. Only in Zambia do Pimps, pirates, conmen, adulterers give themselves titles they’ve not earned or deserve.
    Which sane Human being, gave this sorry excuse the title of “Father”?? If not himself, as I suspect. ONLY IN ZAMBIA.


  7. …this guy is just paving way to becoming mischievous with impunity in this heated election year….there is a lot he would have wanted to rant and do but he was in a way restricted because of the noble title he was carrying….like someone has said…that title is for life even if one is excommunicated….

  8. Comment:I said it some time back that frank bwalya is not a real father he is just a hypocrite looking for job in PF.Its good mr that you want to marry go ahead no one will stop your conjugal rights but be reminded that God will severely punish you for misleading his people.

  9. I have always called him Frank because he is not worthy of that title and it is good the scumbag has realized it or he simply wants to be more associated with Pamafi that provides him with bred and butter. It has been long overdue!

  10. ili li hule lyambwa. chi homosexual hiding in the title of ‘father’, atase, aleonaula ichalo. better do away with him, our society does not need him anyway. he destroyed radio ichengelo in kitwe and now wants to destroy the entire country? kolwe, pamenso kwati lukasa lwakwa baboon.

  11. I have personally never been a fan of father Bwalya but to insult him in the manner that I’ve seen on this forum…is really something I never thought I would ever see, especially not in Zambia and most of all by fellow Zambians! We’re a nation that has always been known for being very ‘respectful’ and ‘friendly.’ “It is one of the things that we admire in you Zambians and other Africans; something that our culture will never have…please don’t ever lose that…” An English friend of mine once told me. I never dreamed, growing up as a child in kalingalika that I would ever see the day when we Zambians would use swear words as salutations towards a fellow human being, irrespective of colour, political/religious affiliation or indeed nationality. I’m speaking as a Zambian and as…

  12. It is a very good move he was embarrassing us Catholics and the entire priesthood. I am sure he must have been been summoned by the Pope himself to stop using Fr. as he is the devil itself.

  13. I have been referring to you as Frank for a long time so I guess this doesn’t affect me. You don’t behave like a father, you don’t talk like a father, you don’t act like a father so how can you be a father. You are a cadre and that is what we should call you. Like they say and I paraphrase of course “if it talks like a cadre, looks like a cadre, walks like a cadre then it must be a cadre”.

  14. So we can call him fatherless frank bwalya since he is no longer a father? Oh, no wonder the Zambian Watchdog are calling him frank bwalya the devil

  15. finally he has put down his glory for the sake of money how foolish.you ar of your father the devil.shame on you frank.

  16. @1.5 Msana Wanzili,
    LOL. Very funny, but actually you could be spot on. Since when did this character get swayed by what some people feel about his title? He has spotted a ka Miss’ Right’ somewhere and simply whats to free himself from the restrictive yoke of a title of ‘Father’. The ‘Spokesperson’ title he is now broadcasting sounds like its just a decoy.

  17. Luke 12:8-9New International Version (NIV)

    8 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God. 9 But whoever disowns me before others will be disowned before the angels of God.

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