Lupando Mwape is a failed politician- Bwalya

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has described former vice President Lupando Mwape as a finished politician who has been rejected on two occasions by his own people in Northern Province.

Commenting on Mr Mwape’s joining of the opposition UPND Mr Bwalya said the former Vice President was a non- entity in the country’s political dispensation and that he has gone to join the UPND with the faint hope of getting a job if they win this year’s elections.

He said as far as the PF is concerned Mr Mwape is only one of the people who just associated with the ruling party during the elections in January and expected a job when the party returned power hence is a bitter person because he was not given a job.

He added that the former Veep was never a member of the party and that the PF has not lost any members in the last 72 hrs.

Mr Bwalya also said the party was aware that Mr Mwape has been seeing chiefs of Northern Province in a bid to win support of the traditional leadership so that they can support his ambitions to be adopted by the UPND as a running mate.

He further laughed at the assertions that Mr Mwape would deliver Northern Province to the UPND saying this is the person who failed to win a parliamentary seat when he was Vice President in 2006.

Mr Mwape together with scores of MMD officials led by their Chairperson for Local Government Rose Banda on Tuesday ditched their parties to join the UPND.


  1. Any person who ditches pf for any other party is not a factor but only those who join them. Fatherless bwalya its u who is bitter.

    • Poverty Family (PF) HAVE JOB VACANCIES.



      1. Must use Vulgar language,
      2. Must talk defensively/repulsively,
      3. Must develop and keep grudges against UPND
      4. Must be easily irritable,
      5. Must be incoherent,
      6. Must be inconsistent,
      7. Must be impolite,
      8. Must be tribal but shade off
      9. Must be violent
      10. Must be vision-less.

      Note: Panga possession and daga smoking and ability to demonise HH will be added advantages.
      Father Frank Bwalya insala fye!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Failed Father Frank Bwalya Ni njala imu nyokola mambala!

      Best is Lups Mwape who was a vice president of the country than a failed father & cadre of visionless PF with Lungu, Frank Bwalya is the one finished.

      4 months left for PF to be kicked out, no matter how visionless PF bandits yap in tongues. Yazanda , all Frank less Bwalya can do is to yap for PF, running away from the church of God.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Malabishi this bwalya…even if we have to believe you at the very least it’s one more vote for UPND. Furthermore Lupando has a family and close friends who will also vote UPND. Mate, this is a numbers game. Mukose bane ba PF, this year kuya bebele. Viva UPND and HH

    • Fatherless Bwalya your success in politics is all written in your past. Just continue killing chickens at political rallies.

    • Look here, Frank, you’re the one who is a failed politician. You abandoned your Agenda for Better Zambia party of which you were the president, and joined a party you were opposing, PF. Lupando Mwape is an accomplished politician. He held various portfolio including that of the second highest office in the land, vice president. Please learn to show some respect, as a former priest.

    • @Kopa, also ask them where major factor Richard Kapita is today…we hardly hear from him? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander I say.

    • From the entire article, I’m only interested in this part: “Mr Mwape (with friends and family I suppose) together with SCORES of MMD OFFICIALS led by their Chairperson for Local Government Rose Banda on Tuesday ditched their parties to JOIN the UPND.” This sounds like a good number of votes for UPND.

    • These political defections are a part of the game. We will see a lot of them across the entire political spectrum in the run up to August elections.

      I am more interested in listening to practical plans on how we can move our country forward. We have heard so much rhetorical plans on improving the economy, creating jobs, agriculture, education, health services…….etc etc. The opposition is notorious about this

      The question is how will you do it?

    • Since this Lupando factor is not going away soon I’ll also keep on re-posting my comment! Sorry if you have already read it somewhere else!

      Lupando & Rose banda are welcome. New or finished politician their influence & most importantly their single individual & family votes count. Two Plus more votes assured for UPND.

      Why should they waste time sticking to a sinking “titanic’ like a live tick stuck to a corpse being buried alive?

      Retaining PF under Chagwa is like committing suicide & assuring oneself of a guaranteed 5 year misery laden period if at all one will even survive the five years. i.e. up-to 2021!

      -unrivaled Load shedding due to ‘low water levels’ in the Zambezi river that supplies Kariba Dam yet the same Zambazi supplies Caborra Basa Dam & Zimbabwe down stream!…

    • Zimbabwe & esp Mozambique have minimal load shedding if any.
      – poor Kwacha performance due to ‘global factors’ yet Botswana & even war torn Angola are not complaining

      The list is endless.

      Now couple it with the looming hunger due to ‘global low rainfall’. Really are you sane to continue with the statuesque? Why all these calamities befalling Zambia under ECL?

      At time of voting really who rejects votes from a prostitute, thief, witch, old(nkote),racist, tribalist or satanist if any? Even prostitutes & thieves celebrated ECL’s fake victory on 27/01/2015. Did u chase them from the swearing-in ceremony? A u wanted was numbers to fill Disaster Stadium regardless whether it was full of prostitutes, thieves or finished politicians like Lupando.

      Now why reject Lupando who between…

    • LT – stop blocking comments

      Zimbabwe & esp Mozambique have minimal load shedding if any.
      – poor Kwacha performance due to ‘global factors’ yet Botswana & even war torn Angola are not complaining

      The list is endless.

      Now couple it with the looming hunger due to ‘global low rainfall’. Really are you sane to continue with the statuesque? Why all these calamities befalling Zambia under ECL?

      At time of voting really who rejects votes from a prostitute, thief, witch, old(nkote),racist, tribalist or satanist if any? Even prostitutes & thieves celebrated ECL’s fake victory on 27/01/2015. Did u chase them from the swearing-in ceremony? A u wanted was numbers to fill Disaster Stadium regardless whether it was full of prostitutes, thieves or finished politicians like Lupando.


    • Iwe former father have you heard that Miles Sampa has resigned from PF? So is he mom-entity too? At least one more vote lost for PF. Viva UPND the wining party

    • when UPND takes over Foolish Bwalya should be jailed. true colors have come out. wonder how he went to fatherhood. Guess it was desperation.

    • Is Lupando, Rose Banda and other defectors married, have families, relatives, village mates, church mates, friends, chiefdom mates??!!

      To that extent, do these defections benefit UPND. And in the race of 50+1, call them names but they do matter. A lot!!

      UPND keep accessing and welcoming all be they finished, rejects, useless….for the ballot knows no virtue or character but is potent of itself ….a vote is like a dollar, it’s most valuable irrespective of the possessor!!

    • This clown is really a good joke!


      LT, this worthless failure and his dull comments are really not news and do not deserve reporting. Please just ignore this twit and his stupidity.

  2. People like Lupando Mwape know very well that UPND is losing this year but they are joining it but why? Because they want to takeover UPND… once HH loses that is the end of UPND.

  3. Bwalya you are the one who is a finished politician. You failed to run your party. Bwalya let me remind you that you can never win even if you were to stand as a councilor.
    I am challenging you you to prove my allegations over you by standing as councilor in this years trapetite elections. Stop making noise and prepare your useless pf as it goes in to oblivion.

  4. Bwalya you are the one who is a finished politician for you failed to run your party. You are not popular and I challenge you to prove your popularity by standing as a councilor on 11th August. You will surely lose.
    Please stop making noise and prepare your pf as it goes in to oblivion.

  5. I thought after Sunday Chanda was removed, we will have a bit of silence but we have some reincarnation through Frank bwalya and the song about bitter bitter bitter continues. Very soon even Miles Sampa will be added to the lyrics of bitterness

    • Sorry!!! Frank Bwalya removed Sunday Chanda so that himself Frank can take over the show – as is the case now. Frank enjoys power and publicity. He has targeted Miles Sampa and everyone who seems to be an enemy of Lungu within PF. Thats Frank!!!

  6. Whether finished or not, politics is about numbers. His vote and the votes of his supporters and family will go to HH and not Lungu. That is what Frank should be worried about. You are failing your party. Since when did you last hear of people defecting from UPND to PF? Where is Miles going? How many MP’s are defecting after ECL dissolves Parliament? Munzi wapya!

  7. Lets face it,Lupando failed to win a parliamentary seat as sitting vice president,how then does upnd expect him to deliver Northern province after being off the political scene for so long.Yes that a vote more for the party but what influence do people like katoloshi bring with them? NONE.

  8. These are the people who are giving credence to the anti G12 lobby. How does an educated person surely make arguments like Frank Bwalya. With the rigorous training priests go thru you would expect Frank’s reasoning to be above that of Kamba, Lusambo or Cosmo but alas what a waste. Why not talk about what’s propping up the Kwacha, the reduced loadshedding,etc.

  9. What a record for UPND, should they lose again this year! I see only a trickle of votes coming their way from Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern; but nothing more than a trickle..

    • For these regions mentioned above, and probably for Copperbelt as well, UPND may have to invest a tonne of effort in order to wring out an ounce of positive result. As for HH, his headache may very well begin to draw some attention. Picking-up a running-mate from any one of these regions mentioned above is less likely to help matters elsewhere. It must be a jig-saw puzzle for the business juggernaut now turned politician. Or must we conclude that politics, particularly Zambian politics, is not really his thing? It’s hard to fathom the height of political miscalculations he has thus far made. If UPND could so struggle against a limping and heavily mutilated PF, as we saw in the last election, how much more now that PF has at least gained some semblance of a shadow?

  10. Lupando is a plant who has gone to join GBM on secondment to the UPND. They will come back running and shouting tribal when they fail to get VP nomination.

  11. Ulyq Palya Nichi Demon- UPND
    1- sub A to G7
    2- shud be a devil worshipper
    3- only frustrated and finished poilcians from the north allowed
    4- all TOS/7D are members NB no CAS/normal BES allowed
    5-shud come with a red barret and a panga/PISTOL
    6-shud be a ashishi smoker and drinks gangata
    7- only tos shud be presidents
    8-shud reject and oppose everything done by pf
    9-all who took party in sata must die campaign qualify to be ministers
    10- all members shud not smile when talking to pipo
    11- shud atleast have beaten & undressed ten pipo

    • Father God, your Word is settled in heaven and you have exalted it above all.

      Lord of love and mercy , we pray for and cover HH with the blood of Jesus. We now pray Ephesians over him and declare:

      That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto HH the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him (Ephesians 1:17).

      We believe in your Son, Jesus, whom you sent to take away the sins of the world. I believe with all our heart that He was raised from the dead, for our justification. Thank you Lord, for the impartation of eternal life into our spirit; your glory fill our heart, and it’s revealed through us always, and in every place, in Jesus’ Name.

      Lord we decree a blessing on Zambia through your servant HH to liberate and lead your people…

  12. Comment: Father Bwalya, Go to hell with your shallow thoughts, Mr Lupando Mwape exercised his freedom of association by repositioning himself to UPND, My fellow Zambian brothers and Sisters, Just to remind you that Malawi Congress Party(MCP) still remain the Party for the Chewa people of Malawi, John Tembo has been a Member of Parliament of MCP from 1961 up to 2004, The former ruling Parties UDF and DPP failed to remove him from his parliamentary seat for 20 years, Leave HH to enjoy his massive support from his Tonga tribe as MCP enjoys massive support from the Chewa people from Malawi, Wako ni Wako timatero kuja kuja kwathu ku M’mawa.

  13. this picture symbolises only that Mr Bwalya does not care about the lives of the people he was with on that boat i say so because he is the only one wearing a LIFE JACKET and others dont matter.

  14. Frank you really talk rubbish sometimes, I wonder after all those donkey years of priesthood you are still not wise. Your arguments sometimes sound so shallow I am equally beginning to think you kuku in that head. I follow so well and in all your political rhetoric nothing seems intellectual ba vicar you are dull same kind with kambwili.

  15. Is Dora Siliya a factor. Ba Bwalya muleipwisha fye, what you were condemning is what you are supporting. Umusebanya ba former Priest. I hope Dr Alick Banda is watching this man.

    • wrong comparison yama,Dora won petauke central even after switching from mmd to pf,and Dora was only a minister.Lupampi katoloshi,on the other hand,was sitting VP, when he lamentably lost his mp seat.Now that i have given you some info,post an informed post.

  16. Failed politician? How about a failed priest? You have failed to win souls to christ, Zambia is a christian nation, and christians like Frank Bwalya are failing the nation. “Christian Nation” is only a tag but the deeds of our christian Leaders appeases Lucifer everyday. Shame on all of you!

  17. It just takes one more vote to win 8/11 elections Mr Frank. It is 50%+1 and so MR LUPANDO has just helped HH ascend to power by his one vote. That is how crucial every single vote is now. So continue despising defectors to UPND at your peril. I guess you are the bitter one and not LUPANDO

  18. The life of a common Zambian is really cheap — next to nothing. Of all the people in the boat only Frank Bwalya is wearing a life-jacket. Shocking!

  19. FATHER BWALYA is a bachelor, does not have kids so his vote counts for 1 person ba katoloshi has a wife and kids thats a guaranteed 12 votes iwe chi father waloba ilya uma chakubaba whooo!

  20. Lupando will not add any value to UPND……PF and Lungu are headed for an ease victory.The tribal party will be disbanded by Zambians in August.

  21. UPND should pick GBM as running mate as opposed to Lupando, better still Sampa if they can convince him to join their ranks. Lupando, indeed is not a factor……GBM is more likeable among the common masses!!
    Should they fall for Lupando, they will ‘drown’ in the Northern region.

  22. Just for the laughs: From president of a party to a vice spokesperson of another party. That’s Bwalya and he much younger! From former Republican Vice-President to a potential Republican Vice-President. That’s for Lupando and he is much older! Who is a failed politician here? Sometimes the angle at which one opens their mouth matters…weigh in what to say and practice before a mirror before going public!!!

  23. Surely who is a failed politician? a failed priest who formed a political party hoping to become Republican President only to dissolve his party and become a cadre in another party and somebody who rose to the position of Republican vice President and several times acted as President of this country.

  24. Fr Bwalya, let us learn to be civil in our politics. That’s what the president is preaching against: name calling and hate speech. Mr. Lupando Mwape has exercised his democratic right. When are we going to change our dirty politics.

  25. Uncalled for insults by former priest on an innocent man. just because his decision to work with progressive and party with knowledge based leadership.


  27. Frank Bwalya you attempted to be a priest and failed. You formed a party and once again failed to run it so who is successful between you and Lupando Mwape who is a former MP and Republican Vice President? Lupando has by far a better CV than you the failure.

  28. If Lupando Mwape is not a factor why waste your time commenting iwe Frank. IBANGE FRANK ULEKE! You should have stayed in the church! It is you who is a failed politician! MAMBALA!

  29. Former ‘Father’ Frank Bwalya has to look at his own record as a father in the Roman Catholic Church before he starts laughing at Lupando Mwape.

  30. Frank why talk about non factors or failed politicians as you call them. If someone has no base, no support etc why come out with all guns blazing? Ignore them kaili they are not factors.

  31. Shut up Ka Bwalya you are causing a lot of cracks in PF ,soon you will destroy this party,can’t Lungu see what this nonentity is doing to our party.He has targeted a lot of people,soon it will be Kambwili .Lupando is far more credible than you Ka BwLya.Let him exercise his democrati right to join a party of his choice.wekawelewele

  32. With due respect to Lupando Mwape’s decision, I think Zambian politics are full of cheaters. These defections just show us how politically immature we’ve been. No wonder 51+ years after independence, we’re wallowing in poverty because the very people we entrust with the affairs of the nation have neither principles nor shame for their actions. Politics aside, what value will Lupando add to the nation? Isn’t it better for him to do other things apart from complicating the already complicated political landscape? Isn’t this political recycling at it’s worst? The last time he was Veep, this man was not even coherent. If these are the people Zambians should court for leadership, we are a doomed nation…

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