MMD is ready for elections- Dr Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba
MMD President Nevers Mumba has declared his party ready for the August 2016 and expressed confidence that the party will emerge victorious.

Speaking when he featured on Yastani radio the opposition leader said the former ruling party will use the lessons of last year to ensure that the party is victorious in the next elections.

He said with the lessons of last elections were the party went through trails and tabulations the former ruling party has emerged stronger and will work had to ensure victory in August.

“Through the trails and tabulations of last year and early this year we have come out of the other side as a stronger party. We can approach these coming elections with confidence that truly, with all the lessons behind us there is no reason why we should not win the elections.

“Since the PF took over it has been fire after fire and the good thing about fire is that it makes you stronger and better, that is what has happened to us, I think the MMD stands a good chance because we will use the lessons of yesterday to ensure that victory is granted to us,” he said.

And Dr Mumba says it is a miracle that UPND lost last elections after all the wrangles which broke out in both the MMD and the PF.

He said the UPND had a head start of over 2months in the campaigns without any party to challenge them as the MMD and PF were still fighting on who would stand hence it is not a miracle that PF won’t but because UPND lost.


  1. MMD should focus on issues and running against the Ruling Party and not against other Political Parties. How can it be a miracle for another Opposition party to lose, what if later on in future it is discovered that they actually won.

  2. I see a complete and total denudation of this once magnificent political party. With Eastern province now taken over by PF, which, if any, is their (MMD’s) new stronghold?

  3. Frank confessed that he drinks but does not go to bed with…… ba Nevers Mumba do you smoke Peter Sinkambas green leaves? You can confess too and we understand. I fail to understand how politicians fail to read the truth mood about their political strength.

  4. Mr. Mumba

    It appears that you have forgotten to make “Reality Check” on your unfounded and irrational quest for the Presidency of Zambia? Or, more likely, your REAL intention is to split opposition vote as agreed with PF?

  5. Enough with your wishful thinking Ba Nevers the kabolala. You are living a dream and time to give up. Being in Canada is a thing of the past. Just stay in Zambia being miserable with your thief friends.

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