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Taraji P Henson dazzles in rare 107-carat Gemfields Zambian Emerald earrings at the Golden Globe Awards

Headlines Taraji P Henson dazzles in rare 107-carat Gemfields Zambian Emerald earrings at...

Actress Taraji P Henson, who won the Best Actress Award for her role as Cookie on Fox’s ‘Empire’ at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday stole international headlines after storming the red carpet in Kimberly McDonald earrings set with Gemfields Zambia’s emeralds.
Dana Oliver, the executive fashion and beauty editor at The Huffington Post, wrote: “It is no big surprise that Taraji P Henson is nominated for her role as Cookie on Fox’s Empire. But what is shocking is the subtly sexy look the actress wore to the 2016 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.The 45-year-old actress twirled in a bespoke ivory silk strapless dress designed by Stella McCartney. Henson accessorised with gleaming accessories, sporting Kimberly McDonald earrings set with Gemfields Zambian emeralds and a gold enamel chain Falabella clutch. And her sleek lob haircut and soft makeup add to her sophisticated look.”

Glitz, glamour and big screen names graced the red carpet at this year’s 73rd Golden Globe Awards ceremony which was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.


About Gemfields

Gemfields is the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, specialising in emeralds and amethysts from Zambia and rubies from Mozambique. Listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (ticker: GEM), Gemfields oversees the mining and marketing of coloured gemstones from some of the world’s finest gemstones deposits and it does so responsibly and transparently.

Positioned at the intersection of mining, marketing, exploration and ethics, Gemfields supports the delivery of a consistent supply of high-quality coloured gemstones to jewellers, manufacturers and luxury brands worldwide. In January 2013, Gemfields acquired Fabergé – aligning the world’s largest coloured gemstone producer with one of the most recognisable and iconic heritage brands of all time, to create what can readily be described as a true global coloured gemstone champion.

Gemfields owns 75 per cent of the Lufwanyama-based Kagem Mining Ltd, the world’s single largest producing emerald mine, in partnership with the Zambian government, which owns 25 percent.


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  1. Good but sad reading. We endowed with rich natural resources but as a country we don’t benefit much from these depleting God-given resources.

  2. Who cares! that doesnt help the world much .those things are worthless, we are the ones that give them value you cant take them with you when you die.

  3. strange ah, we have the world’s leading emerald mine in the world and as a nation of 15 plu million people we only have 25 percent in it.

  4. What is sad are our policies.
    I once went to Dubai and when I inquired how a former desert Emirates had been transformed in less than 40 years I learnt that the policy makers decided that for the country to make meaningful development from their wasting oil assets foreign investors would have to reinvest the bulk of their proceeds in the country.
    Not what is happening in Zambia where we have to borrow bonds for infrastructure development. This is not a. PF problem but a national problem which we created when we were selling the mines.
    We need to change the current day light robbery as a nation.

    • Today foreign investors can repatriate all the foreign currency from their earnings and manipulate the local currency for their benefit.
      What do we own as ZAMBIANS?
      Only crumbs!!!

  5. Dubai is highly concentrated in foreign investment.
    Find out what policies they have employed to develop the country.
    The issue in NOT foreign investment. The is issue is what policies have you put in place to make sure there is mutual benefit for both Zambia and foreign investors.
    If you expect investors not to take their profits to wherever they want them then you are wrong!!!!

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