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IMF describes Post Newspaper report on PF Government as False



The International Monetary Fund has distanced itself from media reports that it has refused to agree on an economic recovery programme with Zambia owing to the government’s indiscipline with expenditure.

The Post Newspaper this week reported that the IMF is currently not ready for any programme to help restore the battered economy owing to the government’s indiscipline with expenditure.

The report quoted IMF deputy director for the African department David Owen after concluding his two-day consultative meetings with top government officials and key stakeholders in the country as part of the ongoing engagement between Zambia and the Fund.

The sources said Owen, during his meeting with civil society, was concerned that the Zambian economy had continued to weaken and any remedial measures to be agreed between the government and the IMF could not hold at the moment owing to the lack of credibility of Zambia’s Treasury as the country had consistently overspent with no respect for the budgeting process.

But the IMF yesterday issued a statement denying the report and described it as false.

“In response to recent media reports, David Owen, Deputy Director, African Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), today issued the following statement: “I recently visited Lusaka as part of our engagement with Zambia. During the visit, I met with government, Bank of Zambia, private sector and civil society organization (CSO) representatives,” Mr Owen said.

He said reports in the media suggesting that he made comments during the CSO meeting about preconditions for an IMF program for Zambia and the performance of the country’s economic team are false.

“At my meeting with CSO representatives, I was mainly interested in hearing their views and the discussion centered on how best to address the economic challenges that Zambia is facing,” he said.

“As we have said before, the IMF is committed to continuing its dialogue with the authorities on their policy responses to the current macroeconomic challenges facing the country. We look forward to further productive discussions with the Zambian authorities and other stakeholders in the period ahead.”


    • In the world of hallucinations tabloids exists in, it’s normal for a tabloids to concoct anything they dream of. This is why they are called tabloids because they are not bound by morality, ethics, professionalism or patriotism but gutter works. Let the nation move on irrespective of what the embattled leagues of tabloids say and massage in usual vanity. It’s a democracy. Next news article please.

    • There is nothing in that statement that refutes the story, read it. News outlet have various sources, the post in particular are very thorough and have far reaching sources. I would trust the post over IMF or indeed the PF government. If there ever was an institution that zambians should be proud of, it is the post but as usual you are all like children, you don’t know what is good for you.

    • LT has now replaced the Post as PF s propaganda machine.

      This report is false because not long ago auditors report not the post showed that PF is reckless in managing finances of the country. Over K300million was un acounted for. Which means Lungu and his stooges shared the loot and some of it is being used to bribe voters eg marketeers.

      UNIP and MMD bribed people in their last days where are they today?


    • @Wanzelu … how dare you bring UNIP in this and lie about bribery from the most decent party to ever run this country? Some you losers think that as long as you can document something even if it is a lie it will automatically turn out to be true.

      You have zero evidence of UNIP corruption and I dare you to start documenting each case here right below my post. Itemize each case, who was involved in, show us proof the same and what judicial findings were.

      You have 72 hours to gather all your evidence and publish it right here and like KK would say … STU!P !DIOT!!! And yes, I mean it too … that all you are

    • Ba br Mumba

      I think you were toddler when UNIP gave over K4milion as campaign money to bribe people so they vote UNIP, but it was not be. Clever people like Sata pocketed about K10milion in the confusion and then jumped camp.

      This year MPs are demanding a K1milion each to buy votes for Lungu and PF.
      I know this information first hand because a relative of mine was an MP.
      Mule researcher not just yapping.

      PF is in the forefront spearheading populist politics.

      Lungu is being booed from North to South and From West to East. Its time he realised that things are ok and steps down before people vie for his blood like they nearly did to KK and Chiluba.

    • @wanzelu … to the contrary for your own information I was the Bank appointed Assistant Returning Officer for Livingstone District … in the other words, I was the one tabulating all the votes from all areas in the voting precinct.

      Once I confirmed those votes, I then passed over those figures to be announced by the Government appointed Returning Officer who in turn transmitted those numbers by telex to ECZ as official results. That was in 1991 and I was the one who announced that KK had lost to FTJ in Livingstone District.

      I was the one who announced that Kirby Musokotwane had lost as MP of Livingstone District in 1191. So, cut the crap of childishness and itemize each case, who was involved in, show us proof the same and what judicial findings were.

    • Meant to say “… I was the one who announced that Kirby Musokotwane had lost as MP of Livingstone District in “1991” on November 1.” I can even tell you the exact tally on how many votes Sakwiba Sitoka beat Kirby and how many votes FTJ beat KK by because I personally tabulated those.

      Again, you have 72 hours to gather all your evidence and publish it right here and like KK would say … STU!P !DIOT!!! And yes, I mean it too … that’s all you are. Bring concrete proof … don’t include FTJ’s problems in your discussion or MCS, Levy and otherwise.

      At issue is you itemizing UNIP corruption, each case, who was involved, show us proof the same and what judicial findings were. As the last UNIPist blogger, I take very serious issue to accusations of my parte without merit.

    • Your math does not even add up … let’s hypothesize for a minute that you are right and by God you ain’t. If ZMK4 Million was given how would Sata then pocket ZMK10 Million? Where did ZMK6 Million come from? Wanzelu … my foot!!!!



    • @ Tim

      Do you know ONE media house, politician or “political adviser”(lol) which has not made false claim?
      Is it true that in any conflict, the first victim is the truth?

  2. The bible says he who hates has already committed murder. Why wish someone death? Mmembe is also loved by God just like he loves us all. Lamfras discuss issues not personalities.

  3. The truth is Owen must have said that behind the scenes.The fact is PF can not follow any programme wether theres or someone else’s.

  4. Totally agree with @The people. I don’t like membe but I would never wish death on him. Vengeance is the Lord’s.

  5. David Owen, you will be exposed by the Post. They may have an audio recording. brave and say you said this unofficially maybe you could be less embarrassed.

    • Spot on @ mentalist, this guy might have said it actually. He better just phrase it to indicate that it was unofficial. But I believe that he actually said it.

  6. Lord of mercy, grace and redemption we worship and glorify you. Your throne and dominion is established forever.

    You who lifts the humble and confounds the proud, we honour you.

    Father God we stand in the gap for HH and declare him covered by the the blood of Jesus. Thus no weapon fashioned against HH prospers. May your will in HH be realised and done, not according to the wisdom and intent of man but your sovereign will prevails.

    We come against the devil and his agents who militate against the well being of our nation. The blood of Jesus is against the workers of iniquity and wickedness. Those who devise stratagems to trap, accuse, falsify, waylay and harm HH now fall in the fashion of Haman and accusers of Daniel.

    Lord we declare and decree HH blessed of You, for who…

    • Lord we declare and decree HH blessed of You, for who you have blessed no man can curse. Lord your gifting in HH are without repentance.

      We declare that HH abides under the shadow of the almighty and shall say that you Lord are his redeemer, strength and great recompense.

      We seal HH in the eternal redemption blood of Jesus!


    • Go to Church if you want to rant and rave about God.

      This is a NEWS WEBSITE, not a pulpit

      Save your ramblings for other religious zealots that have enough time to waste with nonsense like this.

    • @senzo

      Try another way of talking to God. He does not read LT. He is much too busy with real problems to be bothered with silly clowns trying to bask in his glory for their own self-gratification.

      And leave HH out of it. Your rubbish is just de-campaigning him!

  7. LT produce Owen’s full statement. Its you who have published a falsity in the absence of the complete statement.
    We know PF’s expenditure record, we don’t need IMF to tell us how they have spent on byelections, useless trips, unplanned infrastructure, voter appeasing, etc. We actually need the Post to tell us how Kadansa is leading us into an abyss.

  8. The Post report must be right because Lungu is only talking to the Chinese about financing the deficit. PF know very well that the IMF will not tolerate its kleptocracy.

  9. Shame on you UPND cadres, you are no different from Mmembe hatred runs through your veins, IMF has distanced itself from the story but you want to make it real SHAME!

  10. The bottom line is that David Owen, the IMF deputy director for the African department, has denied what the Post claims he said. If any of you siding with the Post’s position have evidence to debunk Owen’s denial, produce it rather than resort to speculation and unverifiable inferences just because you have a bone to pick with the ruling party.

  11. Yes the The Post has its agend but it NEVER MISQUOTES. If it does it quickly retracts its article and apologises. Remember VJ’s claim to be misquoted in Lubumbashi! Let The Post publish Owen’s full statement and we will see who is playing with semantics.

  12. @Senior God the Father is all knowing and he knows what is best for Zambia, he looks at people’s hearts not promises, he has already choosen the next President, you cannot compel him to make HH President.

  13. @SENZO God the Father is all knowing and he knows what is best for Zambia , he looks at people’s hearts not promises, he has already choosen the next President, you cannot compel him to make HH President

    • @mambwe

      I agree. The Lord God lots at the hearts of men and not outward appearances.

      We as humans are enjoined to pray the will of God on earth. For this cause we lift our eyes and heart to the hills hence out help comes from.

      We pray without ceasing and say God bless HH.

      Amen and amen

  14. I have read the LT report twice and I do not see any quote that specifically denies the Post’s report. Diplomats sure have a way of playing with words…

    • …and may I add that a quote is always in inverted commas, just in case lesser souls refer me to the third party statement in the LT report that says Post report is false. That part does not quote and unquote the IMF. Thanks.

  15. From what LT has written nothing suggests that Owen did not say what the post reported. Read and understand and take time to analyze. Especially reading in between the lines. The post is accurate as it stands.

    • Lying test to reveal you to you: enter either Yes or No.

      1. Is EC Lungu campaigning ?
      2. Is Nalumango Chairperson of UPND?
      3. Will Lungu get more votes in Luapula than UPND HH?
      4. Is Chishinba and Lungu using tribal card ?
      5. Is pubic media operating as PF vuvuzela ?
      6. Is PF more corrupt than UNIP KK?
      7. Are prices of essential commodities beyond reach for most Zambians?
      8. Has PF been reckless in monetary ans fiscal policy operations ?
      9. Is ZP biased in favour of PF vigilantes?
      10. Has PF failed to control inflation ?

      The answers are: you have judged yourself!

    • # 17 ( Tiki )

      There is nothing to analyse here. LT is just stating that the IMF have denied the reports.

      I think you need to analyse your thinking ans thoughts my friend. May just need professional help.

  16. And who is Owen to solve our problems? Come on, Africans, lets uphold self determination and not looking to whites to solve our problems..! Umusunga nga alandafye ninshi bonse kunjenja…..!

    • @Munene forget the muzungu part IMF belongs to all its members so if they are offering solutions they should be viewed collectively don’t focus on the individual rep of IMF

  17. IMF and world bank are the cuasers of the problems most African countries are going through, they advised us to privatise our companies in the first place and things did work well, now what can they do this time around kuwayawayafye.So whether Owen refutes or not the fact is IMF can not solve our problems because they have failed before.

  18. This gentleman David Owen is just playing public relations or some sort of damage control. The rest is just water under the bridge. Who does not know that there is a lot fiscal indiscipline in the management of our financial affairs at govt. level.

  19. its time to look to other sources of funding rather than the IMF and World Bank,,,,we need to be free in the way we spend money so long as we are doing the correct thing…for me i salute lungu for refusing the IMF offer with tied conditions wen we have other sources that gives u money and only return it with interest….how u spend t is non of their businesss….we dont need another colonization/imperialistic idealogies…fuseki IMF and World

    • That is why you have a bankrupt country where nothing works.
      50 yrs on and you can’t even make a spoon. With that kind of thinking is that, all you want is to live on borrowed money. Can’t you make your own money as a country????

  20. The IMF and WB are always in a catch 22 situation because on one hand they like irresponsible governments like Zambia because that’s where they make their money. on the other hand when they meet reporters and civil society organisations they want to pretend to be for the nation and good governance.

  21. K73 MILLION unaccounted for according to the AG.
    Ask how much the first lady is using on her campain trips, ohhh I forgot, she is inspecting projects.

  22. Senzo forgot to pray about an important matter: Please Lord, forgive HH for the millions he stole from the Privatisation exercise and give him the courage to explain his wealth. …….

  23. Why do I get the impression that some bloggers get very upset whenever anything good is said about Zambia? Things are certainly getting “curiouser and curiouser” in Zed!

  24. Wanzelu aka Jonas when Unip fell you had just graduated from Unza but you facts are wrong oh and the relative you cite is your son who is PF so please spare us!

  25. Ba BR Mumba if I were you I would not be too emmotional about corruption in the Unip era. If we limit ourselves to elections I may not tabulate anything but I cannot say that in the Unip era there was no corruption in any sector. KKs’ people were no saints even KK himself. Kaunda himself may not have been corrupt but his people could have been or even where. Example the TIKA iron and steel scandle, the Kanyamagate scandle and finally diesel from grass. Remember how we came to associate game meat with the word Dingi and someone who called himself hassan or is it mohammed or whatever name in India after being caught with drugs. Election malpractices could have been there but may not have been noticed due to the overwhelming win by the MMD.

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