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HH Catalogues President Lungu’s failures since taking over


President Edgar Lungu with Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

United Party of National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has catalogued a list of failures by President Lungu and the Patriotic Front since he took over from the late President Michael Sata.

In a statement released to the media, Mr Hichilema said that in only 12 months President Lungu has managed to make the Kwacha the worst performing currency in the world.

Below is the full statement


President Lungu’s Year in Office

President Lungu is marking one year at State House this weekend and we are all counting the cost. It is clear to see who are the few that have more money in their pockets after nearly 5 years of PF Government.

Austerity has hit the Zambian people but seemingly not the PF leadership, with at least 17 Presidential trips abroad and countless social engagements over the past year. Yet President Lungu has only had time for one press conference and we are still waiting to hear his vision for the country.

While Zambians face job losses, rising food prices and erratic load shedding, the PF attempts to divide us and turn us against one another in order to distract from their failures in office. Such an approach shows a complete disregard for our future as a nation, and a self-serving attitude at the heart of government. Here is a reminder of just five of the biggest missed opportunities under the PF:

Power sector

The failure of the PF to maintain existing infrastructure is central to on-going load shedding and pressure to increase prices. Under Lungu’s management the PF not only failed to prevent the current crisis but there was not even a warning shot fired on the matter! They were too busy looking elsewhere. As long as ZESCO continues to be manned by PF cadres, problems will continue and investors will stay away. Lake Kariba is not the only source of water to generate hydro electricity in Zambia. We could have built a number of mini hydro stations along the Luapula, Chambeshi and Kafue rivers in the northern part of the country. It only takes at most 18 months to build a 100 MW power station.

Economic diversification

The PF has talked about diversification but there has been no action to follow. Where is the vision for our tourism sector? Where is the vision for agribusiness? These sectors can be great sources of job creation and revenue. Instead the PF has continued to focus almost solely on mining where it has failed miserably, alienating investors through chopping and changing policy and betraying workers with empty promises. In only 12 months Edgar Lungu has managed to make the kwacha the worst performing currency in the world, under his watch we have the highest inflation in 10 years. The rating Agencies have downgraded our economic outlook. The PF has borrowed massively, mostly for consumption, and the borrowed money is largely unaccounted for. We could have placed diversification high on the agenda and used borrowed money to invest in production to create more jobs and wealth. From the time Lungu took over in January the PF has added to the debt stock an amount of over US$2 billion of external debt.


The PF failed to put the full constitution to the people of Zambia through referendum as promised. They have also failed to reform the Public Order Act and have since used it to persecute opposition figures. Freedom of expression has been curtailed with public media operating under instruction from PF leadership. ZNBC, Times of Zambia and the Daily Mail are heavily indebted and insolvent. We could have allowed the media to operate professionally. Under the PF threats against private media are the order of the day.


Despite the fact that over 80% of Zambians are engaged in the sector the PF has failed to give it much attention. It is a great shame irrigation has not been advanced so that farmers do not always have to wait for rainy season to farm. Meanwhile failure to address productivity leads to increasing prices. We could have invested in systems to efficiently distribute farming inputs, extension services and increase yields per hectare. Lowering the production cost will reduce food prices.

Investing in our people

The PF has not empowered our people through investment in education and skills training, improved access to credit, and the simplifying of processes to start out in business. This is what we mean by investing in our people, not simple hands out just before by-elections and then nothing for the next 5 years.

The economic turmoil we are seeing now, with depressed growth, rising prices and various redundancies is what comes from a Government with no vision, that is slow to respond, has inconsistent policies and self-serving. Regardless of political affiliation a Government must be responsive and accountable to its people. It’s time those at State House realised a country does not govern itself, there must be someone to steer the ship who decides the best route to take or it won’t stay afloat.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. It’s rather still too early, since the time ECL took office, to now start cataloguing the failures of his administration.

    • The same old story. HH has nothing to talk about. Shame. If I were him, I could avoid talking about Kwacha and power because it is a well know fact that there is nothing Lungu could hav done about low water level within less than a year in power apart from developing other energy sources which he is doing. It is purely propaganda that the Kwacha is the worst perfoming currency in the world. Talk about the Rand, or The Kwanza in Angola wich has foallen from 90 Kz per dollar to 200 Kz per dollar. calculate the fall perc and compare to our kwacha.

    • That is the problem with Zambians. We are satisfied with very little. Edgar said he had no vision or plan of his own. he was to continue with Sata’s vision. In essence the failures of PF are a collective since 2011. Inflation is high, unemployment is high. CBU & UNZA, problems everyday. This man Edgar has failed. There s no better way to say it

    • An economist failing to grasp and apply simple concepts of economics………..kikikikikiki……ba HH kuwayawayafye!

    • If this statement attributed to Hichilems is anything to learn from the opposition political wilt, then it explains why our young sister Nawakwi is begining to say, she is opposition front runner to President Lungu in Decision 2016 with a measure of common sense and experience in practical National affairs. She is a detour from these academic theories. This only consolidates the perception that Hichilema’s class and board room economic theories cannot win elections or move Zambia anywhere. He does not understand variables of public systems. Talking of mini hydro stations developed in 18 months, economic diversification, Commodity prices, Agribusiness etc, all these take resources and time beyond the 11 month to realize. ECL took over a weak and vulnerable economy perfected only in…

    • Someone needs to keep the ruling party in check. In Zambia we are so used to sitting idly by even when the country is going down hill

      What HH has done is a good thing and should be commended

    • Meanwhile Jameson Kadansa Lungula instructs his PF cadres to sit on the Ndola airport runway preventing Miles Sampa from landing on his way to Kitwe

    • Too early to tell because Lungu has been only a short time in office?? PF has been in power since 2011!

      Zambias economy is sick and needs to be in intensive care with competent people managing the situation.

      A doctor does not wait until the patient is DEAD before giving him medicine!

      This PF GOVERNMENT is DIRECTLY responsible for this mess. This incompetence and corruption is not just sad, IT IS CRIMINAL!

      If someone came to your house and killed your children, would you just ignore it? That is EXACTLY what this Government is doing with the massive borrowing and squandering of funds.

    • Meimatungu: I agree with you. Sector 1: Who really failed to maintain infrastructure? How old is ZESCO infrastructure? PF is busy putting up new ZESCO infrastructure to mitigate further power deficits at the moment. When HH was privatizing properties, he could not remember that the Zambian people would need some of that infrastructure and HH could not advise due to the love of money. On Constitution: Please lets give credit where it is due. Due to lack of reading culture in this country, politicians are now stuck with the G12 School Certificate issue. Economic diversification: PF gives out small micro loans to marketeers, HH says he will cancel the repayments. My mum sales at the market and that K2 000 is a huge short in the arm. HH is laughing at my Mum for being K2 000 richer.

    • This sounds like a researched Editorial by a Secondary School Magazine.

      Surely this cannot be from someone who has tried to be president 4 times not for a school magazine but for a country’s Presidential General Elections.

      Mr HH ! Issuing generality statements is not being in opposition. Tell the nation what you would do to improve the economy. By doing that, you will be challenging PF Government.

      Your MP’s are in parliament and seem to do nothing but wait for you to become president.

      You have failed to provide alternative ideas but would rather sit idle and issue general statements and become an armchair critic, playing into people’s emotions, and wishing the economy to collapse.

    • @Senior Citizen,,,,

      Baba try to simplify your English language. You sound like an educated foool when you try to sound intellectual. Take a leaf from MMD Bootlicker, one person I disagree with most of the time, the man can write for all audiences. With you…? Heehee ba mwinsho!

    • Man, all the issues raised above by HH are long standing and Lungu has been attending to almost all of them. Infact all of them arise from poor planning from the days of UNIP and MMD. Therefore HH’s statement lacks substance is too empty to come from leader of the biggest opposition party in the country. I wonder how HH would run government with such shallow analysis. I suggest he gets some tutorials from Kalima Nkonde.

    • Performance Evaluation for Lung?? F.. (Need Improvement) that man has failed. No debates about it. 1 year of misery for Zambians..

    • I get surprised when i hear people posting stories such as Edgar has no vision? How many time do you need to get the message from our beloved President. When he opened Parliament last year he indicated a well articulated policies that go beyond his tenure but we still hear people talk about him not having a vision including the upnd leader HH. We know that you are campaigning and your strategy is making lose your senses.

  2. it is bruffing nothing u no achievements.The outlined failures are minimal and be easily overcomed with EL in driving sit for he walks the talk.

    • These are only “minimal failures” are they?

      And Lungu is easily going to overcome them?


      By drinking, dancing and campaigning? Going on expensive trips with his friends in chartered aircraft? Or by destroying the unity of the Nation by talking tribalism all the time?

      Because this is what we have see from him so far.

      We gave Lungu the most important job in the whole country. And ONE YEAR LATER HE HAS NOT EVEN STARTED TO WORK. Too busy partying!

      If Lungu wants to keep his job he better catch up and hold lots of PRESS CONFERENCES to explain his plan to the Zambian people.

      If he can’t, it just proves he is as visonless as he admitted.

      Man with NO PLAN!

    • It is only “bruffing”??? Where are the 500,000 jobs promised before 2016? Has he delivered? That is failure! Where are the 300,000 Tourism jobs Jean Kapata was talking about? That is failure! Or they did not know what they were saying, which is even worse! Don’t defend malabishi.

  3. Should we also list down areas wherr you have failed as a leader of a political party. The list will be endless. That is why we have no confidence in your leadership

    • Thanks for yo concern and care one EL by removing the wage freeze and awarding good percentage increment to our servants….today almost all the streets are full of happy civil servant bcoz of a good increment…..PF govt ve also managed to employ thousands of teachers last yr….one EL u are a good father of the nation….viva EL 2016..

  4. Zambians!Zambians!!! HH thinks that you people are in the colonial type of politics.Who tells HH that people will like him by painting ECL bad.This man will never grow up.I feel UNPD needs a vote of no confidence.Are these the politics Zambia expect in 2016.Who appointed HH judge over lungu.What is it that HH has done which gurantee him to start condeming ECL.This man is very irritating

    • He is not saying Lungu is bad as a person. He is simply pointing out Lungu’s failures as a leader. You are still living in UNIP days where anyone who pointed out the failures of UNIP was considered an enemy of Kaunda and the state. Is it not true that there is erratic load shedding, depreciation of the kwacha, high inflation, retrenchments, poor management of the Agricultural sector, intimidation of the opposition and biased coverage by ZNBC, Daily mail and Times Newspapers? These are are the yardsticks that we use to gauge how good someone is as a leader. So, yes PF under Mr Lungu has failed miserably. In fact they failed long time ago, after 90 days in office.

    • He has not said Lungu is a bad man! Just that he has failed to deliver! You might say this good man is not fit for the office of Pres since he has no vision and no clue!

  5. This man is finished and he needs to be checked in his head.Sure the entire president of a party even sits down to write about his friend. Who appointed him to be our eyes please!!!! you think with your list will hurt ECL.Ninshi HH thinks is an angel because we know the beast in him that made him rich over poor Zambians money.He should be ashamed to even produce this list.

    • @the real Zambian thats spot on!! It is us the Zambians who feel the pinch of whatever problems the country is going thru do we really need someone to tell us what we are experiencing? If he must talk about something let him tell us how he intends to overcome these problems that will be the basis of our votes not this kind of mud slinging.

    • The real Zambian please give your points against what HH said if its not true rather than attacking the person.He did not say Lungu is a bad person rather he is saying he has failed which is true.Zambia is poorer that it was in 2011.

  6. why didn’t u include the falling comodities prices on international market and drought in our country on the list of his failure kaili kuli imwe everything ni Lungu.

    • Commodity prices have fallen but not the fuel price in Zambia. Another big failure by the government. They are failing to reduce the price of fuel despite the price of crude going down by more than 80% in the recent past. No plan.

  7. Umwana wandoshi tatasha . You are the most failure HH because you fail to give solutions to your critics. You never be a President of this nation.
    Thank God for using you to de campaign your selves with your cardders who make noise everyday in Lusaka,they think Lusaka is Zambia.

    • Solutions, are you sick? It’s because of people like you that Zambia is stuck!!! Why on earth would want HH to spell out what you idi0ts should do? You are in government and you should use your technocrats to advise your clueless leader who unfortunately happens to be our president by default. You are pathetic failures and you can’t even read. Solutions my foot!

    • @Peter /Muzo

      Face issues instead of defaulting to the worn out tribal power hungry bitter phrase!

      Lupando Mwape, Mutati, Rose Banda, Mutale Nalumango and tens of thousands of their tribesmen are not from North Western Rhodesia but have joined their national counterparts in UPND to deliver Zambia from economic collapse entrenched in corruption, reckless borrowing and spending.

    • @ Muzo
      How can you expect educated and intelligent person to explain anything to brainwashed 1mbeciles like you.
      It is impossible to anybody with functional brain to lower his intellect to PF required maximum IQ of -120!!!

  8. All is malabishi! Everyone just wants to be in power! The boy with the unknown growths – Joseph Mubanga. His father was calling out for assistance. He needs help. This should be a priority! Hallo!?!

  9. This is rather out of context Mr HH, tell us what your strategy is to rectify the current situation rather than pointing at your mates failures are , I find that to be subjective, try and be objective.

    • @spider, do you want HH to start doing Lungus job for him before he is even elected as President?

      What you are really saying is that Lungu has no idea how to do his job and needs help!

      At least HH understands the problem.

      Lungu is probably so drunk HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM!

      Clueless Clown!

  10. Thanks for yo concern and care one EL by removing the wage freeze and awarding good percentage increment to our servants….today almost all the streets are full of happy civil servant bcoz of a good increment…..PF govt ve also managed to employ thousands of teachers last yr….one EL u are a good father of the nation….viva EL 2016..

    • The salary increments have become meaningless. The cost of leaving has gone up by a higher percentage than the salary increment. It’s back to square one. Worse still, most civil servant borrowed from the banks leaving them with a survival take home income and now that same ka small amount has been eroded by high prices. These are the realities on the ground. This is what we want to come and correct after August 11. Diversify, arrest inflation and depreciation, create jobs through Agriculture, tourism, provision of quality service in education,health and sport, attract genuine foreign investment and empowerment of our people. Our president is empowered so he knows how to motivate people so they can empower themselves not to ma handouts.

    • @Zambian

      You have no shame peddling lies? What increment are you talking about which even remotely compares to inflation that has jumped fourfold and pulling prices to beyond reach? Which civil servant can get paid and go to Spar, Pick n Pay or Shoprite and fill. Trolley with groceries as we used to do in the past?! Just go to these outlets and check how many if any filled trolleys are ever tendered on the pay counters. Go further and ask those young people how many full trolleys they serve in a fortnight.

      Things are bad for majority but for the leaches of State power who are busy insulting those who are speaking what is in the ground. So desperate to continue plundering , this corrupt group will label any criticism as tribal , bitter etc.

      Dora Rupiah Kaingu corrupt MMD has…

  11. I cant wait for August 2016 because will put to an end this madness once and for all.Ninshi HH’s policy is ECL.I think let him join PF as a committee member maybe ECL may allow him to stand us councillor.Those who sell salaula have better manners than HH because each minds his own business and sells his products.

    • HH is poor opposition. Face it, this is really not his election and UPND need new Leadership and Direction. It’s currently coming a Ross tired and lethargic.

  12. And the the success?? You mean he has not done anything worth noting? What kind of analysis is this? If you have nothing new to say, just shut up.

    • You tell us – what successes???

      Am trying hard to think of some but nothing comes up!

      Please make us a list – if you can think of any!

  13. This is Lame Duck Opposition. HH what Economist are you that can come up with such drivel? All thise variables you use to assess HE Lungu could NOT possibly be turned around in a 1 year period. There has been market fluctuations affecting all economies. We are doing well considering the fluctuations because we have not been derailed nor crushed entirely.

    As advice, I think you could have been HONEST, and accepted Zambia is facing tough economic conditions, then you could have concentrated on telling us how the current gov’t has missed the opportunity to apply relevant economic Policies and Instruments. But of course even then you would come acroppa (sp) because there is nothing much to elevate effectively except an accurate crystal ball. (Their rare, and unchristian).





    • As one who is not privy to the facts on the ground, I am compelled to respect your view. Your defense of HH sounds plausible.

    • Elections are in August, campaign period has not started yet for HE Lungu to be expressing a Vision!! As for current administration HE Lungu came in to complete all works for Sata, complete developments and infrastructure changes.

      HE Lungu and PF have been commended by US, EU and the people are very happy. They understand the economic challenges came from economic fluctuations internationally and beyond their hands.

  18. As long HH continues in this direction, governing Zambia will not be easy for him. The Power sector, honestly the points presented are not convincing and you would not win first round in an american setup, the load shedding which has been bad would make him lose faster himself with the many issues that surround him, same applies to all points he goes on to present. He needs to change strategy, otherwise, the light of hope he presents is too deem. I like him but i always sit up to wonder what level of experience and amount of money we need to reason beyond this level. Sometimes i am glad he lost the 2015 elections as that was more of a blessing otherwise the challenges lungu has had would have made HH lose easier this year.

  19. If HH or any other Opposition leader will be able to overcome Edgar Lungu in the forth coming 2016 elections, it will have to be seen as an extremity. Otherwise the Zambian electorate cannot use ECL’s performance in office as a basis for his rejection. It would be akin to asking someone who only attended the first term of grade X to sit for the grade XII examination and still pass. That would be unfair.

    • Good students take time to STUDY!

      FAILURES spend their time drinking and partying. And then are surprised when they fail.

    • Even the rejection of PF at the ballot box could still turn out to be a tall order. When you call people names, they turn around and call you “UPND cadres.” Are they wrong? What you fail to realize is that insulting other people is not a winning way. It’s your party you are alienating by so doing.

  20. This is refreshing..more of this issue based debate far better that childish tribal talk hogwash which does add value to anything!!

    • Why insult the man instead of counter debating what he is saying…you are no different to those PF cadres who blocked Sampa from holding his press conference

  21. This Guy is a Sadists, no wonder people talk of evil against him. How do you just look at what you perceive as negative in your friend.A coin has two sides so talk about both sides. This Guy is no Presidential Material not even at party level, where are his advisers Tekere, GBM, Cancious….. Or may be he is just a loner day dreaming.
    And you expect votes! Ba UPND give us another candidate for national presidency whilst you keep this one at Party level.

    • HH and Lungu are not friends in the sense that you put it. They are political opponents, both with what they think are the best solutions to Zambia’s economic problems. All we can do is weigh the two and decide which plan looks more plausible. Mr. Lungu and the Pf have had a chance to address these issues but so far they have failed miserably. They have even failed to give us their vision of where they want to take the country. HH on the other hand has a plan that will work. He has already proved himself as a successful organiser and business manager. Nothing to talk about on the ECL side unfortunately. I am yet to see a Zambian man who has inherited his brother’s wealth or companies and gone on to grow the companies and be more successful.

    • We plead th blood of Jesus on HH.

      God abides with you and no weapon fashioned against HH prospers.

      HH you are blessed of God and no man can curse you and succeed.

  22. @Mwinezed you are right bcoz the wa UPND make their public statements is not strategical if i may put it in that way, in la mans language NO TIMING and this is costly in any competition,,,so now if u make a list of failures about ECL wat is he going to tell US THE VOTERS before the election date…..kikikikiki kuwayawayafye its true they shud keep HH at party level and mayb give Us Mr Mwiimbu,,,,,,,kikikikikiki NDELOLESHAFYE

  23. Iwe HH, any positives for ECL. This guy will always say kak as long as he remains in opposition. Iwe HH just respect the head of state unlike yapping all the time

  24. HH is too bitter and it is slowly eating him away. This most likely his last attempt under upnd , knowing that 2016 is gone to ECL is very difficult to accept. After 11Aug normal HH candidature, he will enjoy what he knows Best mistreating Farm Workers’ who herd his cattle.

    • Are civil servants happy with increment below 50% when prices have increased by more than 300%?
      Can genuine PF support Lungu who has ganged up with wako ni wako chisusu Dora, Henry Rupiah and Sata speech tearing Kaingu?
      Is Lungu serious after dropping the Kwacha and economy to its lowest level like Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe ?
      Every failed regime has die hard supporters. Mugabe, nkuruzinza, Taylor, Mengistu all have had supporters just like Dora Rupiah Lungu PF has support from those feasting on Lungu corruption.
      This desperate group will call others bitter, not a factor, tribal, etc just to distract attention from debating the unprecedented failures of Rupiah Dora Lungu PF.

  25. I shudder to think what this character hh will do if at all given the instruments of power- ever negative! He’s a political demagogue filled with bitter bile and egocentric. I wonder if anyone is able to advise him cooz everything centers around him. Remember hh that human beings are by nature gregarious! You cannot be the alpha and omega!

    • Mr X

      The positive is that Lungu has taught Zambians a very important lesson.

      If you put a failed lawyer that has stolen his clients money into the highest office of the land, you will get a collapsed economy, a useless Kwacha, triple the price of mealie meal, load shedding, water shortages, loss of jobs and massive unemployment.

      Let’s hope Zambians have learned a good lesson and will vote wisely in August!

    • Mr X! I thot Lungu is the one to tell us his positives! Since when have you heard Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri etc say anything positive about HH?
      Let Lungu defend himself!

    • Sorry ZM, this clown we have in State House is even too clueless to give an interview to the BBC or hold a proper press conference!

      That is probably because he KNOWS there is very little positive that he has done in the whole time he has been part of this PF Government.

      What can he defend about himself?

      As a lawyer – he failed completely and was kicked out.

      As a Minister – he was one of the most USELESS PF all Satas USELESS ministers.

      As a President – he has let the economy collapse, made the Office of President a joke and divided our one Zambia one Nation just for his own selfish reasons to get elected.

      I agree. Let Lungu defend himself! Nothing is stopping him from doing that. Except that he is probably just as USELESS at that as he is as President!

  26. HH is a perpetual political faliure.He forgot to include himself. This year hh will learn a lesson of his life. Despite all the so called Lungu’s faliures wich he has listed,Lungu will still win the elections on 11 th august 2016. And that will shock HH and the upnd.

    • Hewe the virgin I know you.Just enjoy the orgasim from you knew husband whom you married secretly without a wedding.As for Lungu Kaya bebele.VIVA HH,Sampa,GBM ,Banda,Milupi and M wanawasa,Nawakwi and Mwape L.This is the campaign team for HH 2016.we shall see if Bwalya fr ,Mumbi,Chama or Kambwili will help ecl.How many people does Luapula have Kalaba is just asmall fish in a small pond.Watch the game.

    • Why the heck did Lungu allow unprecedented security breach of airport by PF cadres who were sent to beat up Miles Sampa?

      Lungu is violence and violence is Lungu. Remember Mulungushi violence where Lungu orchestrated an unopposed “election”?

      Remember the burning of Miles Sampa taxis?

      Remember the Jerabo attacks on HH ?

      All this is Lungu violence!!

      Read today’s Post for details….and let’s heed their advice to meet violence with violence!!!

  27. HH, you forgot to mention ECL corruption and his association with the married Mumbi Phiri. Also his compelete failure to bring sanity to PF where all the riff raffs can say whatever comes to their head including exposing the ‘Presidents nakedness coz he does not have a tummy like GBM’s as well as urinating in Lake Kariba. Ma rubbish ya President indeed

  28. We know that all these comments posted by pro PF cadres are sponsored-Wait August is nearby-Why pretend that you are not affected by what is going on in Zambia?Are you paid enough to support such a visionless regime??

    • Remember the adage: “The devil you know….”. As of now PF is the devil people know and UPND the angel they don’t know.

  29. Really ! what has this guy done to Zambia since he is a millionaire . He is a let down to the Zambian people and to God.

  30. HH paye peanuts to his workers at his farms. And today he wants to potray a fake picture of being the saviour for Zambia.

  31. Going through most of the comments above, its looks like most of us Zambians do not think we have a consitutional right to take Govt to task. The fact is regardless of our Political affiliation; inflation, loadshedding, unemployment, poverty, etc affects all of us. Truth is all our problems have solutions, at times lets put politics aside and collectively as Zambians find solutions. We should never accept poverty, loadshheding, unemployment, etc as normal if we want to see a better tomorrow for Zambia.

    • On the contrary, I think Zambians know their constitutional right to take Govt to task. Check the voting pattern since 1991. It was the reason UNIP was bundled out of power. And the reason MMD is no longer in power. Now the tide will soon turn on PF, or may be it has already turned.

  32. HH is a security danger to our country. The other day he accused ZESCO of wrong turbines for loadshedding and when reality of drought sets in, he says we warned PF about the elnino. Is this guy really even worth of leading a club? Let HH tune to either CNN OR BBC and let him blame the extreme weather that has hit America on President Lungu.
    HH can bring trouble in our country if he is not checked.
    85 million people in America have been hit by winter stornoway never experienced in America before whilst this phenomenon is causing drought in Southern Africa, it’s a fact and happening now.
    Which hydro power station can developed within 18 months? Well that’s the Under 5 for you.

  33. The only qualification to be UPND is to be as dull as their leader HH. Canicious how do you fit in such a bunch of dull and bitter fellows.

  34. even if ur in opposition atlist mention one positive things to give a balanced view infact in research we are taught to first bring out the gud things even if its one and then build and if u want focus on the weaknessess….wat is needed is a balanced view of his analysis coz even IMF atlist mentioned out gud thing about US Zambia…….hey man tunapunzila manje so stop kutinama………

  35. The problem we have rich pipo who cant even write books to educate others on how the have made it. Now wen you give them a floor you realise ati Ni bachabe or ni ma crook Ni ka arrongance chabe mumutu mulibe nzelu. Bali Na envy yakuti ingabapaye palast.

  36. All upnd cadres that have continued following HH who is a perpetual political faliure or kalusa.Be informed that am back at Lusaka times to put facts about this tribal party upnd straight. Don’t deceive yourselves with force hopes by thinking that you are winning this year by far. I know upnd A upto Z and like i used to argue with the likes of Manstro Hehehehehehe,here on Lusaka times back in 2008,2011 and 2015.Am again and accurately so telling upnd political amatures who are full of nothing but attacks against pf,that upnd is losing again in 2016. And we shall forget about this party which will only be remembered for its tribal agenda. I remember the likes of Nine Chali,Martword nice guy,Mushoto,ponyax and Luapula fish to mention but a few. we became a strong family here on Lusaka…

    • @ Ka Chewe, come back and write this on August 12, ka tribal mongering mambala. Be analytical and talk about issues and what PF has done to improve people’s lives.

    • Chewe the fool open your eyes UPND is wining this election.Cant you see all things are against Lungu.Members are leaving him,while UPND is gaining.All the rigging plans including of removing Tonga headteachers(Presiding Officers) on the copperbelt has been exposed.We shall see were Lungu will run to.

  37. Politics being politics, the hardliners who are insinuating that ECL is a miserable failure, may have a point and yet still fail to put it across articulately to the rest of us. Their line of reasoning, if I am gauging it right, is that, if I were to bring a cat to a house infested with mice, the moment that cat jumps out of my hands onto the floor of that house, I will be able to know instantly if that cat will be a terror to the mice or not. ECL has had ample time, not necessary to magically solve all of Zambia’s problems, which would be impossible; but instead, simply to prove that he is the right man for the job. It didn’t take weeks for the New president of Tanzania to assert himself as the new boss in town! By contrast, ECL appears as though he has been fidgeting his way through…

    • In the corporate world you judge a persons ability to execute the job within weeks of hire.

      How can ECL continue or even better Sata PF when he has regrouped with those who for ten years bitterly opposed Sata like Dora Kaingu Rupiah??!!

      How can corruption be fought when MMD has swallowed PF and Lungu is now a mere puppet and proxy of RB who eulogized lazo FTJ as a “damn good President”?

      This group will talk of unprecedented development instead of pointing at the unprecedented corrupt borrowing that goes into their pockets. Look at shameless Chikwanda!

      Today Zambia is in a stranglehold of corrupt tenderprenuers who will do and say anything to sustain the stinking sinking corrupt Lungu regime.

  38. in whatever way you put it we are proud of God given Lungu and we are voting him again becoz we know that its not about lungu’s failure but HH wanting to rule so that a particular tribe is fixed

  39. It’s very sad that leaders like Hakaivotela Humwine could make such a shallow analysis. He has the facts buthecannotuse them. I feel sorry forZambia. The calibre of leaders like HH is too low to say the least

  40. HH has a tough time when he assumes power in August to steer the economy back on it’s correct track. One of the toughest assignments is changing the mindset and thinking of most Zambians. It appears even common sense is elusive, comes at a premium. Ati Lungu has only been in office for only one year and can’t be expected to develop the country in that short period. But these evil thinkers forget that in one year or less you can at least put in policies that can immediately steer and point the economy where it is supported to be going, up. Lungu hasn’t even began to do anything to inspire confidence that he will deliver. Instead the economy has nose-dived and headed the Zimbabwe route in no time, probably the result of hobnobbing and listening to a failure who has single-handedly and…

  41. Cont’d…………maliciously damaged a strong economy of Zimbabwe. Reports all over indicates Lungu spends almost all his waking moments campaigning, drinking, scheming, tribal talk and dancing with married women. What hope do you have he will achieve anything even if given five years? Mwanawasa began working towards fixing the economy immediately he assumed office and inevitably the economy began to heal. That wouldn’t have happened had he began his official duties as president by first visiting shebeens regularly.

  42. The desperation of HH to go to state house is indeed a danger to the security of our country.whatever HH is saying is just utter nonsense.All what he is interested in is going to state house. when Sata died HH was saying this is God’s time for him to rule zambia. Thats why he allowed that. How can the so called leader be insensitive and say such a horrible thing.when Sata died upnd celebrated in the corner thinking their time had come.HH always wished Sata ill because of his own political faliures. Is this a man people can vote for?? No wonder even God did not allow such a person to get in state house.Sata used to criticise mmd yes and fircely so. But he also constantly gave people his message,what he would do for Zambia.Is this the case with this tonga tribal man??no,he has totally…

  43. Yaba! Most Zambians in foreign missions are massively supporting PF. Guys, jump the canoe is sinking. The HH you despise is coming this time whether you like it or not. Look at the propaganda support all from the diaspora. Mwania chito zasila. Just another 7 months and we will off load all of you excess laggage.

  44. Amazing! Out of 98 comments, only one is from within Zambia. The rest are from embassy and high commissions staff abroad. What propaganda!. No wonder you guys still think the canoe is afloat. it is the toppings and the jobs that have sent you all-out to portray the support is intact. Another 7 months….. you will be roaming the streets of Kalingalinga…

  45. Frankly, for an economist, HH is very disappointing. Why are his recommendations so shallow? They lack detail and backbone. He mentions a statistic of 80% without mentioning how he plans to fund agriculture or investment in people. For an economist, August 11 should have been in the bag for him already.


      We laugh at and simply can’t understand why Zimbabweans have enslaved themselves to economic penury by supporting and clinging to non performing dictator Mugabe .

      On the basis that Zambians are perhaps better in judgment to their counterparts across the Zambezi then August 2016 is in UPND bag.

    • How much of an economist is he? He ought at least to be able to understand Adam Smith’s Supply and Demand Curve. Commodity-based economies, Zambia still being one of them, are elusive; strange as the weather.

  46. How many Zambians, ordinary honest hard working Zambians are better off today than they where a year or more ago? No waffling.

  47. HH has brought politics of bitterness and hatred on Zambian political landscape. Zambians say no to this character on11aug and consign him to his political grave for eternal rest

  48. HH since you have pointed the failures of PF ,now i humbly request you to point at what they have achieved.

  49. but why do people like beating about the bush! you all know that most tonga’s are not the nicest of people, and the majority of you have seen them in action, at work and in marriages! and you want to always sugar coat everything about them, for the fear of being called a tribalist! but deep down most of you people, know most tonga’s are a big problem, in attitude and character!
    But really, shame on you “traitors”! for telling them what they want to hear about their president and the minute they turn around, you whisper among yourselves, “DON’T EVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE TO VOTE FOR THEM”! But i hope all of you sneaky sympathizers, know that this time around they are up in arms for this AUGUST 11TH, election, and its do or die for them, for their Hh! they want him in statehouse at…

  50. Honestly how can you compare the political engineer FTJ to clueless ECL? FTJ played a very big role in turning around the economy. He laid down the foundation for the reforms out of which the MMD ultimately managed to turn the economy around. He might not be likeable as a human being but you cannot re-write history and take away the credit from him. Even as politicians FTJ is million light years ahead of Chagwa agwesa dziko . ECL and his PF have eradicated all the gains we achieved under the MMD rule and now we are back where KK let the country; in a mess, in economic doldrums.

  51. failure by etch etch
    1. to accept that he is enjoy the roads by constructed by pf.
    2.enjoying the rebased kwacha he condemned accept there is drought accept he is enjoying the reduced electricity tarrifs he condemned .
    5.he wants to introduce loans to marketeers which he condemned
    1000. endless.

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