My Son has Committed a heinous crime, the law must take its course-Mpombo

George Mpombo
 George Mpombo
George Mpombo

PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) president George Mpombo says his son has allegedly committed a heinous crime that cannot be tolerated.

And police in Ndola have warned and cautioned Mr Mpombo for alleged failure to secure a firearm.

Mr Mpombo said this yesterday at Ndola Central Police Station where he was summoned for questioning in connection with the firearm that his son allegedly used to shoot dead his 17-year-old lover, Ruth Phiri.

Mr Mpombo admitted that the firearm that his son allegedly used to murder Ruth was his, but that he stole it from the house.

He said his son’s action of allegedly murdering his lover cannot be tolerated by anyone and that the law should take its course.

“The boy is my son, but he has committed a heinous crime that cannot be tolerated. The gun he used is mine but I did not realise that my son had stolen it from the house. I had no idea that he was even being interrogated by the police on Tuesday over the missing of the girl.

“I cannot condone a crime that brings the sanctity of life into disrepute. All I can say is that the law must take its course because every human being deserves to live and if they die, they should be buried in a proper manner,” Mr Mpombo said.

Clad in a black suit, Mr Mpombo arrived at Ndola Central Police Station around 09:30 hours and the interview lasted about 2 hours.

And Copperbelt Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said Mr Mpombo was warned and cautioned for alleged failure to secure a firearm but that investigations into the matter are still under way.

“Yes, Mr Mpombo was summoned to appear before police officers in Ndola for questioning over his failure to secure a firearm. But I can’t state whether he has been charged as we are still carrying out investigations into the matter,” Ms Katanga said.

It is alleged that Mr Mpombo’s son, on January 11, murdered Ruth after she informed him that she was pregnant by him.

The teenager is alleged to have subsequently beheaded Ruth and buried her body in a shallow grave, a kilometre from Chiwala Secondary School in Masaiti.

The teenager then went and dumped Ms Phiri’s head in a bush in Ndola’s second class area of town.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s uncle, Henry Milanzi, says the family is shocked by the gruesome murder of their daughter.

Mr Milanzi said it is unimaginable for someone to kill a fellow human being in such a manner.

He said in an interview yesterday that some parts of the body were missing as they had been eaten up by animals because the body was buried in a shallow grave.

“The family is so devastated at this death. The boy killed her all because she told him that she was carrying his pregnancy and because he wanted to conceal it, he had to kill her in such a way going to an extent of even cutting her head off using a hoe,” Mr Milanzi said.


  1. Hmmmmmm this boy is a devil,.we dnt need such pipo in society,.cage him thts 1st degree murder and the boy should receive a minimum of life imprisonment sentence

    • The reason I will always stand for the death sentence. Criminals like these don’t deserve a life sentence at taxpayers’ expense. When this evil animal is hanged, we can be 100% sure that he will never kill anyone again!

    • Because of presidential pardons, people have lost any sense of what is right or wrong. Politicians you have are destriong the moral fiber of the country.

    • I am beginning to suspect that all politicians and their immediate family members have armed themselves with pistols. This boy was in possession of a gun and used it to commit a very serious crime. The buck stops with our leaders and their lawlessness. While it is a crime for ordinary citizens to carry deadly weapons our leaders are free to arm themselves and kill people at will all because of the crimes and theft that they commit while in office. If you haven’t stolen or committed crime, there will be no need to carry a gun around. Look at comrade Grey Zulu. He is leaving a free life but the current politicians have to protect their sins. Look at Liato and many others. They are not free so they have to arm themselves. Politicians need to change.

    • But the father also.What if the son is innocent?He may have suffered from temporary insanity.How do you forsake your son at his time of need.At best shut up.To him even this episode is about politicking.

  2. What I am reading here… can it be true or just dream? A son of Mpombo turning into a monster, I can’t believe it. Howz government is it?
    Is it not a PF’s plot.

  3. At no time should our beloved H.E think of pardoning this small horror monistor, Can this case together with his friends be delt with urgency, maximum sentence, women where are you please??? Kanene’s case is northing but this one please rise up for a quicker justice

  4. That is some stone cold killer.Murder most foul.Serial killer sh*t.Isis poster boy. This boy must have done this before.Profile fits a psychopath.Cut off the head to conceal identity of the corpse.The second Ruth to be mmurdered so violently. The kid was banking on a crime to be blamed on ritual killers. Where is the death penalty? RIP Ruth and the baby.Shi*t what a heinous crime!

  5. This is a heinous crime & like the father has said let the law take its course.
    But then, reading some of the comments above as citizens of a christian nation what would we have done to Paul (Saul) for murdering those innocent apostles of Jesus? Was God fair to give Paul a second chance then use him as his messenger? Well maybe God’s ways are not ours.

  6. Some of you bloggers are very shallow minded. What has this murder got to do with PF? If you dont have anything sensible to comment, go masturbate. It may help you

  7. Comment: No No No inu abale anga akuja kwathu ku Zaambia, This kind of barbaric behaviour its un acceptable, The son of Mr Mpondo doesn’t deserve to live in our Communities, This young Man must rot in jail for life, Mr Mpondo you got a case to answer according to the Constitution of Malawi Republic, Fire arm its a dengerous weapon that requires to be taken care of all the time by owner of it, Mr Mpondo, you failed to follow the rules of fire arm act, Mr Mpondo you also failed as a father to advise your own son, How dangerous the fire arm is, Mr Mpondo with your son deserve a jail sentence, May the Soul of the daughter RIP.

  8. This ***** must be killed too. It’s sad for both families, don’t blame Mr Mpombo Snr for what his son’s act. I am 100% sure that Mr Mpombo is in support of what the courts will say. This name Ruth reminds me of Ruth Mpandu who was killed in a similar way. These ritual killings will continue as long as we continue accommodating witch doctors. There number recipe for such acts.

  9. Who would have thought that we have our own version of “Crime of Passion” or CSI in Zambia. I do not know why Americans do not want gun laws. I am happy to know that gun laws are there in Zambia.

  10. Something us children bring so much pain to our parents. It’s indeed a horrible heinous crime and please no bail to this boy.

    One love.

  11. Sad issue. Such gruesome murder is work of a sick mind that has no place in society. I hope there was visible forced entry into his father’s “secured” armory otherwise Mpombo senior should be in serious soup also. He ought to have known the sick mind he has been living with to never let him access to dangerous weapons. Mwaona manje!

  12. To Mushota and any other ***** calling this a “mistake”: you may want to revisit your primary school English lessons. A “mistake” is when you forget to watch your beans on the stove until they burn. Or when you dial the wrong number on your phone and unintentionally call your mother instead of your girlfriend. That’s a “mistake”. To get a girl pregnant and then steal your father’s gun and shoot her, chop her head off with a hoe and bury her body in a shallow grave is NOT a mistake. Its COLD BLOODED MURDER. Deliberate, planned, and inexcusable. So hell no! We do not “all make mistakes.”

  13. Too bad to the young lady Ruth Phiri and the baby she was carrying.ok its true that Mr mpombo snr ws keeping the boy but this world u see is full of evil things especially in these last days(2 timothy 3vs 1-5) so u cnt say tht the father ws oso on the idea of the son’s murder,yes u can blame hm for not keeping hs gun in a safe plce bt he oso ddnt knw the plans of the son and he is nt in favour of his son nowonder he is calling for the law to take its course,the son knew wht he ws doing so in turn he hs to face the consequences alone not wth the father coz even if the boy dd not use his father’s gun for the fact tht he is evil and ws so furious abt his girlfrind’s pregnance,stil he wud av killed her using any other possible weapon present that tym

  14. Comment:A person has no rights over somebodies life and for that let the law take its course becouse the guy is so dangerous

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