PF cadres in Kitwe celebrate President Edgar Lungu’s 1 year in office

PF Cadres in Kitwe
PF Cadres in Kitwe
PF Cadres in Kitwe

HORDES of Patriotic Front (PF) members in Kitwe yesterday staged a solidarity march to celebrate President Lungu’s one year in office and re-affirm their unwavering support for him ahead of the August 11 tripartite elections.

The colourful procession, which started in the morning, was joined by a sea of Jerabos who drove around the central business district (CBD) in a long convoy of private vehicles and trucks before moving to Wusakile Township.

Clad in the PF regalia, with others in different attires, the jubilant cadres brought business to a standstill in Wusakile and the city, much to the excitement of the residents.

Copperbelt PF youth secretary Binwell Mpundu lauded the members for their support and urged them to continue campaigning for President Lungu and the ruling party ahead of this year’s elections.

Mr Mpundu said all members should go flat out to recruit more new members and consolidate all party structures to give Mr Lungu a resounding victory.

He said the resignation of Matero member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa from the party is a relief. Mr Sampa was due to hold a press briefing in Kitwe yesterday but returned to Lusaka from Simon Mwansa Kapwewe International Airport due to security concerns.

“We should go flat out to campaign for President Lungu so that he can win with a big margin to continue with the vision of our late President Sata and his own vision. The Copperbelt is the bedroom of the PF,” Mr Mpundu said.

He said party members should also tell the people what the PF has done by showing them schools, hospitals, roads that have been constructed and other projects being undertaken countrywide.

Kitwe PF district youth chairperson Makhuzo Kaboba urged youths to vote for President Lungu and PF members of Parliament.

He said some opposition leaders have run out of campaign messages following the massive development government has delivered in the last four years.


    • ‘These fellow patriotic Zambians have every reason to deafeningly celebrate with the entire nation of Zambia on this aniversary. It is a special day for every selfless Zambia because it’s a day when God officially decimated a scheme of f fimwandanshi and kaling’ongo that grouped for evil but veinly to plunge our nation in total turmoil. Their conspired destruction dream was exposed and asphyxoates eternally.

    • We were informed campaign period hasn’t started.So what is this? How is it that PF is always given police clearance.I’m sure the IG will say they were touring development projects

    • How can normal people celebrate failure. These cadres will not even afford a lot of bread to take home after such fools procession. Their brothers have lost jobs on the mines because of PF tax inconsistence largely (global factor is minor). Edgar Lungu has lamentably failed

    • Eat you silliness. what is there to celebrate with all the hardship. Some Zambians can be dull.

      Double standards, where is the police permi for thist? HH also let UPND have a solidarity parade to celebrate formation of the Opposition..

    • Those colours remind of UNIP VIGILANTE and how they were given moneybto celebrate to keep up appearances that UNIP was still popular.

      These are the last kicks of a dying horse.

      Lungu has already admitted that without MMD PF kuyabebele.


  1. Ignorance is the best master of slavery

    The PF minions do not even notice the economic suffering they are going through because they are blinded by the K20 Jameson Kadansa Lungu pays them to publicly show their support for him

    The K20 makes all the difference and Ka Lungu has taken advantage of this

    Viva HH

    • chakubaba youths and other vulnerable are being given cool cash with the aim of improve livelihoods


      Relax this is how life is structured

  2. Zambians are useless. With all the accidents in the country, they accept to move like that. What if there was an accident, many of them would die. PF banned fellow Zambian Sampa from landing for over 3 hrs and cancelled his meeting and these useless cadres are celebrating Lungu’s oppressive stay in office. Shame.

    • @Kapundo Kondowe I salute you.I have lost a bit of respect I had for Lungu because blocking a fellow Zambian(Sampa miles) for 3 hour in the air amounts to assignation attempt.Bashonongo Pf cadres you call Lungu Humble and good with these acts.Lungu is a Satanist un like HH.Lungu has pushed his lucky to far.He is busy transferring all Tonga headteachers from coperbelt because he knows they will be presiding Officers during elections to bring his tribesmen to help him rig we are aware of that.Aloba ilyauma.

  3. Are these PF cadres telling us that, life is now much better than the way it was 5 years ago! People in Zambia are 100 light years away from civilization! Education is very important! Edgar should really honestly be thanking the illiterates for not being educated!

  4. Awe chakupapa sana, charity katanga was not aware that such nonsense was happening right under her nose, she made a few personal amendments to the Public order act, interestingly i can’t see the excited residents in the picture only pf hooligans loaded in trucks like bags of charcoal, one good thing they also know that red color is incoming and the green is fading away.

  5. ubupabu at best. What were this *****s celebrating or they were clueless,visionless,brainless,useless and drunk.

  6. Ubupuba at best. What were this *****s celebrating or they were clueless,visionless,brainless,useless and drunk.

  7. Most people who call themselves as being educated are mostly EDUCATED ILLITERATES themselves. Actually all those who are saying they are suffering are from one region where all are blind and are mechanical trouble shooters not electronically ones because all they know is criticism. They will never appreciate unless it is done by theirs which shall never happen not until that period when they are going to see and recognise others as human beings. You can not force those who are not interested in sharing your perpetual hatred and antagonism of all years as you are also free to celebrate the number of years of Failure of your president and we will help you fully morally , psychologically , spiritually name it. You claim to be farmers but poor planners

  8. I hope this is not taxpayer’s money that these *****s are using to celebrate a pure failure. LUNGU MUST GO COME AUGUST 11 AND HE WILL HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS MONEY IF IT IS TAXPAYER MONEY

  9. @Kano Nganibo! Are you saying life is now better than the way it was 5 years ago? If you are a right thinking human being you can answer that question honestly! Some of us are not even in Zed. We are in places where we have tasted true democracy and civilization and don’t wish to be part of that circus down there, but we have relatives whom we feel for who are suffering because of selfish individuals in government. I don’t know you but what I believe is, I’m doing better than you in terms of everything!

  10. @ Kaputo. Life is certainly better with good roads, health centers, schools new and more in tune subjects, improved constitution all in 5 years! Trying to rationalise weather challenges and global economical challenges as a party failure is a fallacy and the sooner you come to your senses the better. This country shall not be entrusted to a character without any governance experience nor know how, a masonist with the knowledge like that of a dog starring at the moon without a clue!

    • Lungu is more a Satanist because he wanted to kill sampa yesterday by blocking his plane from landing for 3hrs.Lungu is shame.

  11. Nkanga ndiija ilimumanja! Why discard what you have based on a premise that he who is coming has better theorems and because he has tracts of customary land filled with inferior breeds of cattle- how many economists are collectively working with the government, are they all wrong and your demi god is the omniscient? ECL 2016!

  12. This is just the begining UPND wait after nominations you will see the real boat in motion. I’m in Ndola ifwe tatula tampa. Your wind of change is imaginery.

    • @manix
      How much are you paid ? Mukatampa lisa imwe, or you are waiting to be invited for shake Shake, for you that is progress, tefyo mune?

  13. Cadres really are brainless how do you celebrate building a house using kaloba knowing very well you have no capacity to pay back. That is what PF has been doing with the so called development. But what do you expect from useful *****s.

  14. What is there to celebrate when there is no electricity at there homes and their relatives are being retrenched in the mines….the police is happy to give these PF mobs for hire permits but we allow opposition to walk peacefully in a market.

    • You have got little brains like yo under 5 leader…govt has done its best to mitigate job losses at the mines …compare the percentage of the workers laid off by yo up and down anglo america with ours…85,000 job losses equivalent to 85,000 families…

    • @James
      Its short sighted and docility of people like yourselves that we are in this dire situation …you ignorantly make utterances about mitigation when the writing has been on the wall all along you seriously think China was going to continue buying copper? do you know how much that mitigation of issues has cost the taxpayer behind the scenes in terms of tax parachutes, energy and fuel discounts to these mining conglomerates ….you should be looking towards Agric and the services sector for diversification…is it not Lazy Lungu who said he will create a million jobs so why is he worried about miners. You ignorantly make references to Anglo America lying off workers in a completely different era.
      I support the people of Zambia not anyone you have mentioned just because one has an…

    • In fact I’m not done with you…you seriously think Anglo America came to Zambia to create jobs? You think an investor would leave their clean streets and 24/7 electricity supply in Shanghai to come and create jobs in Zambia. The sooner you get in your thick skulls that they are here for business and to make a profit will you learn to treat them as such…its this colonial mentality that is driving is nowhere.
      Wake up!!

  15. Celebrate your last,we are definitely taking you out The youths and women have been organized to vote you out.Wait and see.Donchi kubeba!!!!!!

  16. There’s nothing a normal person with 5 senses can celebrate from ECL leadership. Failures are numerous;price hikes, corruption, inept leadership, insults, massive borrowing, bloated cabinet, massive loadshedding, declining production, poor balance of payments, lack of medicines in hospitals, compromised police, useless judiciary, unchristian behaviour, lack of priorities, depleting reserves to prop up kwacha, association with corrupt MMD and RB, adopting for election MP’s found to be corrupt, pardoning carelessly criminals, massive fall of kwacha, tremendous increase in interest rates etc Unless and until Zambians reach a level of literacy to understand such fundamentals, then I would agree with Trump that Africans indeed need to re colonised

  17. How I wish some president will stop this cadre nonsense. Its time to think about development and the future of the country, and not waste time chanting. The future of our children is at stake if we continuously allow ourselves to be ruled by people whose per-ocupation is make noise around just for a tin of Chibuku. Lets move forward with positive thinking and support the Government with creative works!

  18. 2016 Nega Nega formula. Yaaaaaaaabaaaaaa. Winangu Azalila. We shall witness the unity of tribes as demonstrated buy some last election year. pheeeeew.

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