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Lungu’s standing will be damaged if he succumbs to calls to remove Grade 12 Clause-Mumba

Headlines Lungu’s standing will be damaged if he succumbs to calls to...

At Victory Bible Church with NEC members
Nevers Mumba

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s name and political standing will be badly damaged if he is going to succumb to the demands by some political parties and members of public to have the amended Constitution taken back to Parliament for yet another amendment for the sole purpose of removing the Grade 12 certificate clause, MMD president Nevers Mumba has warned.

He said should President Lungu succumb to the demands by some PF members and other people to have the Grade 12 certificate clause removed from the amended Constitution, the danger was that other groups and individuals would be armed to organize themselves and demand that clauses they did not like be removed.

Dr Mumba said President Lungu had assented to the amended Constitution and that it would be wrong for Government or anybody to attempt to manipulate the Constitution after it had become law. The Grade 12 certificate clause requires that all those aspiring to contest elective political positions including councillors should have a Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent.

He warned that President Lungu and the PF Government would easily lose the confidence of the people if the Constitution was manipulated as they would be considered to be flip-flopping and lacking consistency.

President Lungu while on the Copperbelt and Southern Provinces recently said some people were petitioning him to consider taking back to Parliament the amended Constitution for yet another amendment meant to remove the Grade 12 certificate clause but declared that he had assented to the law and was not going to send the document back to Parliament.Dr Mumba observed that the amended Constitution could easily fall apart if a selected group of people were going to succeed in compelling President Lungu to send back the document to Parliament for yet another amendment.

“Now that the amended Constitution has been signed into law by President Lungu, nobody should attempt to manipulate the Constitution because that would not augur well for the PF Government. If the Constitution was manipulated with the removal of Grade 12 certificate clause, the PF government would be looked at as flip-flopping and President Lungu’s name would be badly damaged,” Dr Mumba warned.

Dr Mumba said there was no Constitution in the world that was perfect and that people appealing to President Lungu to consider removing the Grade 12 certificate clause did not mean well.

He wondered which Zambians would be consulted in advocating the removal of the Grade 12 certificate clause because the requirement was as a result of extensive and exhaustive consultations from as far back as 2003.

Dr Mumba recalled that when he was vice-president, there were consultations and meetings from district, provincial and national levels, which consultations he said culminated into the National Constitution Conference (NCC) which was to be defeated by the combined force of the UPND and the PF.

“The Grade 12 certificate clause would not have survived all the consultation levels if it was not the desire of the majority of Zambians,” Dr Mumba said.

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    • How do you expect anyone to have the right presence of mind to preside over the important affairs of a nation when they are incapable of passing secondary education tests? No wonder there is so much childish & mindless behaviour in Africa!

    • No! Lungu’s name and political standing will not be damaged because it’s just changing of times on how things should be run

    • Too many empty tins in Parliament …surely if you didn’t see the inside of G12 what can contribute to basic education debates!!

    • This is ridiculous. The qualifications should start with a college degree, not Grade 12 certificate. No wonder we have so many uneducated *****s in public offices. The world is changing, and we need people who are educated and understand how the modern world functions. If all you have is Grade 12 certificate or less, you need to improve your education or get replaced with someone better educated.

    • Grade 12 is a must! You’re never too old to learn.
      Those who are whining about grade 12 must start studying for this document. I repeat: You’re never too old to learn.

  1. G12 is here to stay. We the pipo have set what we want for this employment no more G2 and sub A ‘s. We want pipo who do work for pipo not ones who will be moving with pangas and insulting pipo.
    Viva lungu our hard working president vote ecl

  2. …his political standing will be badly damaged’; ‘lose the confidence of the people’…. You mean he still has any of these attributes left in him? The man stands for nothing. One day he pardons paedophiles and makes ambassadors for domestic violence, the next day he strips of the role. Knowing his record of U-turns, I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws out the whole constitution thing into the bin the day before the elections. Political standing and reputation? Me thinks he has none. Good advice though Mr Pastor Mumba.

  3. In other countries they look to Harvard graduates for national leadership. Any wonder we can’t compete! We elect grade XIIs and later insult them for not performing. What, for God’s sake, do they know?

    • You would think Grade 12 would be a basic requirement that shouldn’t even solicit any debate. They should be able to at least understand basic economic decision making, reading and writing skills, basic maths and the constitution.
      After I believe any formal employment in Zambia calls for Grade 12 as a minimum… if not all, the majority (90%) do.

      By the way this clause should also put responsibility and pressure on the government of the day to provide education or an enabling environment for citizens to go to school up to year 12 so they don’t miss out on serving their country. They should link this to the Bill of Rights when they come up for debate.


  5. Let NO one manipulate the already manipulated amendment bill. No wonder the country develops at a lower rate coz the pipo tasked to preside over the affairs of the nation are ill-educated. To them the resolutions of the day can only be solved thru the use of the PANGA. They can’t even articulate issues.

  6. Thats the constitution which people wanted. Upnd a party that has demonstrated real faliure in politics was busy screaming for 50 percent plus one and presidential running mate.Thy totally forgot about other clauses in the constitution. Thats why am saying the desperation of HH to go to state house is a danger to the security of this country. All that HH is pre occupied with is not really to solve people’s problems but go to state house. GBM,Canicious Banda and Mutale Nalumango are just being used as ladders to state house. If at all it was to happen that HH wins,God forbid. Those 3 can be dumped and the entire top leadership will just consist of tongas. All what HH is doing is just cosmetic to get a bemba vote. Which will never ever happen.

  7. Grade 12 requirement as minimum qualification should stand. President Lungu should not listen to any cartels championing irregular causes.

  8. In Mr Lungu’s Mind And The Way He Doese Thing Together With Workmets He Has Sucubed Alredy A Sirious Goverment Would Not Hv Wasted Money To Let Kabwiili Go Round Zambia Waste Of Time Sir Mr Lungu Just Do What U Want We Kn It U Call Urself ( Ati Ntengwa Mubili ) Show Us Kaili . And One Thing I Want To Ask Fellow Zambians Whear Ar Our Learned Lawyers U Only Waite For Things To Get Worse Yet U See And Hear How Pf And Lungu Are Abusing Us Things Are Bad Police Are Not Protecve Allways On Th Side Of Pf What Happened To Sampa And All Passegers Icluding Owners Of The Plane Is A Clear Case They Cn Sue Pliz Lawyers Save Our Only Zambia Lungu Can Be Removed Let Wina Stand In Up To August . Ba Nchito/ Ba J Sangwa/ Ba Malambo/ Ba Mwiimbu / Sondashi Ama Mbuku Mbwee Mumam Office Am Sure U Read…

    • Iwe J, go back to Grade 12 as your English is terrible even in shorthand. You are the Mbutuma, don’t even dare despise other people.
      Grade 12 certificate clause for councillors, MPs and presidential aspirants is simply the bare minimum. We the electorates are looking for astitute men and women in the management of the affairs affecting us.
      Therefore grade 12 clause must stay!

  9. People wanted the constitution and they have been given. Why complain. HH never paid attention to other clauses apart from 50% +1 and presidential running mate.He thought thats what would help him go to state house. The desperation of HH to go to plot one is a danger to the security of Zambia.

  10. @chewe the virgin….his MPz run away from parliament on one clause and they even asked for more time to study the document which they were given by the speaker,,,,,,,stil they came up with nothing tangible to justify their going to study the document and continued with their lame argument……@J kambwili is not going anywhere and am pretty sure that statement did not kam from him it its true then hes just attention seeking….i knw our president as a lawyer will not allow such shallow thinking…anyhow its ECL at plot 1 till 2021

  11. In the land of the blind, a one eyed person is a king. Nevers Mumba seems to talk sense of late but seriously his issues are shalow — do we need to report about g12 stuff…

  12. @PanAfricanist and @child of the Sky this time around he wil not flop just like he wil not flop come august dearz…anyhow its ECL at plot 1 till 2021

  13. Nevers Mumba sounds PF (although he has a point). I would not be surprised to hear that mmd and Pf have entered into a marriage for the purpose of 11 Aug 2016

  14. Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya and Davies Chama; are these chaps better than people who left school in grade 2? This clause in itself does not guarantee us that we will not be ruled by morons

  15. Zambia has moved on. If you don’t have grade 12 qualification go back to school and take it. I think some people know they cannot pass a grade 12 exam now. Again the schools are open and available for anyone one interested to attain the grade. Remember the old Form 2 education used by British people to be enough for Africans to become teachers was only for those teaching Africans. The British still required teachers with university degree to teach all their children. Too many Africans are afraid of education. They will be relegated to being servants of those who have education. Grade 12 don’t even know how to extract their own copper out of the ground. Zambia has to import people to do it. These old leaders want to continue this state of affairs.

  16. Nevers!!! they are are already known for flip flopping and lacking consistency. Where have you been? Only maids and garden boys need no papers. Someone wants to be a minister or president and says I don’t need an education to be a leader. What BS. Are we serious mwebantu? Even a mere teller in a bank needs papers. Now people are telling me ati we should entrust the management of our country to grade sevens or even grade ones? No wonder we are so disorganised.

  17. Never Mumba is right,Ba Lungu will lose respect we have for him.The constitution is not about politicians but Zambians.Zambians are happy for this constitution bcoz of G12 clause.We should have a standard.I have friends who will vote for EL especially for this G12 clause.Pipo should understand issues.In future our constitution will include G12+college certificate or G12 plus degree.Education system should improve.

  18. HH the trbalist wanted the constitution and was only interested in 50%+ 1 and presidential running mate clauses.

  19. G12 it’s ok for the new entry but for those who have been in the system for many years their experience upgrades their understand can be given chance of standing taking into consideration of their ability , quality and quantity .
    G12 and above + honest you qualify.
    What is the future for G7, G9, and G12. G12 without a full certificate?

  20. Grade twelve certificate should not be removed from our new constitution. No wonder these lazy councilors think that when they are elected they are mandated to sale land.

    • Badrum you hit the nail on the head! We elect illiterates as councillors, how can our land policies be intepreted, how can they come up with initiatives to clean up towns/cities, how can they formulate good by-laws and how can they govern our cities and towns?
      We need councillors who are enlightened and can debate convincingly. Grade 12 should actually be just the beginning, we need to demand that our deputy ministers, ministers and President must have a minimum of first degree. No more uneducated and stone throwing hooligans in public office!

  21. Clever ones in business will start colleges specifically to teach G12 dropouts and make money, I see many elderly people in class this year. Adult learning has finally received a boost in our country many forgot its importance

  22. Nevers Mumba is very correct on this one, no more amendments to our beloved new constitution that will send HH into political history!!!

  23. @chewe the virgin, you are brain washed.
    What a wasted sperm are you.
    Think not on tribal lines. Your reasoning is shallow and shows that you are a timid coward pfool.
    What will the panga family give you than an assurance of hell destination?
    Time has come for Zambian people to choose life(hh) or death(evil lucifer).
    Evil does will always go for the panga family.

    • Chishinka Kamwili Chama na Mumbi, you and Chewe virgin belong to the same clan. Read your comment and tell me the difference between you and her/him!

  24. Chishinka Kamwili Shama you are the one going to hell with your leader a freemanson. You are devil worshipers yourselves no wonder God has never allowed upnd to rule Zambia a christian nation. Satanists will never rule Zambia.

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