President Edgar Lungu off to Eastern Province for 3 days tour

President Edgar Lungu speaking at Statehouse swearing in Ceremony on Thursady 7th January 2016. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu speaking at Statehouse swearing in Ceremony on Thursady 7th January 2016. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has left for Eastern Province where he is expected to inspect development projects.

Eastern province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, disclosed that Mr. Lungu is scheduled to inspect projects in Nyimba, Petauke, Chipata and Mambwe districts for three days.

Mr. Kasolo told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the Head of State is expected to inspect a multi-million dam which is under construction in Katete district among other projects.

He said President Lungu is concerned with the prevailing water challenges in the district and wants the dam to be complete as soon as possible.

Mr. Kasolo added that the President is also expected to inspect Nyimba district hospital and other health facilities under construction.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says Zambia will continue embracing refugees from conflict-torn countries.

President Lungu says Zambia will not stop any refugees from seeking asylum despite the economic challenges the country is facing.

The President says people seeking refuge deserve to be loved and given the equal treatment during their time of difficulty.

And President Lungu says Zambia will continue deploying security personnel to peace keeping missions abroad to help in uphold peace in conflict torn countries.

The Head of State was speaking at Lusaka’s Government Complex during a fundraising dinner for the construction of the National House of Prayer.


  1. Comment:Campaigning already ba presido’.Mukose this year boss pantu infintu tafili bwino.Especially Eastern province,people there are farmers now look what has happened with your high fertiliser prices.What lie are you going to tell them now.

    • This little monkey Jameson Kadansa Lungu is allowed to freely tour the country and campaign while others cannot. this is how the opposition is being taken advantage of

      Viva HH

    • Your excellency, travelling mercies in your going out and coming back. Leave noise gongs insulting and rehearsing insults in blogs, on talkshows and in Lusaka. Get to the grassroot and keep galvanizing the nation around unity and progress. It’s healthy democracy to see legions of political rumblings especIally those on gtowing vanity and utopia. They will draw their fate from insults and blogs whiles yours from the people you are engaging.

    • The Presidency of united Zambia is not just for Lusaka people only but all provinces. The people mwense, mambilima, kasempa, chavuma, kakabo, mukonchi, fulaza, chipalamba, kabile, popota, mapanza are also Zambians deserving a visit from their seating President. Thinking otherwise, is synonymous with sore losers perfected in hollow trolling like our young brother Larry Mweetwa cam Wanzelu.

  2. And people say it’s an insult to call this man a Lazy Bum; any excuse to leave the office and his bedroom. …next his wife will follow suit with handouts!!

  3. Well! Who knows? Diplomacy also helps. You may think some is explaining developmental projects wen in the actual sense someone is campaigning. By the time others realise wat is happening, one may have gained grounds. Wen campaigns are flagged off, him will only be ….. Thanks!

  4. Kachemas,Kachemas,kachemas you call it campaigning but I call it priviledges or fruits of incumbency.Believe you me,to unseat ECL in this year’s elections is impossible.This coming election is PF’s to lose.I usually laugh when I read overzealousness and pomp from UPND about them winning this year’s.They think they re already there winning when actually very far.Its not about rising prices,loadshedding and the dollar that can win you elecrions.But its how you package your massege and how its reasonates in the masses.PF ve explained the sources of the above problems and the masses are still behind them.

    • well and good.But how do you explain the abuse of the opposition by denying them permits to hold meetings..isn’t that a sign that the invincible PF are scared of their own shadows?

    • @ Chils

      Whilst ignorance is a voluntary misfortune, it does not apply for La Liga. He is in the category of genetically transmuted 1mbecility.

  5. Edgar Lungu is the president of this country and he is on duty.The tonga tribalist HH should not compare himself to Lungu. He is a political perpetual faliure. The best chance he had to win which he squandered was the 20 th january 2016 elections. upnd tribalists faced the weakest rulling party ever but lost.

    • @Chewe the virgin
      Rest assured that no honest and intelligent person will ever compare himself to convicted embezzler without vision

  6. HE President Lungu is free to do his duties which include touring around the country. He must take stock of successful projects and that will translate into what’s he feels remains to be done in the next manifesto for elections 2016.

  7. You chaps in upnd the kachemas. What do you want kanshi you are always negative about every thing about ECL .. Pack your massage in a well labelled package how you will sort out issues are you going to punch pot holes in the roads pf has done re u going to raze down the sckools hospital clinics. Pf has put up what are going to do. Are you to giving people free meal money tell us. Just workard in what ever you are doing or die trying 2016 kolopa reload

  8. Kachema is supposed to be derogatory only amongst ignorant people. No wonder most people have stunted growth in this God forsake country.

  9. Zambia needs more Kachemas. Maybe then we can have better nourished intelligent leaders, instead of people like Lungu who was raised on tumbeba and frogs.

  10. Opposers, so what do you think you are or that you have done, to win you elections in August? Heaps of lies and falsehoods and downright ignorance and tribal tag is all we see. Look guys, yes people look for alternatives sometimes but they see no such alternative in uPMD. How can you be the alternative by promising the impossible of reinstating all retrenched miners. To where, which jobs? Your colleagues are busy explaining real things to real people and you are still on fantasy island talking to fairies.

  11. Free education, install all rentreched miners, cancel loan repayments for marketeers, do this and that bla bla bla where is hh going to get the money from? Are the mines his companies for him to order the reinstatement of the miners? Zambians are not fools they are able to see who is telling lies and who is saying the truth.The fact is HH wants to be president for his personal gain and not that he wants to serve the pipo of Zambia.

  12. Requesting for help from the people u teargassed(MMD)? Its a shame that Lungu knows what it takes. Then your carders here are busy saying u are touring developmental projects but in the actual sense u are campaigning

  13. Wen mazoka died I qoute only a Tonga can rule upnd so am waiting to see if Big Fat Gbm will be running mate to hh I guess u guys having sleepless nites . don’t forget mmd is on our side including the game changer Big RB . upnd just close the shop and join the winning team the writing is on the wall. .own up

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