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World Bank gives Zambia $ 50 million for water resources management

Economy World Bank gives Zambia $ 50 million for water resources management

World bank building in Washington
World bank building in Washington

The World Bank has given Zambia 50 million U.S Dollars to support water resources management.

Thirty Million U.S dollars has since been allocated towards the construction of 15 dams and 300 exploratory boreholes in various parts of the country this year.

Minister of Energy and Water Development Dora Siliya says the water resources development project is supported by the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Ms Siliya says 20 existing small dams will also be maintained to enhance water supply.

She says it is important that the country invests more resources into water infrastructure and water harvesting because Zambia has a lot of water bodies.

The Minister was speaking during the official opening of a stakeholder’s dialogue on the water crisis in Lusaka.

And Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda said there is need to continue harnessing water.

Mr. Lubinda said his ministry working with the World Bank are setting up three irrigation schemes.

He said through the schemes more farmers will be able to grow crops without depending on rain water.

The Minister disclosed that by February the President is expected to commission the construction of a dam in Chisamba.


  1. No group can survive when all their needs are met by others.
    At a point, they will feel burdened to continue to provide for us and cut off the sources of our
    pleasures…………..’The hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives’

  2. According to a report compiled by AfDB in 2012, “Most of the approximately 3,000 small low cost earth dams in Zambia are situated in the drought prone semi-arid areas of the Eastern, Lusaka, Central and Southern provinces, where water needs to be stored for sustainable livestock, agriculture and domestic use…..Attention at the highest political level has been paid to the development of small dams in Zambia by the Zambia’s new president, Michael Sata, who, in November 2011, proclaimed that: “the new government will invest in the construction of more water dams ……”
    So we have been scouting for funds from that time.

    • not only that we hear now and again of borrowed money to construct dams and boreholes, is there duplication or are we being duped ?

  3. Another donation to pathetic Failures a well renowned criminal organization made of Jerabos ,Tribal Gangs and white color thieves pretending to be a political party.Its mana twalya again.lol Zambians stop these criminals from sharing your money.

  4. It’s all good news among the gloominess of power outs, droughts etc. You can see that UPND and Opposition in general are hyping up small problems.. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE FOLKS. We are going to be a major power in the region. Just keep an eye on the money coming in at nerve racking speed Opposition. That’s where your duty to the people lies.

    • Are you for real!?! That money will have to be given back with interest. And guess who is going to contribute to that? You, I, our children, our children’s children……..at the date they are going, it will be 10 generations down the line.

    • Hands up, no kidding!! If the money goes to the right development we shall be raking in income to pay back!

  5. No shame at all yet these empty tins are wasting $10min on a useless house of prayer building yet can’t provide themselves with clean water. .they would rather beg and pray!!

  6. Patriot Abroad tell us, what are you and your party is doing with our money when we have to get money from others for our basic needs like water. People are paying taxes, fees, entry fees and more for you to steal and enjoy yourself. all the projects and incentives you claim to be undertaking involve other people’s money. You are going to account for this pretty soon like what’s happening in Nigeria

    • @Chinad

      All countries borrow money. All economies have investors pour money into its economy. In fact all gov’ts run on borrowing even in the a West. You need to understand national economies, international markets to understand that the personal understanding g you have us wrong and not too educated, I might add. It’s simple Macroeconomics.

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