Former ECZ Deputy Director convicted over $90,000 bribe


Court hammer
The Lusaka Magistrate Court has convicted former Electoral Commission of Zambia Deputy Director for Information Technology Mr. Mpundu Mfula for corrupt practices involving US$90,000.

The Anti-Corruption Commission arrested Mr Mfula, aged 54, of Plot 1927, 6 miles in Kabwangwe Area of Lusaka and charged him with one count of corrupt practices by public officer contrary to section 29(1) and section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 42 of 1996 as read with section (3)(e) of the Interpretation and General Provisions Act, Chapter 2 of the Laws of Zambia.

Details are that Mr. Mfula between 1st May 2006 and 31st December 2006, being a public officer namely Deputy Director Information Technology at the Electoral Commission of Zambia, did corruptly receive a total of US$90,000.00 cash as a gratification from Vik Vaid a Project Manager at Universal Print Group of South Africa.

The payment was made through a company called Aeron Limited of Mauritius as a commission for the supply and delivery of disposable booths, chairs and tables relating to the contract between Electoral Commission of Zambia and Universal Print Group.

The arrest and subsequent conviction of Mr. Mfula follows the backdrop of numerous concerns bordering on allegations of corruption involving officials at Universal Print Group, the company selected by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to print ballot papers for the 2011 General Elections in which the Patriotic Front won the Presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the ACC has arrested an Intern in the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental protection for corrupt practices involving K1, 500

Emily Chola Mbewe,30, House No. 664, Kabwata Site and Service, in Lusaka has been charged with one count of Corrupt Practices by Public Officer contrary to Section 19 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Details are that Emily Chola Mbewe on unknown dates but between 13th January, 2016 and 20th January, 2016 in Lusaka at the Ministry of Lands corruptly solicited for and actually received K1, 500,00 from George Kashikoti as an inducement or reward to facilitate the visitation of Ministry of Lands officials to conduct an inspection at George Kashikoti’s farm with a view for the Ministry of Lands to renew his lease of 99 years.

Ms. Mbewe has since been released on Bond and will appear in court on 21st February, 2016.


    • This is the tip of the iceberg. If foreigners can get access and bribe ECZ functionaries, what about desperate PF who are pulling all strings? ECZ is rotten to the core.

    • And why do these crooks predictably have names like Mpundu and Chola? Bemba chaos and thievery is irreparably ruining the social structures of Zambia.

    • We have always suspected major corruption at the ECZ. This must be the same guy in I.T who was swapping our votes against the PF’s Hyena, Edgar Lungu. This is the reason we want to jealously guard our votes this August.

    • Why not go for Ministers, PSs, politicians and Directors at various Govt ministries? How can such huge sums of money be involved under the watching eyes of bosses?

    • No my friend Buckteeh, let’s not go to stereotypical behaviour. If I say silly things like I would rather be a thief from northern then molester from southern salivating even on my underage nieces as most crimes have happened there doesn’t help. Lets just call the bad, Bad and will usher in HH as a team and protect him there after with non tribal talk as there will be 10 million from other parts he will be governing. Your king of talk could lead to a very explosive situation even after elections.

    • So there has been a lot of corruption at ECZ including with printing of ballots. ECZ needs a complete overhaul, restructuring,transparency and process improvement that will win the confidence of local stakeholders.

  1. Why is justice so delayed in Zambia? If indeed true this man stole, what took so long to charge him. Chances are he’s fallen out of favor and may be in another camp to be convicted in an election year. I don’t condone corruption but for things to make sense and stop the rot, justice needs to be served within the period of that corrupt act.

    • It is PF trying to show they are fighting corruption. But they fool no one. we want to see the bosses of corruption charged like the $25 Million missing from the KK airport.
      we want an to know who got bribed to turn a blind eye at the construction of substandared storage facilites meant for strategic food maize storage, so much so that PF are claiming maize was getting rotten hence the need to to export. We want to know who authorised the sale of reserve LCC land in lusaka to be for used as plots.

      not these tu ma old cases and small fish.

    • a case of looking for old cases and small fish to fool the pipo. we want the bosses of corruption, like who sold LCC reserved land in Lusaka….

    • It’s 90 thousand dollars and not million as reported on ZNBC Radio News, you can’t steal let alone hide 90 million dollars. Even then, what was the value of the contract for someone to give $90m inducement.

  2. 30 year old intern? even got married to Mr Mbewe while still searching for a career path. and that career turned up to be criminal activities. was she at night school or she kept on repeating?

    • Have you not watched De Niro in Intern movie yet? The last recession has made it necessary for older folks to retrain into new jobs and it is now discriminatory to prevent older Interns in jobs! Get with it!

  3. LT, why are you blocking my comments, you are in the pay of PF. Any one you register as critic of PF you block them from comments on topics you want PF to look good on.
    I had to use another computer and change my log in details to be seen.

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