What happened at Ndola airport is an indicator of our dwindling safety – SACCORD

File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate

File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate
File:SACCORD Executive director Boniface Chembe captured in the audience during the presidential debate

SACCORD has expressed concern at the continued raise of political violence and lack action from the police to follow up perpetrators of the scourge.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said what happened at Ndola international airport is an indicator of the dwindling fortune in the area of safety as political violence is slowly being accepted in almost all spheres of life.

Mr Cheembe said the one party state is long gone hence law enforcement agencies should not continue to tolerating cadres infringing on other people’s rights with impunity.

“The fact that a national international airport was infiltrated goes to show that our security may be compromised as a nation. This fact is also a further indicator on the dwindling area of safety available in our nation as we have seen political violence being perpetrated in streets, churches, schools, hotels, …markets, bus stations and now national international airports with seeming impunity. The era of the one party state is long gone and the seeming lack of protection by the law enforcement agencies is worrying to all peace loving Zambians,” he said.

He wondered why the police seem not to follow directives fro Republican President Edgar Lungu.

“All citizens of Zambia have a right to enjoy their political rights in any manner that they want without having to be intimidated as has been the case with Hon. Miles Sampa. Why are the police not seemingly protecting opposition leaders in our country? Why are the directives of President Lungu to the police to be fair to all political players appear not to be followed? Why is the violation of human rights on the increase. These questions need to be answered. We also want to appeal to the police to bring to book perpetrators of the Ndola international airport political violence,” he said.

He also challenged the registrar of societies to clarify how it gave 2 certificates with the same name.

“We want the registrar of societies to clarify and explain to the nation how possible that two certificates could have been issues to two people under the same party,” he said.


  1. Please who will save us ,as am sending this
    msg the whole town of choma is in tear gas.the police are tear gassing people who are waiting to receive h.h.

    • I’m sorry but this article is poorly written. And I’ve noticed several like this on Lusaka Times. Don’t assume everyone knows what you’re talking about, when you have left out some crucial facts. What exactly happened at the airport? What kind of violence? Verbal? Someone shot? Stubbed? Axed? To whom was it perpetrated? A paragraph summarizing this info would be very helpful. If there is article A, that I have to read for background information before I come to this one, you should let me know. The introduction of the “registrar of societies” into the mix, at the end of the article, even makes it more ambiguous.

  2. Why is there so much attacks on HE Lungu by this bizarre group. Even if they tried hard they’d still come out biased. It WAS bad what happened to comrade Sampa’s attempt to hold a Press Conference. He has the Right to form his own Party. Sampa ought to have taken a leaf out of a Kabimba’s book of conduct titled ‘lying Low before Relaunching with a new Party.’ Eh..if only to allow enough time to be disassociated from your last Party afiliation and to come out stronger. You got to Gand it out to Kabimba, he had us guiding to the lady…damp squid of a launch! Samoa creates so much hatred.

    • Sampa creates so much animosity and is downright malicious to his mates. Don’t bring down rather challenge is a far better conduct. A mean man knows nothing but mean responses Mr Sampa.

    • AAAAA the typos…..’You got to Hand it out to Kabimba, he had us guessing to the last…damp squid of a launch! Sampa creates so much hatred.’

    • Now why would anyone -1 mark down for a correction. It just proves haters on LT going down comments and marking by name rather than comment.

  3. The airport attacks has implications to the country’s tourism and would be investors. Sampa was not the only passenger…..pf think and act. Zambia will lose out not pf.

    • @ Spellcheck,
      You are very right. It’s like when the head of a fish is rotten and stinky the whole fish will be rotten. The governance of the country is in shambles, soon it will be like Somalia where violence is a way of life.

  4. Some people form NGO’s but are still afraid to speak, what a shame. Just join the rest of us in cyber space afraid to speak out publicly because of violent PF cadres. He knows the president just says those things without actually meaning it but still asks why the presidents’ instructions are not followed. How can the police not follow the presidents instructions. Its not possible.

  5. Comment:This fallen angel called lucifer ohh sorry this fallen father Frank Bwalya is a danger to our posterity, looking at how he is misleading the natiom thru pf. I guess maybe because ali nabana ba muchigololo so he does not care. A loving father would not behave the way he is.

    • A danger to your posterior, more like, because a good verbal kick is what Father Bwalya should administer for such personal bile.

  6. All these points to one weak and incompetent man at the helm of power. President Lungu has failed to govern , the police have becomes completely useless. The least they should do is to conduct an investigation into this airport saga and make some arrests. But we know this will not happen because the instructions came from Lungu himself. A word of caution for Lungu your immunity can be removed after leaving office- just ask RB and FTJ.

  7. For me I have a problem with people who supports violence be it from govt or from the oppositions. Most of us like to condemn without giving solutions to the problem at hand. We are blaming PF today in the same way we were blaming MMD. Now some Politicians have started leaving PF to join the UPND, meaning violence will never stop as long as these people are still the same. Nway the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t.

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