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Wife admits having extra marital affair



A WIFE admitted to having an extra marital affair, leaving the Lusaka Boma Courts with no option but to grant the couple a divorce.
Peover Hanyoolo, 35, of  Kabangwe sued Jacqueline Hachiwa, 25, of Siavonga for divorce after four years of marriage.
Hanyoolo told the court that he married Hachiwa in 2010 and that they have a son together.
He told the court that he lived with Hachiwa until last year before she left for a business trip to Siavonga.
“I did not argue with my wife before she left home. I’m the one who even gave her money to start up her business,” said Hanyoolo.
Hanyoolo said after it was time for Hachiwa to return, she opted to remain in Siavonga because she had a boyfriend and the two were planning to marry.
“I followed my wife to Siavonga and after confronting her, she still refused to come back to Lusaka. I also saw her lover,” he said.
Hanyoolo told the court that after informing his in-laws about the development, he was advised to sue the man for adultery and marriage interference.
“I won the case and currently, the man is paying me money as compensation. But after the court case, my wife still went to Siavonga with the man refusing reconciliation,” he said.
Hanyoolo told the court that he was now seeking a divorce so as to free Hachiwa as she clearly wants to continue seeing her boyfriend.
He said currently, their child was under his custody because Hachiwa was a party animal.
However, Hachiwa said she got married to Hanyoolo after he impregnated her.
She told the court that after getting married to him, the two always had misunderstandings.
“One day, we had a conflict and out of anger, I broke the windows to his car. After a meeting was held between our families to help us reconcile, Hanyoolo refused to forgive me because he feared for her life,” said Hachiwa.
She said after a brief separation, they secretly reconciled without the consent of their families but things got worse.
“I ran away from our home after stealing K300 from him.  This is how I ended up in Siavonga,” said Hachiwa.
She admitted before principal presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba and senior court magistrate Prudence Bwalya having committed adultery while in Siavonga.
The court granted the couple divorce and awarded the custody of the child to Hanyoolo.



  1. @Buck Teeth Lungu, says

    “And why do these crooks predictably have names like Mpundu and Chola? Bemba chaos and thievery is irreparably ruining the social structures of Zambia” on conviction of former Electoral Commission of Zambia Deputy Director for Information Technology Mr. Mpundu Mfula for corrupt practices involving US$90,000.

    Now what do you say on names like Hanyoolo & Hachiwa causing chaos & promiscuity? Are they also irreparably ruining the social structures of Zambia because they are Tongas? Were Roy Mudenda & Spoiler Kapenda Bembas?

    I thought bad traits are individualistic though society has some influence. Not tribe!

    • read the story on corruption by former ECZ director and intern at ministry of lands. I will give you time to read………………………………………………………….Did you see the names of the thieves there?

  2. HAKANYO, HANYOLO,HACHIWA,HICHILEMA,HIBOMBA THESE TONGAS ARE CROOKS NO WONDER THEY WILL NEVER ENTER STATE HOUSE,HOW CAN PEOPLE BE NAMED WITH H as first later ? Even their so called chairman of UPND HAKAINDE HICHILEMA please the names are too heavy to be head of state, how will chinese pronounce his name ….

  3. Some women have no morals and very questionable character like this Hachiwa, maybe she is truly Hachiwa! She even accepted in front of people that she has been committing adultery. Crazy woman!

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