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State discontinues case in which 2 PF Officials blocked HH in Kitwe

General News State discontinues case in which 2 PF Officials blocked HH in...

Court hammer
The case in which PF Copperbelt Province Chairperson officials, Steven Mainga and his Vice Stanly Chandindi were charged with obstruction of police officers has been discontinued by the Sate

The State discontinued the case on Tuesday 26th January, 2016 after Copperbelt Deputy State Advocate Nkumbiza Mumba applied that the case be discontinued when it came up for continued defence.

The duo who pleaded not guilty, are alleged to have on July 18th, 2015 jointly whilst acting together unlawfully obstructed a Zambia Police Officer, Inspector Lungu in due execution of his duties in Kitwe.

The two were expected to appear for continuation of defence, after Kitwe principal resident magistrate Ikechukwu Iduma had found them with a case to answer and put them on defence.

Magistrate Iduma discharged the case following instruction for the director of public prosecution DPP through Copperbelt Deputy State Advocate Mumba.

On July 18, 2015, armed PF cadres stopped UPND President Hakainde Hichilema from appearing on a live paid for phone in program on Radio Icengelo in Kitwe.

The suspected cadres who were armed with machetes and knifes are further accused of following the UPND team that was lodged at Moba Hotel.

It was at this point that police arrested Kainga and Chandindi at Moba hotel who wanted to stop the police from arresting PF cadre Richard Chileshe, popularly known as ‘ Chile 1’ who had fired a gun shot at the hotel.

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  1. Oh so because its the opposition the case has been discontinued? Wapya baisa !
    Zambia is indeed the real africa..

  2. if these kind of criminals are never sent to jail(but acquitted/case discontinued), how do u expect violence to end??
    PF thugs/criminals continue to harm and destroy, even to the point of threatening the police, because they know have a chief criminal to protector. That chap is in state house, and his name is Lungu.
    How can you threaten the police and you are let scot free – what a country!!

  3. We know what primitive pressures were applied to force this ‘lawless’ decision. The opposition, vulnerable and poor people in Zambia have no protection of the law or assured recourse to justice for as long as we have uncouth corrupt driven cadres in power.

  4. If you have facts go and apply for continuation of the case rather than complain online. You see this is why I say Upnd is popular among non voters. Your voices have no power makala yenu.

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