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Eritrea becomes favorite tourist destination on social media after hoax story

Headlines Eritrea becomes favorite tourist destination on social media after hoax story


Social media has been buzzing right across Africa after alleged reports of an order by the Eritrean government to its men to marry not less than two wives or face imprisonment.

The supposed hoax is believed to have originated from a Kenyan website, in which, an unnamed “Eritrean activist” posted a memo on Facebook [no link provided] allegedly from the Eritrean government ordering its male nationals to marry at least two wives or spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Eritrean women are said to be among the top 10 most beautiful women in the world.The beautiful features of Eritrean women obviously triggered the social media buzz for a trip and relocation to Eritrea to ‘grab’ the unmarried who the government is allegedly forcing onto the men.

People have been posting pictures of visa application forms and fake flight itineraries.Other pictures show men on every conceivable form of transport trying to get to Eritrea.Known polygamists South African President Jacob Zuma and Swaziland King Mswati III have not been spared on social media,with memes of them travelling to Eritrea circulating.

This bit of publicity has lead to more searches on the internet for information about Eritrea: it’s location, accommodation,cheap flights and pictures of Eritrean women.

eritrea women1

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    • Men are rats- thinking of only pleasuring themse;ves. Can you look after 2 women?

      If you earn less than £60k a year, it means you cant.

      I am on £75 000 a year and one of the highest paid Zambians in the world and I feel sick to the stoamch when i see men acting like complete morons and see nothing funny with the rumours and blatant lies that came about about eritrea.

      Keep it in your pants you imbeciles



    • @Mushota its a good thing your husband has never heard of Eritrea until now! I see you becoming a single parent! Anyway, once he sees beautiful women, he will wonder what he is doing with with inganga! My dear Eritreans are are extremely beautiful £75k or not!

    • Mushota how come you live with an IMBECILE whom you call husband or whatever?? Guess you have tamed the IMBECILE!! It seems you don’t derive ANY PLEASURE FROM YOUR SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS – as you suggest “men are out to pleasure themselves” – you see, YOU SEEM TO BE WITH THE WRONG MAN!!

  1. Hoax or not, the story is not really far from reality. Fact is that a lot of black men were slain or taken captives in the times of slavery drastically reducing their numbers in relation to the women. It is therefore inevitable to restore natural balance but fundamentally speaking this will happen naturally and not by human legislation.

  2. I wonder whether we should now take seriously what everyone took for a joke! Surely… did anyone take the subsequent commentary serious? I personally took it as a light moment for the world… even if the news itself were to be true.

    Men do crazy things indeed just to satisfy their lust, but I doubt whether there are sufficient funds around to finance such absurdity.

  3. mushota you are a complete f00l who should be senteced to internal punishment. how deer you insult men publicly like that. my advise to you is that be a b1tch that you are and stay away from men who are gods creation coz you cant by far compare your ugly self to those cute eritria babes. GENTLE MEN LETS GO TO ERITRIA AND MARRY THOSE BEAUTIFUL LADIES NOT ABENA MUSHOTA!!!!!

  4. Pls advise will the allow me to marry seven such every day I have a different taste the whole week .for my Zambian wife please just pack my small Bag and passport u can have my atm card for kwacha acount let me go with dollar acount see u then bana mwana.

  5. This is indoctrinating Zambian Men to go out with other nationalities who have combinations of European features and other types that give them long haired children. STOP THIS! Zambian Men for Zambian Women! It plays out here as a joke story but in all honesty this is a problem and it is how Western world ‘steal’ good genes from the African gene pool to make runners ( and ill’ muggers’)! Seriously, the problem is demonstrated at its worst in UK, where most Caribbean men are now dogging themselves out to White Brit women ( mostly the worst type of working class ‘innit, love’ types). Very rare does a well brought up upper class girl demean themselves to go out with big ‘me breed Afros’ if you get my flow! It’s so sad to see Caribbean women left to bring up their offspring…

  6. It’s so sad to see Caribbean women left to bring up their offspring while being unloved. Because WHITE MEN RARELY if ever want to date black women! It’s a fact, the racist gene resides heaviest with the white male, BUT also because ‘apparently’ black women present as ‘Aggressive.’

    Stop indoctrinating African men!

  7. No artificial hair e.g Brazillian, Peruvian, indian hair. Gentlemen get your passport and you’ll save the money you spend on these women who r not proud of there hair.

    • Illogical mate! They put that hair on to attract your attentions because they know that is what is attracting their males through indoctrination. It’s because of Zambian male appetites that make them disfigure themselves. I don’t put those on but an ex boyfriend indicated he preferred mixed skin and even Indian women!! Stay at home! Those women are only after your money more than your girls!

  8. All made in the image of God. Depends on what you want, you can get it from any woman/man. Be faithful. Be blessed. Mushota! I wonder what type of woman you are.

  9. kikikikikikikikikikikkikkikikiki…….ala mwandepaula ku nseko @ oobby, I agree with u bane lets pack our bags to marry these beauties baleonaika fye and 4get the ugly ones like Mushota.

  10. @Mushota

    Apply such blanket labels to your boyfriend not to all men as that includes your FATHER.

    Mushota what do you do to earn £75,000/a in the UK? Here is what some top Managers earn here know the UK:

    ENGLISH heritage finance manager (London) – £46,712
    Llyoids Banking GROUP Manager (London) – £55,071
    American Express Finance Manager (London) – £62,137
    Glaxosmithkline Finance Manager (London) – £58,426

    Here is a piece of advice: No one gives a rat’s ass what you earn be it low or non-existent or even if it’s impossibly £75,000. In my experience, it’s an empty drum that makes the most noise. People who are well to do do not publicise themselves and atleast not publicly like online or using a loud speaker.

    Having followed your posts. I have concluded you are a…

  11. … semi illeterate who can only make that kind of money by giving Lap dances to a Footballer’s club. But I am not sure you have the physical appeal to excel at that. So top cheating people, I am in the UK and I know that a Salary of £50,000 is out of reach of even most Managers, those I listed are among the most well paid as you can see they work for big companies some of which are transatlantic like American Express. How would ypou worm into the UK and eran £75,000??? No wonder you have to tell it publicly because it’s just BEYOND reality.

    • @Derick, wamulasa Mushota that’s a good one. Imagine as if he is telling f00ls, earning that kind of money and yet every article online he/she has to respond. These are the Zambians who can not even go home to visit, but are good at telling ubufi about what they are kuma ngalande, you can keep that to yourself Mushota, I have come to know you from the blogs you have been posting and your response, you are not that educated, you are only good at ukubwata bwata. Yes that’s true Derick an empty drum would make more noise, and that’s Mushota. Chapwa!

  12. I am already in Cairo waiting for my connexion flight into Eritrea, hope it’s true though I am aiming for one concubine.

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