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Miles Sampa, Elias Chipimo and Erick Chanda form Orange Alliance

Headlines Miles Sampa, Elias Chipimo and Erick Chanda form Orange Alliance

Elias Chipimo, Miles Sampa and Erick Chanda
Elias Chipimo, Miles Sampa and Erick Chanda

The newly formed Democratic Front, and the National Restoration Party including the Fourth Revolution have today announced the formation of a new alliance called the Orange Alliance.

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo, Democrat Front President Miles Sampa and Fourth Revolution leader Erick Chanda announced the development at a news briefing held at the NAREP Head office in Lusaka Friday morning.

The three parties have since resolved to contest the August 11 polls under the Orange Alliance.
Mr Chipimo will serve as Chairman and Erick Chanda has been appointed General Secretary and Spokesperson while Mr Sampa is the Alliance’s presidential candidate.

Mr Chanda urged Zambians to support the Alliance while Mr Chipimo stated that the Alliance is the only solution to Zambia’s problems.

Mr Sampa on the other hand explained that the coming together of the three parties is not aimed at fighting an individual but fighting the high levels of poverty in Zambia.

Erick Chanda addressing the briefing
Erick Chanda addressing the briefing

Elias Chipimo and Miles Sampa at the press briefing this morning
Elias Chipimo and Miles Sampa at the press briefing this morning

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  1. too late the hero,
    maybe in 2021 people will look at your alliance.
    otherwise its a good combination of upcoming politicians….

    • What a joke! With the requirement of 50+1 for an outright win, one would think that these little fellas would join relevant parties like the UPND.

    • Shocking to come to the cheese earing tujiko! What do these men have in common Elias Chipimo, Miles Sampa and Erick Chanda?
      Look closely and vote wisely. Only a Kolwe can support such mediocre. Otherwise all these parties are useless and combined, can’t even get over 50,000 votes. Wasting time with failed losers of Elias Chipimo, Miles Sampa and Erick Chanda.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Okay, Im disappointed with Miles. What a dead end after starting so good! Even remaining in PF would have been better. From dying PF to dead as nails parties, really. Meanwhile, Lets move Zambia forward with HH.

      2015 Presidential by-election results for the little parties:

      Eric CHANDA 4R – 8,054
      Elias CHIPIMO NAREP – 6,002
      Godfrey MIYANDA HERITAGE – 5,757
      Daniel PULE CDP – 3,293
      Ludwig SONDASHI FDA – 2,073
      Peter SINKAMBA GREENS – 1,410

      Good luck Miles. Even those Sata sympathizers will think twice before joining Orange “AFCON” Alliance “Club”

    • This Orange Alliance may mean nothing now but may be a game-changer as we head near August! All depends on who defects to it after May dissolution of Parliament. Should the Orange Alliance attract bigwigs in PF ECL is gone given same voter-base target may be split.

      If that happens Kilometers can have a good bargain with either of top 2 going into the 2nd rnd. He May even be Running Mate in 1st Rnd.

      What I don’t know is if constitution allows replacing 1st round Running Mate with another in 2nd rnd. If it does then good luck to Kilometers Sampa. Even if it doesn’t he can still land himself a strategic position like Finance Minister by throwing his weight to the winning party.
      All depends on his performance in the 1st round! The rest will fall into place easily.

      Don’t write…

    • Don’t write him off yet just wait for May & 11 Aug 2016. By Sept 2nd round you may all swallow your words of condemnation of Kilometers Distance!

    • What a visionless bunch. Just look at the pathetic sad little faces flanking the so called Orange party leadership. And why “Orange”? Instead of wasting your money on campaigns, donate it to your local clinic, invest it in the Zambian population instead of always saying I want to eradicate poverty when I become president? Who told you governments make people rich? People make people rich through innovations and giving back to communities. Useless bunch of hypocrites!

    • Orange is the colour

      They are all blessed being all Bembas

      I call them the ‘ winning Team’ We dont want UPND or Lungu- bembas controls zambia



    • Can you imagine a group of 3 Tongas or Lozis forming such an alliance…tribalists! This hypocrisy has to end. Anyhow , good luck to Miles. I am disappointed with him. I had thought he would do a better job than joining with Micky Mouse Chipimo and that Clown Eric

    • Interesting lets wait and see if it will be labelled a tribalistic party especially by PF led by the likes of Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Chishimba Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Sunday Chanda and, Chilufya Tayali…….Oooops! All Bemba skewed names! Ofcourse the kingpin himself Edgar Lungu not to be left out!

      Maybe its also the beginning of a reduction of the mushroomed political parties that had risen to ridiculous proportions at 53!

    • Bwamba bwandi lala tumonene imipaile ya bakaya.
      Hon. Nostra has not commented yet, am still consulting. You know me, wherever I side get success. I am happy we chased Kabimba.
      Miles, Erick and Elias… mmmmhn, I will come for a press briefing.

    • @Napapa Sana – Please note that this alliance is staring on a failure note. NAREP and Fourth Revolution are older parties that Democratic Front has joined hands with. BUT PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:
      -Miles Sampa is already exhibiting domineering traits. I say so because his newly formed party uses ORANGE regalia!!!
      -Because Sampa’s party uses ORANGE regalia he has forced the other two older Parties to follow the name of ORANGE ALLIANCE.
      -It is not by coincidence that Sampa’s party use ORANGE regalia and the alliance is now called ORANGE.
      -Once established Sampa’s will forcefully absorb all Chipimo’s and Erick Chanda’s members then dish the two in the bin.

  2. Good thinking and a very nice move and i know this will now give PF and EL sleepless nights.
    This is a game changer whether you like it or not and when Scott joins the new group, I can see the end of EL as for UPND they have a job on their hands and they will need a new strategy all together.

  3. to be honest guys these pipo are selfish & disadvantaging the opposition especially the upnd because they will be splitting votes which will make it difficult to remove pf in power. i know the upnd is pompous(rude) & overrates it self such that they are blind to see this

    • I got you my friend. They can’t accept the fact that other tribes can produce a Good leader. Zambia has gotten to where we are because of the bad leadership that we have been having from independence. God help Zambia.

  4. @ snake bite

    mwilabika lungu mufyabupuba…wat can cause sleepless naits about ths orange alliance to lungu???? mulecindika bakateka ….. this combination miles is trying to move away the attention of law enforcers after forging documents for his party…if i may ask which party is miles bringing to this alliance…..DF is in question and am sure will end up being in court until he tells us wea he got his papers from….leaders like miles will just bring corruption just like is evident on how he frodulently got papers for his fake party…..ANYHOW ITS ECL @ PLOT 1 TILL 2021…………

  5. Orange Alliance! We are non the wiser, but at least Orange is one of the colours of Zambia’s national flag. They got one indicator alright, but as for the Party’s burning ambitions, ‘To fight poverty in Zambia,’ and Mr Chipimo’s ‘Orange is the only Solution to Zambia’s problems,’ we are still in the dark as to what that actually entails. This is the problem with the Zambian opposition, they are very bad at spelling out actual details as to who they intend to do so. What Policies and economic instruments will they use to defeat the tough economic climate at hand? Actual information that shows me they have analysed the problems under PF and can pinpoint failures ( again not sweeping statements and personal attacks on HE President Lungu). I wait patiently, in the mean time, I…

  6. Chanda+Sampa+Chipimo…jeeeez
    Imagine if this threesome was made up of people with names like;

    One Zambia, One Nation!!

    • You’re right on that one. Lungu is losing ground with the electorates partly because he has decided to sideline these type of names.

    • Well said. The term “Tribal Party” could have been the talk of the moment, demonising others, yet, in this context it appears normal to particularly those fond of condemning others as being tribal. Zambians should seek for a leader not a tribe as we are all one people, no tribe is inferior or superior, and wisdom is not a prerogative of any particular tribe.

  7. chipimo is the greatest loser. Those who have been following Zambian politics will agree with me that MMD went through this when NP, FDD and HP were formed. Remember Dean Mungomba, Paul Tembo, Nkumbula,the kasondes and Penza. PF will still carry the day.

  8. what following has Eric Chanda….the combination of all the three is not even a third of UNIP’s strength…August is just around the corner….this is no time for jokes

  9. The correct name for this group is “Three Bemba Oranges” (TBO). Could also be fittingly called “The Foolish Three” or TFT

  10. Expect more and changing alliances in the months to come. In the 50+1 formula, it will be very difficult for any party to win. Therefore, while “orange alliance” itself may not win it could still become an important player by delivering even 5% of the vote in a run-off.

    That said, I had expected more from Mr. Chipimo than to buddy up with the likes of Sampa. Remember, Sampa is the guy who boasted about more and more EuroBond borrowing and how SI 32 and 55 would solve all the country’s tax avoidance problems, forex problems, employment problems, and more. Look where these policies have led!

  11. Miles Sampa= Bemba. Elias Chipimo= Bemba. Eric Chanda= Bemba. Who will dare call them tribalists, under fives, immature, opportunists, over- Ambitious, greedy, etc ? Can I hear an Amen……………!!!!!!!!. What do they have to offer? Ruth Mbandu and now Ruth Phiri. . . … . . . . could it be that the name ‘ Ruth ‘ is prone to being brutally murdered by people who are politically connected? Pafwa bantu pashala bantu nefipuba.

  12. Frustrated little fellas and they have put Miles Sampa as their President because as usual he thinks that he cannot be led…


  14. Alliance for 1 tribe. I see upnd winning the elections because nothern, luapula , eastern and copperbelt will be split. Just mark my words from this day.!!!!!

    • @Bright, you may be wrong. The predominantly Bemba speaking regions may not vote for this alliance of seemingly political nonentities with no party structures! If they were voting for tribemates,Nevers and Nawakwi would have amassed a lot of votes over Lungu in Jan 2015 elections. I reckon what HH harvested in predominantly Bemba speaking areas was more than what Nevers and Nawaki got from those areas! This alliance may just get some votes from HH’s likely new voters,the young and educated whose expectations may rhyme well with the alliance’s message and youthful team composition. Otherwise the battle remains between PF and UPND that is why Lungu is build an early alliance with MMD -it still has some structures.

  15. Orange alliance, WTF is wrong with this boys? This boys are desperate losers, honestly I thought miles was smarter than this, this is absolutely ridiculous. This alliance will be over after losing the elections, look at how many people are there, a handful of supporters. This is a typical tribal alliance which is not going anywhere, this confirms the end of miles political career.

    • Hey KB. This time round how about your buddies introducing a friendly carnival atmosphere to elections? I want to be able to go around wearing my orange cap, sinking boat tee shirt and forward facing shorts… not dodging pangas waving in the air.

  16. @bright be analytical in your thinking and stop counting regions upnd need votes from regions for them to win. what can make of your party if they win south west & north west then can fourth in the region u mentioned?. the oppositions aim is to remove the pf in power so the splitting of votes will disadvantage the opposition themselves

    • You seem to have a problem with a choice of words or probably you are academically less educated because if you are an analytical thinker as you claim you would know that Miles is more of a spoiler to PF than UPND.

  17. @Bright I don’t agree with you the biggest loser will be UPND, those bembas who would have voted for UPND will now vote for Orange Alliance

  18. Now Upnd will have every reason to refuse to be called a tribal party after the birth of her another tribal grouping on the policsl scene. We needed to see another party formation in southern so that the Upnd tribal grouping can be challenged and defused. Now look at these 3 fools competing against each other.

  19. Yaba this will seriously compete with Muliokela’s Party big time. Its a good move guys, I am sure, like UPND, only a Bemba should lead ,right ? Clowns !!!!

  20. AKEF CIRCUS RETURNS ! Yaba this will seriously compete with Muliokela’s Party big time. Its a good move guys, I am sure, like UPND, only a Bemba should lead ,right ? Clowns !!!!

  21. Apples and oranges. While the two bigger parties pummel each other, a third way is always a neat cop out for voters who don’t wish to give votes to either. Looks like the fifty plus one is going to require a king maker or two. Time will tell if voters will turn things over by shifting in one clear direction which is the real possibility the two big parties are facing…

  22. ..in unlikely event that either PF or UPND fail to attain 50+1…Orange alliance will back PF in the run off….let us not be fooled with what they will be condemning PF now….they are blood related…..UPND must consider this group as a min PF party or a brother or sister to PF party….

  23. Sampa is beginning to look very dangerously desperate. This alliance is not formed in good faith and I should think this idea was mooted some year ago for hegemonic reasons. Those with eyes must see and those with ears, let them hear. It is morally decayed alliance. Well lets observe where this will take mother Zambia. I see a lot of amateurish in all these three guys and their tuma parties. Anyway it is good for them to take away some little votes from Bemba arrears where PF has strong following since this alliance has all the outlook of tribalism. It is PF to sweat comrades because im 100% sure that these guys are targeting to campaign in their tribal regions i.e northern side of Zambia as it is common knowledge that they will not be taken seriously anywhere else. Long leave the…

  24. The Bemba’s suprermacy scheme exposed.However Lungu should be carefull with this Alliance if he continues preaching tribal politics because this Alliance formation is a conspicious revolt of Lungu’s wako ni wako leadership by the Bemba Supremists!!! watch this space as it unfolds

  25. let them invite Nawakwi to run as President of the Orange and let Milupi be running mate then both PF and UPND can lose but like this? Sole shamwali

  26. Chanda, Chipima, Erick, Kabimba are all eating from the PF cake while UPND strongholds remain intact. This believe it or not puts UPND in a bigger advantage politically. PF needs to think and strategise critically.

  27. It seems most of you have a problem with English. Do you understand the term split? Try to understand what I am saying before you criticise. Lets wait and see.

  28. This is actually great and now we are talking democracy. But just imagine for a moment if the alliance was by Akashambatwa, Muliokela and Lungwangwa or among Hakainde, Siamunene and Munkombwe; our friends would be having a field day with the T word whatever it means. To also imagine that some people still take Chipimo a seriouspolical factor is another sad commentary on the Zambian political landscape. Isn’t the same guy who only the other day put NAREP activities under abeyance till 2021 vowing to support PF? Popcorn and peanuts please!

  29. Although my thread is incongruous with the topic at hand I am so livid I have to speak my mind. I live in Kudu Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka and I am subjected to load shedding of 8 hours but after every two days it increases to 14 hours i.e. 00.00 hours to 06.00 hours and from 14.00 hours to 22.00 hours. I was under the impression that this load shedding was equitably spread throughout the country until yesterday when I went to Kabwe, where I was told that Kabwe residents are hardly affected by loading shedding and when it is enforced it is only for a few hours. This selective load shedding will cost the PF some votes if it is not careful even in areas where it has some support.

  30. Efyamba ya bad. These ganja boys are joking. They will just add up there 5,000 votes each. Ninshi chapwa!!!
    Presidency yalishupa. It took Sata, a lunatic, Yrs!
    EL just told Tongas recently in Southern Province that you can not just bank on 1 region. We have o seen how HH has failed 5 times. He is still to fail. Sampa wont even come close. He is TOO UNDER 5! And its showing his blindness and lack of vision!

  31. Senior Retired Engineer (Civil? Electrical? Electronic? or Genetic?)
    You state and I quote “this selective load shedding will cost the PF some votes if it is not careful even in areas where it has some support”. In my view it is more than load shedding that could easily have made PF lose big time IN A NORMAL democracy; their arrogance, economic mismanagement, inflation, sky-rocketing cost of living…the list is endless. Of course die hard supporters see nothing wrong with all these. but it’s hard to imagine how the PF mongrels would have ripped someone else if all this bull****was happening under their watch as an opposition party!

    • Tone down your language. You can make your point without using vulgar language. Of course it is normal in politics to take advantage of the misfortunes of the party in government. Jimmy Carter lost the US presidential election because of the fiasco in Iran when he failed to free the American hostages and is it Reagan who took advantage of this and went on to become president. When doing this do not make outlandish claims like reinstating all the miners when the mines are privately owned and if your party will repossess the mines and reinstate the miners say so and explain how you will make them profitable in the face of low copper prices. Zambians are capable of stripping off their political tags like what happened in 1991 in the face of common adversity.

  32. I am going to give the 0A the benefit of doubt and believe that they are not a tribal party but still working to incorporate people from other tribes within the organisation. That this press conference had to be held quickly to continue the momentum created by the formation of DF but behind the scenes, they are talking to other tribes. Because obviously, this group of intelligent and highly educated young Zambians realise the problem of only having one tribe in the Alliance hierarchy.

    I like that young Zambians are waking up and doing their own thing. There is no point in joining recycled politicians. Its time for the youth now.

  33. Do not judge a book by its cover.How many political parties do we have in Zambia that participate in elections and are relevant to the governance of this country.MILES,ELIAS,CONERILUS,GARRY,HOWARD are the future “presidents of Zambia.JFK was 39 year old when he become president of the USA.David Millibard was 40 years old when he took over as labour party in the U.K.Bibi was 40 when he became leader of Israel .KK was 39 years old he became prime minister of Zambia.Africa needs young and educated leaders and who understand democracy and technology to move forward.Time for the old cycled politicians with experience in corruption,tribalism,hooliganism is over.Zambia move forward.Just look at ,Sudan,Zimbabwe,Uganda Angola where the old and tired people are in power where their GDP is that of…

  34. So this sampa guy has always been untruthful on his support base!! Which pf cabinet minister would report to eric chanda as sg if indeed 50% are with him?? Another failed project





  36. This is truly a calculated move by Miles and the crew, 1st they take on all the small parties that will b involved then seat back and watch the games begin. The so big known parties will be MMD, PF UPND and FDD. So if it happens that MMD gang up with PF , and the UPND takes on FDD. The the ORANGE ALLIANCE comes into checkmate on whoever it gangs up with!!!
    #thecheckmate Crew!

  37. Sinkamba Wisdom – The combination of Sampa +Chipimo+ Chanda = Northen province. If it was other people frank bwalya and kambwili should have already held a press confrerence condemning tribalism. But becuae its a combination from Northern province its not tribalism.
    Any amillion thanks for GBM to join the winning team, UPND. Nothing is going to change as UPND we are going to win because Zambians have rallied behind UPND and HH. Dr. Banda and GBM & HH go and tell the world that Zambians have joined hands under UPND and have said no to violence. PF and its violence are going.
    Thanks to Zambians for realizing that we are not going to eat tribal talk but we need good agricultural policies, good education, health policies, good governance systems. As UPND we shall create jobs through…

  38. Let every family, tribe, religion, province and region offer their best and in this way Zambia will give the best to Africa and the world. Miles Sampa, Elias Chipimo and Eric Chanda are among the very best young politicians if not the best. I give them my blessings as an independent thinker. DF sounds very good there is no problem with adopting the name for the alliance.

  39. Forget about tribal talk no one should apologize for being born from where they were born. Look at what the person has to offer and join if you like what they are about if not find someone else to support and move on.

  40. The combination looks rather strange!!! It seems as if these people are just on a mission to undermine PF in its so called strongholds apart from Eastern. It will look to some like a regional alliance. I want to be an opportunist, so my judgement is withheld for now.

  41. How can sampa be a presidential candidate when he hasn’t got party structures than chipimo?is Eric educated?can Zambian pipo trust this gang ?

  42. From DF to Orange Alliance.

    This confirms two vital things, DF is a stillborn. Sampa did not think this through. Sampa has gone belly up. A Political blunder.

    Chipomo and the other guy have nothing to loss bcoz they dont have anything to loss in the first place.

  43. Hahahahahahaha at UPND cadres that thought Miles Sampa was smart. President Lungu defeated the whole Sata clan and the cartel. You are in for a shock in August. President Nawakwi is the only hope to beat President Lungu.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  44. Please I am appealing to this Orange Alliance to include Kabimba. Kabimba is already orange enough buy calling his party Rainbow. Now what can be more Orange than that? And i tell you Kabimba is ready to be under Sampa, literally. Help, the brother, please?

  45. Imwe ba uPMD, of course the Orange alliance, Chipimo, Sampa, Chanda is a tribal party, no has denied that. But that does not take away the tribalism in your own party which was clearly spelt out in 2005 and has not been denied to this day.
    As to the newest tribal party on the political market, it will wilt and go off the scene before you finish yawning…..no big deal no worry, only uPMD is a worried party because they are never sure whether other tribes are with them or not. If you ask me, no one is with you in any possible alliance except Charles Milupi……kikikiki

  46. Even in PF strongholds including munchinga we have no insane people to support a losing party. And even if bembas were to become tribal, they would not be insane as to support this fullish Orange alliance and dig their own political grave. Every sane Zambian knows enough about 50%+1 to do anything stupid like those three tribalists.

  47. its like a group of grade 7s(sevens) attempting to sit for grade 12 exams thinking that by way of sitting next to each other, they stand a better chance of passing the exams…

  48. sticks and stones are mostly throne to a fruit bearing tree,if you are not talked about even in a bad way then your useless.Never mind about UPND and PF they have suit cases full of bitterness towards Orange Alliance.Go Go guys you can do it.Bantala misoka balaonaula ichalo chesu.Young people it’s our time

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