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Chief Puta refutes Post Newspaper Story about PF MPs

Rural News Chief Puta refutes Post Newspaper Story about PF MPs

Senior Chief Puta of the Bwile people of Chienge District in Luapula,in action during last year's Bwilile Ceremony at his palace.
Senior Chief Puta of the Bwile people of Chienge District in Luapula,in action during last year’s Bwilile Ceremony at his palace.

SENIOR Chief Puta of the Bwile people of Chienge district in Luapula Province has refuted a story attributed to him in yesterday’s edition of The Post in which he is alleged to have asked President Lungu to get rid of most of his members of Parliament (MPs) in the region if he is to get any support.

Bwile Royal Establishment spokesperson Katele Kalumba, whose traditional name is Natende Walushiba, said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the story in The Post was allegedly inaccurate.

“The Royal Establishment on behalf of Senior Chief Puta would like to refute the story published in The Post of yesterday. The royal highness did not at any point say at a meeting he called at his palace that President Lungu should get rid of most of his MPs if he is to get support in the region.

“The senior chief said he is non-partisan and that he supports the government of the day but his statement was singularly about development in Chienge and carried the meaning that if MPs are not performing to the electorate concerns, it will be difficult for them to be re-elected if they are adopted by their political parties,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said in making this general statement, Senior Chief Puta did not say that the head of State should get rid of most of his MPs if he is to get support in the region but that the traditional leader is merely interested in seeing that development is fostered in the area.

Dr Kalumba said the statement published in The Post was, therefore, not only gravely erroneous but also injurious to the Bwile Chieftaincy and the people in the region.
He said the traditional leader will remain non-partisan and will not accept his name to be abused by politicians.

Dr Kalumba said the Bwile Royal Establishment is, therefore, behind Senior Chief Puta in ensuring that development becomes priority in the Bwile chiefdom.

He advised the media fraternity to remain factual in their reporting ahead of the August 11 general elections.

Dr Kalumba said this will help in ensuring that there is peace and unity in the country before, during and after this year’s general elections.


  1. The same things the Chief said as reported by the Post is what you are regurgitation. What’s your point Katele Kalumba?

    • They always refute, don’t they…until the Post produces a recording….I think on this score, one must give credit to the Post …they have been accurate

    • @1.1 you are very correct when you say the post is very accurate. That’s why I don’t doubt when it slapped a tribal and shetanist Mark on HH.

  2. The Post always has a recording, they have what they call a right to reply & above all if anyone is injured by their reporting they can seek litigation.
    But again what the Post said & the interpretation the headman is giving imply the same, so what’s Natende Walushiba on about.
    I think the Chief gave Kadansa good advice. Nothing to apologise for.

  3. Really.. Its high time we got lead of these pathetic & paid partisan chiefs on our way! As we owez count down day in & day out for a new hope & new zambia.

  4. This is the Post that now HH wants to sign a deal with and promise them that once elected as President of Zambia if that will ever happen, they will stop paying taxes because according to both HH and the Post newspaper paying taxes to the Government is harassment.What a myopic way of thinking…

  5. PF Mps should help the part they laboured for by not going against pipo’s wil. They have worked to bring PF in govt. My appeal is they should not be imposed on pipo it will cost the party. Allow pipo who are popular to be adopted to allow lungu to win in the first round

  6. Katele are you even hearing yourself, from what you have said its clear the chief was correctly quoted. Ninshi ukulayisebananya ifi kanshi nangu kutina ama court cases bushe nifi.The post chose certain words you have chosen yours also but all of you saying the same thing.

  7. I don’t know why Mmembe’s gutter and yellow paper continues to exist. Mmembe’s aim in life is to foster hatred and despondency in the nation. Like the devil, he is not happy unless there is strife.
    RB regretted he treated Mmembe with kid gloves.
    Lungu should not only exact the taxes and debt payments from the hypocrite and fraud, but should ban the so-called paper.

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