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Witchcraft forces Teachers to request for transfer out of Sibanyanti in Choma

Rural News Witchcraft forces Teachers to request for transfer out of Sibanyanti...

CHOMA’s Sibanyati School and a health centre face closure following increased witchcraft practices in the area.

Some teachers and health staff working in Sibanyanti area have called on government to redeploy them to other places due to rampant witchcraft practices.

Speaking during a meeting called by the Choma district administration at Sibanyanti health centre on Thursday, Honest Mushutila head teacher at Sibanyanti Primary School said witchcraft practices in the area were so rife.

Mr Mushutila said the teachers and all the staff want to leave the school because of the witchcraft practices.

“If I am to narrate some of the incidents of witchcraft here it will take the whole day but witchcraft practices here is so rampant, we are now living in fear and we want to leave this place immediately,” he said.

He told the district administration which was led by acting district commissioner Vincent Sikanyela that the incidents of witchcraft were on a daily basis.

He cited an incident where they found human excreta in a grade five classroom which was smeared on some desks and they also found some traditional medicines around one of the teacher’s houses.

He said the teacher who was occupying that house was forced to shift
from the house and to date no one was willing to occupy that said

Sibanyanti Health Centre in charge Gerald Hansunu said patients and staff at the centre have been experiencing attacks of witchcraft.

Mr Hansunu said patients and expectant mothers in the labour ward have reported incidents of hearing footsteps of a person while asleep and that person does not show up.

He said one patient was attacked by a huge snake which wanted to force sexual intercourse with her but upon jostling with the said snake she became paralysed.

In response Mr Sikanyela said government wants the school and the health centre to continue existing in the area that was why they called for a meeting with members of the community to help resolve the problem.

Mr Sikanyela said Sibanyanti Parents Teachers Association with the health committee would meet this chief Singani of the Tonga speaking people of Choma this weekend to decide on what action to be taken to resolve this impasse.

But the members of the community appealed to the staff not to leave the school and the health centre because that would retard development and called on the district administration to assist in finding a traditional doctor who would expose those engaged in such practices.

Mr Ben Mahombe senior citizen called on the district administration to find a solution to the problem because they had fought had to bring a school and a health centre in the area.

“Lets find a solution to this problem than the threats of leaving because we fought had to bring the school in this area,”he said.

Chief Singani’s representative Albert Ngandu appealed to members of the community that had charms to desist from such practices of attacking the teachers and the health staff.

“Lets also commit to prayer one day people involved in such practices will be exposed,” he said.

Area ward councillor Festus Hachambwa urged members of the community to work together and find a solution to end this problem.


    • Jesus himself performed black magic Christians call miracles. every one possesses the same power as long as you believe and this is where it becomes complicated as long as you have faith

    • @Meimatungu, if you really have a powerful ubwanga, why don’t you practice it on Kambwili and the remaining PF members so they can leave government faster than those teachers and nurses?

  1. Only HH can talk to His people. HH please visit this area and plead with the witches. Speak their language so they understand the dangers of having no school.

    Please invite them to your under water ministries.

  2. You have never experienced such things NUBIAN PRINCESS.
    I had a nasty one: As sober as I am. that night after dinner, I locked all my doors and windows then went to sleep. I woke up the following morning sleeping outside on my bed with everything intact meanwhile the house is locked. this meant breaking one of locks as the keys were inside.

    • Bufi ubo nai iwe……..You have been brainwashed and completely indoctrinated into your beliefs. That does not mean your beliefs are true.?
      Belief in witchcraft leads to violence, harvesting of body parts and some of the most vulnerable people in society being ostracised from their communities.
      Development and modern governance is duly needed in Africa.?


  4. I would have to believe there was a god first, and I don’t! Logic and reason my friend! The human mind is a powerful thing, it can make you believe in fairy tales! Think for yourself! You will find that the universe is much more wonderful without superstitious nonsense! ?

  5. Witches don´t exist. Bitches do, but witches as depicted by it´s commonly accepted terminology is just pure ignorance based on playing on fears.?

  6. Witches d o n t exist. B i t c h e s do, but witches as depicted by it´s commonly accepted terminology is just pure ignorance based on playing on fears.?

  7. Any good social anthropologist will affirm that the roots of the witchcraze in Africa lie in malicious envy. When an individual has property, a wife, say, or something else that others haven’t got in a relatively poor society, then the ingredients of this poisonous cauldron are ready for the stirring. Accusations against people who are in some way the target of malicious envy are made by the envious, and the victims (who have actually done nothing wrong at all, and probably wouldn’t know what a witch actually is) are accused of being ‘witches’, ie they are blamed for other’s problems. Instead of realizing that all of the pains and pleasures we experience in this lifetime are of our own making, and ours alone, a scapegoat must be found. What easier way to get rid of competition in any…

  8. …What easier way to get rid of competition in any social group than to accuse your neighbor of being a ‘witch’? Medieval Colonial stereotypes of the witch are still present in some areas where the people are suffering economically-a legacy of colonial rule and one crop economic strategies – and are not educated enough to know that there is a fundamental difference between a real witch as it were and someone who commits the vilest criminal acts such as trafficking in body parts or for that matter falsely accusing others whom they are envious of, or who are somehow ‘different’, and are wealthier than they, and putting them on a bonfire to get rid of them. If a crop fails, or the day at the stock exchange was crappy, then ‘witchcraft’ is blamed on it all and an innocent is…

  9. What they need is police presence. These people terrorising others should be arrested. Teachers should know better than to believe in this rubbish.

  10. As long as there are weak and gullible people who need an otherworldly malevolent force to blame for their own, or their society’s failures, there will be evil and cynical con-men sowing fear and violence in exchange for wealth and power.

    • Other times the witchcraft accusations are used as a pretext to settle personal grudges or confiscate the victim’s property.

  11. Wait until u become a victim of witchcraft attack u will stop yapping and become a God fearing person. People who tell u they have suffered such attacks are not fools.. What that chris angel u eulogize does in the name of magic is pure witchcraft but becoz its a white man doing it u are ok with it.. Open your eyes and stop exposing yo ignorance by trying to dismiss other pipos experiences. Just because you have not experienced it doesn’t mean u r clever or inteligent, as a matter of fact you will be the easiest target because of your lack of firm belief in divinity..you are even proudly saying there is no God? Wait until u have an encounter with the one who created u..those teachers are health personel are more educated and civilized than most of u professional bloggers..

  12. Must find NGO’s that work directly with communities to prevent witchcraft accusations and attacks against older women.

  13. The myth of witchcraft, blighting our communities, & keeping us perpetually underdeveloped, & ignorant. I’ve said this before, & will repeat, surely had Witchcraft existed, we would not have needed The Kalashnikov, & intense military training abroad to liberate Africa from Imperialist Colonialism. The Sangoma/ N’ganga would have achieved it for us @ a fraction of the cost, with minimal loss of African lives. We struggled to get rid of Viruses in our midst like Ian Smith, despite them being in the minority. WHERE WAS YOUR WITCHCRAFT, BRAINWASHED AFRICANS???
    Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientists to work this one out!
    Tell those brainwashed Teachers to return to work. Maybe the school requires a security guard, to stop bored people going in, & smearing faecal material on desks.

    • We are still grappling with Superstition, as is evident when our”trusted leaders” mismanage the nation / economy. Rather than finding tangible solutions to their own man made problems, they call for “A national day of prayer” @ great expense to our national coffers, & productive work time.
      It’s this kind of Superstitious blind belief in fairy tales, has its side effects – Poverty, & poor planning.
      Lungu, & c.o, are behaving like Ostriches burying their heads in the sand, rather than deal with the problem head on!
      I guess they know Zambia’s problems are due to their plunder, so prayer is only used as a convenient excuse to continue putting more public money in their own pockets.

  14. A Head teacher who is steeped in superstitions & is full of witchcraft. Pliz provide leadership to yo teachers & stop misleading them. I have not seen any proof of wat yu were saying apart from wanting to go into town. You are not fit to be a head teacher. Yo education has not changed this primitive Head’s mindset. Pliz enroll at Chalimbana University for a Diploma in Education management. Moreover, yu are not fit to be a Head. Thanks!

  15. It has been the tendency of witchcraft to deny its own existence as that of the devil his own. They are both real. They exist, not just in Africa.

  16. Those that have been to Sesheke Secondary School in Western Province will say something about Witchcraft, this is real……………………..a skooner girl in the Boys dormitory , especially Lewanika my former house……..not things, all the best

  17. This is fake for sure. Government officers should not be wasting merger resources to go and listen to such backwardness. Those teachers just want to run away to better schools with electricity. Look at the calibre of medical staff you now have in Zambia!. What are these chaps taught in the colleges?. Ati staff and patients have been having dreams!. You do not know that dreams are from the sub-consciousness of the mind. Stop watching silly Nigerian movies and you will be liberated from superstitions.

  18. Abena toma my young man, these things exist am telling you. Spiritism is even mentioned in the Bible. Even from your thinking which you have realized into your writing, one can easily conclude that you are trying to force logic into yourself and show that you are intelligent. You are the kind who want to feel intelligent but you are not.
    I work at a district level and have had these experiences from rural health centers. Its not that people dont want to be sent to these centers. A lot of people even cry to be sent to rural health centers and schools because its free housing, water and electricity and some of them now have even tarred roads. But they want to leave these areas because of the above captioned subject matter at hand. The solution lies in working and sensitizing the…

  19. I respect traditional beliefs, but isn’t it true that if your faith in God is strong, witchcraft cannot harm you unless it is God’s will. And if it is God’s will you have nothing to fear! I think for a good man or woman of faith there is nothing really to fear from witchcraft.

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