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UNPD will be sunk by it’s marriage of convenience with the Cartel-Musoma

General News UNPD will be sunk by it's marriage of convenience with the Cartel-Musoma

HH with Maureen Mwanawasa at KKIA
FILE: HH with Maureen Mwanawasa at KKIA

THE revulsion and anger that most Zambians feel against the cartel will sink the United Party for National Development (UPND), Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr. Musoma said many political parties disassociated themselves from the cartel because it was a group of schemers whose preoccupation was to hold governments to ransom so that they could evade tax, manipulate the judiciary, and disregard the rule of law with impunity.

“These people called the Tongas and UPND as a Bantustan outfit; have they apologised for Mr. Hichilema to apologise?” Mr. Musoma asked.

He said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has shot himself in the foot for grovelling and succumbing to pressure for media coverage to oust the Patriotic Front (PF) from government.

He said the marriage of convenience would bring him and the party down because Zambians have witnessed first-hand the abuse of state power and resources by the cartel under former presidents late Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata. Mr. Musoma said only retrogressive minds would want to go to bed with the cartel.

He said Mr. Hichilema had made a “leap to a wrong branch”, adding that the apology was for political expediency to winning the 2016 elections.

Mr Musoma said it was folly for the UPND to think that Mr. Hichilema’s compromised stance to align the party to the cartel would help the UPND win the election because history had shown that the cartel was not a king-maker but an enemy of progress and challenged well-meaning members of the party to reject Mr. Hichilema’s manoeuvres to bulldoze the party by solely making decisions without their consent.

But the UPND has branded Mr. Musoma as a job-seeker who was begging for an alliance with the PF by pledging to support it in order for the ruling party to become victorious in this year’s election.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said there was nothing wrong for Mr. Hichilema to apologise and that the party did not expect any apology in return.

Meanwhile, Sinazongwe UPND Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene and his Itezhi-Tezhi counterpart Greyford Monde have questioned the motive behind Mr. Hichilema’s apology.

Mr. Siamunene described Mr. Hichilema’s apology as a cosmetic undertaking aimed at soliciting a platform on which to ride his way to State House but said only God will allow Mr. Hichilema to rule the country and not desperate conspiracies.

And Mr. Monde said while there was nothing wrong with people apologising to each other and reconciling, Mr. Hichilema’s apology left a lot of questions unanswered.

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    • @ Olson
      This ***** Musoma was ardent supporter of cartel until demise of Kabimba. Now, after failing to pin tag of “tribal” to UPND, why not associate UPND with “cartel” which was creation and integral part of PF.
      Next step, either Tr1balist Chama or Antichrist Bwalya or theirs followers will follow with vengeance.

    • Musoma is another tribalist hired by PF to spear head the hate speech campaign against UPND ,PF ‘s main threat.

      Musoma is runs another PF bankrolled kantemba party with no ability to field even a presidential candidate.

      The mention or the thought of UPND gives PF minions diarrhoea which comes out through their mouths and their back side at the same time.

      VIVA UPND and the HH TEAM

    • Actually, Mmembe should thank HH for forgiving him after unleashing a tirade of hate speech against HH to favour the PF which then has destroyed his credibility.

      Its, not HH apologising here, its the Posts and Mmembe. Its just that whatever happens with Hh and UPND the LT twists the story to suit their stupid agenda.

      HH does not apologise for not anything wrong. The stands his guns. Whether the post writes anything positive about HH and UPND, it matters less because the people want change and they chosen UPND and HH team top deliver that change.

      The paper that reported this also happens to be the Post, how convenient? Mmembe still thinks he is a factor in politics! Far from it, UPND ahs grown with out any praise from his stupid past paper. Now that he knows that HH is a serious…

    • The paper that reported this also happens to be the Post, how convenient? Mmembe still thinks he is a factor in politics! Far from it, UPND ahs grown with out any praise from his stupid past paper. Now that he knows that HH is a serious man who does condone stupidy and theft, Mmembe is scared that under UPND, he might be probed for engaging in corrupt practices with the PF. Mmembe has built his fortune out of praise singing for the PF and knows that his hands are not clean. Hence, the indirect attempt to let HH accept him.

      Anyway, folks lies have short legs, very soon HH will issue a statement correcting the purported apology.

      Its Mmembe who apologised not HH. Facts will emerge soon.


    • Guys, lets face it, PF has Tumfweko, Mwebantu, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, Zambia Reports, three-quarters Lusaka Times, a bit of Zambian Eye, all favouring this very wicked and violent Party. Who is supporting UPND in these campaigns? No one publishes HH’s success stories. Well, the Watchdog tries, but in a nasty way. I dont like the Watchdog’s type of reporting and insults. However, had it not been for the “evil” Watchdog supporting HH, Zambians would have never known who HH is. Therefore, The Post coming back to their senses and try to mend the damage they did to HH with their lies is not a bad idea at all.

    • HH and team have managed to buid UPND without The Post and ZR, Daily Nation, Daily Mail, ZNBC, Times of Zambia, part of LT, etc.. UPND will win these elections with or without The Post or the above mentioned biased Media houses.

    • @Mr Intelligent, ati UPND will win without the Post………,kikikiki……..another clueless cadre like Wanzelu. Your HH knows that ECL is winning and that’s why he has gone on his knees to lick Mmembes shoes with his tongue. Ifintu ni Lungu

  1. I don’t subscribe myself to such conspiracy theories but all I see here is the battle for information & getting your message across is very critical to win the hearts & minds of people, as well as communicate your policies to the masses. UPND lack such a platform and we all know ZNBC is a PF propaganda machine no way they gone broadcast UPND programs fairly , I don’t know how sincere his (HH) apology is but it was necessary and I’m assume his playing his cards right, people (PF sympathize) gon cry foul ofcourse and bring up this cartel conspiracy theory which does even exist in my opinion. Good luck to ALL political parties & may one which has Zambia best interest at heart win 11 August 2016 elections. God bless Zambia

    • thanks ken for your clarity,
      hope wanzelu will get one or two things out of it.
      in these crucial times of campaigns,upnd will need meembe whether they like it or not.
      why these upnd supporters behave like they know everything is beyond me……
      on this one hh has no other option but to swallow his pride and beg for coverage. period.
      ati: hh does not apologise…
      if he does not apologise even when he has made a mistake and is vying for plot one, just show us tenets of a dictator to be…

    • The only reason HH went to suck mmembes balls is that he has realised that after sueing the media which has wider coverage he was only left with her useless zwd. Honestly how do you suck mmembes balls who slapped a tribal tag on you

    • Good @ Olson and Ken, it takes brevity and manning up to make peace. Isn’t Zambian a nation full of “Christians?” Now see them demanding continuation of hate than brotherly love. This Musoma is surely a peddler of division if not one thirsting for blood and I suspect as he was uttering the nonsense his eyes were red blood shot as he let out his venom attacking a whole tribe “Tongas” when HH’s apology referenced himself and his party and nothing to do with ZRP.

  2. The two fake ministers must ensure ECL pays them well because this is the end of the road for them. Try to go and clean HH’s shoes the Katele Kalumba way on Mwanawase may be the elders can put a word for you.

  3. HH has done nothing wrong but a biblical right. He has taken the first step towards reconciliation and forgiveness. Whether Membe accepts it or not HH is a free man in God’s sight. This Musona man is not a good analyst. Pf has ZNBC; Times, daily Mail and ZANIS on its front and you want HH to be without any media to use? why can’t you blame PF for clinging to public media? They have cut off all oppositions and any divergent views. We support HH’s move 100%+1

  4. HH has a white Chola Boy! That’s radical man!

    Ok it’s the pilot! Seriously this group has made an earnest attempt as opposition, but I agree with the conclusion here. The ‘Cartels’ in Zambia are harmful to our Gov’t system. Are Pillagers and bring gloom, doom and death to unsuspecting citizens. Zambians beware. Selecting a Party comes with the same Buyer Beware rule as in ordinary commodities. Choose stability, in a known party with historical past. Better the devil you know, as you know how to diffuse them.

  5. Mmembe is a shrewd fellow. He plays his cards well. He has seen that his alliance with a sociolist party will not guarantee him business. He is now in bed with UPND. We shall see massive coverage of the UPND by the post. This is a plus for UPND. Even Chishimba Kambwili now knows that people will read about UPND everyday through the Post. The post is a king Maker. Sata apologised and reconciled with it. The post played a pivotal role in ensuring that the PF worn.
    Good luck HH for yet to be massive publicity by the Post and Good luck the post for yet to boom business through the coverage UPND.

  6. Miles Sampa has left the Permanent Fools and now they are crying for Miles like babies. HH is also playing his cards smart. Political Fools will loose. Even this Lusaka times together with Times of Zambia, Daily Mail and ZNBC can not much the wide coverage of the Post. They made Sata win and now they will make HH win.

  7. The biggest mistake the Post made was to go to bed with MCS. The Post was created to be the voice of the people. They are absolving themselves by recommitting to their founding ideals.
    Having said that, this cartel thing has been created by economic plunderers that the Post relentlessly pursued. These plunderers are now eating with Kadansa. If GRZ had a strong case against the Post, they’d have used it instead of relying on the ZRA harassment.
    The Post is the pillar that holds the fourth estate.

  8. Well, the good thing about all this drama is that the Post has been stripped naked and all its intentions and agenda of undermining the sitting government after being exposed has been done. Fact is M’membe still has very serious and hidden agenda of one day ruling Zambia by using and arm twisting those in government for his own personal gain.
    Fortunately, President Lungu is too intelligent and smarter for the likes of M’membe, HH, Kabimba and the like.
    Just to remind you of his shrudness, just go back to the Post archives and make some conclusion yourselves on this one. Why is it that from 2011 when PF formed Government up until 28th October 2014 when President Sata died, M’membe never criticized the PF, it’s leadership and governance not even a single day till President LUNGU won…

  9. And just what is common between the Post and UPND? It’s Wynter Kabimba! M’membe has nothing to lose but use Kabimba to control future government other than the PF Government. Before Kabimba spoke to UPND, HH was just a noisy gong to the Post and M’membe! Strategy, use Kabimba to cover HH in Post, sign some binding document, deposit it in some secret place, and hopefully get back in power backdoor to unsuspecting ZAMBIANS. This is what the Post has failed to achieve with the current PF leadership. So keep watching as the drama unfolds!

  10. @ The Quota, so you know everything about the Post and Mmembe ka? Absolutely correct my friend! I particularly like the bit about Mmembe never criticizing Sata throughout his reign, despite all the things that we cannot mention about people resting in peace. Well, yes they did criticise but only at the end when they literally insulted Mr Sata when he fired their cartel member Kabimba, after Mr Sata realized that he was being used by the cartel, or rather, he knew that his end was near and did not care about the cartel anymore, he just wanted to ensure that Edgar Lungu’s did not fall in the same trap when he was gone. So blow this Kabimba away…bombbbb hhhhh sshhhhhh…

  11. HH and the UPND should keep this spirit. Only great minds are capable of realising a mistake one has made. There is no pride in hurting another human being. If Fred Mmembe felt hurt by UPND it is always better to correct the situation and I am not talking politics here. All other politicians should do the same. Apologies should be unreserved as put by HH.

  12. Who is Musoma? How is it his business if HH apologizes to Mmembe. Instead of concentrating on growing his one man party he is busy attacking another opposition leader. These are just the rantings of a paid cadre.

  13. As UPND we don’t care whether HH has shot himself in the foot, we will still vote for him. His relentless concerns and outrage at the sorry lives Zambians have to go through should not be confused with desperation to be in state house. If you don’t vote for him, he will still own his ranches, companies and mansions,,,,, and I will still keep my six digit dollar salary here in the diaspora and continue supporting my relatives back there. Whereas you will continue with your miserable life of hassling!

  14. SINKAMBA WISDOM – Please leave HH and UPND alone. We in UPND and HH always preaches peace but PF thug cadres always want to change the reasoning. HH and UPND we believe in peace not violence. Meembe has just done his calculation that HH and UPND are forming the next government. Those of you who are still leaving in denial continue doing so. The clocking is ticking we are on a count down. Viva HH , Viva UPND, we in UPND we are welcoming all progressive Zambians to move the country forward with out violence. We need to change the economy . Look at what is happening at CBU and UNZA. shame on you all pf supporters and your blind leaders who are not seeing that PF is dead and gone. Your president Edgar Lungu has already admitted that pf can not win an election hence the need to look for…

  15. HH is desperat he can do anything to go to plot one, for u to be give space in the post u have to give in to their conditions,some of them are these they should not pay the tax and the 14 billion loan,they need to be give contracks this is what brougt the fight between themj and GBM. About the 14 billion i dont know how upnd suporters wil say now. It is this changing of goal post which is worring.:

  16. UPDD Hmmmmnnnn, what a mistake, UPND is not going to win the 2016 elections because the supporters of it are anti-Bemba. We need a party that can bring unity among Zambians and not divisions and hatred. We have enjoyed the peace because of the good nature of our leaders who ruled this nation despite them being insulted.
    People championing tribalism should govern their toilets and not this country because Zambia does not need a leader who has fices in his brain,

    Thank you,

    NST, anti tribalism

  17. Continue dosing. Sata apologised to The Post after telling them that the paper would not sell without him. These PF cadres are in power today and enjoying the fruits of The Post after their president Michael Sata was blacked out and highly scandalised by the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and ZNBC. So what is wrong with HH associating himself with The Post.

    For the first time HH is today in The Post Newspaper’s front page. I have always been looking to this day and this will be interesting this year. At least we will have coverage of news for everyone so that we can make informed decisions.

  18. The point is not HH being covered in the news every day. The real crux of the matter is “who is covering that news and at what future cost to the nation. Perhaps continued avoidance of paying taxes, buying off the judiciary, getting all the contracts to be had from government? Surely Zambians do you really want a puppet government in office? Is it so important to sleep with the wolves so that one can live in Statehouse?

    Yes Mr Sata used the Post but at what cost? His inability to govern the nation. He became a cobra without teeth. UPND and its cadres are too excited. They are heading for a deafening defeat come August 2016.

    • spot [email protected] Power at all cost. The post is playing its cards and clueless cadres are there excited and already dreaming about free plots. Pacts or alliances have never worked and will never work in Zambia because of so much greed and untrustworthy political players we have. If we are not careful, the post debt will take generations to be settled and one m’membe will continue insulting our presidents using our own money.

  19. Leave HH alone. He does not apologize, he is proud, not presidential material. He apologizes, he is making a deal with the Cartel! UPND has struggled to move up the popularity ratings because no one is covering them. It will be a good thing if the Post starts covering the party so that people can make informed decisions.

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