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Kambwili demands Post apology for accusing him of being tribal

General News Kambwili demands Post apology for accusing him of being tribal

Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents
Kambwili addressing Mporokoso residents

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili has issued a one-week ultimatum to The Post to retract stories in which the tabloid accused him of allegedly being tribal.

Mr Kambwili demanded that The Post should retract the articles about him and apologise for allegedly accusing him of issuing tribal remarks.

The minister said during a press briefing in Luanshya yesterday that The Post attacked him and labelled him tribal following his remarks that there was a political party that was regional.

“I am asking the Post Newspapers to retract either the articles that they were writing about me after I appeared on the Sunday Interview [on ZNBC] where I said there was one particular political party which was regional and tribal. I did not mention any political party neither did I mention any tribe but the Post Newspapers took me on with articles. They took two weeks writing about that issue and branding me tribal.

He said in Monday’s editorial, The Post vindicated him when they wrote: “The problem with the UPND and its current leadership revolves around regional character of this party and its leadership. The Post has consistently pointed out the danger of regional and tribal politics and once labelled UPND as a Bantustan party.”

Mr Kambwili said it was obvious that The Post was referring to the UPND.

He accused The Post of not meaning well for the Zambians.

“I, therefore, appeal to the Post Newspapers to retract their editorial comments or insults and the articles they wrote following my appearance on the Sunday Interview, within seven days,” he said.

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  1. OK, Kishimba Chambwili or whatever they call you, you said “there was one particular political party which was regional and tribal”. Why didn’t you just bring up the truth that all Parties in Zambia are present in all regions in Zambia and comprise all tribes. You are an Information Minister for crying out loud! Use the right information. Labelling one party as regional and tribal is old fashioned and won’t get you votes because all Zambians know there is no such a party in present day Zambia.

    • So you are talking about this imaginary party, maybe the Post is also talking about this imaginary information minister and government spokesperson who likes imagining things with his imaginary friend Chama.

    • Mr Kambwili, you said in plain language. Unless you can explain what you meant by this:
      (Source Post edition 12 Jan,2016 ,09:28:07)
      “This particular region, one Davies Chama just said, ‘For political party ‘B’ to form government,
      they must first marry so many women’. There was a meeting for the entire tribe Chuundu Chaitwa, everybody come! That is dangerous. I am not maligning, I believe in calling a spade a spade.
      The way they are doing politics they can set this country on fire,” he (Kambwili) said.

      Mr Kambwili, was Chuundu Chaitwa meeting held in CB or Lusaka? Was Mr Chama referring to the Ngonis or Lozis when he uttered those words? Do you need more evidence on this to make the lawyers’ case simple?


    • I thought “Chuundu Chaitwa” is a Tonga phrase!! What do you think, Mr Kambwili? From what I now “Chuundu Chaitwa” specifically means that the Tonga Grouping or structures are being summoned or urgently called for a meeting. Good luck suing the Post because you will lose the case.

  2. So you are talking about this imaginary party, maybe the Post is also talking about this imaginary information minister and government spokesperson who likes imagining things with his imaginary friend Chama.

  3. This tribal tag being a frequent remark by Kambwili, there is no need to claim that he was pre-emptied or quoted out of context by the post.

  4. Isn’t this the same 1diot who said people in southern province cant even vote for Jesus isn’t that tribe u 1diotic Kambwili.I thought those are the same people who gave Chiluba 100% votes was he any better than Jesus.Kambwili you are just an empty tin that makes too much noise because there is only air in your big head and nothing else.

    • @James please let us know the polite way of addressing an elder who behaves like an id.1o.t while saying someone is an empty tin isn’t an insult (it an analogy) and on the last one he DOES have a huge head unless you havnt met or seen him the irony is that one would think that with a huge head he would have a huge brain and a large processing capacity but alas all that comes out is GLOBAL….TRIBAL….GLOBAL….TRIBAL

  5. Bakambwili u only no on is tht the only ward u have whn people tak about something mean thy love u but changing in same of as is a probm

  6. When you dig a pit for someone to fall in its most likely you are the one who falls in it. The tribal tag seems to be seeking out its owners or as it is said in nsenga choipa chu sata mwine. The thing you hoped to permanently stick on HH has attached itself on your large backside

  7. Yes, Mr. Kambwili said so. It doesn’t matter which party Mr. Kambwili was referring to. That is being tribal. Mr. Kambwili is good at ranting. Last time he was ranting that South Africa, Botswana and Namibia was passing through the same problem, load shedding because of low rainfall in the region. Now Zambia want to import electricity from South Africa who are in the similar problem with us. The lying minister doesn’t even know that 89% of electricity is generated by coal and just about 5% is hydro and the other 6% is solar, wind, nuclear, gas etc. Unfortunately, there is no brave minister who have come in open to correct Mr. Kambwili ranting that the current load shedding is not due to low rainfall, but incompetency and mismanagement of ZESCO by the government. Lying doesn’t help, but…

  8. Thickneck & his ultimatums. Is there anyone who takes him seriously anyway. He says the Post vindicated him so he want retracted.

  9. Looking at the shape of Chimbwili Kashimba’s head and the headless verbature his foul mouth raves off on a regular basis, I can bet my life on it his mother had the dreaded “Zika virus” when she was still carrying Chimbwili. I mean, the climatic conditions in Luapula are pretty much Iturian jungle equatorial just like Brazil where the virus is currently doing the rounds. There was an outbreak of the same disease in Ituri in late 60s to early 70s during the time Kambwili was born. You bet he has “masalamusi” in that “kalukobo” of his!

  10. I bet in a week’s time he will forget about this ultimatum and will be ranting about something else or someone else…. Let’s wait and see!

  11. It’s the same mental thing about these chaps, you recall Chiluba taking the Post to court only to have the move ruin his life and send him to the grave! Chimbwili should know that if he carries out the threat, this might see him end up in jail.

  12. The man is a comedian. He really expects Fred to apologize. Let him go to court and get himself embarrassed. Can’t remember too many times when Fred has been forced to apologize.

  13. The Post must not apologise. Instead The Post’s lawyers must as of this minute start digging Kambwili tribal remarks/tribalism from the time he was in the opposition. There is a lot they will find and he should be made to eat humble pie once and for all.

  14. Have bloggers taken note of what kambwili is saying in paragraph 4? In one breath he denies that he did not mention the name of the party and in another he says The Post has vindicated him. The Post has vindicated him when he asserted that UPND is regional/tribal? How else has The Post vindicated him? He is trying hard to deny what he said the more he tries the deeper he is messing himself up.

  15. Hahahaha, ungaseke mwe! Chimbwili, do you know the owner of the paper you are suing? It’s King Fred. This guy never apologizes. Hell has to freeze over before Fred can issue you with an apology. He has an ego bigger than your head. You may wish to withdraw the law suit otherwise embarrassment awaits you.

  16. Kambwili even knows that The Post will not retract anything until he goes to court where he will be asked to disclose the party and region he referred to in that interview. And if he decides to mention any other region other than Eastern Province will be fueling the fire that he is currently failing to extinguish by just apologizing remorsefully. As Cabinet Minister and chief government spokesman, he should have differentiated his burden of responsibility from one in opposition when speaking on a mass public television media. As a government leader presiding over all the regions, he should be the last person to incite nine regions to rise against one region and even justifying his divisive message as, “calling a spade a spade.” KK’s One Zambia One Nation policy has left all tribes in…

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