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ECZ Changes Nomination Dates following YALI suggestion and hikes Nomination fees

Headlines ECZ Changes Nomination Dates following YALI suggestion and hikes Nomination...

ECZ Chairman Essau Chulu
ECZ Chairman Essau Chulu

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has revised the nominations dates and fees for all the four elections.

Commission Chairperson, Essau Chulu says presidential candidates will file in their nominations between May 30 and June 3, 2016.

Justice Chulu said that nominations for Mayoral or Council Chairperson have been set for May 30, 2016, while parliamentary and local government nominations have been set for May 31, 2016.

Last Month, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) wrote to the Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ) calling upon them to revise the released election time table to bring forward the closing dates for filing of nominations for Presidential candidates from July 2 to June 15, 2016.

YALI also recommended that filling in of nomination for candidates to Parliamentary, mayoral and local government elections must be slated to the same June 15, 201

And the Electoral Commission of Zambia has hiked the nomination fees for the August 11th general elections.

Those vying for the republican presidency will have to pay K75,000 while those wishing to contest parliamentary seats will have to fork out K10,000 while Mayoral candidates will also have to pay K10,000.

Nomination fees for Councilors in a City or Municipal Council have been set at K2,000 while those for rural district councils are pegged at K1.500.

ECZ Chairman Justice Esau Chulu announced the revised nomination fees during a meeting held with political party leaders at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

Justice Chulu revealed that all aspiring candidates will have to pay 50 percent of the nomination fee to be considered for the election.

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    • This is all nonsense

      Here is the thing- Unless Miles Sampa wins this year’s election- your country risks increasing its perception of mediocrity.

      Vote Miles Sampa on Aorange Alliance and bring sanity to this country

      Miles has the tenacity of Abraham Lincoln, the longiverity… wait dont get me started

      Remember thane- Miles Sampa.

      Case closed- next story please


    • Hahaha hahaha, even ECZ has realized that the cost of doing business in Zambia is just too high under pf.

    • Who said Chipantepante, that is it for sure. Even ECZ is behaving like Chintobentonbe.
      No one is incharge and no one works, decisions are being taken from Newspapers and Online comments…. Ni mwa Lungu, everyone drunk.

    • sampa knew and was ahead of these guys and formed the ORANGE ALLIANCE they dissolved their parties so nothing has changed MS Micheal Sata MS Miles Sampa is still our President a DOT COM president A ZAMBIAN born and bred along the line of rail in southern province educated on the copperbelt and Lusaka not Welenski air or stoneage mentality born from a mother with no colonial phobia untainted with imperialistic homophobialike Joshua comes Sampa our Zambia presidential candidate not Northern Rhodesian. Lets support a true zambian. DF was already gone its ORANGE ALLIANCE Mushota lets go

  1. Chipantepante.

  2. This fella looks rarther too dull, sleepy and low energy – PF will it easy to rig election!! Is there no other sensible and clever lawyer to lead ECZ?? We can afford keeping dead wood like this chap in that important position…

  3. What YALI has been doing in Zambia shows what NGOS must be doing. I personally had doubts with this YALI thing but Obama must now be very happy that his lads are doing what most churches and NGOS have failed to do in this country. This shows that engagement with Government and opposition leaders is more progressive than confrontational stance NGOS have been taking. Well done YALI

  4. Thankyou ECZ we really want to vote like Tongas. Nkana const: HH 12 Lungu 56000. Monze central: HH 12000 lungu 1800. lets not be cheated by Tongas who cant vote other tribes

  5. Embarrassing indeed this chulu pretended not to have seen sense in yali’s concerns only to turn 360° to swallow his pride. Well done yali I don’t know if ntewewe is a lawyer but if not then you have shamed the learned men and women at ecz. By the way you remind me of Gen Miyanda who also throws around his arguments intelligently and better than certain lawyers as if he were one of them.

  6. This is a listening gvt unlike tu bene Kabimba who never wanted to hear what the people were demanding. Bravo PF it’s good to bend a bit and be called ba chipantepate than to ignore the voices who put you in power.

  7. Reduce the fees and open opportunities for those who wants to stand. The prohibitive fees may disadvantage to nobles

  8. I guess only seriously sponsored political parties will participate. I hope political parties did not assent without calculating
    Each political part IS EXPECTED should should prepare something like:
    Presidential Candidate: 1 X 75,000 = 75,000
    MP= about 156 Constituency X 10,000 = 1,560,000
    Mayor= about 18 City/Municipal Councils X 10,000 = 180,000
    Council Chairmen = about 88 District Councils X 10,000 = 880,000
    Councillors = about 270 Wards in City/ municipal councils X2,000= 540,000
    Councillors = about 1320 Wards in District Council X 1,500 = 1,980,000
    for each political to participate fully, they need something like = ZMW 5,215,000

  9. Leicester City is so far winning the EPL on a shoestring budget and Africa has plenty minerals but hasn’t taken off economically or industrially.

    Lesson for ECZ and Zambia is that higher fees,more money doesn’t get you anywhere -but ideas ,knowhow,tactics and good planning makes all the difference.

  10. Top sieve grade twelve certificate, second level sieve high fees. I hope only the finest remain in the race.

  11. The combination of minimum grade 12 certificate or its equivalent and astronomical filling fees is a very good combination.

    The rich but uneducated chaps will not aspire for political office because their interpretation capacity is very low while the educated ones but poor will not run for political office because they come to plunder the economy.

    This leaves us with the rich and educated ones. This crop of leaders is best suited for the current economic situation because when they occupy political offices, their first assignment wont be to plunder the economy and they can interpret issues from an intelligent and professional point of view.

    Zambia is headed for quality leadership.

  12. The Pro Poor nomination fees and the negative thinking of the so called educated Zambians.Bye Bye Zambia.

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