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MMD is stronger than is thought- Mumba

General News MMD is stronger than is thought- Mumba

Nevers Mumba 2
MMD President Nevers Mumba says leadership battles in the former ruling party are an indication of how strong the party is.

Dr Mumba tells QFM News that if the former ruling party was weak as its critics claim, it would not have had so many leadership battles than any other political party in the country.

He points out that the MMD’s strengthen stems from its well established structures across the country.

Dr. Mumba says people having been fighting for the MMD leadership with their lives because they know that its existence and structures are well established.

He adds that the MMD is a very strong political with a membership drawn from across the Country.

And Dr. Mumba has declined to comment on the suggestion that he may not be President Edgar Lungu’s running mate if the MMD and the PF manage to seal an alliance.

Meanwhile, the Lunte MMD Member of Parliament has charged that all MMD Members of Parliament are to blame for the current frail state of the former ruling party.

Mr. Mutati says MMD MPs must share the blame and get together in ensuring that the former ruling party gains ground ahead of the August 11 General Election.


    • How can in-fighting in a party be a sign of strength and not weakness? It’s a clear sign of weakness. The party has no leader, Mumba has moved to PF, job hunting. MMD was stronger than now when they lost the 2011 election. Mumba and his friends will add nothing to the PF and together they fall with a thud on 11th August 2016.
      Why won’t Mumba ask PF to support MMD in order to attain the 50+1 vote requirement?

    • Iwe Mumba…….just leave our MMD and go back to Republican party. You are the cause of all these problems in the party.

  1. Yes…in-fighting in a party can be a sign of strength. People generally fight for what is worthy. It does not make sense to fight for a party which is dead. The Doc has a point!

  2. Is this what it means to be a politician in Zambia? Refusing to accept clear signs of decline, fragmentation and decay… Dream on, bro!

  3. Mumba, so the infighting within MMD expresses the democracy the members enjoy? Don’t take us for a ride. You intend to uplift the value of your party now that its being sought to form an alliance only that its just taken as an underdog by PF.

  4. Strikes me as a lunatic kind of logic. If you are constantly fighting with your family and your wife is threatening to divorce you then this is a sign you have laid your family foundation on solid ground. This is the same crackpot logic GBM uses when justifying wife battering. Ati it’s a sign of love.

  5. I never noticed it in the past but I am now starting to see striking similarities with his blood brother cosmo.

  6. dull mumba so fighting within the party makes your party to be strong?just find another way of advertising mmd to Lungu not that one.

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