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2 more Zambian productions to be televised on DSTV’s Zambezi Magic

Headlines 2 more Zambian productions to be televised on DSTV's Zambezi Magic

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February opens as a month full of promise for the Zambian film industry to showcase their talent to Southern Africa on DStv. Zambezi Magic is proud to announce the launch of two more Zambian productions; a comedy series called Dependents and a drama series called Njila –The Phase that debuts on Zambezi Magic Channel 160 on DStv on Monday February 8, and Friday February 5, 2016 respectively.


Dependents is deceptively dossed with thought enchanting humor, charming emotional subtleties and healthy insights about the place of the extended family in this age. The production offers an alternative perspective to the 21st century African family dynamics in the backdrop of an ever expanding metropolis.


Njila – The Phase is a series about a brother and sister who are facing the worst time in their lives after the death of their well to do father. Their uncle, Tom robs them of all the property that their father left behind, forcing the two siblings to live in a rum-shackle that is close to the mansion they once lived in. The two have to find their way out of the miserable life after realising the deceit of their uncle.


The two productions resonate with the bigger social issues dogging the Zambian society and they seek to offer alternatives to how society perceives these social issues. The Zambian family will be kept entertained with humour and suspense as the two productions premieres on Zambezi Magic to tell the Zambian story this February.

“Dependents offers a critical perspective to raising teenage children separated from their families by circumstances and is a story about setting aside self for others,” said Mingeli Palata, 2015 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) nominee who also directed Dependents. Palata is a celebrated Zambian film maker who is recognised internationally and was the lead writer for the acclaimed Kabanana series.

The executive producer of Njila – The Phase Golden Maiwanga and his elder brother Mandiva Synanzu who passed away just when the project was to kick off, worked together with Brian Palele to produce the series written by Angel S. Chipungu. Maiwanga said the series was inspired by real life situations that people of all walks of life regardless of race, religion, culture or nationality go through in life. “Death knocks at everyone’s door once, twice or more in life. So putting out this – true life story – experienced by many as the aftermath of death for the living was a key element in the inspiration and creative process of Njila: The Phase,” he said.

The two series combine the skill of both the young and the old to bring their acting talent to anticipating viewers in these hilarious and heart touching stories.

“We are excited to bring our viewers more local productions that will help to grow the entertainment industry in Southern Africa,” said Addiel Dzinoreva, Channel Head: Zambezi Magic. “As we promised, the two Zambian productions are our further commitment to introducing new local productions on Zambezi Magic this year. Our region has many more rich stories to tell and we’re excited that Zambezi Magic has taken steps to make sure that our local story tellers and talent are seen and heard on our channel.”

Dependents and Njila –The Phase premiere on Zambezi Magic Channel 160 on DStv on Monday 21:30 February 8, and Friday 20:30 CAT February 5, 2016 respectively.


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  1. I would highly recommend this to my Aunt Rosemary Chembe and her brothers and sister! Maybe they can learn what is wrong in robbing a widow and her children of their rights. It’s time to take action, we need to stop these kind of wrongs in Zambia.

  2. “worked together with Brian Palele to produce the series” point of correction LT, the name is BRIAN PALALE

  3. Majority of Zambians are currently on Gotv. Multichoice should therefore consider putting Zambezi Channnel on GOtv to accord more Zambians an opportunity to watch, in the same way they have done to Zee World, Telemundo, Emmanuel TV etc.

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