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HH questions high nomination fees, elections are funded by tax payers

Headlines HH questions high nomination fees, elections are funded by tax payers

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema leaves the City Library Polling Centre in Lusaka
File:UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has questioned the newly increased nominations fees by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Reacting to the new increased fees by ECZ, the UPND leader said that it was not understandable why ECZ should ask for such amounts of money when elections are funded through tax-payers’ money.

Yesterday, ECZ made an upward revision of presidential nomination fee from K10,000 to K75,000 while that for parliamentary candidates has been increased from K5,000 to K10,000.

ECZ chairperson Justice Esau Chulu said this at a stakeholders meeting at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka in a briefing ahead of the August 11 general elections.

“Council Chairperson candidates will pay K5,000, Councillor for City and Municipal K2,000 while Councillor for rural pays K1,500. Currently, presidential candidates pay K10,000, Parliamentary K5,000, and local government candidates pay between K50 and K100,” Justice Chulu said

Justice Chulu said that the ECZ has revised nomination fees because of the cost incurred in the elections.

He said the total cost incurred by ECZ per presidential candidate is K288,860 and that if there are 10 candidates like during the 2011 elections, ECZ spent K2,888,600 on presidential elections.


    • Mr HH if you don’t want to pay don’t pay then we will see.
      The decision by ECZ is very welcome so that some small parties do not participate but only few so that elections can be done once without re run caused by split votes due to these tuma small parties.
      Actually cost should have bee pegged at K100,000.
      I think Mr HH you are opposing too much, you have to realize that ECZ is not a political party.

    • Do you think paying is a problem for him,he is speaking on behalf of people like you and Mulyokela who can’t afford that amount

    • This is what happens when you run a political party like your company; funding every thing from your pocket and denying your “sheeples” a convention and democracy in your party. Now you end up paying bloggers, inviting foreign press just so Zambians living abroad would think you are popular so they can donate to your party. But sorry your party is regional and we all know how tight fisted your “brothers” are. So pay up. Who knows,you may be president one day!

    • Ati why should ECZ ask for such amounts of money when elections are funded through tax-payers’ money……..kikikiki, awe sure ba HH kuwayawayafye. Same mouth the other day was saying Zambians are heavily taxed,and today it is saying something else………anyway out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

    • The whole picture shows how the ECZ is interpreting how PF has destroyed the economy. Everything has been highly adjusted except for the salaries making life difficult for a common man.


    • You are missing a point here. HH can afford any amount but it’s the rationale being this he is questioning. Are you guys so damn daft that you cannot understand HH??

    • @Nostradamus

      Pliz update us more?
      How can Kavindele be the richest Zambian & HH the second yet when one googles ‘richest Zambain 2015’ what pops up is:

      1.Mark O’Donnell – Arcades Mall & Protea Hotels (Dr Norbert Litia Ilukui leading 2012-2014)
      2.Rajan Mahtan – Finance Bank Zambezi portland Cement & Radisson Blu Hotel
      3.Robin Miller – Real Estates
      4.Noble Findlay – Autospares (Autoworld)
      5.Carl Irwin – Zambeef (Some lists Mukela Mukela Jnr)
      6.Andrew Sardanis – Banking & lodges
      7. Hakainde Hichilema – General (Malls, Finance, Farming)
      8. Hanson Sindowe – CEC
      9. Charles Milupi – CEC & Lafarge
      10. GBM – Milling
      Kavindele is nowhere near the top 10 so I’am wondering whether internet infor is genuine.
      Could u be talking of Kavindele of the past or the present 1 whoz son…

    • Kavindele is nowhere near the top 10 so I’am wondering whether internet infor is genuine.
      Could u be talking of Kavindele of the past or the present 1 whoz son equated his life to 50,000 Kwacha not Dollars from Kaizer? I wud appreciate if u hav infor to put me in the right perspective.

      By the way what do these Dr Norbert Litia Ilukui & Mukela Mukela Jnr really do to be that rich?

    • you think hh can fail to pay. do i always have to interpret to people what HH says. he is not saying that he cant pay. he is asking why justify with the cost of holding elections when elections are funded by tax payers (and even donors)? what PF is forgetting is that one day they will go back to being an opposition party. Are they sure they will be able to raise this amount for their presidential candidate without the benefits of incumbency that they are enjoying now?

    • PF ECZ even if you increase to reduce split of votes in fovour of ECL God ha s chosen HH.Your riging will not work.

  1. These b.astards get paid more than representatives in some developed world. And if you can’t raise a few Kwachas from your supporters then you are not well organized and don’t deserve to represent anyone. The elections are funded by the public but that does not mean we should be taxing the public in case of escalating costs. Hichilema you are forgetting that the cost of living has gone up as a result of the Kwacha depreciating (why is not the issue). ECZ has to make up for the shortfall from somewhere, and and it should be from those who are willing to ‘sacrifice’ by running for office. And we all know why they run. I fully support ECZ

  2. Thats not an issuecfor HH my guyz just wait and see. Why involving yourself when you dont even have a party? Abalechulilamo babnfi? That was just a question not that he has failed no. I pity some small parties whether they will manage. Why ukukalipa kwati alelomba impiya kanshi li iposho fye mwebantu. Mwapatile!0

  3. Now that the 50%+1 threshold has been incorporated, this will be a simple and sure way of eliminating political joyriders/jokers not to mention the current high cost of living.

  4. VESSEL PF: “requestdockingcoordinates”

    DOCKING STATION:”look for nearest station and guide the ship.”

    VESSEL PF:” condition preventing docking is in effect”

    DOCKING STATION: “hold-position”

    VESSEL PF:”recalldockinginstructions”

    DOCKING STATION:”all clear approach”

    VESSEL PF:”after fulfilled initial real docking condition,vessel stopped near the docking seat,depth control was used to approach while stern vertical thrusts went all out”


    DOCKING STATION:” good job Captain EL and welcome to State house”

    2016 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Commenting without analyzing the reasoning behind the question. A councillor who would normally pay K50 is now to pay K1,500 and in your wisdom kusuminafye fyonse just because you have a problem with people financing tge party from their pocket, Ichilichonse nangu balunde shani ati Its a welcome move bupuba no bwaiche ubu. How many people can afford such amounts in rural areas These are situations where you end up having certain people going through unopposed. But is that going to grow our democracy. So for those can’t afford it means the party will have to come in. You haven’t heard the last of this, many more parties will complain. Unlike your boat with access to public funds your competitors have limited sources of funding.

  6. Ati, Edgar is a good president because he is humble! Very fun Zambians. We shall see how we go with humbleness on tables in our homes!

  7. ba Kaputo Davies ninshi ukufulwa,,,,,,Lungu is doing a great job and the people of Zambia will give him 50% +1 votes in August

    2016 vote (PF) Edgar

    i thank you

  8. When PF was in opposition, they could not agree to progessive decissions made by the MMD,and if these fees were hiked then, the late Sata (MHSRIP) would not have agreed.Remember he could even refuse to pay TV levy of k3… Yet pipo are blaming HH… Iyeeeeee… I feel for Zambians…Observe wat is happening in Tanzania now…

  9. ECZ you have done something commendable so that ‘pocket’ political parties do not congest the ballot paper a situation that just confuses electorates. You should have increase the fees even to K100,000 to eliminate more of such political parties that resurrect during elections!! Good move ba Chulu.

    • Comment:keep it up ECZ we dont want a reran HH why complain you have supporter.cry for youself not others.Pray hard to God for guidance.

      Don’t forget that the ‘pocket’ political parties are sponsored by PF. Example is Cosmo Mumba’s NRP. Obviously the sponsor will pay for them.

  10. What you are all missing is that no candidate will pay this fee. BUT government, particularly tax payers will pay the fees for presidential candidates


  11. interesting to see how PF members follows HH. to me that makes our presido so popular in the ruling party. Viva HH!! Viva Zambia Forward!! Viva UPND

  12. Sure fire way of ensuring that only the ruling party that has its hand in the government coffers can afford to field all the candidates – one party state is but a few acts away and ECZ are facilitating it. Whatever the case, it is clear ECZ is a profit organization.

  13. If the 2015 presidential by- election is anything to go by, Lungu and HH both scored 95% of the total cast votes while 9 other candidates scored slightly above 4%. This could have caused a runoff if the 50%+1 clause applied then. Let the charges be raised so that only serious candidates apply. Printing too overcrowded ballot papers and going for runoff is a costly affair while some candidates are mere jokers seeking recognition or to be considered by the frontrunners in the event of alliances. Some presidential aspirants can hardly win even in the parliament level as Mps, leave alone the Presidency. Lets be serious for once.

  14. The Increase is unreasonable in economic terms and that is what the learned,Mr. Hichilema is concerned with not that he cann’t pay that amount.

    When ZESCO increased tarrifs unreasonably , the same gullible cadres complained. Now that these zombies cadres are not effected, they resort to name calling. Useless thugs..!

    You will continue suffering, abused, used like condoms coz you cant reason, just supporting blindly.

  15. ba PF you have a big problem. if EL revised the fees, you will be the first ones to congratulate HE for listening to the cries of the people meanwhile you havent complained. so now there is a premium for aspirations? does it mean only the rich parties and those in the establishment can access public office? the things we are supporting and the justification is totally wrong. how does Muliokela now stand? he surely has a right to stand and no barrier must stop him – including the money barrier. democracy is a governance system for the people by the people and with the people not BY THE RICH PEOPLE/PARTIES for the common people with the people. Democracy has found a new definition in Zambia – Wow

  16. HH, just sell some of your cattle don’t pretend that you have no money. Why are you so selfish? Even your workers complain about the wages that you give them. What a Leader!

  17. HH is not worried about that amount but simply telling you blind followers that this is a plan to stop other candidates from exercising their democratic right. ECZ is not a money making enterprise and it is fully funded by tax payers and usually some donors. It is unacceptable for them to ask such an amount. Now only the rich will participate in politics by choosing this route ECZ has taken. These are dangerous schemes by the ECZ and the PF led govt.

  18. Good news indeed. Politicians have a lot of money. Let them spend or sacrifice for the majority poor to vote for them. It looks like if you do not engage in it you are no body.
    ECZ make your own money and this is the way to go. Politics is not cheap.
    Playing field should however be level. No one should use government money to campaign, pay for charges and so forth.

  19. Tax payers money!! Those who pay tax are pipo like you HH. Do you expect such mean pipo to think about the poor? Thank God they cant win presidency.

  20. am seeing 1996 elections repeating itself this year as much as pipo are bragging on social media that they have won

  21. From a neutral point of view, HH is right to question the motive behind the gigantic increase in the nomination fees. Inflation has gone up, we understand that, but in a Multiparty state like ours where majority are poor, aspiring candidates at Councilor or Mp or and/ President level, must be not be deprived of their Consitutional right to contest any position due to exorbitant nomination fees. True, most areas will have unopposed candidates (Councilors and Mps), because there is no money in people’s pockets. Is this the democracy we fought for? Whatever expenditure incuured by ECZ is paid by the Taxpayers and the Donors.

  22. Just Pay. After all its a way of getting back the stolen loot from the Privatisation of Mines and Lima Bank. Your Cartel Partners can also contribute to the amount. They still have our money in unpaid Taxes and unpaid Loans from Development Bank of Zambia. And by the way which Tax Payers is HH talking about? I gather you dont care who pays taxes going by the Apologies made to the Bwinjimfumu Tax Dodger.

  23. HH is right, entering elections to serve the pipo is now a bussiness. That is why pipo enter elections to make money instead of to serve the pipo, the election officials are paving the way for this mentality of pay and you will get your money back once elected.

  24. Even for parties with little capacity, they will rely on their supporters to provide the K75,000. So this will be done. Also remember 100 registered voters from a province. Its a tall order too. Congrats ECZ some will be weeded out , no time waisters. Running a country is not running your father’s supermarket. Indeed ni ndalama ya nyoko?

  25. @ House fly. What do you expect from a genetically born Selfish HH. The Guy is so selfish that it works to his advantage when it comes to losing the general election. What is K75,000.00 considering the number of supporters you have now?
    Your selfishness will take you no where.

  26. How come some bloggers can’t get it? HH is not saying he can’t afford the fees. He is asking for justification on the increases – and foreseeing that genuine persons who have abilities and may want to contest at various other levels, may not be able to do so. Many a time the same bloggers who go on about democracy bla..bla..bla still fail to note the relation between allowing for free and fair participation and measures that massively undermine that citadel of democracy.
    Others are alluding to ‘eliminating small parties’. When the ruling party engages in all sorts of uncouth conduct to try and ‘shut up’ other parties, you cry foul. But using money to reduce free participation is fine?

    • That is how the PF kaponya suppoters think, like thieves. As long as there is a collection of money some where, there is a chance to steal and they are happy. Even if GRZ says every supporter of which ever party must pay a fee, they will applaud this as there is a collection of money some where and a chance to steal has presented itself.

  27. Just a few months ago a certain DR katele falsely accused UPND of elitism, now that his preferred choice the so called “pro poor “pf has given Zambians their definition of pluralism , let’s hear a Amen from him.

  28. Because with the 50+1 if there is a re-run someone has to fund that process and it would be careless to only budget for the first round and not plan for any eventualities.

  29. And tongas say this greed man HH is rich when he cannot afford to pay k75 000?this is a vey good move by ECZ so that only serious political leaders can stand as presidential candidates.let less than 5 candidates stand.SO HH IF U CANNOT PAY K75 000 THEN DO NOT STAND.THIS MAN IS VERY GREED HENCE HE CANNOT BE A GOOD PRESIDENT-SHAME!!

  30. with a 50+ 1 lets see where this will take us to. PF cadres are just yapping without thinking through the consequences of this adjustment.

  31. I sometimes get dismayed and disgusted over reasoning of some people on this blog.HH’s complant is not about him or UPND,PF failing to pay the amount but the way election in Zambia is slowly becoming rich people’s elections only.He is worried that now people with good leadership qualities will no longer attempt to serve the people due to not having money required for filing of nomination papers with ECZ. We as tax payers fund ECZ with the help of donor partners and ECZ is not a profit making organisation or has been asked to fund raise for its operational activities.All its operations from toilet paper to motor vehicles expenses are funded by me and you.The hiking of nomination fees is a ploy to deny us poor people participation in the democracy of our country. Chulu you have already…

    • Makes the two of us. One would expect that bloggers on this site could be intellectuals but hell no, they are so childish in their analysis. It’s so sad.

      One love

    • That is the greatest tragedy of our politics nowadays. It is not many but MOST, of the bloggers’ reasoning is below acceptable. But it helps explain the reason why our countries our poor and poorly led. The majority of our voters have no capacity to vote. Our colonialists were right, in fact, that you could not alllow illiterates to participate in voting. Voting is a civic responsibility, and like all responsibilities, carries certain obligations like making eforts to follow current affairs so that you are well informed and can vote wisely. Not many people are willing to invest time in this self informing exercise and result in elected officials who have no right to represent anyone. I guess only time will solve this problem

  32. kaso – this is the rich man and all rich people have kaso. this kaso will be experienced by the Zambian when he becomes president.

  33. I agree with those that are saying HH can not fail and will never fail to pay nomination fees. But the problem is that his strategy will fail, may be he had a long list of fake political parties to finance so that they split votes in PF strong holds. Say he had 10 to finance including UPND that make 11 x K75,000 = K825,000. Then you expect him to smile? Come on the man is bitter him plan won’t workout.

  34. It is actually criminal to deny Zambians the right to provide leadership in this way. There are many poor people who have brains but have no money.

  35. POOR PEOPLE WORKUP. There is a conspiracy to wipe out all the poor people from the governance of their country. First it was the G12 clause but because it affected the powers that be, the are propositions to have it amended and now the fees by ECZ. What the elite is however forgetting is that the 90% of the voters are the poor.

  36. Don’t always cry foul over the hiked fees. Much as we would like to include everyone in the game, the reality is that times have changed. The reason we mostly end up with poor leadership many times is because it has been very easy to ascend to political office in this country.

    The results of easy rules to run for political office has been very disastrous for this country. To day we are in this situation because we allowed every jim and jack aspire for political office.

    The requirement of being educated and rich at the same time is an excellent idea to be able to run for political office because only serious ones will aspire for political office resulting in quality leadership.

    Always remember that a hungry man or woman will first think about his or her stomach. This has greatly…

  37. Something has gone amiss at ECZ. Why should ECZ just wake up and come up with such an amount. Where does that leave an ordinary person with potential to provide quality leadership. A general election should not be treated like a golf tournament where only the rich participate. ECZ should revise down its fees. ECZ is funded from the treasury and the whole process of hold general elections was budget for.

  38. I really wonder whether in UPND there are reasonable and genuine people! The guys have absolutely no clue what is on the ground. HH has no plan for his party and how earth can he have a plan for mother Zambia? 99% of UPND chaps only know parts of Southern Province nad have no clue of areas which us in PF know at the back of our palms.
    True, the full time paid UPND bloggers can imagine and build castles in the air but we know where we stand as PF and shall kolopa you and this with mo mercy.

  39. Whether HH is complaining for himself or poorer politicians is immaterial. The bottom line is that the two axes are not enough to fund these elections and other pressing needs on government? Is he not the same HH that condemned government for closing CBU And UNZA for failing to pay full mealie allowances? This economic manager really does not think economics and becomes a cadre when he wears the political coat, does he?

  40. @ Katondo Boys (Emmanuel Mwamba, High Commissioner S.A. (Reject))
    Continue manipulating E. C. L ‘navionelanji’ late Sata would have vomitted you based on your untrustworthness.

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