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My last three years in PF have been hell-Namulambe

Headlines My last three years in PF have been hell-Namulambe

Gabriel Namulambe
Gabriel Namulambe
Mpongwe PF Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe has opened up about his time in the ruling party describing it as hell.

Mr Namulambe said in an interview that he has never enjoyed any peace since joining the PF after defecting from the MMD.

He said he has been side-lined by the party structure since he fell out with the PF leadership close to three years now.

Mr Namulambe advised the party leadership not to side-line any member of the party saying in politics everyone is important.

“With the amended constitution, every vote counts because in an event of a rerun, each party wants to mop up every available vote,” Mr Namulambe said.

“The very stone that the builder neglected is the one he will depend on,’ he warned.

The former Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister also revealed that he is ready to help any political party that will need his support in this year’s elections.

He said he has the ability to add value to any political party that will request his services.

“Those who will approach me for help i will help, those who don’t want my help I will not persuade them for my help, if they think I am a useless stone, fine!”

He added, “I do not only understand politics of the Copperbelt but i understand Zambian politics, it is difficult to call yourself that you are beautiful, let others say you are beautiful.”

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    • Political prostitutes now mushrooming looking for someone to recycle them so that they continue sitting in parliament doing nothing.

    • Another POLITICAL PROSTITUTE SELLING HIMSELF TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!! Characters like him are what have led to the denigration of the political discourse in Zed.
      Lack Morality, Lack Principles, Lack VISION, SELF-CENTERED (notice, only speaking about himself, not his constituency, nor what he has done for his local area)!

  1. This article represents the sad state of affairs of our politics.Namulambe is willing to work with anyone.He has no principles whatsoever.Whether he is with pro socialist PF,pro capitalist MMD or UPND does not matter to him.These are the politicians who should be shunted to the dustbin of local politics.All that matters is where the bread is buttered.Shame.

    • correct when he defected he was advised that his decision was wrong., but you see namulambe is an ‘ know it all ‘ person , selfish and pompous; he failed to work with pf. go to mpongwe and investigate, he cant even win at his own farm. mwinsho mwebo mwalituposela nshinta; kamuya bwino

    • Correct, and to top it off this he cost the taxpayer millions with his selfish act of defection. He made is bed and should lie on it, hope no party adopts him.

  2. kwena kapoli uyu takwata insoni? you think we are so dull that we dont see what you are up to? you are just interested in your own welfare. you are a political vulture, a mercenary who is in it for their own soul. you dont have the heart for the people of zambia, nsanya iwe. kabiye uko muselela kwakaba!!!!!

  3. The Question is why were you sidelined? Ba gabriel just say you want to go. In my father’s house there are many pipo who shall vote for lungu. What is killing this country is only me and me only.

    • You corner someone with bogus court cases and promise to withdraw them if he joins you and you think that you have bought his loyalty hahahaha you are yet to learn. Your chickens are coming to roost hahaha digging pits for others only to find yourself falling in it. Who are you fooling, you spent billions on by elections claiming they were corrupt and now you are willing to dine and partner with he same people. Those wasted billions could have saved the kwacha fall., created employment, funded universities saved lives in hospitals, upgraded hospitals, funded schools, provided free education, paid off debt, funded small scale farmers but no your greed and manipulations had to be satisfied. In your father’s house you will continue being a dependant. You have the right to vote for the same…

  4. Usually when they talk like this it means they can’t steal. Notice he is not talking about his constituency, but himself. Pathetic. Find a real job.

  5. The man has already moved. PF should flush him out. I am sure next step is to defect to Up and Down Party. What a shame.

  6. ba LT when you post such things from such people, go into your archives and also dig what they said when they defected so that we can compare. the big question is why now. why should you decide to say it was hell when all this time you didnt say anything. shame on you Gabriel

    • @ine Wine I am with you! Didn’t this guy at some time say this term as MP would be his last? It appears he wants to continue but has sensed danger that he may not be adopted by his current party. So what if he understands Copperbelt and Zambian politics? Many politicians do! How come his previous party lost when he was there to make it win? Why can’t he find something else to do?

  7. The Zambian politician knows his people well. How many times have the electorate voted back into power defectors, annulled election culprits, and clear thugs!? Almost always. Namulambe is banking on exactly that. All you have to do in Zambia is tell the population how uneducated you are (I am being sidelined because I don’t have Grade 12), how crooked you are (they are accusing me of stealing), how sick you are (I am NOT sick!) etc. and large crowds will rally to your side and give you the votes. Those that say they are devoid of these vices are seen as elitist and therefore sidelined. That is why mediocrity is real in Zed. Watch Namulambe elected on a new party ticket.

  8. Unfortunately this are the kind of politicians we have in Zambia who have no political principles and directions. Their only political ideology is to eat from Government coffers and not to serve the people. Namulambe mulekwatako insoni ebuntu tata. Come 11th August these are the people we need to throw into political dust bin and retire them in national interest forever.

  9. Sinkamba Wisdom – Namulambe you should ashamed of yourself. you made the country lost tax payers money because of your greediness. You were told PF is not a party for peaceful people but for violent people but you chose to eat with both hands. Now that you are full and the pot is empty you want to start eating with both hands in another new pot. Shame on you

  10. Do not blame this defector (to be)… he is just reading the writing on the wall… and the wind is blowing hard and strong…

    Even Mr Kambwili is not sleeping… he is mentioning HH and UPND, atleast ten times in each meeting. He has appointed himself as one of the many UPND’s campaign manager – unfortunately he doesn’t know that he is doing a very good job for the UPND. But we thank you for you are all just obeying to the signs of the times. UPND is now UNSTOPPABLE.

    • There we go. There are only 2 answers you can get from a PF cadre= GLOBAL & TRIBAL. Why are your cadres always seeing UPND in everything even where the article has not mentioned them, are you guys sleeping?

  11. How can it be hell when you were a deputy minister just recently eh! It is now hell just because you were dropped by ECL, muletontonkanya mwinsho. You have made enough money but if you havent invested it well, thats you problem please give us a break.

  12. Political prostitution does not pay and besides if you like behaving like a condom, why should you complain when you’re discarded after the “sansamcation?” For all Zambians care, you “Kanamulame” can go to hell and marry the devil, bunamukuka bwahao bwa nyenyisa nja tuwe!

  13. Yes Mr Nalubambe you can go.
    Join the HH – Mmembe Partnership. And follow your boss and apologize to the Bwinjimfumu Sick Mind. Tell him you are sorry for questioning his Tax Dodging Credentials. And tel him that you are sorry for being part of the unprecedented Infrastructural Development during the Time you were in PF.
    But we the people of Zambia are now Alert.
    Never again are we going to have Mmembe control the Presidency. We want sanity in the Church, Sanity in the Judiciary, Sanity in the DPP’s Office, Sanity in Government and Sanity in Zambia. And Mmembe shouldn’t be any where near. We have had enough. 2016 Mmembe should fall , and all the Hangers on of all Shades. We will ensure that ECL confines Mmembe and all hangers on of all Shades to the Dustbin of Historical Mistakes…

  14. Ba Namulambe you wanted to be a Minister but unfortunately you do not drink with the powers that be!!!!!!!
    You win some and lose some.

  15. Selfish and power hungry Zambians who go into politics with selfish motives and no service to Zambia are very easy to identify like this very one crying about hell. To hell with him!

  16. Why had hon. Namulambe seen wrong with PF and why speak now? There is more to this. To understand Gabriel Namulambe, one has to read his past. My conclusion is that Namulambe lacks moral principles and it will be good for him to retire from active politics. If today the PF gave him a ministerial post, he would retract the very words he is saying. We need politicians of good moral calibre. Please do not waste Zambian people’s precious time and votes. 2016 Zambia needs leaders who are genuine to move the great nation not the likes of Namulamnbe, Dora Siliya, Munkombwe, former president Band just to name a few.

  17. We need to stop these type of career political criminals. It’s up to the people in his constituent to show him the door, which ever party he is going to join and run under 2016. It’s disappointing to see such low morals inbuilt office.

    How come they never leave office for the people’s rights?

  18. You should have known before joining that PF is epicenter of hell. Continue agonizing in that blazing hell you joined due to your greedness.

  19. 13th December, 2012 News – ” MMD Chairperson for Elections Gabriel Namulambe has resigned from the party to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

    Mr. Namulambe announced his defection to the PF with other members from Mpongwe during a press briefing at the PF secretariat in Lusaka yesterday.

    He said he did so because he wanted to work with the current government, claiming that MMD had lost direction.

    Mr Namulambe said he decided to ditch the former ruling party because he had realised that the PF was a progressive party that was committed to bring development to the people of Zambia.

  20. I’m waiting for Simbao, the nullified candidate who crossed to enemy camp and…WON!? Zambia can be ludicrous mwa bantu!

  21. Call them names all you want. They are smart enough to see danger approaching. PF must indeed start preparing for a hard landing.

  22. Nalubambe is now a commodity. He is there there to the highest bidder and he has no shame to boast about it. Its people like this who missuse biblical terms for their own benefit. Nalubambe a stone that was rejected? He has rejected himself because of his great appetite for power and fame. He has no principles. If he had principles he would never have left MMD. Now he wants to leave PF? Let him join Sampa or Kabimba or better still his relatives party Mulongoti or Mpombo. There are some commodities that have value, while others do not. Too much of the same commodity makes it lose value especially if it has negative elasticity. We have too many people of Nalubambe’s caliber on the market. He has to prove his value.

  23. Namulambe nalamba mu PF, vomitted and discarted never to be picked even by a lunatic.
    Namulambe rediculed Lambas, now is a reject known to every (Lamba) Zambian.

  24. Ba Namulambe kakwasu, findo fyalubana mu PF? You insulted nearly every opposition party th inking Lungu was going to comfort you kanshi alemimonafye ngefipuba. Lelo mwamona fyabipa you start selling yourself kwati liule pa Katondo street. Umwana ushumfwa kwebwa. Kapapateni kuli bashamfumu ba HH kani bengamwafwilisheni.

  25. MR Namulambe you been so quiet for some time but now you are talking.We all know very well that the previous elections you camped with your tribal cousins of which you know deep down your heart.so don’t blame the PF Party people have been observing you in and out.

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