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Regime change not the solution to the country’s woes – Mpundu

General News Regime change not the solution to the country’s woes - Mpundu

President Lungu with Vice-President Inonge Wina, Commerce minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and newly appointed Commerce deputy minister Raymond Mpundu after the swearing-in-ceremony at State House on Tuesday, November 10,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu with Vice-President Inonge Wina, Commerce minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and newly appointed Commerce deputy minister Raymond Mpundu after the swearing-in-ceremony at State House on Tuesday, November 10,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Deputy minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry Raymond Mpundu says regime charge will not solve the country’s economic woes.

Mr. Mpundu says the electorate must not be hoodwinked by the opposition that the charge of government will solve the country’s economic woes.

He said the PF government under President Edgar Lungu and his predecessor late Republican President Michael Sata has performed exceptionally well.

The Deputy minister was speaking at the handover of 1, 951 pieces of furniture worth about Six Point Seven Million kwacha ( K 6.7 million ) to Kashita Secondary School in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province yesterday.

Mr. Mpundu, who is also Nchelenge Constituency PF Member of Parliament, said the economic challenges in the country is global and cannot be blamed on President Lungu and his administration.

The global economic meltdown and volatile climate conditions have not spared major economies citing South Africa as one example adding that Zambia is enduring this blatant reality, he said.

“ It will be folly and hash for the Zambian people to judge the PF government in comparison with past governments that the country has had because of different economic climates, ‘ said Mr. Mpundu.

He noted that the first republican President Kenneth Kaunda ascended to the highest office of the land when the Zambian currency had comparable advantages with the world’s major currencies because of competitive copper prices.

The Nchelenge lawmaker said the unstable copper prices and the volatile climatic conditions are at war with the good policies of the PF government and President Lungu’s administration.

Mr. Mpundu urged the people of Zambia and Nchelenge in particularly not to be swayed by political opportunists ahead of the 2016 general elections.

He said the Zambian people must be alive to these realities and give President Lungu and his team another five year mandate in order to grow the country’s economy.


    • Folks

      I have a list of more than 25 PF MPs line up to stand on the UPND ticket and just waiting for the day when parliament will be dissolved to declare their loyalty to UPND.

      Kambwili is one of them and has promised to fund his campaigns if only UPND can accept him. Such is Zambian politics.

      UPND does not accept every Jim and Jack . It will vet all these PF MPs and see what they did to contribute t PF ‘s plunder and economic mismanagement before allowing them a chance to stand on its ticket.

      VIVA UPND.

    • Another “Grobo” parroting what they parrot best!!

      Unfortunately for him & chagwa – it is a Constitutional Election year – The Elections are “Grobo”
      Even in the USA & our neighbors in DRC will be at it!!

    • I think UPND SHOULD PUT THE CAT AMONGST THE PIDGEONS – just give ultimatum of adopting candidates – mid March so that we can see & enjoy the scatter from PF & MMD as the belly politicians try to catch the last train to 11/8/2016!!


  1. Umuntu nga aleswamo nkulanda ifilifyonse just for him to continue eating and live well. We don’t need to be tod we hav made our own judgements honourable

  2. There goes another tick. These parasites will say anything as long as they think it will leave them in power. To them everything is global. Ba mambala I wonder how they there hones. Simply because your neighbours don’t have mealie meal does not mean when you run out of the same in your house you start telling your children to just take it as normal because the neighbours also don’t have. Wise people will find ways to do things differently. Change of regime is the first step in bringing the destroyed economy back to its feet. Come elections you riff ruffs have to go

  3. mr mpundu, you are just safe guarding your job. Yes the PF has tried to build roads but contracts are dubiously given, the workmanship is poor except the ones done by foreigners like the chinese. Are we going to suffer another 5 years of the pf s plundering unruly reign? a country where there plice have no power and that power is given to cadres? a country where people from the ruling party go galavanting round the world with the president? wake up bwana minister we the people of Zambia are sick and tired of the PF.

  4. Do these iddiots really think Zambians are so sttupid and will still believe their lies?

    When the facts and the evidence are there to see every time we go into a store and our money cannot even buy half of what it could four years ago!

    These thieving swines have plundered us into poverty. Can they seriously believe we want another five years of this?

    We do not just want regime change. We want you PF stealing swines ARRESTED and JAILED!

  5. @kubweka, you have not told us the alternative party that can perform better than PF. But if you say it is UPND, then you are laughable. You must have seen the lies about UPND restoring retrenched miners jobs, you must have seen that the UPND is now full of the same people that it condemned for damaging the economy, for corruption, and all the vices that the UPND could think of. The UPND condemned Mr Sata and his henchmen and labelled them as Chimbwi no plan, today faced with Edgar as the roadblock to state house, the same UPND embraces the same henchmen and conveniently sees no chimbwi in them. And UPND thinks we are not looking, come August 11, wina azalila!!!!

  6. Do UPND cadres read about the world economy or are they banned from reading by their party, or are they just downright ignorant and illiterate? What is the comment of UPND on the world economy and impact of the fallen copper prices on the Zambian economy? If it came to power does UPND propose to top up the copper prices so that the country maintains its earnings and bread prices revert to four years ago? We need the answers so that we prepare to vote for you, otherwise no vote, you ignorant liars.

    • @Terrible

      It’s not only about the economy that Zambians are unhappy about under PF. Its the whole package of democratic tenets which have been eroded massively under PF. The economy can be as bad as it is now but if people enjoy their freedoms, experience fair justice and rule of law and discovered corruption is dealt with swiftly then Zambian people would not be annoyed with PF.

      All these things I mentioned above have a huge negative impact on the economy because they amplify uncertainty which causes capital flight, the result of which is a weaker currency.

      Poor governance coupled with poor economic management are characteristics of the PF regime; the reason why Zambians are fade up.

      It’s not the first time copper prices have collapsed. Even during Mwanawasa copper prices…

    • It’s not the first time copper prices have collapsed. Even during Mwanawasa copper prices sunk but the man revived the Zambia economy. When PF came to power it inherited a health forex reserve which it plundered quickly and went to borrow more for plunder.

      2016 PF kuyabebele.


    • @Terrible

      Wanzelu sounds more credible. There’s no question that Zambia’s economic roof has started leaking terribly bad under PF. And too that PF has, since getting into power, borrowed too much, with nothing to show for it. An observer can only conclude that the reason for borrowing so extensively was to divert and steal the borrowed monies. How else would one explain this?

  7. Mpundu ask ypur new boss Mrs Mwanakatwe (Mrs i wonder why Zambians are scared to borrow) if she has paid back her CEEC loan heavy arrears (funds meant for the disadvantaged). Make sure you use a squeeze voice when you ask

  8. We have heard this before, January 2015 elections dora siliya was advancing a similar notion, her point of view was that regime change is costly, a new leader will come with his own new ministers, changes at permanent sec, diplomatic and higher ranking government offices,and advised Zambians to give pf a chance to finish their term as cost serving measure, immediately chagwa was president we saw a creation of more ministries and dora was one of the beneficiaries, let this mpundu just be truthful like chiluba who openly declared that power is sweet than hiding behind “pf’s global song”.

  9. You Honorable you are very dull, don’t you know that changing of regime in every country is the solution to economic crisis. we need to put in government the regime who can solve this crisis our country is facing. You PF under Lungu you have done nothing so far. So we need to change the government bwana, we are in the democratic nation where the power is in citizen’s Hands.

  10. We do understand regime change is necessary more so if leadership is dull, incompetent directionless, corrupt, perpetrates tribalism and violence.
    Chi mpundu you are scared of losing you job, in short you are saying there is a leader above lungu who manages global affairs who Zambians know not and never voted for when power was entrusted in you guys you thought kulalyafye take responsibility and work harder this escalation of issues to an unknown global master is nonsense kuya bebele ba chimbwi

  11. It’s all clear that Upnd will just bring about insults when elected. No one is talking about how weather conditions visa_vise rainfall patterns, international copper prices, plunderers who are now joining their ranks will be resolved. It’s only in Zambia where a beneficiary of corruption and a billionaire within two years is worshipped as a richest and smart leader.

  12. So Mpundu, if the car you are driving is showing signs of breaking down, you would drive it until it completely broke down?!? Just shows the caliber of the people leading this beautiful country. Just in case you forgot, Zambians are a good, kind and courteous people. However, their patience has a limit. They can take only so much. Be afraid, be very afraid! You have just pulled the mat from under you!

  13. Lungu has failed to deliver to the expectation of Zambians. Normal minded MMD members must regroup in UPND and kick out the visionless leader. He must go in August 16. He is killing SMEs through high electricity tariffs. How can a normal government increase electricity by 300-400%. Is it madness or lack of entrepreneurship skills? A small business that was paying K3,000 per month for electricity is now required to pay about K12,000. I cannot believe this!!!!
    HH please come and help SMEs by reducing electricity tariffs as you have promised. We have suffered in the hands of these baggers.

  14. @kando you must be living in a place which is not connected globally or you are being fed by news from from @wanzelu who is not ashamed to expose his retarded brains. Where in Zambia are zesco tariffs pegged by over 300percent? Your comment is misplaced.
    Tell us how your party is going to fill up kariba in August .

  15. Nothing will save pathetic PF from being voted out…not even lies or hate speeches!I still remember blogging on this online medium that HH shouldn’t worry about the unfairness of the application of the colonial draconianic POA against him as God will campaign for him;even stones will be used by God to rise against PF’s diabolical regime!We have said much mismanagement & violence as well as rooting done by PF cronies but the drunkard leader together with his tribal morons are very comfortable with all these evils!Majority Poor Zambians are crying daily to God for deliverance,& all is well now,God is surely answering us,PF is going no matter what!

  16. Advice has been given 10 times over you just do the listen why shold we parrot to draf people. On a lighter note we can fill the kariba with the water in your head.

  17. The cost of the furniture mentioned in the article was more than K3,000 per piece? Just wondering what type of furniture pieces they are.

  18. Hahahahaha….Kaunda said the same and we kicked him out nonetheless and ushered in a new and refreshing government.We’ve had it with PF and their global story.Tanzania next to us is thriving yet we were better than them once upon a time. Mpundu please crawl back under the stone from whence you came.

  19. @Wanzelu, thank you for your illuminating discourse. I just have a few questions:
    1. Freedoms: you will agree that we saw more erosion of freedoms during the first two or three years of PF rule under Mr Sata/Kabimba since the one party state. You will agree that the chief architect of that was Kabimba. During that time the Post news was busy “Michaeling” Sata and did not “see” the transgression on our freedoms, HH’s especially.
    We now know that the cartel of Kabimba/Mmembe was acting in cohort because when Mr Sata realized this during his last years of life he made peace with his God and fired Kabimba, you know how angry the Post was about that. Anyway NrvSata seemed to have warned Edgar Lungu about this evil cartel.
    2. The UPND was in the forefront of accusing a certain…

    • But Sata/Kabimba are no longer the managers of PF. Lungu, for having stepped in their shoes, is the one who must now be held accountable for all, including the sins of his predecessors.

  20. @Wanzelu…..
    2. The UPND was in the forefront of accusing a certain politician of corruptly obtaining contracts at Zesco. That politician and another and more were some of the architects of the PF’s economic politicies then, the same policies you have just stated damaged the Zambian economy within 4 years.
    3. The violence of PF cadres has its roots in 3 years of Kabimba building a militia. Once people are taught violence it takes years to remove.
    4. Justice and rule of law: Five PF cadres have just been sentenced to death for killing a rival cadre. Would they have met justice during Kabimba’s era?
    5. Lies: UPND will reinstate all retrenched miners, all 4,000 of them; UPND will stop load shedding same lies used by PF when they were campaigning. PF was as clueless as UPND is today…

  21. @Wanzelu…..
    5. Lies: UPND will reinstate all retrenched miners, all 4,000 of them; UPND will stop load shedding same lies used by PF when they were campaigning. PF was as clueless as UPND is today.
    6. You remember Kabimba at the ACC offices with his violent cadres?
    7. All the evil and corrupt people that I have mentioned above have now regrouped in UPND. It is no longer the same party that promised us “economic manager”. It is just another donchi Kubeba, copied from the very same person that UPND despised so much, the very same chimbwi no plan to quote HH.

    If you have observed my comments, the gist of my argument is that UPND cannot be better than any other rotten political party that you can think of. What new things can they bring to the table when the same rotten corrupt…

  22. @Wanzelu…..
    If you have observed my comments, the gist of my argument is that UPND cannot be better than any other rotten political party that you can think of. What new things can they bring to the table when the same rotten corrupt politicians are now at the helm of UPND, or are they not? Mmembe who praised Michael and Kabimba for every transgression you can think of in the book is your partner today. At least I see Edgar trying very hard to reverse this although you conveniently lump Edgar’s one year in office as PF’s four years.
    Do you think that important personalities like the Pope would waste their precious time time and invite Edgar if they thought that he was as useless as you portray him in UPND? Or is it just petty jealousies that yours is not the one?
    What I am saying…

  23. @Wanzelu…..
    What I am saying is that there is nothing to justify changing government today, especially replacing by UPND, for the reasons given above. Freedoms are certainly better than under Kabimba, your new partner. Yes the economy may be bad, but give a better reason for changing government than what you have put forward so far. I and many others certainly do not wish to jump from the frying pan into the fire. What we see in UPND is not a viable alternative at all.
    In Edgar I see a strong leader who is very bravely facing challenges that he either inherited or did not create. I see promise of better things to come in such a brave leader, than in a leader who has quickly abandoned his economic manager skills in order to accommodate crooks of all hue, color and shade, with state…

  24. Look at one Terrible’s comment and thousand comments from UPND. if it a debate which group can win? Terrible thats how it will be easy for PF to win. UPND have so many to justify. I feel for pipo like Hon Mwitwa to be with New UPNDMMDPF party. Thanku Terrible

  25. Thankyou PF supporters. HH has allowed those pipo to be with them becoz they are his friends. God has a way of protecting his pipo. If those pipo like william Banda did not join HH we wouldnt have known his colors. PF is far much cleaner than UPND. All lungu has to do is to adopt good MPs.

  26. If God says we are going we shall go but if it is other way round lungu will remain in state house. Go to CB, LP, LSK, NP, MP, Central P and EP. you will be suprised only 3 out of 10 will talk about change.


    Romans 13: 1-3
    EVERYONE must submit himself to the GOVERNING AUTHORITIES, for there is no authority except that which God has established. THE AUTHORITIES THAT EXIST HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED BY GOD. 2 CONSEQUENTLY, HE WHO REBELS AGAINST THE AUTHORITY IS REBELLING AGAINST WHAT GOD HAS INSTITUTED, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. NIV


    • EVERYONE i.e. [all Zambians including UPND cadres + there president]
    • GOVERNING AUTHORITIES [The PF government of HE Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The Police Service even as they enforce the POA]


    • 1. Would you give he same advice to the Germans under Hitler? What of Pol Pot, Staines? Idi Amin? The apathied regime? Etc 2. At what point does a leader or someone in authority cross the line? 3. Read us verses from the bible allowing for corruption (many many examples). Violence (many many many examples) storming an international airport, gouging out someone’s eye in sinde, shooting in mulobezi, Kitwe teargassing opposition etc etc etc 4. Theft through bye elections 5. Using God’s name in vain 18th Octobet 6. Saul was a leader but God was NOT with him but with David. Don’t twist the bible to suite you on occasions if you are going with the bible go with it from genesis to revelations not only when you want to win votes from people who don’t read their own bibles

  28. What is it that former UPND would do which PF has failed to do? Go to Nigeria and see what they got from change. Its you who should change not PF.

  29. Lightning does not strike the same place twice. just because it happened in 1991 it does not mean it will happen in 2016. PF has a strong case of returning to power as logic will dictate that 5 years is a short period to turn around an economy. in 5 years you cant even get a fully fledged medical doctor. Development takes time. 10 years is a more realistic barometer to Judge a Government. i dare any one to tell me which Government made a turn around in 5 years anywhere in the world. Even the holier than thou almighty god hh admitted on Muvi TV that he needed more than 5 yrs to make a turn around

  30. @Meimatungu, I wonder whether you realize the meaning of what you have said, but thank you for your useful comments……..thank you indeed!…….kikikikikikiki

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