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Saudi Arabia Investors eye Zambia’s Agricultural sector

Economy Saudi Arabia Investors eye Zambia's Agricultural sector

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda

The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed willingness to invest in the agriculture sector in Zambia.

Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member and Chairman of the Agricultural Committee His Excellency Mohamed Alhamadi said his organisation is interested in agriculture investments in Zambia.

Mr. Alhamadi says the Saudi businesses are looking for partnerships with Zambia’s public and private organisation to execute the organisation’s vision.

He was speaking when he welcomed Zambian businesses executives led by Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Alhamadi appealed to the Zambian government set conditions that will ensure the safety of Saudi investments in Zambia.

And Mr. Lubinda says Zambia appreciates the cordial relationship that exists between Zambia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Lubinda however, expressed disappointment at the lack of progress between the private sector in Zambia and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia.

He said Zambia was looking for investors to help the country increase agricultural productivity so that it can meet the ever increasing food requirements for both local and regional

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  1. I wonder why, we go around the world looking for investors when we can create our own zambian investors local is laka.What we are supposed to be doing is to be giving grants to both peasants and commercial farmers so that they can increase productivity to sustain the economy. India has less land for farming but their food productvity is higher than that of zambia, India small farmer are the main food industry drivers.

    • It is sad when you keep inviting investors in a sector which is supposed to be a preserve of the local people. what will be left for the local people, if this sector is taken over by the foreigners as well. Please people show PF the door before there is nothing left in this country for the locals.

    • On Agriculture, just bring the Israelis or Afrikaners, they are the best with proven track records. Saudis can do well on exploring oil and natural gas.

    • @Mr Intelligent (The Realist), I concur with you. The Israelis will turn Zambia into Southern Africa’s breadbasket within a short time. Those Saudis are jokers who do not even know how a hoe or plough looks like.

  2. Just know whatever they’ll be growing will be sent straight out of the country. Zambians will be toiling for them but still remain in abject poverty.

  3. That’s why pipo like HH are supposed to be concentrating on some of these investments especially after losing hagain and hagain. Hope after August he can just divert and invest in all other sectors and the PF will give him all the support he will need.

  4. floman local is good but our atitude is still bad. Govt is empowering markteers HH is telling them to eat. let this guys come becoz they have skills and cpital. They will create employment and promote food production. Zambians who have money are busy funding violence what do we do?

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