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MMD National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika slams Felix Mutati for double dealing

General News MMD National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika slams Felix Mutati for...

MMD National Treasurer Ms Elizabeth Chitika
MMD National Treasurer Ms Elizabeth Chitika

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Treasurer Ms Elizabeth Chitika has slammed Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati for deliberately avoiding and failing to address the issue she raised earlier that he is a United Party for National Development (UPND) member who is double-dealing but pretending to be a genuine MMD member.

In an interview on Wednesday, Ms Chitika reiterated that Mr Mutati features on a 2016 UPND calendar as their party official and he is just trying to change the subject after being caught in his own web of double dealing that has exposed him as a shameless opportunist.

Ms Chitika wondered why Mr Mutati sent people to the MMD secretariat to express their views by smashing windows and breaking windows of several motor vehicles over the postponement of the 2016 MMD convention to next year. She wondered why Mr Mutati was failing to respect the final decision of the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) to hold a convention in 2017 when he respected the decision of the same party organ to forgive him and bring him back to the MMD after he was expelled with 19 others on 31st January 2015 at a NEC meeting.

“I would like to find out from Honourable Mutati whether what they did is indeed expressing their views by breaking a party office. If he is MMD, how would he want to send people to break the party office?” wondered Ms Chitika.

And Ms Chitika asked where Mr Mutati has been the last four years when the party has gone through many challenges and a lot of people left the party.

“I would also want to find out from Honourable Mutati where has he been all this time? We have kept this party from the time everybody scampered in all directions. We have invited all of them to take part in the activities of the party. They have never been there. But now that they know that there are elections coming, because they are chancers, they want to come full force and say ‘We want a convention’,” said Ms Chitika.

Mr Mutati issued a statement published in Lusaka Times yesterday in which he accused MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba of taking the MMD into an alliance with UPND. But Ms Chitika refuted these allegations saying that nothing was finalized with UPND and no MMD MP was appointed to lead any such discussions. She challenged Mr Mutati to produce written authority for any MP to talk to the UPND on behalf of the MMD.

She further noted that if indeed Dr Mumba had made any deal with UPND, it made no sense for him to stand in the January 2015 presidential by-election against Mr Hichilema. She said on the contrary, Mr Mutati accompanied by other “muselela kwakaba” MPs like Kabinga Pande and Elijah Muchima supported UPND of their own accord and had no blessings of the party grassroots, the NEC or Dr Mumba.

Ms Chitika emphasized that MMD is united and solidly behind Dr Mumba, contrary to exaggerated reports in the media that suggested otherwise. She said there are no “factions” in MMD and the rantings of a few disgruntled elements cannot be taken to be representative of any part of the MMD. She urged all MMD members to work hard and remain focused on the August 2016 election.

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    • MMD must have to learn to listen to itself. This internal fighting has been going on for far too long. In the last election it was RB. Now it’s Felix Mutati. All these are just symptoms. The real culprit is somebody else. Diagnose your problem thoroughly and then get rid of it; thereafter move on. You are grown-ups behaving like teenagers.


  1. Classic example of a tick still sucking from a dead body. Listen madam Chitika, MMD IS DEAD AND BURIED 6ft DOWN. RB unfortunately hammered in the last nail when he he decided to undermine the poor Pastor by ripping the party into two and subsequently going to bed with the pinheads currently stealing their living in Government.

    • You are just being stupid, MMD is not dead no wonder AKA Felix Mukhombwe “Mutati” wants to deliver MMD to UPND, its bitterness from UPND to cause confusion in MMD hopping that they can change their position. For your information Copperbelt, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Central, Western, North-Western, Lusaka and Easterners hate your Tongas and your HH

    • @2.3 Frank, You are trying hard to be economical with the truth. There is no way Central, North-Western, Western, Copperbelt rural and Lusaka can hate HH and Tongas. For obvious reasons I agree when you state that Northern, Luapula, Muchinga and easterners hate HH and Tongas. Fortunately their hatred for HH and Tongas is not taking them anywhere. If anything they are hurting themselves — they are drinking poison and they expect HH and Tongas to die!

  2. 2016 a year when we know them by their alliances. Madam Chitika were you not teargassed in Lundazi or those were UPND cadres. wonders can never cease in Zambia mwe

  3. MMD members, please remain steadfast and support the President you currently have. We can’t have people breaking property to be heard. Fast asleep past 4 years, fast awake now because it’s election time.

  4. To be fair, the double dealing MMD MPs have been grossly unfair to Nevers, PF thought MMD was still MMD and even tried to deregister it but Nevers fought, they came up with astronomical fees, Nevers sorted. They even arrested the man for meeting a chief in Lufwanyama, the Mutatis were no where to assist. And now they appear and want the party. How crude!

  5. Madam Chitika the biggest problem MMD has is to be associated with a failing party which has auctioned this country to the highest offer. Debt is now the mid name of this country

  6. This is a very good take on Mutati since he is posing like a person who wants to save MMD when actually he wants to serve and save himself using MMD. Mutati’s desire to take the Presidency of MMD is merely a survival strategy for his political career as he knows he is losing his parliamentary seat but wants to use MMD to bargain for his parliamentary seat.Seriously speaking how many votes did Mutati deliver to HH in his constituency – a sign of things to come! Further, if the alliance with UPND has no formal approval from MMD NEC and the President then Mutati and his fellow MPs who supported HH in last elections will be negotiating with UPND as individuals, old members of UPND may feel unhappy if they get better treatment than them – an possible source of problems for UPND.

  7. Bamutati you can still redeem yourself. Go back to MMD/PF pact. Thats your home. Remember Mucheleka whose number cant reach HH now. pliz Mutati go back to MMD you are what you are becoz of MMD. HOn Mwitwa take your pipo to the ruling class. you can even be lungu’s running mate or minister sir.

  8. I am from the Mutati camp but I will be open to advise that never trust the man.Nevers is a better devil. Fact: neither Mutati nor Nevers Mumba can win the republican presidency.

  9. The God of Abraham will continue to scatter them until election time.HH will form an alliance with the people of Zambia individually.They will come to him because he has a pure heart,God has chosen him and has given him wisdom.HH will not fight for alliances no ,but people will voluntarily come.When time has come no one can change the outcome.God bless HH and UPND with peace.All are welcome.

  10. This is what happens when a political parties is run a leaders who have made politics a sorce of livelihood. Nevers Mumba has never generated an income in his life, he earns his livelihood relying donations and tax payers. Mumba cannot even win Lungu a councilor.

  11. This is what happens when a political parties is run a leaders who have made politics a source of livelihood. Nevers Mumba has never generated an income in his life, he earns his livelihood relying donations and tax payers. Mumba cannot even win Lungu a councilor.

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