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Kakoma challenges Police on why only PF can hold meetings without notice

Headlines Kakoma challenges Police on why only PF can hold meetings without notice

Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma



Comments from the Northern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso this week reveal the extent to which widespread abuse of the Public Order Act is fast becoming a routine feature in our politics. Thanks to the PF our peace, unity and future as a democracy is now also starting to fail, as our economy has done under their leadership.

The Commissioner’s claims that only the PF can hold meetings without notice contravenes the rights and freedoms we are all entitled to in our own country. That we should not be able to move, meet and share our message with others, while the PF flies from place to place at the taxpayers expense, is unacceptable. And what is even more shocking about this statement is that he is saying the PF is above the law.

We would like to remind Mr Kapeso that the police are there for the protection of all Zambians, regardless of affiliation, and that the values of the Zambian Police supposedly include impartiality, human rights, integrity and professionalism. They are the Zambian Police Service, not the PF Police Service.

That they respond to peaceful meetings with violence and aggression is another crime. There is no justice for anyone outside of the PF. Anyone would think that we are now living under a dictatorship.

All this points to the fact that the PF is running scared. Having abused their power for so long they have forgotten how a democracy really works and that the Zambian people will judge them on the track record come 11 August 2016. With less than 6 months to go until elections we advise them to refocus on this. The Zambian people will not reward them for this intimidation and disruption of the peace.

Finally, it is important to remember these actions do not only harm the immediate victims, but that this manner of governance harms us all by undermining our development prospects. At the very time when we must be uniting and seeking stability in every way we can to tackle our economic challenges with shared strength, the POA and its abuse by the PF is dragging us down. We want to challenge President Lungu to immediately take action against this senior officer who clearly does not understand what he is doing. If no action is taken, it goes without saying that these actions will then be said to have the blessing of President Lungu.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Chairperson for Media

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  1. Wonder shall never end in this Chipante pante government. POA has been secretly amended to favor the chipante pante cadres….. expect more unusual things unfolding from now to August 11.

    • Just sue this Kapeso for breaching the constitutional requirements of the POA.

      Please some one sue this Kapeso for me I will pay.

  2. The police service is a tool for the PF to fight off the competition. You see, those filthy-low- lives cadres can make a person like Kanganja lose his job.

    Tow the PF line and you are safe! Try to be smart and you lose your job! It is as simple as at. Now, who wants to lose a job?

    • This Kanganja (small cup) also must know that pf (proved fo.ols) will make him loose the respect people have on him and must remember that everything that goes up must surely come down one day.

  3. Leave Mr Kapeso alone! He is honesty and has nothing to hide. He is telling the truth as it is on the ground! Meetings are a preserve of pf only! You don’t need rocket science to know that such orders were given from state house and are in force.

    • Mbaita, your observations are right. the only advise i would give the pf( proved fools) is that everything that goes up must surely come down one day.

  4. Kakoma u dont have a G12 iwe last time ulya palya ngu devil was given all the time to fly during by election but you failed to win you think this time you can win?
    You just want to ki~ and cause confusion like u did at cbu & unza. If u want go to southern province and cause riots not anywhere else. Chiefs Chase these guys the riot boys. Why cant u wait for campagn time then complain if same thing goes on but now we cant support u.

    • Ba JKalusa: What has Kakoma having a Grade 12 or not to do with Kapeso’s revelations on how they have been instructed to apply of the POA?
      Be a sober cadre and see sense in what your perceived enemies are saying, oneday you will be in opposition and this same abused POA will be used against you. Who knew that one day the mighty wamuyaya UNIP or MMD will be in opposition?

  5. Opposition parties come to together and fight Lungu and PF. Engage EU countries such as Italy, France, UK or USA. On your own you will never get permits to hold political rallies. Edgar Lungu looked so humble in France and Italy and they believed him that he treasures democracy and yet deep down his heart he is a dictator. We are worried with the economy which has collapsed as reviewed yestarday by Bank of Zambia Governor. Shame PF. HH 2016

  6. Flight HH 2016 is yours.Ask Namulabe from kopala we are assured of victory and we cast the dark forces of the Pfools

  7. Mr Edgar Changes Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, may I want to ask you a very sober question : ‘ On 18th October, 2015, you called on all Zambians to turn up in numbers to hold national prayers of reconciliation, unity and whatever else you mentioned. As obedient citizens, Zambians turned up in numbers as instructed by their leader (Edgar Chagwa Lungu). After all was said and done, you, Edgar C Lungu, called the whole exercise a very big success. Today, you are denying opposition Parties from meeting their members around the country. Now my question is: Has your national prayer excercise achieved anything or the exercise has exposed you as a liar who wavers like a leaf under a heavy stream of wind and cannot be trusted?

  8. Bakakoma I also challebge you to give us reasons why HH does not want to hold convention becoz his 10 year period is long gone? If UPND feels unfairly treated thats how those who want to lead UPND are also feeling.

  9. The folly of PF is to think that Zambians are only interested in development no also need political development. Good governance is very important as well and elect will be won on both issues you provide development through brutality ad the case now. That will be an inditement on the Governor take hid.

  10. [email protected] you will never find such meetings in those countries before election period. I have never seen open meetungs, in UK and USA after elections. ECZ will announce period for such gatherings thats when you can complain. As it now lets farm and do other economic activities.

  11. The folly of PF is to think that Zambians are only interested in development no the also need political development. Good governance is very important as well and elections will be won on both issues you provide development through brutality as is the case now. That will be an inditement on the Governor come election take hid.

  12. Kakoma, the reason is that when UPND wants to hold meetings especially on the Copperbelt, the idea is to create chaos or riots. Somehow UPND thinks that by creating chaos then they will be seen to be preferred party. But the security services are far ahead of them.

  13. Looks like the Mmembe call to chaos has fallen on deaf ears, that should be an indicator to political underfives that Mmembe has no political following which underfive politicians can ride on, but he is very good at misleading those who choose to be political fools.

  14. Comment:pls pls ukusenda ichisenda kunkoko kunakilila.upnd you always fast and vionlent you will crush.if you see one man cheating on defection your heads become high.let govment do its projects it fought hard to leave opposition and now ruling.HH was invited by the late (sata) to form the pact he refused…this time he should hav been the presdent.you see. luck comes once like ECL.when the dead blessed you it is forever so ECL is Blessed..When the dead curses you its forever HH is acursed he refused intially.No matter how much you yap yap ECL is and wil be president until completion and During that period God wil say enough..if want to prov me right ask TB Joshua or prophets.. elections or no.

    • Kalunga, what makes you think that all who criticise what you say or the government are UPND supporters, you really are afraid of them arn t you? there are more political parties beside UPND even one of yours Miles Sampa has formed aparty so stop the rot; let us debate on the theme please.

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