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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MMD labels Mutati, Muchima and Chungu as Traitors for taking the Party to Court over the Convention

Headlines MMD labels Mutati, Muchima and Chungu as Traitors for taking the Party...

MMD Trustee Dr Peter Machungwa
MMD Trustee Dr Peter Machungwa

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) says that it is very regrettable that three of its Members of Parliament have decided to take an internal party matter on the convention to the courts of law.

Yesterday,three MMD parliamentarians, Felix Chipota Mutati, Member of Parliament for Lunte constituency, Elijah Julaki Muchima, Member of Parliament for Ikelengi and Anne Munshya Chungu Member of Parliament for Lufwanyama , went to court to challenge a resolution by a NEC last week not to hold a convention and also challenged the credentials of NEC members who made the decision.

The petitioners complained that the NEC decision not to hold a convention was contrary to the provisions of Article 60 of the Constitution as amended by the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Act No.2 of 2016 and Article 14 of the constitution of the MMD.

They added that the tenure of the president and that of the NEC members who were elected at a regular convention were co-terminus and as such the convention should be held on or before of April 11, 2016.

They have asked the court for declaration that the current composition and appointment of the NEC and its members was not in accordance with MMD’s constitution and consequently meetings of the NEC did form a quorum.

They want a declaration that Mr Mbulakulima should not infringe on the rights of the members of MMD who are advocating for the holding of the convention in accordance with the constitution of Zambia and MMD’s constitution.

The petitioners also submitted that the proceedings of the meeting were in total defiance of the democratic principles that were set out in the Party’s constitution which guaranteed the petitioners rights to participate in meetings as read together with the provisions of Article 60 of the Zambian constitution adding that members of the Party who included Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa were intimidated and experienced physical violence at the hands of the Mr Mbulakulima party Cadres.

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  1. Mutati should just join UPND or form his own party. Well said about UPND not having a convention since 2006

    • Instead of hoping from party to party, people of principle should stick to their guns and restore democracy in our parties. Otherwise, we will never have proper political parties. MMD was the only party which was not a kantemba. Nevers is truning it into one. We really need well established democratic parties in this country.

  2. “Dr Machungwa reminded Mr Mutati and his cohorts to campaign for a convention in UPND which has not had one since 2006.”

    That is a very serious indictment of the UPND. Ten years no internal democracy and you are busy complaining about external factors like national democracy and the public order Act!!! That is the ultimate in political hypocrisy! Can UPND leaders assure us that in the unlikely event of winning August 2016 they will not urinate on our cherished national democracy, like mwamuyaya kumulu Lesa panshi HH?

  3. Only boring news coming out of Zambia nowadays. We know that PF is delivering quite well in many areas, so it shouldn’t bother anyone that the opposition is making so much noise to get into the game.

    I’m no longer so keen to comment on political threads but my humble prognosis is that after more than 2 decades in power, MMD is the party least likely to get back into the game. Maybe UPND deserves a chance if they start acting more mature and less like what I have been seeing of them lately.

    The way things are going, they’ll all lose badly to PF, and Zambians will just have to learn to like Edgar Lungu more because he’ll be around for another 5 years or more.

  4. Why hasn’t UPND held a convention? Madam Nalumango, bambo HH, GBM etc, hold a quick.conference like Sata did.

  5. Why is it so difficult for the UPND to hold a convention since the last one in 2006 – 10 years ago? And why do they insist on other political parties holding conventions when their party doesn’t want to hold one? I find this behavour very, very strange indeed.

  6. Expel treacherous Mutati from MMD. He thinks he can rule this country. MMD can be great again(I am dreaming right?) Anyways, Felix is a disappointment. Pwahahahahahahaha! he is UPND. Ba mutati bena kuwaya waya fye.

  7. I can imagine UPND holding a convention then GBM , Bob Sichinga & Dr C. Banda all challenging HH. One can skinned alive. GBM push for a convention you can unseat HH.

  8. Shame, no single contribution regarding the merits of the two Constitutions. But then, who I am to expect cadres from either part of divide to be able to contribute intelligently?
    After all, each people merit the Government they have.

  9. The topic is on MMD why is another party being thrown in? I was a very staunch member of MMD but left after Nevas Mumba came in because he is a failure of his own party the NCC or something. Then to crown it all Banda sold it to the PF to save his and his son s hide. Under a true member MMD can bounce back into power. People who really appreciate democracy and fought for it will understand what I am saying.

  10. Comment:Most bloggers here are useless bcoz they keep on bringing HH &UPND wen the issue is abt MMD.Its a sign tht they are afraid of hm.

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