Friday, April 12, 2024

Rescue of an orphaned elephant in Zambia


In January the GRI team which is funded by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation rescued an orphan elephant from an island in the Lower Zambezi, Zambia. The team expertly transported him to his new home at the elephant orphanage in Lilayi where he met his new friends and chased Ivan the keeper! Great to see a successful rescue. More info at


  1. What an act of kindness. This elephant might have been feeling dejected and alone and very afraid of course with all those scanvengers ploying about smelling a potential sumptious meal that would have lasted longer than usual. WOW what a relief to this dejected ‘potential meal’ meal that the hyenas lurking about were begining to salivate over profusely. Kudos to the rescue team. Bravo you de man.

  2. Great news but be careful as memories of how traumatised the baby was when the mother was killed,i believe, does stay a for life. Once this lingering memory comes back the animal in the animal comes back and these are the deadly conflicts that arise between the animal animal and the human animal

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