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Davies Mwila donates Hammer Mills to women clubs

General News Davies Mwila donates Hammer Mills to women clubs


Chipili Member of Parliament Davies Mwila has donated three hammer mills worth over K70, 000 to women clubs in Chipili district.

Mr. Mwila, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, said the hammer mills were aimed at empowering women in his constituency.

He said women in the area have been covering long distances walking to have their maize ground into mealie meal.

ZANIS reports that the Mr. Mwila donated the hammer mills when he toured his constituency yesterday.

Mr. Mwila said the hammer mills will help the women clubs raise funds for sustaining their families.

He also gave K1, 000 cash to the women clubs for the construction of a slab to mount the hammer mills.

The women clubs, which benefitted from the hammer mills, are from Mukonshi, Mukunto and Mukanga resettlement scheme.

Mr. Mwila has meanwhile appealed to the women clubs to safeguard the hammer mills.

And Mr. Mwila has disclosed that the Mwenda-Kawambwa road is in a bad state and requires immediate attention.

He pledged to engage the Minister of Works and Supply to ensure that the road is worked on soon.

And Mwenshi ward chairperson Daniel Kaoma expressed gratitude to Mr. Mwila for procuring the hammer mills for the women.

Mr. Kaoma, who spoke on behalf of the women clubs, said the gesture shown by Chipili Member of Parliament is a milestone as it will contribute greatly to the improvement of the living standards of women in the district.

He promised that they women will take care of the hammer mills.


  1. Vote buying has began already. I hope he is donating his own money and not tax payers’. Fortunately Zambians have seen through the con game and they have determined PF kuya bebele on 8/11/16

    • Do you know what the role of an MP is? Don’t you see anything wrong for a Politician who has been in a constituency for 4 years start to donate hammer mills and hard cash to people with months before an election. Its not only important to have educated with a minimum G12 certificate it is also important for the electorate like yourself to be educate in the way our government is supposed to work; basic social studies.

  2. They steal from you then donate the selfsame money in the form of hand-outs…surely very few of these politicians could afford to do this 5 years ago..that’s the life of a Zambian politician..very sad which generation is going to put an end to this robbery!!

  3. Mwila is an ill educated machinist who does not deserve to be in Parliament. I doubt he has a GCE certificate but most surprising is what he how he spends his time in the Ministerial Office given his humble educational background???? (if he’s not one of those that spends their time playing games on their computer)

    • Computer my foot!! He is most likely fielding face to face meet ups with his long list of relatives who visit him daily asking for a few kwachas!! Go to any Ministry & check out for yourself!!!!

  4. How can someone in a government position make a donation? Isn’t that abuse of office? Those in government have a specific duty to fulfil and they do that by making plans and executing those plans using taxes collected from the citizens. So the name ‘donation’ should be explained. Is that personal money? If so we need to know where he found the money and why he is donating it?

    • If a Public official who was not as rich as GBM before he joined gov’t starts to suddenly donate cash it means he is getting monies corruptly elsewhere or he is being overpaid by the poor taxpayers. Even the ACC can not investigate him given that he is a Home Affairs minister.

  5. ….typical of MPs…you vote in today, they will disappear only to reappear when its election time….and gullible electorates still get bought and entertain them….eeish

  6. The tragedy we find ourselves in. Our people have been turned into perpetual dependants on politicians. They keep them hungry for four & half years, throw crumbs at them in the last six months & the cycle goes on & on.

  7. LT, be accurate in your reporting.

    DONATION means from his own money. Surely greedy politicians like this will never use their own money.


  8. @Kabova, Davies Mwila is not a machinist. He did not reach that far. He was operating a dump truck dresser as an operator at Nchanga open pits the position he left till he joined MUZ as a National trustee.

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