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McDonald Chipenzi resigns as FODEP Chief

General News McDonald Chipenzi resigns as FODEP Chief

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

FOUNDATION for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi has resigned from his position.

Mr Chipenzi said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that his resignation is with effect from today.

He will now concentrate on completing his studies.

Mr Chipenzi , however, said he will remain committed to comment on national issues in his individual capacity.

“It has been a long but exciting eight years interacting on issues of democracy and good governance at FODEP. I am now saying bye-bye to commenting as FODEP but will not stop speaking out in my individual capacity on issues of the constitution, good governance, elections and democracy,” he said .

Mr Chipenzi said he will still remain a true partner in issues that surround national development and will not stop doing so.


  1. ..realising that you are people behind about to push you into the lake and you jump on your own just in time to save your reputation…..

  2. Mapenzi keep quiet and no more FODEP issues. I knew before you even announced your departure. All your contributions were pointing to one opposition party that you joined sometime back.

  3. How does FODEP chipenzi work with HH who has failed to hold convention. Does FODEP chimpenzi believe in democracy he preached?

  4. Well done,though the damage is already done. Am urging all FODEP members to work hard in order to regain our respect from the people of Zambia.

  5. This has been overdue, COngrats Chipenzi. Now you can concentrate on your partisan politics. Of course we know that you’re UPND and turned FODEP into a UPND house. Go well. Thanks for your contribution to the governance if this country.

  6. the truth shall manifest before the masses now we what your intentions were good you have come out in the open let us see if you gannered of support

  7. for cadres from a certain political party to comment enmasse, then he is a serious factor in politics. All the best Mr Chipenzi. You did your best in the civil society. I hope you join politics

  8. Well done Chipenzi, atleast your hypocrisy has come to an end. You really need to complete your studies so that you enhance your analysis of things and thinking capability.

  9. mapenzi ayo badaala. These NGOs are just political parties in disguise. FODEP was a training ground for this guy and now he is in the political ring! Round 1……ngingingiliii…!

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