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UPND People Have Taken MMD to Court – Nevers Mumba

General News UPND People Have Taken MMD to Court - Nevers Mumba

Meeting party officials in Kapiri Mposhi
Meeting party officials in Kapiri Mposhi

True Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) members should remain committed to the leadership and protect the party from disintegration ahead of the 11th August general election, MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba has said. And Dr Mumba says that the people who have taken MMD to court are UPND.

Addressing party officials in Kapiri Mposhi on Sunday, Dr. Mumba warned that there were machinations by some selfish “muselela kwakaba” Members of Parliament to kill the party. He said some MPs will soon be embarrassed after the reorganisation of the party which they wanted dead last year.

Dr. Mumba said the wrangles in the MMD have affected other people and that Zambians were tired to see the continued infighting instead of working towards coming back into government.

He said the issue of some MMD members who are double dealing was not acceptable in the party adding that even the United Party for National Development which they want to take the MMD to had become strong because they had hope in their leadership.

“People are not interested in seeing these fights and wrangling because of the high prices of food and other commodities. Load-shedding is the order of the day and people are looking to the MMD to bring back solutions and better days,” said Dr. Mumba.

He said the MPs who are fighting the leadership wanted the party to go the UNIP way. Dr. Mumba said God has always guided him to ensure that the MMD survived and remained a force to reckon with.

“Eco ndefwaya ukumyeba nici; bonse aba bantu abatutwele ku court [What I want to tell you is this; all those people who have taken us to court], they worked with the UPND and are UPND. The decision made by the party’s NEC will not be reversed and that decision must be respected and that is why they are not MMD,” he said.

Dr. Mumba boasted that even if he called for the convention next month he would win the election for the presidency the way he won in 2012. He said members should tell people who were calling for the convention to stop it because they were creating their own confusion. Dr. Mumba also said there was no way the MMD would go for a convention four months before the general election as doing so would be creating more division in the party.

He invited all those that ditched the former ruling party in preference for the opposition UPND to come back home and work with him in humility and honesty. Dr Mumba said those with intentions to challenge him for President should support the current leadership in order to build unity in the party.

He said it was only fair that they came back and contributed to the unity of the party, adding that loyalty was the hallmark of the MMD. Dr. Mumba said it was not time for genuine MMD members to leave the party because MMD was organised.

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  1. Is Mumba using PF to tackle the problems created by pf or PF is using mumba to make people continue face the problem?

    “People are not interested in seeing these fights and wrangling because of the high prices of food and other commodities. Load-shedding is the order of the day and people are looking to the MMD to bring back solutions and better days,” said Dr. Mumba.

    • Tell them Mr Mumba. It is not a secret that Ba Mutati is UPND. So let Ba Mutati go and call for a convention in UPND. How do you talk about your former partys’ democracy when there is no democracy in your new party UPND? Mr Mutati needs his head checked!

    • This is very cheap and deeply embarrassingly, Nevers. Why are you this desperate to go to PF sure? Have you thought about what will happen to your political career if Lungu loses? I thought you had learnt a lesson or two from your experience in the early 2000s when you betrayed your colleagues in the opposition by abandoning them in preference to becoming Mwanawasa’s chola boy. Where did that leave you in the end and how long did it take you before you managed to salvage the little credibility that you now want to so easily drag down with PF? Come on Nevers, you can be better than this. Even Lungu, if indeed he has political judgement, should reconsider working with you. Your desperation is dangerous and shameful.

    • Dr Mumba, you are not making any sense at all. You are talking of “high prices of food and other commodities. Load-shedding is the order of the day”, which are creations of the PF you want to form an Alliance with!!! This is shocking indeed. If I may ask an honest question, how do you expect to solve these issues under PF, since PF has lamentably failed? Dr Mumba, its you who must step down because you are trying to sell MMD at zero price to PF!! Actually, at 30 pieces of Silver!!

    • Oh, now Dr Mumba can openly hold meetings and campaigns without being tear-gassed!!! Interesting!

    • Really, does MMD have to use Propaganda against another Party isn’t this an internal MMD Matter between 2 groups in MMD, Sometime back the blame was on another Party, today it’s on another Party, which is which now. These look like internal MMD matters that need to be resolved by both MMD groups and violence by either group is highly unaccepptable.

    • If you don;t have what to say, it is better just to zip your mouth and use it for a better cause like eating nshima.

    • @09845
      Then I suppose these areas below are also Tonga-land:
      2015 By-elections:
      CENTRAL Province
      Edgar LUNGU PF – 53,462 (41%)
      Hakainde HICHILEMA UPND – 68,074 (53%)

      NORTH-WESTERN Province
      Edgar LUNGU PF – 13,275(11%)
      Hakainde HICHILEMA UPND – 102,292(85%)

      WESTERN Province
      Edgar LUNGU PF – 18,265(16%)
      Hakainde HICHILEMA UPND – 93,674(80%)

      Stop the tribalism. Almost half of the voters voted for HH. Are you saying half of Zambia is Tonga? Grow up!!

    • I M not Tonga and neither is alot of Zambians but we support UPND and HH you can have the fake money loving pastor in your party. Mumba is just trying to save himself from going to prison by the PF for misappropiation of money when he was ambassador to Canada, VIVA UPND VIVA HH.

  2. Ba Nevers you are also PF you have caused discontent in the MMD by trying to smoother the party into the PF like you did with NCC whats is wrong with former clergy turned politicians even father bwalya did the same with his AZ.

  3. The problem with Nevers is he’s not being magnanimous enough. Bringing in UPND in his problems is being childish. His party was divided in three before 20/11/15. He should have been working at bringing the three factions together but he looks to be more interested in his skin.

  4. If people are looking to MMD to reverse problems of high poverty and load shedding that PF have brought, then why does MMD want to jump into bed with PF?

  5. As we say in Zambia, “Come on, come on Dr Mumba, Inkoko ba cenda”(your roast chicken has been taken, whilst you wasted time)!!!

  6. Who ever still talks of upnd to be a party for Tongas should go back in the toilet. He forgot to flash. Am not Tonga but i fully support the party. Does it mean pf is a party for chewas. ?

  7. It is painful & ironic that Unipists who campaigned against the introduction of plural politics (RB and Nevers) were handed the MMD carcass to devour without mercy. Founder members like Authur Wina, Mulemba, Christon Tembo, Mung’omba must be turning in their graves. Those that are still alive like Miyanda, Scott, Nawakwi, Simon Zukas, Rossi must exasperated & kicking their heels to see the change the really fought for/envisaged in 1991 to materialise. Why has REAL CHANGE been so ELUSIVE? Now the PF is firmly in their (Machiavellians) grasp for their taking to devour as well. If Chiluba had let democracy run its course in pre -2001 MMD, Zambia’s politics & economy would be very different/better today. We would be miles ahead in development rather than trying to salvage the nation from…

  8. CONTD: We would be miles ahead in development rather than trying to salvage the nation from these selfish/unprincipled belly politicians. Why has our “change been that of shifting power from one Machiavellian to yet another Machiavellian?

  9. “for me to leave the pulpit and join politics will be a demotion” says Dr. Nevers Mumba on Zambia shall be saved program many years ago.
    I was a keen listeners to his sermon which helped me a lot, but today when you hear him preach, you see a troubled preacher. One lesson I have learnt from Ba Nevers is that You cannot serve both mammon and God at the same time.
    Where is Victory ministries? He is like Jonah!

  10. The civil war within MMD is merely a storm in a teacup. If you are not able to resolve internal party wrangles behind closed doors, then you have lost your legitimacy to be the party leader.

  11. Nevers Mumba is a selfish leader who should not even be entrusted with any leadership. God entrusted him with the pastoral leadership, he failed lamentably. He is just a failure throughout.

    One can wonder how he even obtained his Phd

    Viva F. Mutati

  12. I pity anyone who associates him or herself with HH, ’cause the treated like ants. HH claims he is everything under the sun and as for us with eyes we don’t see it that way.

  13. Some one should pray for Nevers and that Bwalya dancer. These Bemba relatives of mine must be making Chitimukulu very uncomfortable in his new PF built home.
    Where are the Police to tear gas this fake preacher so that we can switch his brains on. As for Faggot Frank Bwalya, you need more than the Italian prayers to heal him. Just see how he dances, then you know one circuit is off in the head. The main dances like he is doing ‘other things’!

  14. Mr Mutati is a M.P. MENTAL PATIENT. we have not forgoten how you stole the constituency vehicle.kabwalala iwe

  15. SINKAMBA WISDOM – All Zambian support the party of the moment – UPND and man of peace – HH for president

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