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1974 Africa Cup of Nations Final Zambia Vs Zaire Goal Highlights

Videos and Audios 1974 Africa Cup of Nations Final Zambia Vs Zaire Goal Highlights

The Final of the 1974 Africa Cup of Nations. Result was 2-all draw. Zambia is in copper colours


    • 1974? That’s a very long time ago LT. My parents had not even met each other. Thanks for the ancient highlights, though!

  1. Thank you very much. I was very young that time- 9 years old, but I remember Dennis Liwewe on Radio. I have never watched this before. Thank you once more. AWAY FROM POLITICS

  2. I had just completed my 5-year engineering degree at Unza which had spilled over into the sixth year because of Unza being closed. The draw meant the cup final had to be replayed which unfortunately Zambia lost. 1974 also marks the beginning of Zambia’s economic malaise because of two external extenuating factors i.e. the Arabs hiked the price of oil and the price of copper dropped. There was no opposition to blame government on the economic malaise the country started experiencing because in 1973 Zambia had just become a one party state. The economic wound continued festering until in 1991 when there was change of government. Whether the economic wound has healed is debatable.

    • @#8: Retired Engineer. Yes oil rose and copper fell. UNIPIST’s fed us the oil rise/copper story & I swallowed the bait; (hook, line & sinker) until I did some postgrad business mgt studies Commodity prices are cyclic. They rise & fall. The copper/fall oil/rise is NOT the chief reason Zambia’s economy collapsed BUT chronic mismanagement. There was the watershed speech of 1969 & by 1974 ZIMCO/INDECO was running riot with wanton NATIONALISATION & ZAMBIANISATION. The state instead of governing grabbed bakeries was baking bread in SUPALOAF & running taxis ZAMCAB turning what were small profitable businesses into top heavy blood sucking/loss making monsters Raw graduates & low calibre outright UNIP cadres with were made into CEO’s (General Mgrs as they were known those days) overnight over…

    • CONTD: more experienced expatriates & apolitical Zambian professionals with disastrous consequences. We still see this reckless destruction enterprises of appointing cadres to head corporations today e.g. ZAMTEL, ZESCO, ZRL. Then there was the compulsory but expensive (military & production) ZNS for all school leavers from 1975 to 1982.The border with S. Rhodesia was closed & we were airlifting copper to overseas markets (absolute madness). Zambia Airways which NEVER made a profit from its inception in 1967 continued to fly airline employees & their relatives for shopping to London & other regional capitals. Then there was the unbridled support of liberation struggle/movements across the region as the seat of the Frontline states. Then there was the philosophy of humanism and the culture…

    • CONTD: of free things even for foreigners. Expenditures of million usd for independence celebrations! Mealie meal coupons! If UNIP had cut our coat according to our cloth, Zambia would not be so poor today. I could go on and on but this is NOT a thesis. AS ZAMBIANS WE ARE VERY POOR MANAGERS. PERIOD! Breathing hot air/Politics has messed us up big time much the same way it has ruined Zimbabwe our Siamese twin

    • @Quest. Spot on. When you young men of today admire the UNIP regime I do not not understand. Luka Mumba was running bus services but his business was destroyed when UNIP started running bus services.

  3. Good to see how it was back in the day. Is it just me or does anyone else notice the almost empty stadium? Somehow makes it look like an ordinary club match and not the Afcon.

    • That game was played in Cairo, Egypt and as per Afcon “tradition” the attendance is poor if the hosting country’s team is not in the final. To make matters worse Zambian and Congolese fans are not known to travel en masse.

  4. The stadium was empty because Egypt, the host teamteam, lost the semi final to Zaire 3-2 after being 2-0 up at one stage

  5. Thanks for this wonderful video. God bless you. Send us more videos especially between 1980 to 1990 games both local leagues and international matches. I will really appreciate.

  6. This was Zaire’s 2nd Africa Cup title. in 1968, the Leopards beat Ghana Black Stars 1-0 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Zaire’s Leopards were coached by Blagoge Vidnic(Croatia) The Zambian team had been drilled by another Croatian strategist Ante Buselic who had been contracted by FAZ in 1971. Boxing legend Muhamad Ali was a spectator in the Gamal Abdel Nasser Stadium Zambia’s Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Milner, who was en route from Mecca , Saudi Arabia was assigned by President Kenneth Kaunda was assigned to cheer the KK XI. Chipolopolo victory in 2012 was hugely symbolic because the title had eluded Zambia in 1974 and 1994. Bravo to the patriot who posted this priceless video of the 1974 Africa Cup final

  7. …Rambo of the jungle fight between Ali and Foreman venue was to be decides by the winner of the AFCON cup between Zaire and Zambia…that’s why the fight took place Zaire…

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