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MMD Should align itself with PF-Mbita Chitala

General News MMD Should align itself with PF-Mbita Chitala

Mbita Chitala
Dr Mbita Chitala

FOUNDING member of the MMD, Mbita Chitala has said the former ruling party should align itself with the Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of the August 11, general election.

Dr Chitala said in an interview yesterday that the proposed alliance between the MMD and PF should be realised for the mutual benefit of both political parties.

“My position on this matter is that the MMD and its leader Nevers Mumba should heed the advice of Paramount Chief Chitumukulu that the alliance with the PF is the right way to go.

“I see nothing wrong with the two parties merging ahead of the elections, but, the challenge is for the MMD leadership to appreciate the wisdom of the elders,” Dr Chitala who once served as MMD deputy national secretary said.

Dr Chitala, who also served as State House and Finance deputy minister, also called for unity and co-existence in the former ruling party.

He said while people in a democratic dispensation had the right to possess and disseminate opposing views, the factions in MMD should co-exist for the sake of peace.

“Everyone has the right to hold an opposing view but the challenge for the aggrieved parties is to reach consensus and move on,” Dr Chitala said.


    • And also chitimukulu shouldn’t he just observe and watch as a chief for all political parties? Instead of putting a foot in politics

    • House Fly,
      Indeed Yamu nyokola njala Mbita.
      Mbita Wa fitala fye, PF kicked MMD out & the latter is a TICK on the former. Dead MMD as a tick on PF, both will be completely buried deep on 11 August!
      As usual Mbita a tribalist yaps that “Advice of Chitimukulu”?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Please the Chitimukulu out of this, Mbita is trying to CLUTCH AT STRAWS THAT DON’T EXIST, he thinks his “F.oo.lish statement will be taken seriously once he attaches the “Chitimukulu” tag

  1. Those who have tilled the land are aware of a toad that gets exposed with the upturned soil! Mbita Chitala always reminds me of this toad. Surely this administration has not found a position where he can fit? Sorry maningi!

  2. Manipulation and deceit have started! This man has a PhD, he should have provided an objective rationale for his suggestion. The PF wanted MMD out of power because PF claimed MMD was very corrupt. Which we believed. MMD wanted PF out of power because PF has run down the Zambian economy. Which we believe. Now the entire DR is suggesting a CORRUPT PARTY and one which is INCOMPETENT must come together? Why?

  3. Another cockroach emerging from its dark hole – NOW MISREPRESENTING the CHITIMUKULU with FALSEHOODS!!
    This guy has failed at most things – his mind is still very entrenched in the 1970’s student politics of UNZA, the militant Socialist/Marxist populism! On the other hand he loves the niceties of Capitalism! Though he was there when MMD was born, he was ousted & left by the way side – why did this happen?? His socialist ideas weren’t shared by the larger Zedian public – whose ideals seem tilted towards the west – So he is in this wilderness & he hopes to NOW BE THE POWER-BROKER between MMD & PF if there is the SLIGHTEST CHANCE!! What he should first learn, is “TO BE TRUE TO ONESELF, & NOT PLAY TO THE PUBLIC GALLERY!!”

  4. Why should we vote out a working govt? If HH can fail to contribute to a school that made him what he is how can he develope our country? keep on dreaming.

    • He pays taxes so that the government can do that. How is this difficult to comprehend. Let’s invest in education so that people understand the basics of government. You voted for lungu to do that work not HH.

  5. someone i respected can sink so low? even the person who gave him that phd is a foul. so it is true that one is aging the mental capability reduces to child level? ba mbita with due respect please if dont have anything tangible to comment better keep quiet just to protect your integrity.

  6. To all potential PF voters,
    Never listen to distracted likes of Skeleton … They are lying just….. hh has nothing to offer in national governance…. He knows nothing apart from ukununkilwa na masushi ya ngome achema…

    vote ECL and PF for continued development….

  7. K Bwalya @ 3 your observation is very striking and if the opposition pay attention to that and construct simple messages around that to the people, the campaign period leading elections will be interesting.

    Haajaniaka @ 7 you say “hunger is poisonous”, I can add to say that poverty is contagious. Alliance between MMD and PF (MMD-PF of PF-MMD) reminds me of ZANU-PF…. we all know what is happening under ZANU-PF Let’s wait for the out come.

  8. HH’s tag of failing to assist his alleged former school wont go away. Here’s what ba up and down should do. get HH’s school records show which school he attended. if its Mooya Primary School and not Bweengwa. if he went to Bweengwa he should offer to work on the school and state that thanks for Govts cry for help. he would rehabilitate the school on their behalf. Let them also document and publish using empirical evidence where HH has assisted either building a kraal, toilet, butala etc. otherwise ba up and down ECL has had one sucker punch. you are hurt and bleeding right now. ignore this allegation at your own peril. forget about Mbita and his PF/MMD alliance story. He’s a finished politician like bubble gum spit out by Ferguson in Man U’s hay days. After all PF political miles has…

  9. The UPND media team should wake up take your cameras to southerb province show the country what you have done were Lungu went and show the country the true school that HH went to if you don’t get my advice you will regret the damage is being done.

  10. #zambia
    What damage is being done on HH which other Zambians are not able to see? Pf has caused more misery to many Zambians. Pf is an outgoing party of pathological liars.

  11. Upnd has hh as its leader even though everybody is aware that HH stole heavily from privatisation of KCM Luanshya. Everyone knows. And every supporter is afraid to talk about it. Why would any Zambian want to vote for him?

  12. Can anyone in upnd publicly deny or announce that HH did not steal from KCM Luanshya privatisation? By extension, stole from people Zambia? Let’s talk about it instead of glorifying him.

  13. Depends where this Dr went to get his PhD, if at he has one. Many folks putting themselves up for public service or wanting to be opinion leaders call themselves Dr. someone. Isn’t bringing an honorable chief in his reasoning tribal?

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