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Universities should be kept politically neutral-Japanese Envoy

General News Universities should be kept politically neutral-Japanese Envoy

Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma with NCCL Varun Mahajan at the inauguration ceremony of the shipping of the coffee beans to Japan produced by Olam Limited today. The event was also attended by Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda
Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma with NCCL Varun Mahajan at the inauguration ceremony of the shipping of the coffee beans to Japan produced by Olam Limited today. The event was also attended by Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda

JAPANESE ambassador to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma has advised universities in Zambia to ensure that they are politically neutral.

Mr Koinuma, speaking during the launch of the Hokkaido University Alumni Association at the Veterinary Department of the University of Zambia (UNZA) yesterday, expressed worry at the state of affairs at UNZA.

“I am worried about the state of the University of Zambia right now. I think universities should be kept politically neutral. In Japan, universities are kept very independent. I hope this problem will be dealt with as soon as possible,” he said.

And Mr Koinuma said he is determined to take student exchange programmes between Zambia and Japan to another level.

“I am determined to take this opportunity of enhancing academic exchanges between Zambia and Japan by focusing on the youth, who will carry the future of this country on their shoulders,” the Japanese ambassador said.

He expressed hope that the student exchange programme would strengthen relations between Zambia and Japan.

The ambassador said he was happy with the co-ordination of the exchange programme by Hokkaido University and UNZA.

“I would like to make special mention of Hokkaido University’s efforts at promoting study in Japan. The mission of the co-ordination is to increase the number of students from Zambia,” he said.

He said the initiative by the two universities is a significant step in promoting academic exchanges.
“The partnership by the two universities will contribute to human resource development in Zambia and Africa as a whole,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, UNZA dean of veterinary medicine Kennedy Choongo said the partnership between the two universities would enhance veterinary services in Zambia.

“Since the Zambian government’s request for technical co-operation from Japan, the school of veterinary medicine has developed in terms of animal health and production,” Dr Choongo said.

He said the partnership will improve health and welfare in Zambia, which will in turn enhance scientific innovation and public engagement.

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  1. HH seeking help from pipo who understand him better than he does. How do you go to EU to complain about Zambian economy when they are olsa badly hit.

    • @Peters: Your obsession and hatred for HH is getting the better of you. What has this article to do with HH or EU? I believe you are a learned person, (working & living in Oz). I once worked in Oz for a period of two years, I never witnessed politics of attacking/ hating individuals or tribal politics. Politics there is about issues affecting the economy.
      I respect your strong support for PF but please help us back home to understand how politics in the developed world is conducted so that we can move foward as a counrty. I hope I have not offended you sir.

  2. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, immediately the universities reopen, the lecturers will also have cause to have it shut. They will go on strike demanding high pay or push for the removal of a Chancellor. Mark my words .

  3. Tell that semi-blind ape that what happened at the UNZA and CBU has nothing to do with politics. It was about the students’ meal allowances; in other words, hunger. What is embarrassing and greedy is Japan’s enslavement of China. I am sure the ape’s ears aren’t just little slits like his eyes.

  4. Unza land is prime land to foster our city’s development. Time to consider moving Unza to the outskirts of chongwe or beyond.

  5. UNZA must be closed indefinitely so that those sponsored apes by UPND and Miles Sampa know and appreciate that its tax payers who pay them that are important. Let HH and Miles Sampa who were f00ling these apes take them to universities abroad. For now, this is the best thing government has done, how do you destroy innocent property because some kachema has bewitched you?

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