Multitudes in Choma flock to mobile clinic for free medical services


Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital
File: Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital : Picture Courtesy of ZANIS

MULTITUDES of people in Muzoka area in Choma have flocked to the access the on-going free medical services being offered at the mobile clinics that have been stationed in the area.

Some of the medical services being offered were cervical cancer screening and treatment, dental care, malaria tests and various other services offered at a general hospital.

Mobile and Emergency Health Services Team leader Muzaza Ntele said they had received an overwhelming response from members of the community.

Dr Ntele said more than 1,200 people had accessed the services after day three and sessions continued yesterday and would end today.

Dr Ntele said so far they had conducted 21 operations and people with serious complications were being treated because they had a full team of specialised medical staff.

“We are bringing these services closer to the people free and all the costs have been transferred to government because the people were not paying anything,” he said.

The medical team had been camped in the area since Monday and the sessions were expected to end today and next week proceed to Batoka area while those requiring reviews from Muzoka would also be attended because the area was nearer.

He said the services being offered were those of a general hospital and no one was being referred to other hospitals.

He said this was a first time that they decided to have the medical camp in the area and described the sessions as a success.


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      Aren’t these the same mobile clinics that PF made a big fuss about when MMD bought them? PF used to ask why not just build real hospitals and clinics. Now it is PF’s preferred mode of delivering health services.

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      good question buck teeth so them to be reurned?but to be realistic do you know how much is been spent on the same hospitals,allowances,mentainance,fuel,allowances etc.instead the pf gvt has been clinics where they are convinient

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    Very clever campaigning by pf…never ever before have these units come to the southern province even though they have been around for some time

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      where do you leave christine kaseba went to souhern province with the same group,******* bubi swaini musula obe

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    They enjoying what RB and bought for them. When PF was in Opposition they condemned the procurement o of mobile clinics and now they using them so as to seek cheap popularity and as a way of wooing support from Southern Province.

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      Sata demonised these mobile clinics because he was a clever strategist and politician. Mmd failed to defend the importance of these units when they acquired them at a high price. It’s up to the current full politicians to convince pf that they don’t need them.
      If southern province won’t give pf votes than they should as well kiss their @sses.

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      Sata was just an ignorant motormouth. He failed to deliver on any of his rants. He even failed to take care of his health while in State House and he then failed to select a successor. What a useless PFool he was.

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    that illiterate man called sata..was the wrong button to ever lead Zambia..look at the mess he left us in..!

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