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HH’s meeting with donors is normal-Kalaba

Headlines HH’s meeting with donors is normal-Kalaba

President Lungu speaks with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba
President Lungu speaks with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says Saturdays meeting between UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and 15 diplomats accredited to Zambia is a normal practice in international diplomacy.

Mr Kalaba said the visit by the diplomats to Mr Hichilema’s residence is a clear indication of the strengthen and maturity of Zambia’s democracy.

He emphasised that the engagement of the diplomatic corps by all stakeholders such as political parties including the opposition is a normal practice in any democratic country like Zambia especially in the run up to the general elections.

“In other countries, such gatherings would not be accommodated by the Government in power, but in Zambia, events of this nature are accommodated as long as they are conducted within the confines of the law,” Mr Kalaba said.

He added, “While Zambia endeavour to improve her democratic principles in the fulfilment of her own people’s aspirations, we stand proud of how, over a relatively short period of our multiparty system of governance, we have continued to make significant strides in our efforts to enhance our democracy through subsequent popular and representative governments.”

Mr Kalaba said President Edgar Lungu remains committed to democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

He said the PF Government will ensure that these elections are conducted in a manner that is free, fair and credible and conducted on a level playing field.

“Zambia is renowned for her democratic credentials and the PF Government remains fully committed to main these standards,” Mr Kalaba said.

He added, “I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to inform the nation that, in keeping with the strong Zambian tradition of transparency and openness, as well as our commitment to uphold the constitution, the PF Government, through my Ministry has already started sending out invitations to regional and international organisations, as well as cooperating partner countries to participate as election observers in the forthcoming presidential and general elections.”

On Saturday, Mr Hichilema met 15 diplomats accredited to Zambia at his residence in New Kasama for a luncheon where a number of issues where discussed.

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    • Your departure from public office will also be normal iwe Kalaba and your mate Lungu.
      Just prepare yourself by removing all arrogance.

    • And so will be the departure of Power Failure (PF) from government come August 12, this year. Lungu must just start to prepare himself emotionally.

    • who said HH ni kachema ?????,,,, now diplomats are following a kachema to his Home,,,, na dabwa!!!!!!!!!,,,
      Maybe that’s why Lungu went to see the pope, for his holy exit,,

    • If this is something you consider normal Mr Kalaba you should not have said anything.It is because it was out of your control that you are making noise.What you are doing is called damage control.This is normal in normal countries not countries where you maginalise the opposition.To you sir this spells trouble.

    • kudos kalaba. we should always measure up to progressive countries, now let global kambwili to let HH have access to public media esp znbc

    • I get surprised at shallow thinking of upnd cadres who thinks the international community and media makes presidents! Even you as a mere cadre you can invite them and they can come, so kalaba is very right in every sense. And moreover HH called them so that he can cry to them about the POA after the embrassment his party did in bweengwa.he started talking about the cadre behavior in LPM era and how he feels it should be done! He is making mistake by going to the international capitalists whom we know hh gave our mines to for a song through his fake due deligencies. Its only the sata spirit that can move zambians. You make pact with zambians that’s it!

    • Well said, please advise Lungu to also accept when he loses the election. He should follow what KK and RB did. We don’t want confusion or any bloodshed.

      Let Zambia be always the shining example to others in Africa.

    • Stupid PF Cadre. How do you expect him to move around when you and visionless ECL unprofessionally imposed your POA on all the Opposition parties

    • Stupid PF Cadre. How do you expect him to move around when you and your visionless ECL unprofessionally imposed your POA on all the Opposition parties

  1. Comment: The elections will be free and fair that’s a matter of fact. When Zambians don’t want, the grz listens. Remember KK and FTJ. But is not a revolution. No one should think so, coz it won’t work.

    • What about those Malawans, Congolese, Tanzanians, Angolans pf has managed to issue with NRCs and voters cards? When they come to vote they may disturb the results.

  2. PF is taking their campaign in unconcerned manner. you will wonder if the party is serious or not. I believe the president is not listening to political strategists. Marry Banda and RB took things the way lungu is doing came to realiz when it was too late. Pipo are not campaigning as they are telling you they are just pocketing your money ba lungu.

  3. HE believe me you are moving in Marry Banda of Malawi and RB’s directions. you are leaving behind pipo who can help you. A woman does not build a village. Ngonis pliz time to seal the boat is now. sit your child down before crushing the boat. let him concentrate on his strong holds now. Tongas and kaondes are just eating. They wont vote him.

    • @ Peter, he will be shocked by the apathy he will experience from so called PF strongholds. January 2015 should have been a good eye opener but it appears Lungu thinks things have changed! Over a year he should have concentrated on fulfilling promises in his strongholds but now,time and again in Southern and Northwestern hoping the “old supporters” have stayed the same,hoping for pie in the sky! They may not vote for UPND but they will just stay away while UPND strongholds will register huge turnout to wipe out the fewer votes in UPND strongholds.

  4. “Zambia is renowned for her democratic credentials and the PF Government remains fully committed to main these standards,” Mr Kalaba said.

    At least I am reading something positive other than the political smear that is covered everyday in our media.
    So you cadres, I don t care which party you belong to, stop ruining the good name of Zambian Democracy with this day-in day-out talk of negativity. Tribalism, Jealousy, etc. Focus on who can deliver and ensure our democracy prevails

  5. It’s unusual, that’s a high number of diplomats in one go.

    President Lungu’s gov’t must feel intimidated into accepting unprecedented behaviour. It is not their business to interfere with Political parties. In fact they ought to stay out of it. There is an element of rudeness and dismissiveness.

  6. Kalaba should also advise his govt not to stage stup!d and brainless stunts like attacking itself then blaming HH. People can’t be fooled this way. Just get down to an honest job of work and do something positive for Zambia. People might just vote you back into power, although I doubt this ever happening.

  7. Noone must be arrested in Zed during our elections. We want a free fair and peaceful contest. We dont want life presidents like in Uganda, Rwanda Burundi Zimbabwe the two Congos

  8. Mr Kalaba is simply telling us who we should blame if some meetings are not allowed to go on, so its the govt that stops meetings by allowing some and denying some?

    • @Victor et al, old enough to remember similar baseless fear-mongering prior to Sept 20, 2011: “…Sata will plunge Zambia in warfare…”?

  9. What would you have done to stop an American ambassador and his counterparts to meet an individual of his/their choice? Why get credits where you dont deserve? It is only the Nevers MUMBA in the “case of a villain befriend the vanguished” What about Miles Sampa’s Simon M K Airport incidence – Is it also a sign of growing democracy? You had no option!!!!!!

  10. Since when did this motger f become UPND spokesman? It is extra ordinary to have two visits in a row by dignified diplomats.

  11. It was gathering of more than 3 people, no notice or permit from PForce, but meeting went ahead, is POA only meant for Zambians.

  12. Ya,very soon & so soon,no one will be told that HH is heading for victory!Wait & see.Zambia deserves much better than this vivid mediocre under Alungu & his woman running mate!

  13. Ka Zhyondo ka kalaba thinks he can be a running mate o of u are packing .
    Kikiki was in d bus to see the fake ground breaking of d road where was promised k50 in Mwinilunga wanted my tax money l pay .Meeting lasted 15 mins .
    Am voting for Muchima no matter what .
    On my way back we started chanting forward cabe even d police were saying true it’s HH .
    Chingola Solwezi not done d road then u want to start Jimbe road u PF guys u ‘ve no brains .
    Wasting yo money it’s Muchima and katuka cabe and HH.
    NWP is 1000000% Upnd

  14. Diplomats don’t vote. Zambians vote and come 11th August it’s a son of God who shall reign. Ecl period. Families hold on to ur families nd educate them. A revolution in 2021. Just put kaseba as running mate. We are game

    • @brenda. I kind of expected this sort of reaction! Typical of PF cadres. I have this uncanny feeling, though, that in the same fashion your buddies keep trashing every member who defects from PF as “…he/she is NOT a factor…”, you may be saying this to the gallery only while deep down your heart-of-hearts you do know that the visit in question has monumental significance!

  15. Forward Forward we were chanting to the amazement of the police who were acknowledging us .
    Think EL can dupe us with foolish ground breaking and the contractor frm Solwezi has no money for Jimbe road .
    If l was EL can concentrate on Packing my katundu as tym is up and the rest .
    Viva Ikelengi .Muchima has been talking about dat road and d entire Presido gets on his helicopter bwana Edgar even in Eastern u are being rejected what more NWP .
    Aurevior bane .
    Forward Forward

  16. This visit coming after Uganda s disastrous elections is meant to send a message to PF “YOU ARE ALONE”Now let the battle begin TWACHULA PAFULA.And if the PF have any shade of credibility remaining let them tame their Gorrilar before he utters nonsense coz Kambwili will just say “We don’t care ” evenwhen he should be worried.

  17. Bamailoni mwatampile ukucula PF tailafyalwa how do you put the blame on lungu? Mwacula akale. problem yabucushi nga bwakokola kumona abakumwafwa kwati ebaleta ubucushi. Bane mwacula akale. Those diplomats were preparing HH to accept the out come of results. They know he might turn to the gun

  18. Kacema is not something you should be proud of BUCUSHI SANA. in other words it means malonda wa ngombe. Being with animals six to six is not something to be proud of.

  19. If PF have not been taking HH seriously, I strongly suggest they start now. These folks don’t gather around in a bunch like this for no reason. That was their way of endorsing him for president. Clever Kalaba is now sounding neutral. You never know who your next boss might be. Hehe.

  20. Making a lot of noise to foreign entities. HH come and campaign in the Copperbelt. We are waiting for you….

    GBM has finally seen the light. His home is in PF after the ceremonious fight he had with Nalumango Mutale which everyone has concealed.

  21. These diplomats meet with president Edgar Lungu week in,week out and having learnt international relations,i know too well that before they went to visit HH,they first informed the Govnt of the day.so yes indeed,this was very normal in a democratic country like ours.SO PLEASE UPND DREAMERS DO NOT POLITICISE THIS AS THIS WONT ADD ANY VOTES TO HH.THESE ARE NEUTRAL MEN WHOSE MAIN AIM IS TO ENSURE THAT PEACE IS MAINTAINED IN ZAMBIA!!BRAVO TO PF FOR PROMOTING DEMOCRACY!!

    • Edddy my brother, ignore this at your own peril. After the disastrous Uganda election these diplomats have strict orders from their governments s (who pay for your ARVs and buy your copper) to ensure that the next elections are truly free and fair. Make no mistake my dear brother, these guys are more informed about zed than you and me. And they are not doing this out of love for HH but so that Zambians don’t join the bandwagon of Zimbabwean and syrian refugees running from bad govts in their countries to congest the streets of western countries.

    • @ Eddy and Microscope

      Please stop talking BS. Heads of Missions need to inform host only if they are leaving area of their residence as the host State is responsible for their safety. Check Vienna Convention.
      As to meeting 1mbeciles like you, no need to inform

  22. After seeing what UPND did last week in Bweenga at the instigation of the Post and its depraved editors, the Diplomats saw it fit to go and advise HH to refrain from violent conduct and to accept the results gracefully and peacefully. That is all there was to that visit, the diplomats are just worried at the conduct of UPND and mating with depraved editors.

    • where did you see this you talk about? i haven’t seen a single picture of the violence in bweengwa, can you send me some

  23. I was buying my daily papers in Chingola this afternoon and found a mini rally developing around the news vendors. I could hear comments in Bemba like “he thinks the white people are the ones who vote?”, ” he is selling the country”, “we fought for freedom and we are not about to give it up anytime soon, no matter what the economy”, “nga ba guy scot Na ba Kabimba where are they now”.

    I didn’t know what this was all about until I saw the picture in the Post. I am not interpreting this for anyone, do it yourself the way you want.

    • @ Wise head (lol)

      If to day any “white” country abolish visa for Zambians, how many will flock to enjoy REAL freedom?

  24. UPNDs biggest problem now is the running mate. By going to bed with Mmembe HH has to agree to put Kabimba as running mate.that is how Mmembe works, putting his stooges near the centre of power. HH cannot refuse now, the snake has already bitten one of his legs..That is Mmembe for you, now UPND cadres, tell me where you stand on this. Of course you do not think for yourself, that we know.

    • No, Kabimba was PF and still has supporters within PF. After all, he was creating one party state same way your fat-jack-arse Chama is trying to do.

  25. Ba Pf, apa peena namupeta umucila between your legs. Your chi POA does not apply to a diplomat. They have immunity a buju can’t arrest a diplomat.

  26. Theres no revolution in Zambia, we are living a life just like any other country is facing challenges. If the economy of Zambia had collapsed, shops would have closed, vehicles on the roads would have reduced, you will not have jobs being advertised at the rate they are in our news papers. Lets be sincere with our selves bloggers, if any opposition is asking to rule Zambia because they think the current Government has failed then it will be difficulty for them to win elections but if they say they want to improve on what the PF is doing and demonstrate how well or better they can do what PF is doing, then they stand a chance. People are not blind or stupid.

    • Dream on or better still continue comforting yourself with false hopes. Who said we need a revolution for PF to be voted out??? Have you already forgotten that in January 2015 you won by only 27,000 votes or 1 percent! And yes shops are closing, road development has been officially suspended /and the ones already built are already collapsing). If you remove your head from the sand where you are hiding it, you will actually realise that things are really bad for the common man (but maybe you are a road contractor who is busy enjoying). Even pipo whho voted for PF are now complaining from njala, govt ministries were last funded in march 2015. Olo ni confidence mmmm kaya

  27. Not every one is tribal on the copper belt.A lot of us are issue based. The botom line is PF is none start in every sector of Zambian development. Every thing is failure;University education, poor currency,Miners have and are losing jobs,policy inconsistency in every sector of the economy. You can not compare UPND to such mediocrity as PF.

  28. Dominion you are correct, let the blind lead them selves for every one has eyes to see or hear to those who have hears. God bless mother Zambia.

  29. Bu Fontini bubi sana to be a riff raff it’s another disease hahaha ati HH will sell the country .
    Please guys in which way ,Jx because he dined with the diplomats .
    Lungu in Mwinilunga after hearing that the 15 diplomats visited the incoming Presido developed palyabata shiki addressed meeting as well for 15 minutes .Whoever advise u Lungu shud b sacked .
    The entire Presido going to fight Muchima and Katuka .Don’t even waste your precious time in Mwinilunga and Ikelengi NWP as a whole can’t vote for PF we believe in UPND .If were Lungu can concentrate on Packing and stocking up the fine wine and whiskies for future use when u ‘ll be deserted by the same guys praising you .
    Umuntu ni HH kachema wesu .

  30. Each 15 diplomats that went to see H.E HH Lungu reciprocated with 15 mins talk in Mwinilunga where he went to say Goodbye .
    U are being ill advised that NWP can vote for you
    Can’t can’t .
    We like to see the people in govt torturing us even the chiefs in Zambia want just to get some money free from the govt but voting is pa forward.
    Forward cabe
    Some work leave them to yo ministers small hammer mill and Jimbe road d entire not Mwinilunga pipo .
    Kapita is not a factor hasn’t just brought more misery to PF .He’s only interested in fattening his torn pockets .Even a croakcoch knows it .Finish Chingola Solwezi road then start Jimbe road.
    EL surrounded by useless pipo like him

  31. Panic has gripped most PF guys. You can tell from the way they are busy buying property and engaging into quick payback shady deals. No wonder the President has to do everything including small jobs fit for a small officer. The guys are busy elsewhere.


  33. POA is needed be it in PF or in UPND in 2099 like it or dance to its tune….i wonder if people like upnd cadres on this blog really think well, if u call th visit by the diplomats abnormal,,,,wat will u call it wen they are refused to go to his place…its a posibility we can not overlook in politics as it has happened in many countries. had they been refused u wud have said democracy is under attack…It is all becoz ur blinded by NEGATIVITY and u think the diplomats visit will earn u some political advantange but to the contrary 2moro u will see the same people going to state house will u say LUNGU is winning?????#IFINTU NI…….

  34. in Uganda the opposition president won the elections on online media and wanted to announce that he has won in his own capacity

  35. UPND cadres never cease to amaze me, just because their demi god met with some and not all diplomats acredited to Zambia , they start jumping up and down like kids as if hh has won the elections. Diplomats dont campaign and vote its the locals who vote. A diplomat wont change the mind of a rural voter who has already resolved to vote for a certain candidate so even if HH meets or corupts those envoys it doesnt hold any water and there is nothing to be excited about, let us just wait for 11 August and you will cry again.

  36. Problem with upnd, they have already started celebrating prematurely. Their hungry hyena is talking to people who can not vot, aljazzera, south Africa news media, now diplomats accredited to Zambia. When he goes to address foreign fora, his is always bad mouthing our country yet he wants a vote from us. This year we will vote the way southern province votes.

  37. This Man HH can sell Zambia for the sake of being president.He is too desparate for nothing.For him it’s about being president.He sold our mines and wants to sell Zambia n tribalism in Zambia.He should change if he wants to win.Goodluck HH in 2030.2016 vote for EL. Pabwatooo.We can’t even change a govt after only 5years.PF has performed well.Let the bantustan vote for their own but Zambians will vote for Lungu.PF


  39. One thing to note is that China with massive investments in Zambia than any of those countries that just give mere budget or HIV funds was not there. It shows the Chinese have no time to waste with someone they know will not win. UPND have challenges even finding good parliamentary candidates for Lusaka. For Copperbelt, you can even forget. I do not see UPND winning even one seat there.

    • I don’t remember the Chinese envoy ever visiting Michael Sata in the run-up to the Sept 20, 2011 poll either! On the contrary, there was serious consternation and apprehension on the part of the Chinese regarding MCS’s perceived negative attitude to Chinese “investments” in Zambia at the time! How things changed post-elections!!

  40. The character is free to fete whoever he wants and make himself feel like he is a Head of State by meeting diplomats when he is actually not one.

  41. By the way why meet those diplomats? What value are they going to add to HH’s dented image of freemansory and post privatisation wealth? Maybe he just wanted to show them his newly built house after getting tired of after being accused of selling himself a lima bank house cheaply, but whether he meets them or not the fact is he has to convice the Zambian pipo because they are the ones who are going to cast the votes and not diplomats. Come 11 August i dont see hh winning because he has no political strategy and he has misplaced priorities.

  42. Kalaba which real democratic country barres diplomats from meeting a leader of a big opposition party? In fact, political party manifestos are what other countries are interested in so that they encourage those parties that align with their foreign policies. Mind you, most of these donors are comfortable in countries that uphold democratic tenets and human rights, so the onus is upon PF to address issues surrounding the application of the Public Order Act, professionalism of the Police and curbing of political violence.

  43. Take it or leave it this HH guy is rich. Hosting diplomats at his digo!!. Even if he does not win he will still be a rich guy, richer than the entire clans of some haters combined. People just hate HH because he is rich. how can you hate a fellow human being kwati ewalile umukashi wobe ichisungu. Have a life people

  44. What is surprising is that most people who post here do not understand the main object of democracy?. Democracy is about leadership changing hands that alone is development before the actual development so it is a tool for development because every leader will be forced to impress the people eg hospitals,schools, roads,goods will be made as a result?.

    So if u do not understand stop commenting your ignorance. By August 2016 tribalism will be only 10% left thanks to ECL. Bcoz us we don’t care who wins this election?.

  45. I am hoping the Ambassadors’ Visit to HH had extensive coverage on ZNBC and the other public media to reflect the spirit of this maturing democracy!

    • Why should this have extensive coverage of ZNBC when we do not know what they discussed? Is it because HH is Tonga like yourself?

  46. People are really choking over this! Well it cear that sensible people align themselves with sensible people, not all for nothing. Just saying.

    One love

  47. What is all the excitement about. Please note that none of those diplomats are Christians, and I mean CHRISTIANS. The first mistake (if you can call it that) ECL has made is to win the January 2015 elections. Beating candidates that had been campaigning for a very, very long time. The other mistake is declaring Zambia a Christian nation. The devil including some of those diplomats who do not believe in God…….hate.

    Edgar C Lungu is winning the 11 August 2016 elections. Believe me

  48. You know my vote is worthy is more than all the diplomats who attended HH’s luncheon. As long as I live Zambia will never be a colony again not even a neo-colony.

  49. Seleni Tutekeko you call others fontini and you are the worst fontini. Do you really need to be reminded that diplomats are not a factor in our political dispensation? You can meet all the American population (300,000,000 plus) and sway them to support your candidate the result will still be zero, the 13million Zambians will prevail. Vote ni ku bantu. We dont want a leader who may mortgage our beloved poor Zambia

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