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Lungu urges Solwezi-Chingola road constructors to quicken works

General News Lungu urges Solwezi-Chingola road constructors to quicken works

President Lungu waves at the crowd after attended the service at New Apostolic Church, Kyawama A Congregation in Solwezi on Sunday, February 21,2016 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Lungu waves at the crowd after attended the service at New Apostolic Church, Kyawama A Congregation in Solwezi on Sunday, February 21,2016 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Edgar Lungu has called on the contractors working on the 180 kilometre (km) long Solwezi/Chongola road to expedite the reconstruction of road.

President Lungu bemoaned the lack of progress with the roadworks.

The Head of State said this when he inspected road works at Kimputubwanga, 10 km from Solwezi district.

The President was accompanied by North-western Province Minister Danny Ngimbu and his Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo, Local Government Deputy Minister Dawson Kafwaya and some senior government and party officials.

China Geo Construction company representatives told President Lungu that persistent rains have affected the progress of road works.

And Mr. Kafwaya informed President Lungu that 13 kms out of 68 kms has been constructed under Lot one, while buildcom has also constructed about 10 km under lot three.

And addressing residents in the area, President Lungu assured them that the road will be worked on and completed on schedule once the rains end.

The President, who also toured Kimputubwanga health post, told the villagers that the Ministry of Health will soon open the health facility to provide health care services closer to people.

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  1. Same language as the Veep eh! “Complete the road works before elections”. You can see that PF is doing this for wrong reasons. Anyway whatever you do pipo have made up their minds it’s UPND and HH this year year. Kuya bebele PF

    • Don’t say ‘pipo have made up their minds’, but you as an individual have made up your mind. Don’t speak for the masses. Don’t be so disillusioned!!

    • Am not one of those people who have made up my mind for the tribal party party and shetanist leader. Count me out of those retards who will vote on lies and empty promises. Am voting on development which everyone can see. What upnd done which deserves my vote…. Nothing. I voted for sata because he did something for Zambia. HH participated in privatisation and came out a millionaire. Is that the reason I should vote for him? Big fat nooooo.

  2. Hope contractors expedite the works. As for me and my family, we can never vote for Ichilema and if in the unlikely event that he stood against a frog or a stone, I can vote for a flog/stone. That’s how I hate this filthy and dirty miscreant.

  3. The only solution people of North Western is to raise up and block the road so that those trucks carrying stop moving and see how the economy can progress.This is fooling people just two weeks again the vice President was in the area same stories.
    People of North western enough is enough this is the time to get what belongs to us imagine if these mines were in Chipata,Kasama or Mansa.
    This government is upto no good with the province power belongs to the people

  4. Enough is enough people are tired of this talking on the same road.
    Anyway people have already made their decision on 11th August

  5. Mr President do not worry that road will be worked on just in time for the voting period. In the meantime, it will be hard for PF to master any serious support in that province.

  6. We HAVE useless contractors on this road. I can assure you this road will not be completed this year. Probably in 2020. The president should have driven the all stretch to Chingola. He would have appreciated more that the lies they told him . Lets be serious with this road ba PF otherwise we will pass the ball to Kachema.

  7. I hate people who say “we” even when it’s known that they are singular. Don’t involve others just say “I” because people vote as individuals.

  8. Comment:
    come August 11.Am voting PF and EL because of the development which l am able to see.PF is not promising anything rather than what can seen done. Roads ,Schools Hospitals etc name them.Ubu tebufi.

    • There is something you cannot see!! Accumulating of inkongole, heading to FTJ’s desperate situation with IMF and World Bank that prompted Zed lose the nation!! Ask Francis Kaunda and Edith Nawakwi about this issue

  9. When u attack others u should also tell or show your name so that your foolishness I exhibited because I dont understand or I dont c how a normal person who is even be able to read can vote for pf in small letters.Kaunda the dictator was at the helm of this country only managed to borrow 7.5billion dollars and your relatives pf have borrowed 10billions plus with chikanda or Chikwanda who assisted kaunda have managed to take this count to unip days no no no! UPND is the new economic vehicle for this country not tribe

  10. Less than 20% of the roadworks have been done in how many months? And you expect the remaining works to be completed before 11th August? Well, all I can say is, “Dream on….!” The works are likely to go into 2017, if not beyond!

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