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Police Raid Premise Belonging to GBM, Arrest 21 UPND cadres with offensive weapons

Headlines Police Raid Premise Belonging to GBM, Arrest 21 UPND cadres with offensive...

Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, Eugene Sibote
Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, Eugene Sibote

Police in Lusaka have apprehended 21 suspected UPND cadres for being in possession of unlawful offensive weapons.

Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, Eugene Sibote says the 21 were found at unmarked premises on Luanshya road belonging to UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM.

Mr. Sibote says Police’s action follows intelligence information received two weeks ago that some people were allegedly carrying out training in defensive as well as attacking tactics.

He says the skills were to be used to cause violence during this year’s elections.

Mr. Sibote says police acted on the information today and conducted an operation at Mr. Mwamba’s premises were eight rounds of ammunition, three machetes, one spear and a golf stick and some cannabis were recovered.

He added that two of the suspected have so far been charged with being found in possession of offensive weapons while one person is on the run.

Mr. Sibote said 19 suspects whose ages range between 21 and 43 have been warned and cautioned for unlawful drilling.

He added that investigations are still on because the register that was found at the premises has 158 names who should be part of the group that was picked.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front Youth Chairperson Stephen Kampyongo has praised the Police in Lusaka for apprehending suspected UPND cadres for being in possession of unlawful offensive weapons.

Mr. Kampyongo says the action by the Police should be commended by all peace loving Zambians as it is a move aimed at curbing violence in the country.

He says UPND leaders should bear in mind that they are not above the law.

On Friday, President Lungu warned the UPND to dismantle the militia group the party is training in Lusaka.

President Lungu said he had information that the UPND is allegedly sponsoring the training of about two hundred and 50 militia in Lusaka.


    • Very sketchy information as usual from the police, things don’t add up, 250 militia, police find 19, training in defensive end attack tactics, offensive weapons 8 rounds of ammunition, 3 machetes, a spear, golf stick and cannabis, a militia imwe? Some Zambian homes have even more that in pantries, in trying to reach the purported 250 police look for any paper around with names, only find a paper with 158 names, still can’t reach 250,even pro pf lusaka times is trying hard to add up numbers, try hard to reach a two hundred and goes on to add a 50 in figures to make 250, wpheeee! Mathematics the zp way, anyway they had to do it just following orders from above.

    • Desperate idjots ba PF, GBM is too smart to sink so low-he will get rid of you using the ballot box not militia. Hopeless idjots….

    • Looks Like if you are found training your karrate skills in Zambia, you are likely to be arrested for an offence called “training in defensive as well as attacking tactics.”

    • Do these f00ls really think that if UPND was raising a militia it would be trained here in Zambia?.

      If Lungu wants to label people wrongly then he has something serious coming.

      What a waist of police resources. Thats why the police are not getting paid on time . Money for their pay is being sacrificed for Lungu ‘s stupid errands and fake raids.

      VIVA UPND the party of choice 2016.

    • What lung is forgetting is that even police officers are not happy with him and wants him out. We hear them speaking all the tym and hv interacted with a couple of them men in uniform are greatly disappointed by lungu

    • Te police are an embarrassment, very one sided and useless. This is nothing but just a stupid stance to discredit GBM.

    • They should also come to my house. I have two axes. 7 hoes, several knives and spoons, boxes of matches & a register for my domestic workers. Viva Kanganja. Thanks for helping plunge this country into turmoil.

    • In psychology we call that obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ). That’s what PF and Chagwa re slowly turning into being hyper manic knowing you re losing the power grip is something he can’t come to terms with. We re watching closely mr president dare to put up state of emergency towards August 11…uzagwa muzinge .

    • UPND needs to play its cards very well and completely tame it’s cadres unless they are attacked. Actually they should always carry cameras and phones to record the provocations by PF in order to provide evidence. Where ever UPND meetings are held, cameramen should be in sight recording all provocations from start to end. This is due to the fact that everything Edgar Lungu had relied on has failed. The tribal tug, the privatisation tug, the so called “unprecedented infrastructure development” which does not quench the hunger away from the masses and the rigging strategy have all failed. The last resort is to foment violence and postpone elections citing violence from opposition parties. This is their only hope and from what is going on the country and the increasing pronouncements by…

    • Menyani Zulu (a PF cadre) was killed by his own party in 2012 in order to frame UPND; senior UPND officials were arrested, humiliated and paraded as suspected murderers. PF wanted to simply win a local government by-elections!!! Few months later the then DPP entered a nolle prosequi. PF has never apologised to UPND and the people of Zambia for their murderous lies. In 2013, again PF killed a Mr Chanda who was PF Monze District Chairperson during a parliamentary by-elections in Livingstone (which was caused by this corrupt CB PS when he unceremoniously resigned from UPND after having been given brown envelopes by the chief bribing party in Zambia’s political history) in order to frame UPND, actually, their target was HH whom they wanted to sentence to death. That case, again went nowhere,…

  1. Am happy that Sibote is honest enough to say “defensive as well as attacking tactics”. Moreover in that order. The Police shud be ashamed of themselves that citizens are acquiring such tactics. If nobody can defend you, learn martial arts. Police your job is to defend citizens. It is not illegal to learn defensive tactics, or is it?

    • This Sibote guy, just looking at him, you can tell that like he is a weed (ibange) addict, bet is the one who planted the canabis being perpetuated to have been found at GMB’s gym.
      Desparadoo PF, your story does not add up, try something else please!

    • @Pretty I like that I also noticed it.Sibote is smart just like many men in Uniform.I pity Lungu he will be In a rude shoke after 11th Augast,2016.Many Zambians don’t like him because of his behavoiur and luck of leadership qualities even his tribal scheme wont help him.zambians can rise against tribe sentiments when Hunger takes center stage.Ask KK he cried like a babe.This story of the militia does not add up but provides proof of a cooked up political plan to discredit GBM and HH.Lungu’s schemes will continue to back fire.


    Hahahaha! These Police are really trying hard to make something out of nothing!

    Go and arrest Chikwanda, he has a WHOLE BAG FULL OF GOLF STICKS in his house!

    PF has really f**ked Zambia up! Is this what our hard earned taxes are being used for? Arresting people with golf sticks?

    If golf sticks are “offensive weapons” go to Lusaka Golf Club. Why go to GBMs house?

    Time to kick this idjiot Lungu OUT! This is ridiculous! Making Zambia a joke!

    • This has now reached a stage where it is no longer just a matter of kicking the president out.
      It is inconceivable that a professional high ranking police officer can go in public and make such a statement. Law enforcement officers hiding under the name of being afraid to be fired if they don’t follow politicians orders are no better than the criminals they are supposed to be arresting. They both break the law in the name of providing for their families.
      The only way to clean up our country is to start holding law enforcement officers personally accountable for their actions. It means arresting and prosecuting people individually for their actions from IG to the least police recruit. We must be firm and ruthless but fair about it.
      If it means prosecuting 20 000 police officers at…

    • cont’d. If it means prosecuting 20 000 police officers at the same time then let us do it. It means the next batch of police men and women will know they will follow suit if found wanting. God know we have had over 200 000 school levers this year alone who would love the opportunity.

      We let people off too easily and even make excuses for them. If someone tells you to do something wrong and you do it to safeguard your job then you don’t deserve that job and if you are a law enforcement officer then you have brought dishonour to the law.



    • I agree arrest them and if they are PF what were they doing at GBM premises? Some of the arguments don’t make sense at all. Starting from the police and the bloggers it’s all confusion in that UPND supporters are alleging the arrested are PF while the police found a golf stick. Yaba I better hide my full golf set…..

    • @ Malume Obakeng

      Please bro, hide also golf balls, just in case they (balls) become ammunition for dangerous weapon (golf stick)!!!

      On serious note, do I need to hide my darts set? What you think, shall I stop my training in “Archery” (which is one of Olympic sports)?

    • Kwena ka Lungu kasushi .Lungu u are the most useless ,stupid. President in d history of Zambia
      Don’t put Zambia on fire .Swines .Bastards U just feeling the heat .
      Power is sweet

  4. From Bweengwa now to GBM’s premises. . Pf is looking for all ways to intimidate the opposition — UPND. Zambians are not enjoying anything under pf. Pf is looking for a fight which it can not win.

  5. Zambian police are so entangled in partisan politics that they usually don’t use their free will thinkinj!!!. Sad

  6. There goes UPND cadres trying had to play victim. Spears to defend themselves against what! Don’t we have police.just admit that u are very desperate to rule. Look at the useless materials u are giving senior positions bane GBM. shame.

  7. I am very sure police is hugely embarrassed by this action. Why track only UPND when it is very clear PF cadres are the source of all this? Is it not just this morning the President said (for the second time) PF has cadres acting as marshals for their leaders. Where do they train? Let us be fair and real. All this is orchestrated by PF. This is a fact.

  8. My advice to Lungu is not to try and forcibly hold onto something people feel you have not worked for thus don’t deserve! Zambia police you have to accept that trust and confidence in you has been eroded to the lowest levels among the citizenry and you have a lot to do to regain it. It will take a very long time and to officers especially in the higher ranks blame it on nobody when government exchanges hands and you find yourselves relieved of your duties. You have worked very hard to invite to yourselves the kind of treatment that will be handed to you. I am sorry for those that would have loved to maintain the professional stance that they’ll find themselves in the same net with the bad ones. Zambians as we move forward with the next generation of leaders lets insist the law regarding…

  9. HH is a great danger to our peace and he must be caged!!i saw those upnd cadre today on cairo road bundled in police vans!!THIS IS REALL AND HH MUST COME OUT CLEAN HERE BECAUSE HIS DESPERATION FOR STATE HOUSE IS NOW GETTING OUT OF HAND.PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU PREACHES PEACE WHEREVER HE GOES A THING ONE WOULD NEVER HEAR FROM TRIBAL HH!!please voters lets not vote for hh on 11/08/2016 so that he can retire after losing for a record 5th time!!WE NEED POLITICIANS WHO CARE ABOUT OUR PEACE TO ASPIRE FOR PLOT 1 AND NOT THIS DESPERATE HH WHO DO NOT EVEN SLEEP OVER THE PRESIDENCY!!NOBODY KNOWS WHY HH IS SO DESPERATE FOR STATE HOUSE.AM SURE HE WANTS TO COME AND FINISH SELLING GOVT FIRMS-SHAME!!hh and his team annoys me a lot!!where will we run to if they set Zambia on fire?MAY GOD CURSE HH SO THAT…

    • Really,so HH is the one who invaded the Ndola International Airport?,beat up people in Sinda,assaulted journalists in Chipata ?So who has been arrested so far?only UPND members!
      Is it HH who calls a fellow citizen an enemy who has to be crashed?
      Who has called for peace and restraint among the cadres?
      HH is accused of tribalism.when did he ever mention anything pertaining to tribal politics?
      Please answer me honestly.
      God we pray that you save this nation from pathological liars.

    • I know you are kambwili. It’s you pf who are desperate. How can the whole of sibote be proud to say they have found 8 rounds of ammunition.for what. To load in golf clubs. These guys didn’t find anything and decided to plant those things purported to have been found. Don’t just support blindly.

    • Its funny to hear @Eddy saying Chagwa preaches peace, Do you remember how ECL took over power in the PF at Mulungushi? Scott was the President but he had to hide at an Army base in Kabwe, have you forgotten how the fired Attorney general almost handed ECL a treason charge for trying to hold onto the presidency when MCS died? Zambians we very gullible and suffer from short term memory that’s the problem

  10. I see many people in EASTERN PROVINCE MOVING WITH SPEARS AT NC’WALA CEREMONY…. are they trying to fix DF president? What is Sibote doing about this? 2. My mom has a machete at home that we use to clear our maize field before cultivations, come and arrest us too, so that we be famous as UPND….. LASTLY, BO SIBOTE, KANGANJA, KATANGA, dont cry that it witch hunting aftr afr august 11!! You’ve given us much information to use when probing you on abuse of office!!

  11. contd….. Zambians as we move forward with the next generation of leaders lets insist the law regarding separation of powers is religiously adhered to as only improved governance will only result when indeed the supreme law is esteemed!

    And please Zambia Police, aka Zabwino Palibe stop planting weapons and other dangerous materials on unsuspecting people just to implicate them in wrong doing. Just know that at one point it will back fire on yourselves. Everyone loves their freedom and wish not to be incarcerated at the behest of some scared competitor, think and serve the larger Zambia!

    • @ Puttin

      Zambia is a Christian Nation?

      Please sober-up before start associating Christianity with inbreed criminality.

    As a Christian, one does not look at justifying oneself of wrongdoing especially violence. HH never takes responsibility of the violence perpetrated by his cadres, rather he justifies evil act by accusing others especially PF.
    I am not justifying the violence of PF, they are equally guilty and they should take responsibility as well.
    However, HH treats the perpetrators of violence in his party as heroes and heroines. And those poor citizens who get beaten by his cadres are like infidels who deserve the wrath of violence for not supporting him. I am a victim of HH’s cadres’ violence and justified it.
    For those among his cadres who get hurt in the battle or arrested, HH treats them like martyrs.

    • Really,so HH is the one who invaded the Ndola International Airport?,beat up people in Sinda,assaulted journalists in Chipata ?So who has been arrested so far?only UPND members!
      Is it HH who calls a fellow citizen an enemy who has to be crashed?
      Who has called for peace and restraint among the cadres?
      HH is accused of tribalism.when did he ever mention anything pertaining to tribal politics?
      Please answer me honestly.
      God we pray that you save this nation from pathological liars.

    • Iwe Red Square, HH may not mention the word tribalism but he practices it as does alll tongas. Mentioning tribalism in order to expose it so that its dealt is is not being tribal. What is tribal is to practice tribalism like Tongas, and worse, they don’t want anyone to talk about it, reason- they are ashamed but want to continue in it

  13. The Police are acting unprofessionally and don’t deserve tax payers money for their salaries. Very foolish policemen. How much does GBM and HH contribute in taxes every month for your salaries. These are hardworking men who you should not persecute over unfounded allegations. Every Zambian knows that PF is the source of all militia. PF is on record of having murderous behaviour for which Police have done nothing to arrest the culprits. As far as we the citizenry are concerned, you’re just there to serve Lungu and PF, but rest assured that come August 11, Sibote and your camp will be history.

  14. This is really nonsense the zambia police should be proffissional and stop being used as a PF propaganda tool any sane person who has read this can see through all the rubbish GBM can not be that stupid.

  15. ..what a f00lish way of distracting the public from real poverty issues….how do we swallow one sided story naime ba journalist sure..??…GBM is not out side the country…we could have gotten his side of the story atleast even from one of the cautioned suspect…rubbish

  16. Zabwino Palibe visit any gym you will find registers! A militia been created in a gym? Most Generals must be having a good laugh and the guy claims he was once in the green army.

    • Ba divide and rule you are very dull in fact it’s the all lot Upnd minions. Reading through your comments I can safely say we are dealing with kindies here. Just answer this question, is gbm business registered to do what police find them doing?
      Can you go to church with a golf club in one hand and a spear in another
      Can you take a machete to a lecture theartre or at a kids playing park?
      What about being in possession of a firearm which is not registered in your name in public.
      Above all ‘ kanabis’? Go on and defend your uselessness.

    • HH Techilema,
      One can easily say those weapons are for the security guards at the premises. Our guard has a matches and a spear, so?
      Very embarrassing indeed for a whole president and GRZ to claim 250 but only to arrest 2 pipo in flimsy charges.

    • @ 1mbecile #24.1

      “…Just answer this question, is gbm business registered to do what police find them doing?…”

      Answer is YES?

      Now can you answer question which even your level of 1mbecility should be able to handle:
      What is the difference between “fitness”; “tactical” and “strategic” training?

  17. Ecl said 250 and only 158 names found register at gbm premises. This means the remaining 92 !diots are being trained at HH tekere Banda premises.
    Ati Pf cadres at gbm premises yark. What would a Pf cadre clad in Upnd regalia be doing with gbm. In short you are saying gbm is not Upnd because he is still working with Pf cadres Yarks.
    Upnd demons you are trully cants dikheards.

  18. The best this serial loser party and leader should is simply wait for campaign time, apply for police supervision of your rallies rather than taking the unlawful path. You are just making life difficult for yourselves. Be like miyanda. Training of militia will not help you. Stop putting people’s lives in danger. My appeal to all law abiding citizens is that refrain from attending Upnd illegal rallies because police will be forcefully dispersing them using teargas.

    • Ha ha, they thought guys training in a gym are secret military ha ha ha, what dull desperation is this…..only to find one panga one spear belonging to the security guard of the premises. Ha ha ha ha…….

  19. The !diots who were arrested accepted guity of what they are involved with and kindies here are busy diverting the story. This Upnd thing will never grow out of it under5 for sure. Accept the wrongs you do and people will take you seriously. A $tupid upnd chatterbox will soon issue a negative response to this scheme. How do you justify being innocent when you are caught having xex with a neighbor wife in your own bedroom at orgasm. This is the scenario here and it’s serious your cadres will sweat blood while you take it has a joke here blogging with sily comments.

    • Very funny, hahaha, they find pipo training in a gym and think they are an illegal military force then they find as exhibit a panga and a spear belonging to the security guard. So funny. Then they only charge 2 pipo out of the imagined 250, haha ha…….can’t stop myself.

    • How do you train in a gym while clad in Upnd regalia and kanabis . where they training to become good golfers or fast at cutting sugar canes in a plantation. At least the article could ‘ve mentioned even a simple gym gear like a trade mill or weights . all we hear is machetes spears base ball bats golf clubs live ammunition thugs with no pumps in the muscles not even a six pack ati they were training in a gym. Kikikik on this one under fives you be been caught with an erect kok in your hand.

    • HH Techilema,
      Pleas, it is one spear and one panga belonging to the security guard that the found. And who told you I can’t wear what I want at a private gym?? Buttii these PF chaps are confused.

    • AS you were HH Techilema no one pleaded guilty . The true Red Barret are an touchable and out of rich for now.We are every barrack in Zambia and shall assemble at the right time when Lungu refuses to handle over power.We shall teach him a lesson which he will never forget in his remaining life.What we want is a smooth handle over , if he resist AZANYA OIL.We shall do this for Zambians not for HH alone.

    • @HH Techilema – are these innocent youths the PF police are parading on ZeroNewsBC the ones who murdered Mr Menyani Zulu (a PF cadre) in Rufunsa in 2012 and a Mr CHanda (a PF official) in Livinstone in 2013. Lies are a heavy load to live with. Zambians know too well the “pangas-family” party. Their founders are the same who hacked innocent Zambians in Chawama in the late 1990s.

  20. This is a f00lish and use.les.s PF police. With day in and day out threats from PF carderes, what is wrong for UPND to have defensive tool? Lungu and his PF police have now taken Zambians too far. Zambians let us make Changwa fall and cry in 2011 more that his new mentor RB cried in 2011.

    • Does Upnd condone lawlessness.? If that being the case forget about forming govt in Zambia. Try your illegalities in Zimbabwe or drc . there your under5 may have chance of scooping presidency.

    • @ 31.1

      There are TWO under 5’s. One sober, other drunk. Which one you are referring to? As to Zimbabwe, have guess who has not kissed 92 years old arse for 30 pieces of silver? Sober or drunk under 5’s? Lastly, how many PF members have been convicted for murder?
      Take your 1mbecility to Changwa, you have potential to be his adviser.

    • So you didn’t know. How do hope to govern a nation without understanding the laws.keeping fit at a registered gym without use of offensive weaponry and no party regalia is allowed. You are not allowed to use narcotic drugs either. Gyms are not hospitals and not partisan

  21. I wonder why UPND supporters are so blind. This is how Civil Wars start. A small group can start a Civil War. Let’s all condemn violence, let’s not take anything for granted because we might not know how a war may start.

  22. Comment:The state is paranoid and in panicky mode.We have never seen such desperation by a party in power since prural politics was introduced.
    Truth b told pf has lamentably failed 2 manage the affairs of our country hence resorting 2 violence and using other under hand methods.
    The writting is on the wall Pf is going 2 b flushed down the sewer nomatter what they do.

    • A party in power looking for alliance – eureka as the Greeks will exclaim. UPND will still survive even if say they loose the August 11 elections (which is very unlikely); but the other camp is “survival ni nkondo”. Desperation is quite bad, because it is suicidal and pushes people to do very strange things, including living in denial.-

  23. @techilema! You realy sound to be a real poor fool saddist graduate straight from these mashrooming pf open universities with yo bloody 49 points G12 iwe shetani. You should grow up in yo brains young man coz you sink so low just from yo analysis, you are not a clad to actually argue with.. Brace yoself young man but meanwhile apa pena ni foward fye ta… As l rest my case. Thankyou!

  24. To dismiss this as a foolish act by Police as alluded to by UPND cadres on this site is shameful and lacking any vestige of wisdom. What if these weapons were recovered at PF Offices what would these cadres be saying today? They would be hauling all sorts of obscenities at Lungu and PF. Now that it is UPND caught with their pants down they want to downplay the import and implication of this arrest. Shame on you all.

    These criminals caught with weapons must be dealt with by the law. IF UPND is so sure they have already won the election which has not even taken place why are they undertaking such desperate acts? I am convinced that Mr HH cannot govern a country, perhaps a farm not a country. He will engulf this country into civil war. Never in the history of multiparty politics…

  25. Machete for cutting wood, golf stick to play golf with !!! eight rounds of ammunition – everyone who has a legal weapon has ammunition whether it be for legal hunting or self defence, PF HARRASMENT WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP !!!!! BEWARE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA DO NOT PLAY GOLF, OR CHOP WOOD – YOU MIGHT BE ARRESTED FOR HAVING WEAPONS OF MASS OFFENSIVE !!

  26. Machete for cutting wood, GRASS etc , golf stick to play golf with !!! eight rounds of ammunition – everyone who has a legal weapon has ammunition whether it be for legal hunting or self defence, PF HARRASMENT WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP !!!!! BEWARE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA DO NOT PLAY GOLF, OR CHOP WOOD – YOU MIGHT BE ARRESTED FOR HAVING WEAPONS OF MASS OFFENSIVE !!

  27. The people who practice these alleged criminal acts should not be aligned to political parties. These should be treated as criminal acts without mentioning of any political party. The moment you start aligning these people to political parties you are giving them political mileage to the extent that even the so called democratic states will come to their aid because it will be construed to mean political persecution. These are criminals and should be treated as such. The police should have a strong wing that deals with evidence collection including video materials to show these things in courts of law. The owner of the property should be taken to task regardless of his or her political status. If he denies knowing of these activities taking place at his property that will be a plus for…

  28. My own observation is that LT has been invaded by a lot of UPND/HH sympathizers who react with knee-jerk reflexes and instinctively go into a defensive and offensive mode whenever anything against their party is reported. My advice to them is this: be patient and wait for the 21 people who have been arrested to appear in court. Only then will we know the truth.

    • agreed but you cannot arrest someone for being in possesion of machetes, golf sticks and ammunition if you do not have evidence that these were used in an crime just being in possesion of these items proves absolutely nothing and I can tell you 100% of the population has either one or all of these items in there possession …..this is a pure attack on opposition members and they will stop at nothing to make citizens believe that the upnd are violent and tribalistic..

  29. This does not really add up. Just the day before the president was saying he had intelligence information that UPND is training some youths in Lusaka. if indeed UPND is doing that, they should not have been so foolish to continue with the purported criminal activity the following day. Secondly, If they were 19 people being trained, why is it that the weapons did not match the number of people. Police know very well that if you are training officers on gun drilling, you can not only give a few trainees guns while the other ones do it theoretically. Thirdly, how has GBM’s premise on Luanshya road become unmarked. Fourthly why charge two if the police found 19 or does it mean that the two are the ones holding on to the 3 pangas, 1 gun, 1 spear ad 1 golf stick. Honestly police can do better…

  30. Ok, all of us have an idea of what the game plan is: Wreck as much havoc and blame it on HH, then declare a state of emergency and cancel elections. But the cartoonish way of achieving this objective is what’s so hilarious. Mickey mouse can do better. Outsiders following the news in Zambia must be wondering if our leadership has any imagination at all let alone brains.

  31. queen,

    Like I said, let the 21 people first appear in court. You cannot just jump to the conclusion that this is “a pure attack on the opposition” before we even hear what what these 21 people will say in their own defense in a court of law. This is precisely the knee-jerk reaction I am referring to. You are already jumping to conclusions and being defensive about the whole thing.


  33. upnd is just a useless party ala….even its mp want to start a fighting in Parliament….
    foolishness at its level best. How do you want to beat a old man honestly .

  34. Even my 16 yr old son can plan better false red flags then these scatter brains in PF.
    What if GBM says it is his gym and that is where his security guards for him self and his businesses train?? Many a businessman tycoon in Zambia have servility departments with plenty guards who need to keep fit. A spear and a panga as exhibit?? PF have run out of space to maneuver, instead of telling us about their work on the economy they are busy planning schoolboy operations and seeing UPND shadows every where. On will end in chinama at this rate.

    • Weed can be found on most young men in the streets.
      It was for personal use of one of the guys using the gym. Let him face the law. Most likely those two mentioned as detained. A caution and a small fine will be the result. Now can the PF return the spear and panga to the security guard and let him get on with his duties.

  35. its not about PF it is about our personal security.most of you who comment are not even here in zambia,pliz jst shut your stinking mouths,and stop bragging about your under 5.cage them,coz either i or my family may fall victims.

    • Victims to what, pipo training in a gym?? You are the same PF plunderes looting GRZ coffers while our pipo starve and don’t want to be held accoutable. Steal while you can, you have few months left.

    • And what is the name of the gym. It’s true we are dealing with under fives here. Ati taking small quantities for the gym. I think you !diots have no idea what you are talking about or you ‘ve never lived in zambia. It’s easier to talk rubbish on the online media but not when you behind bars.

    • HH Techilema
      You have now gone quite on the one panga and one spear story. Now you are hoping for a state of emergency declared based on a chamba smoker being caught with his chamba at a gym. It won’t happen, zambians are cleverer than you think.

    • Which man doesn’t have several weapons….hammer, ax, sharpened metal bar, even pistol-rifle-shotgun plus several live ammo rounds, dogs etc to defend their little domains?

      And don’t gyms and karate skills centre train for both defensive and counter attack skills?

      Where is freedom of assembly?

  36. Ba hh Techilelema take a nap, just accept that pf has poorly executed this job , my friend police has not said anything concerning drug trafficking for DEC to raise their tails, small quantities meant for medicinal use probably , DEC will only advise the guy to seek medical counselling.

  37. its not about PF it is about our personal security.most of you who comment are not even here in zambia,pliz jst shut your stinking mouths,and stop bragging about your under 5.cage them,coz either i or my family may fall victims. brainless creatures

  38. Which person security I thought Police and the green army is there to protect you.You think we are happy when you wear our Combats and start to behave like soldiers .PF 100% criminals we shall hunt you like monkeys after 11th Augast,2016.The same way you treated Kekele Wiliam Banda we shall also rost you.We discipline in UPND Government only trained soldiers shall put on a Combat no one else.Markets will be for marketeers .Only registered venders shall trade in designated areas in town.There will be total discipline not ubu upuba tulemona.

    • @red barret

      Ecl will hand over power easily to another Pf we voting for in 2021. If you don’t believe me just go to zambia and see for yourself if that change you are cheating yourselves here is there. As in the Pf knows very well how that wind blows not what we are hearing. It’s just a handful of frustrated few tongas who are farting on each others faces and they post comments here that there is a wind of change ….marubbish. You are better of wanking than to be involved in this Upnd thing.

  39. eight rounds of ammunition, three machetes, one spear and a golf stick and some cannabis were recovered. This is a joke of the year. No guns. Ba Lungu can you be that dull to annouce to the whole world dat GBM and HH are setting up a private army. Kaizer Zulu has 15 guns at his house, Golf Bad set with 20 sticks and 200 balls.
    My farm has 10 slashers, 10 machetes but kids go for Karate are you going to arrest us. Very dull police wasting our money. *****s. Any normal Zambia would support such stupid false Alarm.

  40. Spaka like lilo i don’t think he will be in trouble for that medicinal weed, he ain’t a pusher or traffiker, if he is got dreads DEC will just force him to cut the dreads like what happened to one pf cadre DANDY BAILA and advise him to visit a rehab center to deal with his craving for fwaka wa chingoni.

  41. Ba melody your sheepish attitude will just make you start sharing gaga with your chickens because you won’t affort kugula kabunga, just join the movement, Zambia United.

  42. ..it baffles me why intelligent people like Techilema chose to believe this one sided story…such a raid could not have happened without camera men…this story could have gone with pictures…wat for a response from UPND….don’t believe everything you read…especially one sided stories

    • But it was there on NEWS. So you think am yapping like you who doesn’t have proof. No wonder am saying we are dealing with infants here Who argue without evidence.

    • Propaganda and lies being churned out by most these PF-controlled media houses – that’s what you call news. Try something else. It is insulting Zambians’ intelligence.

    • Yes, English is not my mother tounge, I fully agree, unlike you wannabe muzungus who only show off with tu ma grammar but can’t performed in the field. We have many of you in Zambia. You find the CV full of English and all qualifications but can’t work and you resort to plundering company resources.

  43. since when did the golf stick became an offensive weapon sure this is ignorance at its best Zed police mwebantu wake up

  44. Shame Lungu, shame sibote, any way all these characters have one thing in common, komboni mentality and none of them ever dreamt to be where they are, it is actually a miracle having Lungu in state house, Wina a true liar as Vice President, Kanganja as IG and Sibote as DIG.

    The sooner they are shown the door out, the better for Zambia, can u imagine a display of komboni mentality against dignified Diplomats? Awe ine chilankalipa.

Comments are closed.

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