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Let’s all live in harmony, urges Inonge Wina

General News Let’s all live in harmony, urges Inonge Wina


VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has urged the Police to be vigilant and impartial in the wake of the recent cases of political violence in the country.

Mrs Wina said police should be above board and to never take sides when political violence erupts.
The Vice-President said it is sad that communities are being subjected to violence because of the differences between political players.

Mrs Wina said here on Saturday when she addressed a meeting in Kalabo, which was attended by over 1,000 people.

She called on the people of Kalabo to remain peaceful and to help foster development in the area.

“Since 1964, the Lozi people have been known to be peaceful. So, why should we change now? People should know that politics has a sense of belonging just like anyone can belong to any congregation. So, why should we kill and hurt one another?” Mrs Wina said.

The Vice-President also held a meeting with Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) indunas who briefed her on some challenges in their areas of operation.

Mrs Wina took time to educate the gathering about the new constitution, with emphasis on women’s participation in the general elections.

She also called on parents in Kalabo not to marry off their daughters at a tender age.
Mrs Wina said the girls should be allowed to complete school because they are the future of the country.

The Vice-President also handed over blankets and walkers to the elderly persons.

Western Province Minister Poniso Njeulu urged the people of Kalabo to vote for the Patriotic Front in the August 11 election.

Mr Njeulu said the development projects taking place in Kalabo, which the PF is implementing, are visible for all to see.

Mr Njeulu, who is also Sinjembela UPND member of Parliament, added that most of the projects in the province have come to fruition because he accepted to work with the government of the day.

Others who accompanied Mrs Wina are Minister of Community and Social Welfare Emerine Kabanshi, her deputy Josephine Limata and Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication James Kapyanga, among others.


  1. But how is it possible to live in harmony when your own cadres are killing people with pangas across the Country? Can you answer that. Why is it that your party is dabbed the most violent and lawless in history? Please don’t take cus for fools Old Lady

  2. But how is it possible to live in harmony when your own cadres are killing people with pangas across the Country? Can you answer that. Why is it that your party is dabbed the most violent and lawless in history? Please don’t take cus for fools

  3. How can we live in harmony when your party plans to rig the forthcoming election using Timor consulting? You denied the existence of this company and yet The Post showed you the correspondence between your govt and Timor. How can we live in harmony when you don’t want to level the playing field?

  4. Until the veep started giving out handouts, her written for speech had encouraging message. And, then njeulu just went ballistic.,Saying people should vote for his government and not his party.

  5. But your honor madam Wina, that part of the country people have been under the police control for over 4 years. How free are they, to express themselves in this democratic state?

  6. how do people live in harmony when your party is the most violent ones..they don’t know how to co-exist..we need peace..let HH take it up

  7. The message is really good, it is a pity that now we have to fight each other to the extent of killing one another simply because we belong to different political parties. How I miss the one party state and all the peace that came with it. I do not mean we have to go back to those days, we just need to co-exist and respect other peoples political ideologies just as we respect other people’s religious affiliation. Now the next thing we should do is to harmonize the political parties and come together to denounce political violence ahead of the elections. Let the political leaders curb their cadres and educate them that the power is in the ballot and not pangas and fists!

  8. This madam lady Veep cannot be trusted. Can she tell us how she manipulated and hoodwinked well meaning convention and delegates in Kabwe to ensure EL won as PF President.

    l am sure Lungu and Wina are treating the coming elections as PF Mulungushi Convention Part II.

    l am really shocked at how the Police command have become so unprofessional in their civic duties. For the UPND Cadres they arrest and investigate later; whereas for PF Cadres brandishing all kinds of offensive weapons and evening even committing murder, they investigate and never arrest later.

  9. there surely must be a lot of opportunity for the women folk and W province in mama inonge. As one tribe’s saying: ‘what is, is that which you are able to see’. It’s no deal being blind to reality then?

  10. While Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili is going round the country cheating citizens on how much infrastructure the government has built, his own company Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited is plundering government resources by receiving money for contracts and not delivering the services.

  11. During the Chiluba era people were allowed to express their opinions and campaign freely. Under the PF rule, the PF cadres are allowed to cause violence to people in opposition without reproach, this creates disharmony. To make matters worse the Zambia Police are biased in the way they handle matters. I would like to appeal to the Vice president to axe the violent PF cadres and depoliticise the police if Zambia is to continue to live in harmony.

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