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ZUFIAW calls on Barclays Zambia workers to remain calm amid exit reports.

Economy ZUFIAW calls on Barclays Zambia workers to remain calm amid exit reports.

Barclays Bank Zambia
Barclays Bank Zambia

Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers General Secretary Chingati Msiska has called on unionized members of staff in Barclays Bank Zambia Plc to remain calm amid reports that the British bank is exiting its African operations.

“We urge our members to remain calm during this period and continue working normally and leave the union and management to discuss this issue thoroughly. Disrupting operations in the institution shall not be in the best interest of either party, thus the best possible option in this case is dialogue on the way forward.” he said.

“We would further like to encourage all stakeholders that the interests of both management and the workers shall be protected, given that there are labour laws in the country which guide on how to handle these issues. The collective agreement which we have with the institution shall also guide us on how to handle any redundancy and separation packages as and when the need arises. Therefore, there is no need for panic and we assure our members that we shall do everything necessary to ensure that they are protected.” He noted

“The labour laws of Zambia state that the contract of service of an employee shall be deemed to have been terminated by reason of redundancy, if the termination is wholly or in part because of the employer ceasing or intending to cease to carry on the business by virtue of which the employee was engaged or the business ceasing or reducing the requirement for the employees to carry out work of a particular kind in the place where the employee was engaged and the business remains a viable going concern.” He observed.

Mr. Msiska said the Zambian laws further state that whenever an employer intends to terminate a contract of employment for reasons of redundancy, the employer shall provide notice of not less than 30 days to the representative of the employee on the impending redundancies and inform the representative on the number of employees to be affected and the period within which the termination is intended to be carried out.

He said the employer should afford the representatives of the employee an opportunity for consultations on the measures to be taken to minimise the terminations and the adverse effects on the employees.

“Management at the institution has written to some of our members over this issue and we shall be meeting management to discuss the fate of these members. BBZ management has shown commitment towards following the legal guidelines in this process and we are confident that our members’ rights shall be protected.”


  1. Uko Barclays is packing its bags because doing business under PF has become difficult amid threats by the PF to force banks to donate huge sums of money to bankroll PF ‘s campaigns.

    PF increased the debt ceiling to force banks to lend it money. And banks have now realised that it will never recover that money from PF and so the best is to leave the country.

    Surely PF must be the worst regime in Africa for Barclays to leave the country.

    Barclays will come bank when HH and UPND ascends to power. So Barclays workers should be worried but should star campaigning for HH and UPND.

    Only UPND will restore Zambia.

    • @ Wanzelu
      No wonder your UPND will never form govt in Zambia…failing to understand simple and plain English…this has nothing to do with PF

      2016 the Pope said vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you


  3. Zoona, this Wanzelu needs to do a bit of upgrading himself educationally

  4. Too bad, anyway I am sooo glad I left banking to charter my own path. Banking literally sucked the life out of me. Nothing is more empowering than shaping your own destiny as opposed to having your destiny decided by some board members in London, Johannesburg or New York. Its a stress I can live without. On the +ve side I’m sure another “board” will take them over.

  5. Can we have a comprehensive statement from the PF government. Who should remain calm in this situation? The workers, the depositors, the government or those servicing their loans at 40%? There is panic and people are already withdrawing their money. Remember the collapse of Meridien Biao Bank.

  6. @Wanzelu so this goes to show the calibre of pipo in UPND eh! You claim to be intellectuals but fail to understand a simple statement, and you want to be ministers! What a joke! Even if HH wins which I doubt very much, Barclays will not come back and its not Lungu’s fault .

  7. These are serious matters which the Govt. and Labour Movement should handle urgently. Not long ago we had our brothers and sisters being thrown out of employment by the mining companies. Now its Barclays. PF. Govt. should move and do the needful. Why can t they channel to the money from NAPSA and buy off the shares from those racist from UK and USA. Govt. should invite ABSA from South Africa to take up shares in Barclays so that we close down the chapter. That bank Barclays has not helpful for some time.We have lots of money lying idle in Napsa, some even going to waste like the Kalulushi Housing Project. Napsa can save the situation by teaming up with any credible bank from Zuma’s South Africa. Bloggers your comments.

    • Zuma is beleaguered himself with SA problems. All these large corporations leave destruction in Africa when they need to cut back because of market demands, they cut savagely in Africa.

  8. “Today, Barclays PLC announced their intentions to reduce their 62.3%stake in Barclays Africa over the coming 2 to 3years. The operations of Barclays Africa across the continent including Zambia remain unchanged. As our customer, be assured of continued service as we done for almost 100 years”.

    This is the message i received from Barclays.
    1. I think its not alarming
    2. Its not political, not PF nor UPND
    3. If you think its political then it can affect both PF and UPND if they happen to win in august because the barclays say it will take 2 to 3 years.

    Why do some people /Bloggers celebrate whenever Zambia is faced with calamity? this is shameful to say the least.

    • It is because their economists are opportunists and not on the Dambisa Moyo level. Sold our mines at a song and then want us to trust them. No way. FDD is our answer. Go Nawakwi.

  9. They are pulling out of Africa because of PF poor governance. We will recall when HH win come 11th August, 2016.

    • UPND and PF’s Kambwili must be on the same thinking schedule. You not only need to read and get educated more, but you require prayers and fasting. That is the only way some of the demons and principalities surrounding you can be expelled.

      Viva President Nawakwi.

  10. I hope Zambia and Barclays will survive this Market led storm. Barclays is a family name, my parents bought our farm through Barclays support and I am sure many Zambians owe their home to Barclays if not also their businesses. We’ve always been Barclays.

    We should contemplate on the dependence on Western corporations instead of politicking.

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