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PF will not tolerate any youth practicing hooliganism in the party-Fube

Headlines PF will not tolerate any youth practicing hooliganism in the party-Fube

Kelvin Bwalya Fube (L)
Kelvin Bwalya Fube (L)

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has warned that it would deal with any youth found practising hooliganism in the ruling party.

PF Deputy Chairperson for Elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube said when he featured on a live programme on Radio Maria in Chipata Monday afternoon that the ruling party would not spare youths found wanting.

Mr Fube said the ruling party would only keep those youths and party cadres who would show respect to one another for the sake of PF.

He said it was unfortunate that some young people were up to no good to the ruling party with their behaviours warning that PF would not tolerate such type of people.

“PF will not tolerate any youth who will be found practicing hooliganism because it may dent the good image of the party but it will deal with any youth found wanting,” he said.

Mr Fube also appealed to people to give a fresh mandate to President Edgar Lungu in the August 11 general elections.

He said currently the PF had scored a lot of successes which people must appreciate in voting for the PF party in the general elections.

At a PF luncheon at Luangwa Lodge in Chipata on Sunday , Mr Fube urged women and youths in the ruling party to stand up and participate in the forthcoming local government and parliamentary seats in the August 11th general elections.

Mr Fube said that women the youths must not remain behind in taking part in decision making process ahead of the general elections.

He said President Lungu working with the consultations of PF Central Committee have decided to give the priority to women and youths in the country.

Mr Fube explained that about 40 percent have been left to the women in line with the policy of the PF.

“We know that women are very scared people but i am here to motivate you so that you can go and tell your fellow women and youths to rise and show willingness in the general elections,” he said.

He said the ruling party was aware that women have a lot of potential to stride the country ahead more especially in any elections as they were majority voters.

He said he was looking forward that women would help President Lungu to win the general elections because of their potential.

Mr Fube said the dreams for women must come alive by participating in the elections adding that he was looking forward that Zambia shall hold the elections once without any rerun.

He appealed to the women and the youths to understand the new Constitution more especially in the qualification purposes.

Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone said the PF Government has brought the freedom fighters on board.

The minister paid tribute to the gallant men and women for liberating Zambia from the British during the struggle for freedom.

Mr Sichone who graced the occasion said the culture that was perpetrated d that women should be behind was now a thing of the past.

He said President Lungu has put effort in appointing women to decision making positions.

Caroline Makasa, who represented the youths said President Lungu had made a history since Independence by appointing a female vice president.

She said the PF women have been empowered by the Government adding that 200 women have been working on various constructions.

She said there was no country in the world that could development without roads and bridges adding that infrastructure were important to the growth of any country in the World.

Ms Makasa said the roads network would shorten hours of travelling from one place to another and cited the Chama-Matumbo road as one of the major roads that would foster economic activities in the country.

A freedom fighter, Esnart Mushiba said President Lungu was humble and a God fearing woman who should continue steering the country forward.

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  1. No need to campaign too hard President Edgar…

    2016 we have 50%+1….already

    No need to worry

    Vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  2. It’s not the youth. It’s old people like thickneck chimbwili, boko haram chama, flat belly cuddling mumbi, kennedy kamba, bowman lusambo, chicken killing ritualist frank, jameson guzzling kadansa himself who are hooligans. These are the ones that need caging.

  3. After tarnishing the image of the youth, they want to do it to women by calling Kadansa “A HUMBLE & GOD FEARING WOMAN”. Women reject him also.

  4. Of course “…PF will not tolerate any youth practicing hooliganism in the party…”, they are already re-branded as “security for PF officials”

  5. It’s only Pf who sounds warning messages against violence . Other parties are busy embracing it by protecting thugs within their ranks.

  6. By looking at the boys in the picture I can safely conclude that they are being trained in militia. That’s not the gym material let’s be serious. No one with a pumped muscle or a structure of a body body builder. Yarks gbm in trouble..

  7. @ HH Techilema: at times blind support must be accompanied with sense or reasonableness. I’m sure you get negative votes even from fellow PF supporters. PF has a legalized youth militia, even wearing military attire. ECL told the nation that all ruling parties in Africa should have a militia to protect the party. The question is, protect the party from who? The Govt of the day have the Police and Army on their side, why would you justify a militia? ECL must instruct Kampyongo to disband the PF militia and there will be no violence in the country.

    • So PF has a militia? But PF does not want any other party to have a militia. Talk of double standards.

  8. Comment: Hard core criminals have infiltrated both upnd and PF. Iam sure they have their criminal friends at the lower ranks in both parties. Investigations should start there, no wonder there is this public outcry not to have G12 certificate. Since they are criminals be on the lookout for forged G12 certificate cos they won’t stop at nothing.

  9. but this lawyer is surprising me. he doesnt know that no one is allowed to stand as a councillor in the new constitution. you stand as an individual – no party symbols against your name and that of the aspirants of mayor.

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